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Automatic Page Turner

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Automatic Page Turner

The Automatic Page Turner is useful for people with disabilities or for musicians; this product turns pages automatically and reliably, one page at a time. Separate up to 10 sheets (20 pages) into slots that will be individually turned, then activate the device to start turning pages; other pages will need to be processed similarly, in batches. The Automatic Page Turner allows a musician to keep both hands on an instrument, and lets those with manual dexterity issues read without having to fumble around.


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Tablet Computer and Music Stand

The Tablet Computer and Music Stand is a brilliant combination product that can hold, with elastic straps and a slot cut-out (for USB connection), tablet computers (of any size)... as well as printed sheet music.
This works great with our FootTime Page/Score Turner! **See Optional Accessories below** NOTE: TABLET COMPUTER SOLD SEPARATELY.



Cicada Bluetooth Switch

The Cicada Bluetooth Switch works with any app that is keyboard compatible and comes with five pre-set modes. Designed to help musicians and people with disabilities, the Cicada Bluetooth Switch turns pages when using sheet music or when reading. It works with digital documents on computers or tablets; just flip or scroll, forwards or backwards, using the hands-free pedals. Please see below for the Cicada Bluetooth Switch's compatibility requirements. A Bluetooth USB micro adapter is included, which can be plugged into any USB port for Bluetooth support, and further convenience.



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