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ADA Compliant Shower Benches, Wall Mounted Folding Shower Seats & Benches for the Physically Disabled

Rehabmart offers a comprehensive selection of stationary and wall-mounted folding shower benches, seats and folding platform surfaces for the walk-in shower. The majority of benches offered in this category are ADA compliant and can be expected to last a lifetime when properly installed into wall studs with the recommended mounting hardware. ADA compliant shower benches are also known as wall folding shower benches, wall mounted shower seats, rear wall bath benches, and transfer tub benches. Our benches are proudly made in the USA by Access Able Designs. We also offer benches manufactured by Invacare and Drive Medical.

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Folding Shower Transfer Bench

The Folding Shower Transfer Bench is wall-mounted with four adjustable legs. This transfer bench is ADA complaiant when properly installed. The Folding Shower Transfer Bench is constructed with a stainless steel frame that can support up to 420 pounds. You may choose from a left-sided bench or a right-sided bench with a phenolic top (shown in the image). A padded naugahyde top is also available. Please allow a lead time of 4-6 weeks on this product.

Item ID: AA-SH-400-2SDL

From $495.86

Wall Mounted Shower Bench

The ADA Compliant Wall Mounted Shower Bench folds away when not in use. The durable stainless steel frame supports up to 250 pounds when properly mounted. Available with a phenolic or naugahyde top which are seam-sealed to block out water and bacteria. Choose left or right side top. Must have adequate wall supports. We recommend you consult with a contractor prior to installation.

Item ID: AA-SH-400WP

From $418.57

Rear Wall Mounted Bath Bench

The Rear Wall Mounted Bath Bench folds up easily when not in use, and has support legs that can also be folded up to keep them out of the way. Use it when there is no inner ledge for a seat to rest on. Picture shows a right handed seat. Read below description for how to choose right or left. A padded seat is also available, see choices below. All seats are seam-sealed to keep out water and bacteria. For health reasons we are unable to accept returns or exchanges of hygiene products. Please allow a 4-6 week lead time for this product.

Item ID: AA-SH-414-2SD

From $432.41

Dressing Bench

Dressing Bench

Choose Adult or Child Model

The Dressing Bench is constructed of a durable stainless steel frame that will support up to 900 pounds making it a superior choice in the ADA Shower Compliant Bench marketplace today. Available in both adult and child models, the Dressing Bench folds flush with the wall when not in use. To ensure ADA compliance, we recommend you consult a contractor for installation. The Dressing Bench comes with your choice of either a phenolic or padded naugahyde surface. Seam-sealing keeps out moisture and bacteria. This product typically ships 2-3 weeks after order date.

Item ID: AA-D-101

From $969.80

Bariatric Folding Shower Bench

Bariatric Folding Shower Bench

Supports up to 900 lbs with proper installation and flooring

The Bariatric Folding Shower Bench is ADA-compliant and designed to provide stability, durability and independence. When mounted properly to appropriate wall backing and on secure flooring, the Bariatric Folding Shower Benchs' stainless steel frame supports up to 900 pounds and folds away when not in use. The Bariatric Folding Shower Bench is constructed from stainless steel and has four adjustable legs. The Bariatric Folding Shower Bench comes with a five year warranty, and is available in your choice of tops. This hygiene item is non-returnable. This product typically ships 2-3 weeks after order date.

Item ID: AA-SH-420-2SDL-NW

From $481.76

ADA Compliant Portable Clamp-On Tub Seat

The ADA-Compliant Portable Clamp-On Tub Seat, ADA Compliance is met with securely mounted seating with the correct height of 17 to 19 inches. This product can be easily folded when not in use, and is easy to store and transport. It can be clamped to the tub wall of almost any standard bathtub. Please allow a product lead time of 2-3 weeks.

Item ID: AA-SH-426-PW

From $418.13

Garden Tub Bench

Garden Tub Bench

ADA Compliant: Choose Finish and Color

The Garden Tub Bench boasts a stainless steel frame, holds up to 350 pounds and is ADA compliant. The Garden Tub Bench folds away easily for storage, and can be mounted to most bathtub walls without the need for wall reinforcement with proper mounting hardware. Please allow a 2-3 week lead time on this product.

Item ID: AA-SH-421-PW

From $450.74

Bathtub Bench

Bathtub Bench


With proper installation, the Bathtub Bench is ADA Compliant, and supports up to 250 pounds. The stainless steel construction offers peace of mind when bathing. The Bathtub Bench offers seam-sealing protection against moisture and bacteria. Choose the phenolic or naugahyde top. Proper wall support is required for ADA compliance. We recommend consulting a contractor prior to installation. Please allow a lead time of 2-3 weeks.

Item ID: AA-SH-411-PW

From $387.70

Stationary Dressing Bench

Stationary Dressing Bench

Choose Finish and Color

The Stationary Dressing Bench is constructed from a durable stainless steel frame to support up to 500 pounds with proper installation. The Stationary Dressing Bench offers adults a place to dress/undress in comfort. Proper mounting and sufficient flooring required. To ensure ADA compliance, we recommend you consult with a contractor prior to installation.

Item ID: AA-DST-101-PT

From $1,210.60

ADA Compliant Tub Transfer Bench

ADA Compliant Tub Transfer Bench

Choose Finish and Model

The stainless steel frame of the ADA Compliant Tub Transfer Bench holds up to 420 lbs. It folds up easily when not in use, and is available either with a phenolic top or a padded naugahyde top for extra comfort. Either kind of top is sealed to keep out moisture and bacteria. When properly installed, this bench meets or exceeds ADA requirements. Please allow a 4-6 week lead time on this product. Due to hygiene concerns, we cannot accept returns of transfer benches.

Item ID: AA-SH-414-L-L

From $438.71

ADA Compliant Portable Bath Bench

The ADA Compliant Portable Bath Bench may be used in a shower or tub. The durable stainless steel frame supports up to 350 pounds comfortably. The ADA Compliant Portable Bath Bench offers increased back and seating surfaces compared to other portable benches. Choose phenolic or naugahyde top. The unique seam-sealing process prevents water and bacteria penetration. For full ADA compliance, bench may clamp to tub wall. We recommend you consult with a contractor prior to installation.

Item ID: AA-SH-425-ADA-WO-PW

From $490.22

Teak ADA Compliant Wall Mount Shower Bench

The Teak ADA Compliant Wall Mount Shower Bench is available in 10 sizes, in your choice of two types of teak. Built to meet or exceed ADA guidelines, these shower benches are for mounting between 17 inches and 19 inches high. Made with heavy duty type 304, 18-gauge stainless steel wall brackets, supports and frame. Folding seat remains in raised position until you pull it down, creating more space in your bath when not in use. Water drains through the rounded seat battens easily, due to their being spaced slightly apart. When properly installed, all seats are designed to exceed all applicable federal load specifications and comply with all ADA requirements. Available in Burmese Teak or Plantation Teak. Made in the USA.

Item ID: TWU-PTBF-180160W

From $424.60

Teak ADA Compliant Shower Benches With Drop Down Legs

Create a beautiful, barrier-free shower with the Teak ADA Shower Seat with Drop Down Legs. Ranging from 18 to 48 inches long and 16 to 24 inches deep, all shower seats are built to the requirements of the ADA with a weight capacity of 500 pounds when installed according to ADA guidelines. 18 gauge heavy duty steel comprises all wall brackets, supports and frame for durability and strength. Read more below on why teak will remain luxuriously beautiful and strong for many years with little maintenance and cleaning. Available in either the best quality Burmese or Plantation Teak, and made in the USA.

Item ID: TWU-PTBF2-180160W

From $478.08

Teak ADA Compliant L-Shaped Transfer Bench

The Teak ADA Compliant L-Shaped Transfer Bench is handcrafted from quality teak with heavy duty stainless steel frames and mounting brackets to meet or exceed ADA guidelines when properly installed. We recommend mounting transfer seats between 17 and 19 inches high. Seats fold up and out of the way when not in use to create more space in your bath or shower. Available in left or right orientation, which is determined by which side of the seat is deeper when sitting. Made in the USA. Available in Burmese Teak and Plantation Teak.

Item ID: TWU-PTBF-300225WL

From $515.59

Teak ADA Compliant Transfer Bench

Teak ADA Compliant Transfer Benches are traditionally styled with drop down legs for extra stability. Each bench features a heavy duty stainless steel frame, mounting brackets, solid teak battens, rounded edges and sanded finish. This bench stays functional and beautiful for years to come due to the natural properties of teak combined with steel. Mildew and mold-resistant oils occurring in teak also make it gleam with a deep and rich color. The water-resistant hardwood colors are shown below, with more information on how to easily maintain teak. Choose from Left or Right based on where you'll be mounting the shower bench. Made in the USA from responsibly sourced genuine teak, available in two colors shown below. Learn more about why teak is the renewable resource chosen worldwide for modern baths.

Item ID: TWU-PTBF2-300225WL

From $616.26


Who Uses Folding Shower Benches?
For our senior citizens, those with physical challenges, handicaps, or disabilities, it can be frightening and a significant daily challenge to perform simple tasks such as transitioning to a standing position and then transferring oneself into a bathtub or walk-in shower. This basic life skill can be especially treacherous since wet tile and slippery floor surfaces are common occurrences in bath and shower areas. Fortunately, we offer solutions to make this common ADL (activity of daily living) routine safer and more accessible to persons who have experienced a decline in balance function and reflexes.  We can address these challenges and create a much safer bathroom environment in part by installing an ADA compliant folding shower bench inside the shower stall area. Grab bars are also a great addition if the distance from the shower door to the shower seat is considerable or if the user is particularly unstable on his/her feet. 

ADA Compliant Folding Shower Benches are beneficial and ergonomically useful for several reasons. Most apparent is that they can be folded up and placed out of the way to save space when they’re not being utilized. A unique feature to the wall units are that they can be wall-mounted into the studs and are therefore height adjustable. It is important to measure the sitting (seat to floor distance) of the primary patient using the unit, so that the bench can be wall-mounted at the proper vertical height from the floor surface. Optimal height mounting of the bench would be at the position where the user (patient) can sit on the bench and have both feet positioned flat on the floor, with the legs bent, (flexed) to 90 degrees. 

All of our ADA bath and shower benches are framed using 18 gauge stainless steel and are designed to endure a lifetime of use. Our benches are ADA Compliant and offer a high degree of safety and structural integrity when properly mounted onto wall studs or into a concrete wall.  By using concrete anchors or strong steel wood screws, if mounting to wooden studs, these units will adhere firmly to the wall and are are virtually indestructible. Our shower seats and benches are proudly manufactured in the USA. None are our benches have ever been reported to experience a weld failure. Weight capacities are high; with many of the benches being rated to support over 500 pounds.  The construction quality of these benches cannot be matched by any overseas competitor. We also offer Standard Bath Benches which do not possess an ADA rating. 

Seat Surface Covering Options:
The bench's horizontal seat surface is covered in various materials. We offer plastic, teak wood, Naugahyde vinyl over foam, and a stainless steel sitting surface. Choosing a seat surface is very individualized. Some patients prefer the organic feel of natural wood or the timeless style and authenticity of teak wood. Alternately, other folks prefer the soft, more cushioned sitting experience of waterproof Naugahyde vinyl stretched over foam. Still other users prefer a plastic or stainless steel bench surface which is easy to clean and may perform better in environments where multiple patients may use the same shower bench. Stainless steel and plastic are the best choices for cleaning and sanitizing between uses.

Where are Folding Shower Benches and ADA Bath Seats used?
ADA compliant bath benches, chairs, and seats are commonly found in personal homes, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, public recreation facilities, gyms, spas, hotels, motels, hospitals and conference facilities. Many senior citizens are re-designing their homes as they age in place. ADA accessible bathroom design is a popular feature that is being requested among homeowners, home builders and re-modelers as they retrofit existing homes and bathrooms to create a safer and more comfortable shower and bathing experience. The smart path forward is to accommodate our seniors and the disabled by helping them to optimize both safety and improve independence for themselves into the retirement years. Folding bath benches are a crucial design component which should be incorporated into your successful ADA compliant home accessibility modification plan. 

Written by:  Hulet Smith, OT

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