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Deaf Childrens Books/Videos

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Signing Time DVDs

Signing Time DVDs

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"See What Your Child Has To Say" - My First Signs deaf children's DVDs teaches signs for your child's first words, including: Eat, Milk, Water, More, Bird, Dog, Shoes, Ball, Mom, Dad, Sleep... and many more. For Ages 0-5 years old. Running time: 30 minutes (DVD). Please note: DVD version includes special features and ASL tips.

Item ID: HM-920501

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My Baby Can Talk DVDs

My Baby Can Talk DVDs

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My Baby Can Talk DVDs are designed to teach American Sign Language (ASL) to babies, who are capable of learning it before they learn speech. Encouraging children to communicate at an early age increases the child's intelligence and interest in the world. Each DVD is set to familiar, soothing classical music by composers such as Mozart and Tchaikovsky. Two sets of My Baby Can Talk DVDs are available; First Signs (shown) and Sharing Signs.

Item ID: HM-974608

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The Treasure Chest: Signs, Songs and Rhymes DVD

Looking for a video to captivate your baby, toddler, or preschooler while also helping him learn American Sign Language (ASL) signs? Then the second deaf children's video in The Treasure Chest series: Signs, Songs, & Rhymes is for you! Older and younger siblings will enjoy watching this video together! You'll also love the bonus audio CD that lets you bring the songs and rhymes from the video along in the car or into your living room.

Item ID: HM-905921


Electronic Book - School Days: An ASL Word Book

Prepare your child for school with this fun little electronic book of basic school signs.

Item ID: HM-90*0083


More Please! ASL Board Book

The More Please! ASL Board Book by Nancy Cadjan was specifically designed for babies and parents to sign together, from beginning to end. The full-color illustrated story has sentences at the top of each page in English, and the same signs in ASL at the bottom. The illustrations help put the signs and objects in context, and reading together encourages interaction between parent and child. Ordering the More Please! ASL Board Book will get you two copies, one to keep and one to share.

Item ID: HM-975319


The Finger Food Cafe DVD - A Grand Opening

This video is presented in sign language, voice and open English captions featuring drama, meaningful songs, and the world's first animatronic signing puppet. Get Your Fingers Ready.

Item ID: HM-914957


ASL Little Red Riding Hood

ASL (American sign language) Little Red Riding Hood deaf children's book is the most beloved old folk tale that comes in a new Signed English edition with full color illustrations.

Item ID: HM-GU3076


The Fantastic Video Series: Volume 1

The Fantastic Video Series: Volume 1

VHS: Exciting People, Places, and Things

The Fantastic Video Series: Volume 1 is intended for both hearing and deaf children, ages 6-10. The host, Rita Corey, uses sign language, signed stories, and mime, accompanied by voiceover narration. In this volume are a crayon factory, a jump rope tournament, and mime by actor Bernard Bragg. The The Fantastic Video Series: Volume 1 surely shows "exciting people, places, and things".

Item ID: HM-GU563680A

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Sign With Me

Using the lessons on the Sign With Me tape can teach sign language to children 0 to 3 years old, to let them communicate before they learn to verbalize. The video is interactive, with puppets and other children signing simple words; watching it together and signing together will strengthen the bond between parent and child. A parental guide is also included, with information on how to help teach children to sign basic words. Sign With Me is recommended by pediatricians.

Item ID: HM-159501


Book - I'm The Boss of My Hearing Loss

Book - I'm The Boss of My Hearing Loss

A Healthy Perspective for Kids with Hearing Loss

I'm The Boss of My Hearing Loss is a deaf children's book that uses colored drawings and a positive approach. This handbook is designed for children with hearing loss and their parents. Kids learn how to manage challenging listening situations as well as important concepts about hearing loss. Soft cover book; 26 pages.

Item ID: HM-964102


Electronic Book - Babys First Book of Signs

Teach Your Baby to Sign. Want to teach your baby sign language and don't know where to start? This sweet little electronic book depicts the signs for basic words.

Item ID: HM-90*0085

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I Can Sign My ABCs

I Can Sign My ABCs, by Susan Chaplin, is a book for pre-school and beginning readers, containing the signs for all the letters of the alphabet. Each letter's entry includes not only its manual handshape, but the picture, name, and sign for a simple object that also begins with that letter, acting as a learning reinforcement. Use I Can Sign My ABCs to teach children the American Manual and English alphabets painlessly.

Item ID: HM-159H


Signing Time Songs

Signing Time Songs

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Signing Time Songs are now on CD! These songs are all from the popular Signing Time! series of children's educational DVDs that try to teach beginning ASL to 1 through 8-year-olds. Two versions of each track are included on each disc of Signing Time Songs, a version with the words and an instrumental "sing-along" tune. Choose from discs with all the songs from volumes 1-3, 4-6, 7-9, and 10-12.

Item ID: HM-920546

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Baby See n Sign

Baby See n Sign

Volume 1

Baby See n Sign is an innovative series designed to start teaching sign language to children as early as 6 or 7 months; some babies may try signing back as early as 10 months. The child will not only learn the basics of signing quickly and easily, studies indicate that children who are exposed to signing seem to verbalize sooner than non-signing children, and may have improved scores on intelligence tests. Baby See n Sign shows real-life images, including animals, food, toys, and daily activities, along with their corresponding signs and on-screen vocabulary.

Item ID: HM-14990


Signing Times, Volume 7

Signing Times, Volume 7 is part of a series aimed at teaching young children basic ASL; this installment moves to Leah's farm, with plenty of new songs and new signs focused on farm sights and animals. The DVD includes special features, including extra ASL tips. Signing Times, Volume 7 is intended for children from ages 1-8, but can be enjoyed by everyone.

Item ID: HM-920507


Signing Times, Volumes 10 and 11

Signing Times, Volumes 10 and 11 are installments in a popular DVD series aimed at teaching children ages 1-8 basic ASL. These volumes introduce a child to signs associated with daily routine (volume 10) and neighborhood places and events (volume 11). Come join Rachel, Alex, Leah, and Hopkins the frog in Signing Times, Volumes 10 and 11 for a singing, signing adventure.

Item ID: HM-920510

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My First Book of Sign

My First Book of Sign, by Pamela J. Baker, contains signs for 150 of the words most commonly used by young children, in full color, alongside explanations of how to form each sign. This hardcover book makes a great gift for children who are just beginning to read, or just beginning to learn sign language. Early language acquisition research was consulted to determine the proportions of nouns, modifiers, and verbs in My First Book of Sign, to give a child a functional, easy-to-learn signing vocabulary right away.

Item ID: HM-160H


Book - The Signing Family

The Signing Family deaf children's book shows parents how to create a set of goals for signing centered around the needs of their deaf child, then describes the major signing options available: American Sign Language, Signed English, Signing Exact English, and Contact Sign.

Item ID: HM-GA0696


Sign With Your Baby VHS Training Video

Sign With Your Baby VHS Training Video

Teach Your Baby Sign Language

The Sign With Your Baby VHS Training Video is a fast, easy way to get started using American Sign Language (ASL) with a baby. The Sign With Your Baby VHS Training Video can give parents and caregivers inspiration as well as instruction. Offers demonstrations and practical tips for signing, as well as the most effective signs to use with a child.

Item ID: HM-9668367


Book - Deaf Child Crossing by Marlee Matlin

Academy Award-winning actress Marlee Matlin has written a compelling and humorous story of friendship, based on events from her own childhood.

Item ID: HM-822081


Book - Chris Gets Ear Tubes

A story of a little boy who has to get ear tubes due to his troubled hearing. "Chris Gets Ear Tubes", a deaf children's book, explains what happens before, during, and after the surgery in language a child understands. It takes away the child's natural fear of the unknown. 44 pages.

Item ID: HM-GUX6332


Book - Dad and Me in the Morning

Dad and Me in the Morning deaf children's book is a delightful story about a deaf boy and his father sharing a special time as they watch the sunrise at the beach.

Item ID: HM-AW514191


Book - Nobodys Perfect

In this book, Marlee Matlin's spirited heroine learns that despite first impressions, nobody's perfect. The Perfect Read; written by Marlee Matlin and Doug Cooney.

Item ID: HM-911008


ASL Book - Moses

ASL Book - Moses

Choose Model

A Breakthrough Picture Book in ASL.

Item ID: HM-920831

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Book - Oliver Gets FM

The second deaf children's book in the "Oliver" book series addresses the need for FM. The story discusses how Oliver, with help of his FM hearing instrument, can now hear the teachers much clearer in class and how his friends think his new system is really "cool."

Item ID: HM-920845


Signing Times, Volume 8

Signing Times, Volume 8

The Great Outdoors

Signing Times, Volume 8 is an entry in a series of DVDs aimed at teaching young children basic ASL. This installment takes Rachel, Alex, Leah, and Hopkins the frog into "The Great Outdoors", with new songs and signs related to outdoor exploration. Enjoy a backyard adventure with Signing Times, Volume 8.

Item ID: HM-920508


Signing Times, Volume 9

Signing Times, Volume 9

The Zoo Train

Signing Times, Volume 9 is an installment in a series of DVDs aimed at teaching children from ages 1-8 basic ASL. This volume takes Rachel, Alex, Leah, and Hopkins the frog to the Zoo Train, for songs and signs related to zoo animals and aquatic creatures. Parents and children will enjoy watching Signing Times, Volume 9 together.

Item ID: HM-920509


Signing Times, Volume 12

Signing Times, Volume 12 is an installment in a popular DVD series aimed at teaching basic ASL to children ages 1-8. In Time to Eat, join Alex, Rachel, Leah, and Hopkins the frog in the kitchen to learn signs related to food, cooking, eating, and setting the table. Watch Signing Times, Volume 12 for a singing, signing adventure.

Item ID: HM-920512


Signing Times, Volume 13

Signing Times, Volume 13

Welcome to School!

Signing Times, Volume 13 is an installment in a popular DVD series aimed at teaching basic ASL to children from 1 to 8 years of age. In this volume, Alex and Leah go to school for a singing, signing classroom adventure, teaching signs for things a child will see in class. Watch Signing Times, Volume 13 for a fun, educational experience.

Item ID: HM-920513


Book: Sign with Kids

The goal of this "Sign with Kids" curriculum is to have a teacher spend very little time on the "busy work" of preparing lessons. Each deaf educational lesson comes complete with a cover page, vocabulary words and sentences for beginning and intermediate/advanced level classes, and activities for practicing new vocabulary and reviewing previous lessons.

Item ID: HM-MSP-219


Rainbow's End Video Series

Rainbow's End Video Series

VHS: Choose Tape

The Rainbow's End Video Series is designed to improve the self-esteem of deaf children while helping teach them English grammar and reading skills. Five different presentations in the Rainbow's End Video Series are available.

Item ID: HM-SM1711

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