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Cane Tips

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EZ Grip Crutch/Cane Tip Holder

This unique tip holder consists of two interlocking parts: a clamp and a tip cup.

Item ID: WEI-CH9
Walk Easy Inc.


Tripod Base Tip

Tripod Base Tip

Choose Size

The Tripod Base Tip provides an alternative to using a tripod or quad cane, and makes most canes and crutches self-standing. It installs like a regular cane tip, but has a surface area of over ten square inches. Three Tripod Base Tip sizes are available that fit different cane diameters.

Item ID: WEI-T30-S
Walk Easy Inc.

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Cane Tips

Cane Tips

Choose Size and Quantity

Each pair of cane tips is in a retail package. Black.

Item ID: IND-INV408534

From $9.87

Tripod Cane Tip

The Tripod Cane Tip can be used with either a right or left handed cane in place of existing cane tips in order to improve balance and stability and enable the cane to stand on its own. The Tripod Cane Tip flexes as the user walks, reducing impact on the hand and wrist, and can be used to improve traction on stairs, grass, gravel, and sand.

Item ID: DRV-10349


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Ice Pick for Cane

The Ice Pick for Cane improves safety in icy conditions. Inclement weather is no excuse not to exercise. The Ice Pick for Cane assists those who require a little extra help on slippery or uneven surfaces. Sold individually.

Item ID: NC-89521

From $24.41

Guardian Cane Tips

Guardian Cane Tips

Choose Size and Color: 8 per Case

Guardian® Cane Tips are available in Black and Gray in 7/8 in. and 3/4 in. diameters. A metal disc in the bottom of the high-quality rubber tip reinforces each tip and provides longer wear.

Item ID: ML-G30581-PC

From $32.55

Carex Black Cane Replacement Tips

Tips provide skid-resistant traction. The tips are made of 100% natural rubber and are metal reinforced. These tips fit most canes. Fits 5/8", 3/4", 7/8" or 1" tubing. Quantity of 2 per pack.

Item ID: CHB-FGA71700 0000

From $14.48

Cane Accessories

Cane Accessories

Choose Model

Three Models of Cane Accessories to Choose from -All accessories fit any cane.

Item ID: IND-MNT04003
Alex Orthopedic Inc.

From $14.14

Guardian Quad Cane Tips

Guardian® Quad Cane Tips are made of high quality rubber and are available in grey, with a choice between 5/8 in. and 1/2 in. diameter. They are high-quality rubber, with a skid-resistant tread for better traction. Contains latex.

Item ID: ML-G02162

From $32.62

Ice Tip, For Standard Canes

Studded ice tip cover stretches over your existing tips to provide improved grip and security on icy surfaces. Fits all tips up to 1 1/2" diameter - ideal for canes.
Product Weight: 0.6 oz. (15 grs.) each

Item ID: WEI-T01
Walk Easy Inc.


Small Cane Tip

Small Cane Tip

Choose Color; 3 Pairs

Small Cane Tips can be used on all canes by Walk Easy that have .625 inch diameter tubing. Choose from black or grey. Before ordering Small Cane Tips, measure the diameter of your cane. Sold in cases of three pairs.

Item ID: WEI-T05-B

From $21.10

Carex Gray Replacement Cane Tips

Carex Gray Replacement Cane Tips

3/4 inch diameter tips 2 pack

Carex Gray Replacement Cane Tips 0.75in. are metal reinforced for skid-resistant traction. Tips are made of TPR rubber. 2 pack.

Item ID: CHB-FGA72500 0000

From $14.48

Europa Mushroom Rolling Cane Tips

Europa Mushroom Rolling Cane Tips

Choose Size and Color

Europa Mushroom Rolling Cane Tips are accessories that attach to canes for the blind. Using one of these is recommended for people using the constant mobility technique and allows the user to receive much more tactile information as he or she walks. Two sizes are available. Choose from highly visible white or red Europa Mushroom Rolling Cane Tips.

Item ID: MA-173009

From $27.75


Replacement Quad Cane Tips, 4/bx

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Small Base Quad Cane (1/2" quad cane diameter) (is replacing 10320BK-4), Black, to be used with Drive® 1/2" Quad Canes 10311 Series, 10301F-4, 10312 Series, 10316-4, 10315C-4, 10384 Series.

Item ID: DRV-RTL10320BK
Drive Medical

From $23.81

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Rubber Cane Tips (5 Packages)

Replace old, worn or broken rubber cane tips with these new rubber cane tips. They have a 3/4 inch hole to fit your cane into and a 1-1/4 inch diameter bottom for a sure-grip. Two per package.

Item ID: MA-16340


Replacement Forearm Crutch Tips

Replacement Forearm Crutch Tips are durable and grey. Each package contains 3 polybags that each contain 2 Replacement Forearm Crutch Tips.

Item ID: MA-1510420


Bulldog Rolling Cane Tips

Bulldog Rolling Cane Tips

Choose Size and Color

Bulldog Rolling Cane Tips are especially made for blind canes, and are recommended for people making use of the constant mobility cane technique. The rolling ball provides excellent tactile feedback. Choose from two sizes and two bright colors (white shown) when ordering Bulldog Rolling Cane Tips. Sold in pairs.

Item ID: MA-172822

From $31.07

Europa Mushroom Non-Rolling Cane Tip

The Europa Mushroom Non-Rolling Cane Tip is made for canes for the blind, and helps make walking with a cane easier. Each package contains 5 Europa Mushroom Non-Rolling Cane Tips. White.

Item ID: MA-1758682


Safety Ice Tip Single Point For Canes (Quantity 2)

Item ID: MA-94598


5-Prong Ice Grip (Quantity 2)

Item ID: MA-94597


Carex Gray Walker Accessories 5/8 inch Replacement Tips

The Carex® 5/8" Walker Accessory tips are metal reinforced for skid-resistant traction. Tips are made of TPR natural rubber. Choose Quantity.

Item ID: CHB-FGA705C0 0000

From $16.40

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