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Arm Supports

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Foam Arm Support

Can be used in multiple situations to help reduce edema after surgery or protect flaccid upper extremity after stroke

Item ID: NC-94133


Posey Deluxe Lateral Arm Support

The Posey Deluxe Lateral Arm Support is recommended for use by patients who lean laterally or require arm elevation. The contoured trough helps provide added padding for the top and inside face of the wheelchair armrest. Each Posey Deluxe Lateral Arm Support has a soft, water-repellent, wipe-clean vinyl cover and self-releasing straps that can be used to maintain the position of the user's arms. Sold individually.

Item ID: PO-6320

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Vinyl Coated Arm Support

The Vinyl Coated Foam Arm Support is ideal for use in clinic settings

Item ID: NC-94136


Wheelchair Arm Support

Wheelchair Arm Support

Level or Elevated

The Wheelchair Arm Support can be adjusted to provide the arm support needed by neurologically-impaired clients. Choose from level or elevated models for the left or right arm; the elevated models provide full hand elevation, which can help control edema. The nylon arm trough is made from high-density foam. The Wheelchair Arm Support can be cleaned with a mild cleanser and damp cloth.

Item ID: NC-91440

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Original Mobile Arm Support

Original Mobile Arm Support

Choose Size and Model

The Original Mobile Arm Support is designed to help patients with severe shoulder girdle weakness but fair or better deltoid strength to accomplish self-feeding and facial hygiene. Using the Original Mobile Arm Support also helps improve range of arm motion and strengthen arm muscles.

Item ID: SP-555808

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Lateral Stabilizer Armrest Bolster

Lateral Stabilizer Armrest Bolsters are placed on wheelchair armrest supports to reduce lateral leaning. For patient stabilization and comfort with your choice of half or full arm style. Offered with polyester or nylon cover to reduce shear. Cylindrical foam cushions may also be used on upright armrests as bolsters or on vertical backrest bar. Sold individually, these bolsters are available in six inch or five inch diameters with the option of full or half arm styles. Larger patients may appreciate the five inch diameter bolster.

Item ID: SKC-706114

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Lateral Stabilizer Arm Trough

The Lateral Stabilizer Arm Trough is used with wheelchair armrests to support the upper trunk. This cushioned trough provides stability when the arm is rested for the user. Useable on either side of the wheelchair with convenient slip-on function. Additional relief gel-pad style is offered optionally.

Item ID: SKC-706140

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E-Z On Lateral Body Support

E-Z On Lateral Body Support

with Nylon Cover

E-Z On Lateral Body Support is more than just an armrest. The wheelchair arm trough actually stabilizes the torso for those with lateral leaning tendencies. The soft cushioned foam provides comfort and relief from pressure on tender elbows, forearms and wrists. Unilateral- use on left or right side arm of wheelchair. May fit some geri-chairs.

Item ID: SKC-706005


Skil-Care Pillow Prop

The Skil-Care™ Pillow Prop may be used to elevate the arm of a patient with edema. It can also serve as an effective positioning and support device for a side-lying patient. For additional patient comfort, it is suggested that a pillowcase be used. Filled with high-density foam, the Skil-Care™ Pillow Prop will not cave in under the weight on an arm or the patient's body weight. Available in two different sizes, the Skil-Care™ Pillow Prop is a comfortable arm and head support for use while lying in bed. Sold in cases of six, you may choose between a 13.5” x 13.5” pillow prop and a 15” x 20” pillow prop.

Item ID: SKC-905010

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Skil-Care Wheelchair Armrests with Storage Pouch

Wheelchair armrests are uncomfortable and expose the patients to pressure sores on the arm and elbow. As a result, many patients avoid using armrests and place their arms on their lap instead, which contributes to bad posture and back pain. The Skil-Care™ Armrests with Storage Pouch attaches to any wheelchair and reduces pressure sores and skin abrasion by providing amply cushioning. In addition to adding comfort, one of the two armrests is equipped with a mesh pocket or side pouch that provides a convenient place to store personal items within close reach. Sold as a set of two pairs, the Skil-Care™ Armrests with Storage Pouch offers the ability to keep personal items on hand such as phones, glasses, newspaper or pens.

Item ID: SKC-703018

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Lateral Body Support

Both versions of the Lateral Body Support (non-elevated and elevated) improve sitting posture and reduce dependency on restraints. The trough gives the arm a natural position of rest on either the left or right side. Internal rigid support maintains strength. Provides arm support as well as wheelchair positioning for those who lean. Elevated models are not universal for sides. Vertical support stabilizes the torso.

Item ID: SKC-706010

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Skil-Care Wheelchair Armrest Cushions

Skil-Care Wheelchair Armrest Cushions

Sold as a set of Three Pairs

Enhance comfort and reduce the risk of bruises and cuts with the Skil-Care™ Wheelchair Armrest Cushions. The foam padding keeps metal chair components covered while the nylon cover protects against possible fluid absorption. Sold as a set of three pairs, the Skil-Care™ Wheelchair Armrest Cushions are available in half arm or full arm cushions with the additional option of an extended version of both.

Item ID: SKC-703016

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Mobile Arm Support

Mobile Arm Supports are designed to give a rotating arm trough to any standard wheelchair. The ability to adjust the angle of the support is important in offering positional comfort to the patient, especially for contractures. Level and elevated styles are offered below with a gel pad option. The cover is low-shear nylon that wipes clean.

Item ID: SKC-914230

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