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Bath Tub Rails

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Tri-Grip Textured Grip Bathtub Rail

Tri-Grip 18"W x 9"H and 17"H. **Non-Returnable Hygiene Product**

Item ID: DD-RBB202-00


Guardian Tub Grab Bar

The durable plastic Guardian® Tub Grab Bar provides safety and support in and around the bathtub. Its step-through design provides an unobstructed entry/exit path allowing better hand positioning. Two hand positions offer maximum flexibility and safety. No tools are needed for installation. This hygiene product is non-returnable.

Item ID: ML-G98006H


Clamp On Tub Rail

Clamp On Tub Rail

Choose Model

Each Clamp On Tub Rail has a stainless-steel locking mechanism and non-wearing rubber pads which provide scratch-proof security. The handle design allows for secure hand position while the user is getting out of or into the bathtub. The Clamp On Tub Rail is constructed from durable steel with a white powder-coated finish, which makes it easy to clean. It requires no tools to install. Do not use with fiberglass tubs.

Item ID: DRV-12036

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Molded Tub Grab Bar

The Invacare Molded Tub Grab Bar provides two gripping surfaces. The upper gripping position helps users enter the bath tub without turning the wrist or body. **Non-Returnable Hygiene Product**

Item ID: IND-INV7104

From $39.44

Drive Tub Rail

The Drive Tub Rail can be used to assist in getting into or out of a standard bathtub. It has rubber pads on all tub contact points to eliminate scratches, and is made from durable, chrome-plated steel with knurling around the grab bar's diameter for a no-slip grip. Tools for installing the Drive Tub Rail are included. Do not use on clawfoot or fiberglass tubs.

Item ID: DRV-12034

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Adjustable Length Suction Cup Grab Bars

Adjustable Length Suction Cup Grab Bars

Choose Style and Size, Deluxe, International Grade

The Adjustable Length Suction Cup Grab Bars can be quickly and easily installed on virtually any smooth surface without tools, and without drilling holes. The suction cup grab bars are only to be used as a balance assist, not to support a user's full body weight. Each set of Adjustable Length Suction Cup Grab Bars is portable and features large rubber suction cups that provide superior adhesion properties. Use them on a shower wall, mounted on the tub, as a temporary towel bar, or near a chair or stairwell for assistance when standing or climbing stairs. White only.

Item ID: DRV-13063

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Telescoping Portable Grab Bar

Adjustable length offers adaptability to most any tub/shower tile configuration. Telescoping handle allows for a much longer hand holding area. Offered in two sizes with adjustable overall lengths ranging from 19"-29". **Non-Returnable Hygiene Product**

Item ID: BGM-BC500M

From $109.99

TriGrip Bathtub Rail

2 gripping heights provide easy entrance or exit of bathtub. **Non-Returnable Hygiene Product**

Item ID: MA-1006271


4 Inch Tile Grab Bar

4 Inch Tile Grab Bar is your only safe option for use on most 4" tiles! This item adheres to most textured tiles as long as there is enought smooth surface for the suction cup to adhere to. Very rough textures may not work with this item.

Item ID: BGM-BC600


Single Grip Portable Grab Bar

Designed as a serious home medical device - flimsy alternatives do not compare! **Non-Returnable Hygiene Product**

Item ID: BGM-BC201


Lumex Tub-Guard Bathtub Safety Rail

Ergonomic handle for a comfortable and safe grip. Help prevent accidents in the bathroom with Lumex® Tub-Guard® Bathtub Safety Rails. **Non-Returnable Hygiene Product**

Item ID: NC-28380

From $69.57

HealthCraft Dependa-Bar

The Dependa-Bar is a revolutionary combination of standard wall mounted grab bar and bath tub rail, with the well proven benefits of the SuperBar for movable support. Designed for bathing, toileting and other environments where grab bars are found. **Non-Returnable Hygiene Product**
***IMAGE shown in White Finish***

Item ID: HC-DB-18-PCW
Health Craft

From $238.95

Plastic Bath Tub Rail

Plastic Bath Tub Rail

Choose Size

Each Plastic Bath Tub Rail is attractive and ergonomically designed for a comfortable, safe grip. It requires no tools to install. White only. Use the Plastic Bath Tub Rail to get into and out of the bathtub more easily.

Item ID: DRV-12044

From $61.64

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White Wall Grab Bars

White Wall Grab Bars

Choose Size

White Wall Grab Bars provide assistance when bathing or using a commode. Made of durable heavy duty steel tubing and attractively finished with a white powder coat. Professional installation is recommended.

Item ID: CHB-FGB20500 0000

From $27.32

Textured Wall Grab Bars

Carex® Textured Wall Grab Bars with textured diamond knurled gripping area. Professional installation is recommended. Provides added security when bathing or using a commode. Made of durable heavy duty steel for a lifetime of use. Choose size below.

Item ID: CHB-FGB20900 0000

From $29.55

Dual Level Bathtub Rail

The Dual Level Bathtub Rail gives the user two areas to grip while bathing or showering. Each grip is textured on the high-low levels, in addition to the attractive rust-inhibiting chrome finish. Straight crossbar for support allows the user the ability to stand or sit.

Item ID: CHB-B20300

From $57.36

Bathtub Rail with Chrome Finish

Featuring a beautiful chrome finish, this Bathtub Rail offers extra support when moving in or out of the tub. The spring steel clamps adjust to fit, and are lined with rubber pads to protect your bathtub! The chrome finish also inhibits rust for years of use and enjoyment.

Item ID: CHB-FGB20100 0000

From $43.74

White Bathtub Rail

Ideal for use on fiberglass tubs, the White Bathtub Rail attaches easily with mounting clamp. The wide contact area provides more even weight distribution. 200 pound weight capacity.

Item ID: CHB-FGB20400 0000

From $48.95

Tri-Grip Bathtub Rail

The Tri-Grip Bathtub Rail securely fits most bathtubs with adjustable steel spring clamps and protective rubber padding to prevent scratching your tub. Three areas of grip have a textured finish for security and convenience when showering or bathing.

Item ID: CHB-FGB20200 0000

From $60.08

Clamp On Height Adjustable Tub Rail

Clamp On Height Adjustable Tub Rail

With Soft Cover, Soap and Shampoo Dish

The Clamp On Height Adjustable Tub Rail, designed by Michael Graves, features highly visible and easy to function "touch points" in high contrast tangerine, blue and white. His signature style will accommodate even the pickiest tub rail users with functionality and clean aesthetics.

Item ID: DRV-MG12050SC


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