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Bed Assist Rails, handles, poles

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Home Bed Assist Handle

The Home Bed Assist Handle can be used on either side of a home bed to assist a user in getting in and out of that bed. Assembled easily without tools, and can slide under the mattress; no slip foam on the base bar keeps it from sliding back out.

Item ID: DRV-RTL15063-ADJ
Drive Medical


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Guardian Safe-T-Pole

Guardian Safe-T-Pole

POLE and BASE sold separately

The Guardian® Safe-T-Pole™ provides a sure grip anywhere you grab it. The Safe-T-Pole is made of heavy-duty, durable steel with a special white coating that feels and looks good. Floor-to-ceiling pole that safely assists standing, sitting, climbing stairs, or transferring. The POLE and BASE are sold separately, but both are needed to complete the system.

Item ID: ML-G98120P

From $35.72

Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar

Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar is a tension mounted floor to ceiling pole that assists a user in standing up in a bathroom from a sitting position. The Curve Grab Bar provides 4 different hand grips at 4 different heights.

Item ID: STI-1100-B

From $206.40

Economy Bed Handle

The FREEDOM Grip' Economy Bed Handle has a cushioned foam handle for extra comfort and a secure grip.

Item ID: MT-501


FREEDOM Grip Plus Bed Rail

The FREEDOM Grip® Plus bed transfer handle (bed rail) has all of the features and benefits of our popular FREEDOM Grip® bed handle with an added advantage of a height adjustable handle to accommodate thicker mattresses. The top of the bed handle is covered with skin friendly foam for a comfortable grip and increased safety. The cushioned bed handle (bed rail) adjusts from 21.5" to 24.5" in height in 1" increments. Installation is quick, easy and tool free. The FREEDOM Grip® Plus Bed Handle Bed Rail is the best combination of safety and economy.

Item ID: MT-502
Mobility Transfer Syst


HealthCraft  SuperPole with SuperBar

The SuperBar pivoting and locking rail is ideal for persons who need added support when transferring or getting up. Scroll down page for more pictures and video.

Health Craft


Standard Transfer Handle

Standard Transfer Handle makes getting into and out of bed easier and helps maintain mobility and independence while reducing risk of falls.

Item ID: MT-2025


HealthCraft Smart-Rail

Smart Rail™ easily fits between any mattress and box spring to provide bed positioning and transfer support. Part of a good fall prevention program.

Item ID: HC-SR-S
Health Craft


Couch and Bed Arm

The Couch & Bed Arm is perfect to help you get up off the couch or out of bed.**Lead time on product 3-4 business days.**

Item ID: TCP-G-1957


Home Bed Assist Rail

This Home Bed Assist Rail can be used on either side of a bed to provide assistance to anyone getting in or out of that bed. Assembly requires no tools. The integrated safety strap is extra long and can be wrapped around a single, twin, double, queen, or king-size mattress.

Item ID: DRV-15064
Drive Medical


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HandiRail Bed Assist

HandiRail® Bed Assist has a weight capacity of 500 lbs. (227 kg), and is for use with mattress and boxspring type beds. Retail Packaging.

Item ID: TFI-8750R/1
TFI Healthcare


HealthCraft E2 Trapeze

HealthCraft E2 Trapeze

Choose Style

An exceptionally solid trapeze that features the innovative HealthCraft e2™ Trapeze handle for increased leverage. Its convenient swing-away trapeze arm and professional grade design make it an excellent option for home or facility use.

Item ID: HC-STP-CM-24
Health Craft

From $145.95

Bedside Econorail

The Bedside Econorail offers safety and affordability. Providing assistance to enter or exit a bed, the Bedside Econorail also helps prevent accidental roll off. This bed assist rail may be used on either side of any size standard bed, and comes with a tote for travel. Does not work with waterbeds.

Item ID: STI-5100


HandiRail Bed Assist Rail

HandiRail Bed Assist Rail

Weight Capacity: 500 lbs. (227 kg)

HandiRail® Bed Assist Rail is for use with mattress and boxspring type beds, with a weight capacity of 500 lbs. *Functional weight limit determined by weight of mattress and boxspring set.

Item ID: TFI-8750/1
TFI Healthcare


HealthCraft SuperPole with SuperTrapeze

The SuperPole with Trapeze is a trapeze system that provides support during the transition from lying down to sitting up, as well as standing assistance.

Health Craft

From $263.78

HealthCraft SuperPole System

The SuperPole™ System (Basic and Traveller) provides assistance to persons who need extra help getting from a seated position to a standing position. Can be used as a bed assist pole. Extra options are listed below.

Item ID: HC-SP-S
Health Craft

From $192.45

Bed Assist Cane

The Bed Assist Cane offers a helping hand when entering or exiting the bed. Used on either side, it also comes with an organizer pouch to keep items close at hand. Folds down for travel or storage and blends into your home. Secured by a safety strap, this non-slip cushioned handle for support makes it easy to get in-and-out of bed.

Item ID: STI-2041


Transfer Handle for Electric Beds

Transfer Handle for Electric Beds

Choose Left or Right Entry

Our Transfer Handle' is now available for "Craftmatic" style electric beds. Perfect for anyone who uses a walker, bedside commode or wheelchair. Choose the model for right side or left side determined when lying in bed.

Item ID: MT-2025M-L

From $178.50

Reversible Slant Rail

The new SlantRail is reversible. This unique bed rail provides two different handles in one.

Item ID: MT-MTS600


Bed Assist Bar

Built to last, our Bed Assist Bar provides help getting in and out of bed. It features a soft grip for comfort, pocket for handy storage and full length legs and straps for added safety.

Item ID: ML-MDS6800BAH

From $56.11

HandiRail II Bed Assist Rail

HandiRail II® is made to meet some new state regulations, with a weight capacity of 500 lbs. (227 kg)
*Functional weight limit determined by weight of mattress and boxspring set.

Item ID: TFI-8751/1

From $89.35

Security Pole

Security Pole

Choose Color

The Security Pole provides safe, secure support for sitting, standing, or for transferring a patient to a walker, wheelchair, or other mobility device. It's tension mounted, so you can place it anywhere in the home without any screws or bolts.

Item ID: STI-1150-B

From $175.35

Home Bed Assist Rail and Bed Board Combo

The Home Bed Assist Rail and Bed Board Combo can be used on either side of a patient's bed to assist in getting in and out of bed. The bed board folds in three sections, making it easier to move and store; no tools are required for assembly or for folding. When under a mattress, the bed board provides extra firm support for up to 250 lbs.

Item ID: DRV-15062
Drive Medical


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Easy-Stand Assist-A-Tray

The Assist-A-Tray is a simple couch-side handle that make from your favorite couch or chair… Easy! It comes with a convenient multi-use swivel tray so you can eat, surf the web, or simply keep handy items close by.

Item ID: STI-2050


HealthCraft SuperPole System Bariatric 450lbs

The SuperPole™ Bariatric "bed or bathroom safety" System is an award winning modular support system designed for those requiring assistance with standing, transferring, or moving in bed.

Health Craft

From $315.23

E-Z Bed Assist Pole

The E-Z Bed Assist Pole is placed easily and safely secures between ceiling and floor in order to assist patients in standing or transferring to and from a bed. Fits ceilings from 93 inches to 100 inches.

Item ID: DRV-15500
Drive Medical


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HealthCraft Assista-Rail

The HealthCraft AssistaRail™ is an inverted U-style bed rail for home beds, providing a unique combination of occupant safety and in-bed mobility. Constructed of heavy-gauge, powder-coated steel, the HealthCraft AssistaRail™ supports up to 300 pounds. Easy to install with basic tools, it has a comfortable foam grip. Provide peace of mind for yourself and independence for a loved one with the HealthCraft AssistaRail™.

Health Craft

From $90.16

Bed Handle Assist

The Bed Handle is used on the bed to assist you in raising yourself to a sitting position and it aids you when standing from the bed. **Lead time on product 3-4 business days.**

Item ID: TCP-BedHandle


AbleRise Bed Rail

AbleRise Bed Rail

Choose Style

The AbleRise Bed Rail offers reinforcement to users who have trouble getting in and out of bed. Its handle is agreeable and pleasant to the touch and may be used for relocating and turning in bed.

Item ID: MDK-F764880000

From $155.21

HealthCraft SuperPole Floor Receptacle System

The SuperPole' F.R.S. is an assist pole for care facilities! It is a portable, floor socket mounted pole for standing and transferring support in institutional (concrete floor) applications. Best suited for institutions where room needs change frequently.

Health Craft

From $121.76

HealthCraft  SuperPole for Angled Ceilings

An excellent option for rooms with angled ceilings. Works just like the award winning SuperPole!

Health Craft


Bed Support Rail

The Bed Support Rail ensures convenient and safe support for any bed. Assembly is easy and tool free. The Bed Support Rail adjusts in both height and depth with an under-bed frame from 34 inches to 45 inches.

Item ID: CHB-FGP56600 0000

From $74.41

Travel Handles

Travel Handles

Set of 2

The Travel Handles can be used at home and on the go for help standing, sitting, getting up, or rolling over in bed. They can be pushed, pulled, lifted, or leaned on, and are stable in all directions. Use the Travel Handles with any size bed with a box spring and mattress. Sold in packages of two.



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Freedom Grip

An easy, affordable solution for people who have difficulty getting out of bed. Ideal for people with back pain.

Item ID: NC-94254


Adjustable Bedside Assistant

The Adjustable Bedside Assistant is a bed handrail that fits most beds, including platform beds and waterbeds. The four gold anodized aluminum pieces can be easily snapped together, with nonslip black foam to provide a gripping surface. Removal from the bed is not necessary to adjust the Adjustable Bedside Assistant.



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SuperPole Floor Receptacle System (FRS)

The SuperPole F.R.S. is an assist pole for healthcare facilities! It is a portable, floor socket mounted pole for standing and transferring support in institutional (concrete floor) applications.

Health Craft

From $316.70

Home Bed Side Helper

Home Bed Side Helper

250 lbs. capacity

The Home Bed Side Helper Rail attaches to Hollywood-style home bed frames with four legs. For those who need extra assistance when getting in and out of bed at home. No tools are required to install. Normal bedding can be used with the Home Bed Side Helper Rail, as it does not interfere with the drape of the fabric.

Item ID: DRV-15065R-1


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Friendly Beds

Universally designed to fit king, queen, double, twin or most adjustable beds, the Friendly Beds system allows you the ability to sleep with your partner in the comfort of your own bed. With a multitude of features that allow you to be self-sufficient and independent, Friendly Beds give you peace of mind and boosts your self-confidence. The Friendly Beds base unit comes with a 3' long trapeze, pivoting assist rails, attached balance pole, and overhead lighting with a 3 button wireless remote. For added safety and versatility, Friendly Beds offer additional components such as a transfer bar for repositioning without assistance, snake lights for reading or doing crossword puzzles, TV/monitor mount for watching your favorite shows or web browsing, over the mattress night stands to hold your personal items and much more. Specific measurements must be provided on *REQUIRED Specs Form* below to complete purchase. White glove delivery and installation required. Bed not included.


From $3,449.00

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