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Bath Tub Lifts

Rehabmart offers a comprehensive selection of Bath Tub Lifts, also known as bath lifts, bathtub lifts, or a bath lift chair. A bath tub lift is designed to lower a person in a seated position from the height of the tub rim down to the bottom of the tub, and then back up again. Most tub lifts are battery-operated, controlled with a simple button device. Other bath lifts include air-cushion models utilizing air compressors, and hydraulically-driven manual bath lifts that use the weight of the individual to lower the lift along with the water buoyancy to help raise the lift. Most bath lifts are portable and fit inside the tub, while some are wall-mounted or are separate medical devices that can both transport patients to the tub along with capabilities to lower them into the tub. Our bath tub lifts are manufactured or supplied by well-known companies such as Drive Medical, Sammons Preston, Oak Point Medical, Clark Healthcare, Otto Bock Health, Columbia Medical, Polaris Medical, Invacare Continuing Care Group, and Aqua Creek.

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Petermann Reclining Bath Lift

Petermann Reclining Bath Lift

Choose Manual or Power Models

The Petermann Reclining Bath Lift makes bathing accessible, enjoyable and safe again. The incredible lifting power of the Petermann Reclining Bath Lift provides ease of use and sturdiness. Choose from three models: Manual 17" Lift (supports 300 lbs.), Battery Powered 19" Lift (supports 375 lbs.) or the Battery Powered 23" Lift (supports 300 lbs.). Photo to the left is of the IPB300 battery operated lift. All lifts come with blue seat pad. Scroll down for other pictures and additional information. Comes with 10 year warranty.

Item ID: IPU-IPB200
Innovative Products

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Bellavita Automatic Bath Lifter

The Bellavita Automatic Bath Lifter is the lightest bathlift on the market at only 20 ½ pounds, and at 2.3 inches it is the lowest bath chair lift available. Designed to lower down into the tub and rise back up without the use of body strength, the Bellavita Automatic Bath Lifter is equipped with a water-tight hand control that floats in water making it easy to access the control buttons while bathing. Two-piece construction makes this lift easy to assemble and disassemble for transport, and tool-free setup ensures simple installation and operation.. For health reasons, we are unable to accept returns or exchanges of hygiene products.

Item ID: DRV-477200252

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Bathmaster Sonaris Reclining Bath Lift

The Bathmaster Sonaris Reclining Bath Lift is functional, well-designed, and delivers outstanding performance. The Bathmaster Sonaris Reclining Bath Lift is made completely from plastic and is easy to clean. Single button operation allows the user to descent while keeping the backrest upright, or while reclining to a more comfortable position while retaining ample leg room in the bath. The lightweight seat and back click together easily for quick assembly, installation, and removal.

Item ID: SP-567007


Archimedes Bath Tub Lift

The Archimedes Bath Tub Lift is a stylish, lightweight actuator-driven bathtub lift that lowers the user steadily and confidently into the bottom of the tub to maximize legroom for the most comfortable and supportive bath possible. A high backrest and long seat allow for increased support. The Archimedes Bath Tub Lift can be cleaned with commercial bathroom cleaners.

Item ID: OPM-LAA3702A


Aquatec Bathlifts

Aquatec Bathlifts

Choose Style and Color

Aquatec Bathlifts make accessibility no longer an issue. Enjoy your tub again without the cost of remodeling with the Aquatec Bathlifts. Seat goes from 17"H down to 2.5" from tub bottom. Choose blue or white cover. Photo shows Aquatec RSB with Reclining Lateral Support Backrest *Blue* For health reasons we are unable to accept returns or exchanges of hygiene products.

Item ID: CHC-A1471565

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Bathing Cushion Bathtub Lift

The Bathing Cushion Bathtub Lift is designed to help users with reasonable upper body stability get in and out of a bathtub. It is powered by low air pressure using a battery-operated Airflo air compressor. Use this stable, comfortable Bathing Cushion Bathtub Lift for a totally natural-feeling bath.**Note: Suction cups require a smooth surface in order to attach.**

Item ID: OPM-MPCA030600


AKKULIFT Auto Bath Lifter

When assistance is needed with entering and exiting the bath tub, the Akkulift Auto Bath Lifter's precise engineering ensures safe and easy independent bathing. This batter-powered lift works at the touch of a buttun, gently lowering you into and out of the tub. At 20 lifts per charge, the rechargeable battery has plenty of power. It will not lower if there is insufficient power to lift. Recharger is included.

Item ID: OBH-EN400-375US

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AquaLift Bath Lift  with Pediatric Hi-Back Wrap Around Support

AquaLift™ Bath Lift with Pediatric Hi-Back Wrap Around Support is the lightweight battery-operated bath lifter. Portable and easy to store, the AquaLift™ Bath Lift with Pediatric Hi-Back Wrap Around Support is ideal for home use and designed for individuals with difficulty getting in and out of the tub. The back reclines to 82 degrees when the lift is at its highest position, and 57 degrees when at its lowest position (seat does not tilt). Supports up to 300 pounds. Free shipping in the Continental U.S.

Item ID: COL-8106

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Hektor Bath Lift

The Hektor Bath Lift is an ergonomically designed patient lift with a narrow rustless steel chassis and a broad seat padded with soft, durable closed-cell polyurethane foam, making it maneuverable as well as comfortable. It is easy to clean, and the seat can be raised or lowered as needed. Each Hektor Bath Lift comes with a detachable back support and handholds; an integrated scale is also available.

Item ID: POL-GKHektor

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Invacare Traverse Stretcher Lift and Transport

The Invacare Traverse Stretcher Lift and Transport is a battery-powered, height-adjustable lift that transports resident in safety, comfort and dignity. Handling is minimized as the resident stays on the lift throughout the bathing cycle. Designed for use especially with the 6302G series of supine tubs with stretcher wings that can be lowered from either end for maximum flexibility in transfer and bathing of residents.

Item ID: ICC-IH1200

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AquaLift Bath Lift with Pediatric Lo-Back Wrap Around Support

AquaLift™ Bath Lift with Pediatric Lo-Back Wrap Around Support is the lightweight battery-operated bath lifter. Portable and easy to store, the AquaLift™ Bath Lift with Pediatric Lo-Back Wrap Around Support is ideal for home use and designed for individuals with difficulty getting in and out of the tub. The back reclines to 82 degrees when the lift is at its highest position, and 57 degrees when at its lowest position (seat does not tilt). Supports up to 300 pounds. Free shipping in the Continental U.S.

Item ID: COL-8103
Columbia Medical

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ABLE Bath Tub Lift

The ABLE Bath Tub Lift is a wall-mounted lift used for helping those who need assistance into and out of the tub. Made of powder coated stainless steel with a manually-pivoting folding seat. The ABLE Bath Tub Lift truly lives up to its name of the Aquatic Bath Lift Elite (ABLE). Some construction and assembly is required. Consult a contractor for best installation methods in your home. Adult supervision recommended when patient onboard.


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1900 Series K Base Seat Lift/Transporter

The 1900 Series lift/transporter maneuvers into the tub with ease and can be left inside the tub with the resident bathes. The "K" base support frame easily rolls under the tub or around furniture. The 1900 Traverse Lift/Transporter is specially designed for use with the Access 3600 Side Entry Bathing Systems. Now made with softer seat material that is also warmer to the touch, which translates to a better bathing experience for the resident. **Estimated Lead Time 4-6 weeks.**

Item ID: ICC-IH1900

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Reclining Bath Lift

This Reclining Bath Lift is lightweight and fits into standard-sized bathtubs without seats. Use it to lift or lower a user into or out of a bathtub. The seat also reclines, increasing user comfort, and has a washable, nonslip cover for extra safety. Each Reclining Bath Lift comes with a waterproof remote control that has three large, textured buttons (down, up, and choosing from a 45-degree, 35-degree, or 10-degree reclining position).



AquaLift Bath Tub Lift System

Aqualift™ Bath Tub Lift System by Columbia™ Medical is fully portable, easy to store, lightweight battery-operated bath lifter. Ideal for home use and designed for individuals with difficulty getting in and out of the tub. Able to accommodate up to 300 pounds. The back reclines to 82 degrees when the lift is at its highest position, and 57 degrees when at its lowest position (seat does not tilt). Due to hygiene concerns, this product is nonreturnable.

Item ID: COL-8100

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AquaJoy Bathlift

AquaJoy Bathlift

Fixed Back or Reclining

The AquaJoy Bathlift is designed with a heavy duty seat and base to provide the maximum level of support and stability which allows users the opportunity be worry free while bathing. For an added level of safety, the AquaJoy Bathlift will not lower unless there is adequate power to be able to raise the user back out of the tub once finished. With the option of a fixed-back or a reclining back, AquaJoy Bathlift's are equipped with a fully waterproof hand control that floats for ease of use.

Item ID: DRV-BL200-DR

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AquaJoy Saver Fixed Back Bath Lift

AquaJoy Saver Fixed Back Bath Lifts fit most styles of tubs without any hassle of installation. Battery operated lift smoothly raises and lowers on the stable suction cup base. Hand control floats at your side for convenience of operation.

Item ID: DRV-BL200-DR


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AquaJoy Premier Plus Reclining Bath Lift

The AquaJoy Premier Plus Reclining Bath Lift was designed with you in mind, and reclines up to 40 degrees for comfort. The easy to use floating 2 button hand control for low vision users and the safety features that are built in all come standard with every lift. Simply press the button and recline back into your bath. Maximize the legroom in the bath by locating as far back as possible with a recline angle that makes full use of the whole bath. The AquaJoy fits nearly any style of bath and makes entering or exiting the tub safe and easy. Holds up to 375 pounds and weighs only 31 pounds! No installation required.

Item ID: DRV-BL100-DR


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Quicklift II Bath Lift

Two weight capacities of the Quicklift™ II Bathlift are offered to meet all of your lifting needs! Portable and lightweight to safely lower and lift a child in and out of the bathtub. With optional accessories including the Robby™ Bathing Support Chair.

Item ID: OBH-HR51320000-013

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Aquatec XL Bariatric Bath Lift

Aquatec XL Bariatric Bath Lift

Reclining Seat Back

The Aquatec XL Bariatric Bath Lift, with a weight capacity of 400 pounds, will give you the confidence to safely enter and exit your tub. The Aquatec XL Bariatric Bath Lift safely lowerw you to the bottom of your tub and then raises you back to the top at the touch of a button. Reclining allows you to shampoo without getting soap in your eyes or to lie back to enjoy the effects of the warm water.

Item ID: CHC-A1471199


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Who Uses Bath Tub Lifts?
While many people might think of the elderly when considering the importance of bath lifts, they are certainly not the only individuals who could reap benefits from using a bathtub lift. While the AARP endorses bath lift chairs as ideal and safer alternatives for personal bathing for senior individuals who are unable to use a transfer bench, physically disabled individuals of all ages can also greatly benefit from using a bath lift, allowing more independence and enhanced daily living. Others who would appreciate a bath tub lift are those who work in demanding physical labor fields of work which includes heavy lifting and repeated bending motions. This often contributes to a painful back, making it difficult or impossible for the individual to bend down comfortably to safely get into a bathtub for a therapeutic and relaxing hot water soak.

A bathtub lift can also come in handy for women who are pregnant, or for people who are temporarily incapacitated due to surgery, injury, rehab or illness. Therefore, no one should feel embarrassed about considering a bath tub lift because a tub lift is not just for “old people”, but can safely and comfortably assist many different people to be able to enjoy a healthy and relaxing bath.

What is the Correct Way to Use a Bath Tub Lift?
The first thing to make sure of is that the individual using the lift has fair body trunk control, good sitting balance, and the ability and tolerance to be in a seated position. Users will sit on the edge of the tub (or use a transfer board) that is next to the upright bath tub lift inside the tub. Once they feel secure, they will turn their body and first lift one leg over the side and into the bathtub, and then follow with the other leg. Once both legs are inside the tub and on the bath tub chair, they can move themselves toward the middle of the bath tub lift until they feel secure and balanced. Once in the middle and well balanced, users will then use the simple button controller to move themselves to the bottom of the tub.

If the bath tub lift has a reclining option, the backrest will be able to be moved backwards once the lift is at the lowest position of the bathtub. Once users are done bathing, they will use the controller to move back into the upright position (if reclined) and press the ‘up’ button on the remote, engendering the bath lift to slowly elevate to the starting position where users can then lift their legs over the tub rim and stand up. Most battery-operated bath tub lifts have some sort of protective device that will not lower the lift down into the tub unless the battery has significant power to lift the user back up and out of the bath.

5 Ways to Choose the Correct Bath Tub Lift for You
Rehabmart offers a wide variety of bath tub lifts to choose from, so we want you to be as informed as possible when choosing a bathtub lift that is well suited for your own specific requirements.

• Bath Tub Size – While most bath tub lifts will fit in the standard size tub (29 inches x 48 inches), you should make sure you measure the length, width and height of the bath tub to ensure that the lift you choose will properly fit in the bathtub. If you have a whirlpool-style tub, garden tub, or an older claw-foot style tub, you want to make sure your new bath tub lift will fit correctly in your particular bathtub.

• Lift Height and Range of the Bathtub Lift – As mentioned above, some bathtubs may be non-standard in size and height. It is important to know that the tub lift will reach high enough for a safe transfer onto the seat and will go low enough in the bathwater. Some bathtub heights might require selecting a bath lift that features an increased lift range.

• The Size of the Seat – There are three basic points to consider when choosing the correct seat of the bathtub lift:

Maneuverability – Having the best transfer surface for individual needs is important, dependent upon the user's particular physical limitations. A person may want a bath lift chair with flaps or wings on either side of the seat, offering more of a transfer surface to safely maneuver over the top edge of the tub wall.

Comfort – The size of the bathtub seat should allow the individual to easily and comfortably get in and out of the seat. A seat too small will be uncomfortable and could raise a safety issue. A seat too large might allow the user to insecurely slip around the extra space.

Additions – Some bathtub lifts offers additions such as lateral support pads and straps, or a rotating seat which assists users to easily get in and out of the bathtub lift seat by rotating their body.

• Life of the Lift Battery – For battery-operated bath tub lifts, knowing the lift's per battery charge is absolutely necessary. Most bath lifts come with a lithium ion battery and some have rechargeable batteries. On most bath tub lifts, the battery is used until drained of power and knowing the number of times the bath seat will rise and lower before needing to be recharged is crucial. Most bath lifts will not lower into the tub with the user unless there is enough power to rise back up to the top. Knowing the number of lift times related to a person’s weight is good to know, too. A heavier person will get let less lifts per battery than a lighter person. Most bath tub lifts can lift up to 300 pounds. Changing or recharging the battery is convenient and easy.

• Tub Attachment – Portable bath tub lifts come with suction, or safety cup attachments. For obvious reasons this is a big safety concern when purchasing a bath tub lift. Suction cup attachments will keep the lift chair in place while in use and the user needs to make sure that the suction cups are compatible with the interior surface of the tub. Some suction cups will stick to pebbled or textured surfaces so inspect your tub's interior surface for compatibility. Portable bathtub lifts can be removed to allow other members of the family or household to use the bathtub, as well. Some models highlight suction feet pads that have an innovative lifting mechanism to make it even easier to remove the lift.

To best fit the individual with the correct bathtub lift, finding out what accessories will go with or fit best with the lift will help make the bathing experience even better. Some accessories to inquire about are:

Recline Feature – Most bathtub chairs have some type of recline feature to allow the user to recline back for comfort and wash-ability.
Side Wings – These are attached to the back of the lift seat for individuals who have difficulty remaining upright without leaning for support on the side of the tub.
Lap Belt – Utilized in keeping the bather securely in place while bathing.
Head Rest – For individuals who require head support for special needs, or comfort.
Chest Strap – These are used to securely prevent the bather leaning or falling forward or sideways while bathing.
Pommel – Located on the bath seat between the bather's legs, pommels are used with individuals that experience high tone muscle issues, helping with leg muscle stability.
Transfer Disc – Designed to assist individuals that have difficulty swinging their legs up and into the bathtub while centering themselves on the seat. The transfer disc will make turning around and then sliding along onto the seat much easier.

Written by Hulet Smith, OT and Bill Stock

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