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Balance Therapy

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Sammons Preston Rolyan Foam Therapy Rolls

Lightweight cylindrical rollers enhance balance, body awareness, muscle re-education, motor planning,neural and muscular flexibility, and dynamic strengthening.

Item ID: SP-509102

From $25.15

Kaye Balance Therapy Bolsters & Stands

Kaye Balance Therapy Bolsters & Stands are available in two sizes and are long and strong enough to hold either an adult or a child who need to develop balance and posture control. The Bolster Stands are designed to support and elevate the bolsters. They adjust to elevate the bolster from 5.5 in. to 11 in. from the floor. IMAGE shows the different bolster sizes and the bolster stand.

Item ID: KP-CB15

From $132.36

Cando Balance Stones

Cando Balance Stones

Choose Size

The Cando' balance stone is a versatile addition to a therapy or play regime.

Item ID: FEI-30-1982

From $14.97

Tumble Forms II Rocker Balance Board

The Tumble Forms II Rocker Balance Board is constructed from solid wood, covered with a durable Tumble Forms II nonslip coating. It can be used in pediatric balance and in vestibular exercises, and helps facilitate coordination. The Tumble Forms II Rocker Balance Board is latex-free. This product has a normal lead time 40 business days.

Item ID: SP-819401


Balance Pod

Balance Pods increase instability and difficulty in agility training sessions. Depending on the user's skill level or the application, the 6 inch diameter dome can be used flat side down or pebble side down, offering a customized and flexible workout.The textured surface makes the Balance Pods suitable for massage therapy. Pair.

Item ID: JFT-20-1200


Clinton Ramp and Curb Training Set

The Clinton Ramp and Curb Training Set is an adjustable balance therapy training unit in which curbs can be removed or sequenced according to training requirements. The curbs and ramp all have safety tread and are reinforced with steel angles. Store the curbs underneath the Clinton Ramp and Curb Training Set platform. This product typically ships 5-7 days from order date.

Item ID: CLI-7330

From $872.26

Adjustable Tee Stool

The Adjustable Tee Stool can improve balance and develop both integrative and perceptual motor skills. The stool height is adjustable to five positions from 10 3/4" to 16", and locks in place once the desired position is attained. Please always use with adult supervision. Not to be used as a non-therapeutic seat.

Item ID: BMC-2420


Pediatric Variable Balance Beam

The Pediatric Variable Balance Beam allows the healthcare professional to arrange the four walking beams in a configuration that best fits the client's needs or the space available. A straight line, a box, a 'V', 'M' or 'Z' are just examples of the configurations available.

Item ID: BMC-2400


Foot Placement Agility Ladder

The Foot Placement Agility Ladder is an ambulation aid with adjustable cross bars, allowing the caregiver to vary the patient's step length. The Foot Placement Agility Ladder is useful in coordinating hip and knee flexation while walking, and features reinforced metal crossties.

Item ID: BMC-210


Incline Boards

Incline Boards

Choose Model and Quantity

Incline boards can be used for vestibular and balance therapy. Choose from adjustable or progressive. The non-slip bottom surface is safer to use, along with non-slip treads.

Item ID: BMC-7520

From $133.14

Clinton Adjustable Balance Platform

The Clinton Adjustable Balance Platform is usable in balance exercises during balance or exercise therapy. Use it indoors or outdoors; the rugged carpet, installed to improve user traction and comfort, is made to stand up to abuse. This product typically ships 5-7 days from order date.

Item ID: CLI-7360

From $421.81

Tumble Forms Soft-Top Rocker Balance

The Tumble Forms Soft-Top Rocker Balance can be used during balance exercises; the top is nonslip and nonabrasive to provide sure footing. The Tumble Forms Soft-Top Rocker Balance can be wiped clean and will not mar floors or walls. Fingers are protected against pinching by the recessed sides. This product has a normal lead time 40 business days.

Item ID: SP-4811


Airex Balance Pads

Airex Balance Pads

Choose Size and Quantity

Latex Free. Balance pads are ideal for vestibular training and exercises.

Item ID: FEI-30-1910

From $90.95

Variable Balance Beam

The Variable Balance Beam can be used to help teach pediatric balance and improve coordination and motor skills. The Variable Balance Beam can be configured in a variety of patterns to perform various exercises.

Item ID: SP-4809


Balance Activity Platform

The Balance Activity Platform has a wood platform with safety treads to improve user stability, as well as stainless steel support handrails that can be adjusted to suit users of different heights. A heavy-duty balance board is shown in the image and is sold separately. Some assembly may be required. The Balance Activity Platform is delivered by a freight trucking company.

Item ID: HAU-1310

From $630.87

FitBALL Balance Pods

FitBALL® Balance Pods designed to improve body awareness and stabilization.

Item ID: SP-554270


Hausmann Ramp and Curb Set

The Hausmann Ramp and Curb Set is constructed from durable oak laminate, with anti-slip safety matting on the top surface. Use it during patient mobility training to help improve ambulation on ramps and over curbs. The Hausmann Ramp and Curb Set's curbs can be set up to extend in any of three directions, or removed and used separately. This product is delivered by a freight trucking company. Some assembly may be required.

Item ID: HAU-1200

From $1,308.74

Chango Paws

Chango Paws

Choose Size

Attach to feet and use while walking or standing for balance and proprioceptive training.

Item ID: FEI-10-1710

From $62.20

Peanut Ball

The Peanut Ball helps children improve their balance and core stability, and allows for an active learning posture. By letting the child move to balance on the ball, use of the Peanut Ball helps improve focus. Each ball is shaped for forward and back rotation, with a contoured saddle to help with stability. Color may vary.

Item ID: END-9069


Deluxe Agility Ladder

The Deluxe Agility Ladder is the ultimate tool for improving balance, agility, and foot quickness. Proprioceptive abilities and lower extremity function will also improve. The Deluxe Agility Ladder is 10 yards long, and 20 inches wide. For maximum versatility, the 20 slats are adjustable and the ladder can even be split into two 5 yard sections.

Item ID: JFT-10-3075


Pediatric Convertible Balance Beam Set

Pediatric Convertible Balance Beam Set presents a more challenging surface as your pediatric client progresses! Begin with the wider 3.5 in. surface and then switch to the more challenging 1.25 in. wide beam. Constructed from solid hardwood finished in clear lacquer for durability!

Item ID: BMC-2405


Fitter Combo Board

Fitter® Combo Board three different fulcrums at 6, 9, and 12 degrees make the wooded board a single-plane rocker with varying degrees of difficulty.

Item ID: SP-925091


Balance Aids Poles

Balance Aids Poles help maintain balance while using therapy equipment.

Item ID: SP-925090


Carpeted Rocker Balance Square

The Carpeted Rocker Balance Square can be used in pediatric balance therapy to help rhythm, balance, coordination, and vestibular responses. Each Carpeted Rocker Balance Square is covered in carpeting, and has wooden rockers.

Item ID: SP-4913C


Maze Balance Boards

Maze Balance Boards

6 boards per carton

Maze Balance Boards can be used to improve pediatric balance better than a circular balance board would. The snail-shaped track can be used to guide a ball towards the center of the maze. Blue only. Maze Balance Boards are sold in cartons of 6.

Item ID: WBM-KP0001-C


Rolyan BEEP Board

The Rolyan® BEEP® Board can be used to help people with balance problems build confidence and reduce the fear of falling. The Rolyan® BEEP® Board rocks side to side to promote weight shifting and lateral balance reactions. Use it as part of an individual treatment program or as a group activity. BEEP stands for Balance Enhancement Exercise Program.

Item ID: SP-A852001


Agility Ladder

Agility Ladder 15 feet attachable sections with adjustable rungs are customizable for a variety of drills and purposes.

Item ID: SP-929458


Airex Vestibular Balance Beams

Trapezoidal beams are made of soft foam measuring 64in in length.

Item ID: FEI-30-1913

From $187.03


T-Stools can be used in balance therapy to help users improve their balance while seated. The padded vinyl rectangular seat is securely mounted on a coated metal leg with a rubber tip to prevent slipping. T-Stools can be adjusted in height to accommodate users of different heights. Sold in sets of two.

Item ID: SP-8100


Weplay Circular Balance Board

Weplay Circular Balance Board

6 boards per carton

The Weplay Circular Balance Board is a pediatric balance board for beginning users, which can also be used to help teach coordination. The Weplay Circular Balance Board's unique base design allows children to conduct many safe and fun activities. Sold in cartons of 6. The Weplay Circular Balance Board is only available in red.

Item ID: WBM-KP0002-C


Red Rocking Seesaw

The Red Rocking Seesaw is a fun way to improve balance, stability, and proprioception; stand on it and rock back and forth to use it. Rough pads help give little feet better traction. Keep the Red Rocking Seesaw at home or in therapy or fitness centers.

Item ID: KFT-506


Peanut Ball

The Peanut Ball provides hours of entertainment and exercise for children. Teachers and therapists love the Peanut Ball because it provides support while encouraging a sense of balance to the child's core. The Peanut Ball provides feedback and fun. Designed for forward and back rotation with assistance from able adult. Supports up to 200 pounds.

Item ID: END-9069




Unique Core Balance Trainer

The Infinity™ 8-Board® is an adjustable, versatile core balance trainer which uses the natural rotation of the hips and lower back to move the spine, hips, knees, and ankles to improve core strength, dynamic balance and proprioceptive awareness. Ideal for clinical or home programs, the Infinity™ 8-Board® assists with gait training, proprioceptive awareness, whole-body kinetic chain training, core strengthening and weight loss. It can be used to evaluate core stability, lower body flexibility, weight distribution, proprioceptive awareness and balance shifts. Works in conjunction with other exercise equipment such as balls, tubes and weights (sold separately). Supports up to 1000 pounds! The 8-Board is constructed from tough ABS plastic and latex-free. Available in black only. Made in the USA.

Item ID: NC-NC68700

From $121.71

Double Incline Balance Board

The Double Incline Balance Board is a colorful and fun addition to any play area, fitness center or obstacle course. This balance board provides hours of therapeutic climbing fun for a child while they learn to increase their balance on an inclination and declination level. The X-shaped bars are supported by a powder-coated steel frame for an added level of safety and stability. The Double Incline Balance Board has casters on one end for ease of portability and storage.

Item ID: KFT-511


Balance Beam

This wooden Balance Beam is a good addition to any obstacle course, play area, or fitness center. Walking along it can help a child improve balance and proprioceptive skills. The Balance Beam can be purchased with narrow or angled add-on beams for a further test of skill.

Item ID: KFT-510

From $716.00

Balancing and Gross Motor Skills Bundle

The Balancing and Gross Motor Skills Bundle can help children develop balancing and gross motor skills while playing. The IRiS Balance Beam and Light Spreader work together; when a child steps on the red section of the beam, the light that floods the room from the light spreader will turn red. The Balancing and Gross Motor Skills Bundle uses LEDs, meaning there are no lightbulbs to change, and maintenance is no problem. Please allow a lead time of up to 8 weeks on this product.

Item ID: EXP-150020


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