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Cups, mugs And Accessories

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Drinking Straws

Drinking Straws are available in Plexiglas® and flexible polyethylene. Adaptable straws are reusable.

Item ID: NC-35263

From $16.09

Bionix SafeStraw

Bionix SafeStraw

Choose Model, 12 per Box

The Bionix SafeStraw has been redesigned to be reusable. The new version can be easily disassembled and cleaned. The Bionix SafeStraw helps patients who have difficulty swallowing, making drinking fluids safer. The new design allows patients to use the SafeStraw for an extended period of time.

Item ID: BIO-1500

From $89.99

Insulated Mug with Lid

The Insulated Mug with Lid helps keep liquids hot or cold longer. Large handle makes grasping easier and the sealing lid helps prevent spilling.

Item ID: NC-35251


Nose Cut-Out Tumbler

Ideal for people who choke easily or cannot tilt their heads back due to neck injuries. Useful for children who have cerebral palsy.

Item ID: NC-35274-04

From $11.32

Feeding Cup

Feeding Cup

Feeding Spout or Anti-Splash Lid

This clear, polycarbonate, single-handle cup includes two lids to accommodate different drinking preferences. A choice of lids adapts this mug to each individual's needs.

Item ID: NC-36155


Insulated Mug

This polypropylene mug keeps liquids hot or cold as necessary. Foam insulated and break-resistant.

Item ID: NC-35252


Nosey Cups

Nosey Cups

3 piece set

An opening for the nose in this cup allows drinking without tilting the head.

Item ID: IND-PSCN4812


Feeding Cup With Long Spout

Modify spout to control fluid flow.

Item ID: NC-35254

From $12.98

Two Handle Mug

These clear plastic mugs can be used with or without the included lid. Spout directs the flow of liquid. Monitor liquid levels with this see-through mug.

Item ID: NC-36270


No-Tip Weighted Base Cup

No-Tip Weighted Base Cup

Quantity of 2

The No-Tip Weighted Base Cup is perfect for pediatric use. The two-handled cup with rounded corners is self-correcting, even when released while already on its side. The No-Tip Weighted Base Cup features a clear plastic, dish-shaped lid with two holes to let liquid flow into the dish for drinking. A second lid has a molded plastic mouthpiece.

Item ID: MDK-F745940000


Wonder Flo Vacuum Cup

This cup allows a person to drink while in a reclined position. Press the rubber stopper to release liquid flow into the mouth.

Item ID: NC-35261


Wedge Cup

The Wedge Cup is specifically designed to help those with limited strength or swallowing ability due to injury or illness. The Wedge Cup has a one piece lid with drinking spout and adjustable flow control. Safe for hot and cold liquids, home or institutional use and even works with thickened liquids. The Wedge Cup is simply the best way to help patients drink most any liquid easily and safely.

Item ID: WCP-Wedgecup

From $39.95

Nosey Cups

Nosey Cups

Choose Colors

Nosey Cups are very useful for people who have oral motor limitations or arthritis. Nosey Cups aid those who experience a short range of motion in the neck or upper extremities when drinking. The angled design helps the user drink with little or no shoulder flexibility or wrist extension.

Item ID: MDK-F745930014

From $40.11

Flexi Cut Cup

Flexi Cut Cup

Sold In Packages of 5

Unlike other cut cups, the Flexi Cut Cup can be squeezed gently to change the shape of the cup lip.

Item ID: NC-35278

From $21.37

Reusable Drinking Straws

These 18" straws come in two varieties: flexible polyethylene and rigid Plexiglas.***For health reasons we are unable to accept returns or exchanges of hygiene products.***

Item ID: SP-1133

From $19.59

Clear Cup with Snorkel Lid

Clear Cup with Snorkel Lid a clear polypropylene 8-oz. cup with a snorkel lid that regulates flow of liquids.**For health reasons we are unable to accept returns or exchanges of hygiene products.**

Item ID: SP-1123


Sure Grip Mug

Suitable for both hot and cold liquids. The included small hole lid is ideal for liquids. Optional lid with a larger hole allows a person to drink while in a reclined position.

Item ID: NC-35286


Feeding Cup 8 oz

Prevent dribbles and spills with the Feeding Cup and Base. The mouthpiece hole will accommodate a drinking straw.**Cup and Base sold separately.**

Item ID: NC-35266


Dysphagia Cup

This mug is designed to direct the flow of liquids to the center of the mouth. Hand easily fits through the handle, making it ideal for persons with weak grasps.

Item ID: NC-35269


Hand-To-Hand Mug

Hand-To-Hand Mug

Quantity 2

The featherweight, plastic Hand-to-Hand Mug has the appearance and texture of a robust ceramic mug. The Hand-to-Hand Mug has a contoured shape that provides a comfortable grip with one or two hands. The double-wall design protects the hands from heat and cold while maintaining the temperature inside the mug. Choose with or without lid. Sold as set of two.

Item ID: MDK-F745980000

From $49.84

Provale Regulating Drinking Cup

Provale Regulating Drinking Cup Delivers a fixed amount of liquid with every drinking motion.***For health reasons we are unable to accept returns or exchanges of hygiene products.***

Item ID: SP-551845

From $71.33

Whiplash-Nosey Drinking Cup

The Whiplash-Nosey Drinking Cup makes liquid consumption easier for people who have difficulty tipping the head back because of a stiff neck, use of a cervical collar, oral-motor limitations or any condition that debilitates head and neck movement. The 8 oz. (237 ml) Whiplash-Nosey Drinking Cup has a tall side with a contoured lip extension for easy, spill-free drinking. The opposite short side prevents the nose or eyeglasses from impeding drinking. The cup has a smooth tapered shape for a comfortable grip.

Item ID: MDK-F745931000


RiJe Dysphagia Cup

The RiJe Dysphagia Cup's unique design assists users with swallowing difficulties by dispensing a limited portion of liquid (adjustable from 3 mL to 15 mL) whenever the cup is set upright. The tapered design and nose cutout help funnel the liquid into the user's mouth. The RiJe Dysphagia Cup will work with warm and cold drinks, either water-like or the consistency of light nectar. Once the portion in the upper cup is finished and the cup set upright again, liquid in the lower cup will rise to make another serving within two to three seconds. A regular straw can be used with the RiJe cup. O-Rings are made from food-grade silicon, and the cup itself is made from BPA-free polypropylene. Green shown. Please allow a two-week lead time on this product from the manufacturer.


From $51.72

The Hydrant Bedside Water Bottle

The Hydrant Bedside Water Bottle

With long drinking tube

The Hydrant Bedside Water Bottle provides instant and independent access to fluids at all times. The idea for the Hydrant Bedside Water Bottle sprung about when its creator, a sports enthusiast, was recovering from back surgery and unable to reach for a drink without calling for help. The Hydrant's unique, one piece, cap/handle/clip fastens securely onto beds, chairs, wheelchairs, car seats, belts, rucksacks, bikes, desks, etc., providing the user the autonomy to conveniently access to fluids.

Item ID: MDK-F745820000

From $53.76

The Sports Hydrant Water Bottle

The Sports Hydrant Water Bottle

Choose Case Quantity; Two Sizes

The Sports Hydrant Water Bottle provides immediate and independent access to fluids whenever the user is in need. The Sports Hydrant Water Bottle features a one-of-a-kind, single-piece, cap/handle/clip that hooks securely onto beds, chairs, wheelchairs, car seats, belts, bikes, desks, etc. People with weak grips will find the Hydrant easy to hold. The large, flexible handle hugs the back of the hand keeping it in place while the ergonomic ridges make for a secure grip. Perfect for institutional settings.

Item ID: MDK-F745830000

From $120.81

Drinking Straw Holder

Snap this straw holder to the edge of any glass or cup. Spring clip fits any size cup.

Item ID: NC-35265


Thumbs Up Cup with Lid

Two thumb rests make this uniquely designed cup ideal for the arthritic hand.

Item ID: NC-35282


Bedside Beverage Holder

The Bedside Beverage Holder attaches to any tubular bed frame, wheelchair frame or other rounded frame with a diameter of 3/4 to 1" (1.9 to 2.5 cm). Most drinkware will fit into the plastic holder, even those with handles. The Bedside Beverage Holder may also support a beverage can or bottle.

Item ID: MDK-F745760002


Drinking Straw Holder

Drinking straw holder positions a straw at the correct angle-regardless of its size.**For health reasons we are unable to accept returns or exchanges of hygiene products.**

Item ID: SP-1126


Standard or Large Cup Holder with Suction Pad

The patented, no spill suction system pad base keeps the Standard or Large Cup Holder firmly in place. The Large size holds cups and glasses sixteen ounces up to forty six ounces. The Standard size holds cups and glasses six ounces up to sixteen ounces. Easily transport mugs, cans or bottles on a wheelchair tray, or over-bed table without spilling!

Item ID: FDW-H-131

From $38.13

Soft Nosey Cup

Soft Nosey Cup

Quantity of 3

The Soft Nosey Cup has the same wonderful features as the original Nosey Cup, but the Soft Nosey Cup is designed from a softer plastic that's easier to grasp and hold onto for those suffering from any type of hand debility.

Item ID: MDK-F745930050


Plastic Cup with Choice of Lid

The sturdy, textured Plastic Cup with Lid is available with either a Snorkel Lid or Snap On Lid.

Item ID: NC-35277

From $14.12

GRIP Drink and Mug Holders

GRIP Drink and Mug Holders

by Grip Solutions

GRIP Drink and Mug Holders can be used on a wheelchair tray, food tray, or other flat surface to hold a cup or mug steady and prevent spills. They work especially well in conjunction with a GRIP Board and GRIP Pad. All GRIP Drink and Mug Holders are made from clear molded plastic. GRIP Pad and GRIP Board sold separately.

Item ID: GRP-20090

From $21.66

Ergo Dinnerware

Ergo Dinnerware

Choose Style

Ergo dinnerware features a sloped base that forces contents to collect in one spot. This dinnerware is attractive, functional and scratch resistant. The ergo mug can be used with hot and cold liquids. The easy to hold cup has an extra-wide handle and grooved gripping surface. Choose from plates, mugs and accessories.

Item ID: MDK-F745740000

From $27.47

Halo Cup

Halo Cup

Set of 3

The Halo Cup has an expansive "halo" base design that offers stability and decreases the chance of accidental spills. The Halo Cup's unique handle makes having a strong grip unnecessary.

Item ID: MDK-F745940025


Little-Spill Drinking Cup

The Little-Spill Drinking Cup minimizes the mess made if the cup is knocked or tipped over. The unique design of this lid ensures a steady flow of fluid when drinking and prevents excessive spillage.

Item ID: MDK-F745920000


Roommates Insulated Pitcher Carafe with Straw

The Roommates Insulated Pitcher Carafe with Straw can be used to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold in patients' rooms. Each pitcher has a molded handle with a thumb grip and a textured grain finish to help keep it from slipping from the user's hands. The lid snaps into place securely and has a straw hole and a recessed spout. The Roommates Insulated Pitcher Carafe with Straw is available in several colors.

Item ID: MCK-28102900

From $178.00

Large Cup Holder with Square Wheelchair Attachment

For Square Tube Chair

Item ID: FDW-H-181B

From $34.51

Arthro Thumbs-Up Cup

Arthro Thumbs-Up Cup

With or Without Lid, Quantity of 2

The Arthro Thumbs-Up Cup works well for people who have reduced grip strength, wrist pain, hand deformities or must maintain a stationary wrist position. The inventive ergonomic design of the Arthro Thumbs-Up Cup allows the user to raise the cup to the mouth without wrist motion. The thumbs-on grip makes spillage less likely, even with uncontrollable trembling. The cup's double-walled design protects hands from extreme heat or cold. Available with or without lid. Sold in pairs.

Item ID: MDK-F745720001

From $53.57

Gravity Assisted Drinking Cup

Gravity Assisted Drinking Cup is a creation for people who have trouble drinking independently. Fluid intake is restricted or permitted by modifying the position of the cup or closing the opening by squeezing the straw. Therapists may use the Gravity Assisted Drinking Cup to promote improved oral motor skills, thereby facilitating independent drinking.

Item ID: MDK-H745790000


Souffle Paper Cups

Souffle Paper Cups

250 per Pack, 20 Packs per Case

Souffle Paper Cups used for holding doses of medication are available in several different sizes. Each cup is disposable. 250 per Pack, 20 Packs per Case. Choose Size.

Item ID: MCK-75001200

From $66.92

No-Tip Cup Keeper

No-Tip Cup Keeper

Quantity of 2

The No-Tip Cup Keeper acts as a wide-based platform to hold cups in place. The No-Tip Cup Keeper makes spillage less likely by expanding the cup's base area and providing a firm grasp on the cup.

Item ID: MDK-F745440000

From $35.89

Straw Holder

Straw Holder

Qty 2, Bag of 6

The straw holder makes it possible for people who have a limited grip to drink from a glass without assistance. The straw holder clips onto the cup making holding the straw unnecessary.

Item ID: MDK-F745620000


Rigid Clear Plastic Reusable Straws

The Rigid Clear Plastic Reusable Straws are great for drinking soups, milkshakes and other fairly thick liquids. Fashion the Rigid Clear Plastic Reusable Straws to a specific shape by heating them.

Item ID: MDK-H745670170




Set of 2

The HandyCup has a tilted design that makes it easy to drink with very little neck movement. The two-handled, clear HandyCup has an extra-wide base for added security and spill prevention while drinking. The unique angled design makes room for the nose and eye glasses so that they don't impede the flow of liquid.

Item ID: MDK-H745930007


Drinking Aid

Drinking Aid

An alternative to syringe feeding

The Drinking Aid is useful for people who have oral-motor impediments that make it impossible to drink independently. Liquid is poured into the person's mouth through a soft silicone nozzle. The caregiver may control the intake of fluid by engaging and releasing the trigger on the regulator. The Drinking Aid holds and dispenses hot or cold beverages.

Item ID: MDK-H745810000


Flexible Drinking Straws

Each box of this product contains 1600 latex-free Flexible Drinking Straws, which are all individually wrapped in order to reduce cross-contamination. All straws are 10 in. long, with flexible head sections.

Item ID: ML-NON02350


Roommates Sterilizable Tumblers

Roommates Sterilizable Tumblers

Choose Color, Case of 24

The Roommates Sterilizable Tumblers can be used to dispense hot or cold liquids. Each cup has rounded edges to ensure the drinker's safety and comfort. Case of 24 Roommates Sterilizable Tumblers. Choose color. Do not wash in dishwasher.

Item ID: MCK-12002900

From $60.81

Roommates Bedside Pitcher with Cup Cover

Roommates Bedside Pitcher with Cup Cover

Choose Color, 12 per Case

The Roommates Bedside Pitcher with Cup Cover has a wide, contoured base for improved stability, a smooth pour spout, and an easy-grip handle. It is disposable, and the cover can also be used as a cup. Use the Roommates Bedside Pitcher with Cup Cover only to hold cold liquids. Three colors are available. Case of 12.

Item ID: MCK-11002900

From $191.21

Dycem Non-Slip Molded Cup Holder

Dycem Non-Slip Molded Cup Holder Fits snugly onto the bottom of a mug or tumbler. BLUE ONLY

Item ID: FEI-50-1652


Paper Souffle Cups

Paper Souffle Cups

Case of 5000

These disposable Paper Souffle Cups are made from white pleated paper, with rolled edges and box pleats for stability. Use them during medication distribution, or along with a pill crusher to keep the mess to a minimum. Two sizes available.

Item ID: ML-NON024215

From $58.92

Non-Insulated Plastic Pitchers

Non-Insulated Plastic Pitchers, Features pop-off tabs that let the user open it with a quick flick of the thumb. Graphite Colored. 100 per Case.

Item ID: ML-DYND80535


Plastic Drinking Cup

Plastic Drinking Cup

100 per Pack, 25 Packs per Case

The Plastic Drinking Cup is economical and convenient. The sidewalls of each cup are strengthened to make them durable, while keeping them lightweight. Clear (shown) or blue cups are available. 100 per Pack, 25 Packs per Case.

Item ID: MCK-50601200

From $86.98

Roommates Disposable Insulating Pitcher Jacket

The Roommates Disposable Insulating Pitcher Jacket fits around pitchers or carafes to improve their insulation, helping keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. Using this product also keeps liquids from condensing and pooling around the pitcher, reducing the risk of water damage to surfaces in patient rooms. Each case contains 20 bags of 10 Roommates Disposable Insulating Pitcher Jackets each.

Item ID: MCK-41022900


Roommates Drinking Cup

The Roommates Drinking Cup can be used to hold cold liquids and help in medication dispensing. Each shatterproof polypropylene tumbler can be stacked without sticking together. The Roommates Drinking Cup has 1 oz. (20 ml/cc) graduations marked on the sides. Case of 500.

Item ID: MCK-51202900

From $118.60

Roommates Carafe with Cup Cover

Roommates Carafe with Cup Cover

Choose Color, 12 per Case

The Roommates Carafe with Cup Cover is suitable for carrying either hot or cold liquid, and has a sterilizable lid that can serve as a cup. Both carafe and cup are made from reusable polypropylene. The Roommates Carafe with Cup Cover has no graduations and no handle, but is still easy to grip.

Item ID: MCK-11202900

From $123.66

Roommates Bedside Trays

The Roommates Bedside Trays are reusable trays that can help a patient dine in bed more easily. The trays can safely go through ethylene oxide and steam sterilization, since they can handle temperatures of up to 275 degrees F (135 degrees C). Three colors are available. 12 trays are in each case of Roommates Bedside Trays.

Item ID: MCK-13002900

From $140.99

Roommates Disposable Pitcher

Roommates Disposable Pitcher

1 Quart: Case of 100

Each Roommates Disposable Pitcher is a gold polypropylene pitcher without graduations, meant for holding cold liquids. The lid has a hinged spout. Each case contains 100 Roommates Disposable Pitchers. Gold only.

Item ID: MCK-51052900


Mauve Beverage Pitcher with Cover

The Mauve Beverage Pitcher with Cover keeps cold drinks cold in a patient's or resident's room. The cover both prevents spills and improves insulation, reducing the need to keep adding ice. Each case contains 24 Mauve Beverage Pitchers with Cover.

Item ID: MCK-34002904


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