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Bedsores / Decubitus

For Feet: Page 2 of 2

Ankle Contracture Boot by DeRoyal

Absolutely the most effective product for both foot drop contractures and heel sores. This is a top quality brace that provides heel and toe clearance for pressure relief, as well as dynamically correcting foot and ankle contractures which are a result of prolonged bed rest.  Works well with both existing pressure ulcers and developing conditions. Choose from the Blue Velfoam (top) or the synthetic sheepskin liner (bottom). The blue velfoam has a moisture "wick" action to help skin stay dry, while the sheepskin liner is more for comfort.  However, both are actually very comfortable. Velcro strap applications make this a simple and effective protective brace.   

o Fit:  Measure circumference of calf 8" up from bottom of the heel in inches and also measure the widest part of foot to determine the best fit. 

Small: Calf
10"-14" Foot 7"-9"
Medium: Calf
14"-16" Foot 9"-11"
Large: Calf
16"-21" Foot 11"-13"
X-Large: Calf 16"-21" Foot 13"+

Heel sore prevention- 95%, Foot drop prevention- 99%

Posey Premium Heel Guard

Adjustable foam elevation block alleviates pressure on the heel. Soft outer lining allows for firm attachment of ankle and foot drop straps and reduces friction against bed sheets. Foam foot support straps aid in the prevention of foot drop. The straps can be crisscrossed over the foot for maximum foot drop support or attached down the side to minimize contact with the foot. Soft foam ankle straps provide additional comfort and adjustability for different size patients. High-resilience foam provides padding to prevent bruising from incidental contact, promotes air circulation and dissipates heat. Single patient use. One per package.  16"L x 11"H

Heel pressure relief - 100%


Heelift Suspension Boot
This suspension boot relieves heel pressure by suspending the heel in space.  It’s ideal for pressure sore prevention and treatment, and for those with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, dietary deficiencies, and more. The boot relieves pressure on the heel through an elevation pad within the boot; a soft interface provides aeration, wicking away moisture to ensure a no-slip fit to the lower leg.  Adjustable Velcro straps and elevation pads allow for a custom fit;  Prevents foot drop, unlike pillows or flat foam pads.  Hand-washable.  One size fits all.

Posey Heel Pillows

Heel_Cushion-_120pix.jpg (2359 bytes)
Economical, effective soft heel pillows helps prevent decubitus ulcers before they start!  Not recommended for those who currently have open wounds on the feet (See the multi-podus boot above).  Made of blue cotton fabric with soft polyester filling. Velcro strap secures cushion in place. Machine washable, One size fits all.  Sold in pairs.  Non-returnable if worn.

Heel sore prevention- 50%, Foot drop prevention- 50%

Heal Pad Cushion by Roho

Aids in healing of Elbow and Heel ischemic ulcers. This unique design, with multi-height mini inflatable air cells, distributes weight and pressures across the contact surface of the patients problem area.  Helps maintain blood flow to the wound, controls swelling, and helps the healing process. One size fits all.

Sheepskin Elbow and Heel Protectors

Mild pressure relief protection without restricting movement.  Thick polyester pile ("sheepskin") cushions the elbows and heels (sold seperately).  Ventilation on both sides promotes air circulation for healing.  Hook and loop closures offer secure adjustable fit.  Machine washable. 

Heel sore prevention- 10%, Foot drop prevention-5 %


Toilet Seat Cushion by Roho

The Toilet Seat cushion is designed for standard size toilets and portable bedside commodes. Warps securely around toilet seat. Maximizes stability of the user while protecting from a potential risk of tissue breakdown.  Positions the body securely. Approximate Weight 1.25 lbs/0.6 kg  24-month limited warranty.