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Braille Writing Slates

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Marburg Braille Writing Slate

Use of this durable black plastic Marburg Braille Writing Slate allows a user to braille a full page without having to move the slate. Two plates, a lower groove plate and an upper cell plate, are included in each set, and the plates can be used to braille one or both sides of a sheet of paper, or to make braille labels.

Item ID: MA-30712


Large Print Braille Keyboard Labels

Large Print Braille Keyboard Labels have both large, high-contrast black lettering on a yellow background and Braille, allowing low-vision or blind users to more easily identify keys and use a computer keyboard. Each set includes 101 different Large Print Braille Keyboard Labels.

Item ID: MA-223-3120561


Janus Braille Slate

The Janus Braille Slate is interlined, allowing a user to write on both sides of a standard 3x5 index card without having to remove and flip the card. Slide the card in through the side opening and start making Braille. A hole in one corner can be used to hold a stylus. The stylus in the image is not included with an order of Janus Braille Slates; two slates are in one package.

Item ID: MA-2010005


Braille Labeler

A Braille Labeler can be used to help a blind person remember where things are in the house, or to organize other belongings. The labeler has a tactile dial that has both print letters and Braille letters for the complete alphabet, numbers, commonly used contractions, and punctuation. Each Braille Labeler is both lightweight and portable.

Item ID: LSS-521014

From $46.30

Metal Braille Labeling Slate with Stylus

Metal Braille Labeling Slate with Stylus

4 Lines x 28 Cells: Set of 2

This Metal Braille Labeling Slate with Stylus is recommended for creating Braille labels; slots on either end can be used to hold vinyl or magnetic labelling tape in place. A stylus is included. The metal slate has 4 columns with 28 cells in each one. Each package contains two Metal Braille Labeling Slates with Styluses.

Item ID: MA-2020428


Braille Slate with Clipboard

Wooden clipboard holds braille slate.

Item ID: MA-2002013


Full-Page Plastic Braille Slate

The Full-Page Plastic Braille Slate can be used, in conjunction with a stylus (included) to write in Braille. Useful for quick notes, telephone numbers, and making full pages of text quickly. The Full-Page Plastic Braille Slate has pins on the bottom.

Item ID: LSS-521030

From $24.31

Metal Braille Slate with Stylus

Metal Braille Slate with Stylus

6 Lines x 19 Cells; Set of 2

This portable Metal Braille Slate with Stylus can be used to write notes or make labels in Braille. The slate has 6 columns with 19 cells in each, and is easily portable. The Metal Braille Slate with Stylus should last for many years. Each package contains 2 sets.

Item ID: MA-2020619


Optima Braille Slate

Braille writing slate with stylus.

Item ID: MA-202600


REIZEN Pocket Braille Leather Note Book

Pocket size leather notebook.

Item ID: MA-471800


Jumbo 4 Line 18 Cell Slate

The Jumbo Braille Slate offers 4 lines and 18 cells which can be used to braille labeling tapes up to 3/8" wide (tape sold separately).

Item ID: MA-2020430


Braille Slate

Braille Slate

Set of 2

This Braille Slate can be used with a stylus and something to write on to create Braille writing or Braille labels. It is slim enough to fit in a pocket. Each package contains two Braille Slates.

Item ID: MA-2020880


Braille Plastic Stylus

The Braille Plastic Stylus can be used along with a Braille writing slate to write in Braille. This stylus is lightweight and has a metal tip and a yellow plastic handle. Each Braille Plastic Stylus is easily portable.

Item ID: LSS-521015

From $14.04

Portable Money Brailler

The Portable Money Brailler can fit on a keyring and is lightweight; use it to Braille bill value on money quickly and easily. It can label ones, fives, tens, twenties, and fifties. Each set includes 2 Portable Money Braillers.

Item ID: LSS-521021


Braille Signature Slate

The Braille Signature Slate is a lightweight aluminum Braille slate with a signature guide to help visually impaired users figure out where to sign their names. Each Braille Signature Slate comes with a free stylus for writing in Braille, for a total of three slates and three styluses in each package.

Item ID: LSS-521022


Braille Plastic Slate

The Braille Plastic Slate is a sturdy Braille writing slate that can be used, along with a stylus, to write in Braille. Two free styluses come with the Braille Plastic Slate.

Item ID: LSS-521018


Eraser for Brailler

The Braille Eraser provides you with the ability to rub out any mistakes that you make and continue writing in braille. This eraser was created specifically for use with the Perkins Brailler and prevents the need to start over in the event an error was made. Sold as a case of 3 erasers to fix errors fast.

Item ID: MA-13159


Braille Aluminum Writing Slates

Braille Aluminum Writing Slates can be used with a stylus to write in Braille. They are useful for writing quick notes. A free stylus is included with all Braille Aluminum Writing Slates, making for a total of two styluses and two slates per package. Choose from models with the pins up or pins down.

Item ID: LSS-521024

From $28.82

Braille Aluminum Jumbo Slates

Braille Aluminum Jumbo Slates

Set of 2; Choose Model

Braille Aluminum Jumbo Slates are large, well-spaced Braille slates that can be used along with a stylus to write in Braille. Choose from models that have the pins facing up or down. Braille Aluminum Jumbo Slates come with a free stylus, making for two styluses and two slates in each package.

Item ID: LSS-521026

From $35.79

Plastic Cassette and CD Slate

Plastic cassette slate includes stylus.

Item ID: MA-2020620


Metal Braille Slate

Metal Braille Slate

Set of 2; 4 Lines x 18 Cells

A Metal Braille Slate, along with a stylus, can be used to create Braille writing. A slate this size is useful for making labels and writing notes, and can be easily carried in a pocket or purse. Each package contains two Metal Braille Slates.

Item ID: MA-2020418


Communicator Teacher

Using this Communicator Teacher can aid communications with people who are deaf and blind. Each tile has both braille and tactile letters, and can be placed onto the boards to spell words. 100 tiles, a storage box with a travel-sized board built into it, and a full-sized board are included in every set.

Item ID: MA-42133


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