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Exercise Balls

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Cando Inflatable Exercise Balls

Cando Inflatable Exercise Balls

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Exercise balls are used to improve balance, coordination, flexibility, strength and even just for fun or therapy.

Item ID: FEI-30-1800

From $16.50

Cando Massage Balls

Cando Massage Balls

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Massage therapy balls and rollers are used to help achieve muscle and tension release for all parts of the body.

Item ID: FEI-30-1995

From $9.70

Cando Ball With Feet

Cando Ball With Feet

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Unique ball has stabilizing "feet" that keep the ball from rolling when not in use for therapy or exercise.

Item ID: FEI-30-1891

From $21.86

Cando Inflatable Saddle Rolls

Cando Inflatable Saddle Rolls

Choose Size and Color

Much easier to control than exercise balls. These colorful inflatable molded heavy-duty vinyl rolls can support up to 600 pounds. Rolls aid in developing muscles, coordination and balance.

Item ID: FEI-30-1725

From $35.39

Kaye Ball and Roll Holders

The Kaye Ball and Roll Holders are a simple solution to balls rolling around in your clinic or home. The holders are available in two sizes and hold balls at a convenient height, off the floor.

Item ID: KP-BH16

From $65.85

PVC Ball Rack

PVC Ball Rack

Choose Model

Efficiently Store balls for quick and easy access with these PVC ball racks. Floor Stationary Rack (30-1833) not shown.

Item ID: FEI-30-1831

From $47.60



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Peanut-shape provides extra stability and safely cradles the client. The rolls move only forward and backward, not side to side. Strong enough to support clients of all sizes, the Physio-Roll(tm) can be used in many different activities involving flexion, extension, equilibrium reaction and postural adjustment therapy.

Item ID: NC-64613

From $88.83

Gymnic Ball

Designed to withstand rugged use during exercise or therapy. These balls are formed through a special molding process that produces a thick, contiguous, seamless shell. Won't leak or tear. Inflation required - use Portable Electric Blower B8116-02. Latex free.

Item ID: SP-812802

From $44.38

Gym Roller with Pump

Gym Roller with Pump

Choose Size

The Gym Roller offers the same benefits of a standard exercise ball, but with lateral stability. an individual can use the Gym Roller with confidence, perhaps working up to using a standard exercise ball.

Item ID: JFT-20-4001

From $28.75

Cando Sensi-Saddle Roll

Cando Sensi-Saddle Roll

Choose Size and Color

The Cando(R) sensi-roll has a specially textured "nubby" surface that adds pleasurable tactile and visual elements to ball therapy. Sizing below.

Item ID: FEI-30-1735

From $39.96

Cando Body Balls

Cando Body Balls

Choose Size and Model

Balls are strong, light, easy to grasp and have a large inflation range. Used in therapy.

Item ID: FEI-30-1742

From $27.92

Cando Ball Stacker

Efficient way to store balls and conserve floor space.

Item ID: FEI-30-1830


Cando Inflatable Straight Roll

Cando Inflatable Straight Roll

Choose Size and Color

The Cando(R) inflatable straight roll only moves in a side-to-side manner making it easier to use than the standard inflatable ball for therapy or exercise.

Item ID: FEI-30-1780

From $35.39

Cando Jump Ball

Cando Jump Ball

Choose Size and Color

The heavy-duty Cando(R) jump ball is ideal for exercise activities and a fun way to provide proprioceptive and vestibular stimulation.

Item ID: FEI-30-1825

From $19.51

Cando Ball Stabilizer Bases

Plastic base provides extra protection and stability for the ball during use. Ideal for the individuals who are not prepared for the instability of the therapy ball.

Item ID: FEI-30-1840

From $32.90

Exertools Exballs Soft Shell Medicine Balls

Exertools Soft Shell Exball Medicine Balls were designed to be soft on the hands and easy to catch. Gel Filled - Made of roto molded vinyl, textured shells. Perfect for use with any medicine ball rebounder.


From $23.05

Cando Deluxe ABS Ball

Cando Deluxe ABS Ball

Choose Size and Color

These deluxe inflatable therapy balls are made with a vinyl that is specially formulated to release air slowly if a sharp object like a pen or pencil accidentally punctures the ball.

Item ID: FEI-30-1851

From $22.70

Bosu Balance Exerciser

The Bosu TM balance exerciser can be used as either a vestibular board or as a vestibular ball.

Item ID: FEI-30-1901

From $170.75

Medicine Balls

Medicine Balls

Choose Weight

Available with increasing diameter (traditional medicine balls) or with constant 7-1/2in diameter (plyometric balls).

Item ID: FEI-10-3090

From $32.90

School Balls Set

School Balls Set

25 Balls per Set

The School Balls Set contains 25 different exercise or therapy balls that can be used in a wide range of activities. The School Balls Set can be used to improve students' coordination, balance, and control. Includes ball pump.

Item ID: WBM-KB1300

From $375.00

Therapy Ball Pumps

2 models offered! Inflator-Deflator and Bi-Directional Pump. The Inflator-Deflator- Use one end to blow up the ball, or reverse and use the other end to deflate the ball easily. Includes a tapered adapter. Lightweight, durable steel body, 110 volts. The Bi-Directional Pump puts out substantial air volume on both up and down strokes. This economical manual pump cuts your effort in half. Large therapy balls can be inflated in just minutes. Reverse the hose and filter cover for use as a deflator.

Item ID: NC-64609

From $96.42

Porcupine Balls

Porcupine Balls

Choose Size, Quantity 2

The Porcupine Ball is blanked with soft, globular “porcupine quills” on the surface to help stimulate sensory perception and boost hand strength and flexibility. The ball is great for finger exercise, grip enhancement and various games of skill.

Item ID: MDK-H708500002

From $36.96

Peanut Ball

The Peanut Ball helps children improve their balance and core stability, and allows for an active learning posture. By letting the child move to balance on the ball, use of the Peanut Ball helps improve focus. Each ball is shaped for forward and back rotation, with a contoured saddle to help with stability. Color may vary.

Item ID: END-9069


Burst Resistant Exercise Balls

Enhance your workout and improve your core muscle strength with this Burst Resistant Exercise Ball, made of burst resistant material for safe, secure support. Also designed for both upper and lower body work, and includes an inflation pump as well as an instructional DVD.


From $34.96

Two-Way Air Pump

Two-Way Air Pump manually operated pump inflates balls, toys, air mattresses, etc. on both up and down strokes, cutting effort in half. ***Caution: This product contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions.***

Item ID: SP-8148


Large Textured Therapy Ball

The Large Textured Therapy Ball is covered with hundreds of small bumps, which provide tactile stimulation during ball exercises. Working with a Large Textured Therapy Ball can help improve core muscles, body awareness, and attention as it is used in various exercises and games.

Item ID: END-9070


Spring Ball

The Spring Ball offers a fantastic aerobic workout for users of all ages. It teaches balance and coordination, and can be easily incorporated into games and obstacle courses.

Item ID: JFT-60-7001


SoftMeds Exercise Balls

SoftMeds Exercise Balls are small, sand-filled weighted balls perfectly sized for geriatric rehab clients, or anyone who wants a comfortable alternative to dumbbells. These Softmeds are an easy and effective way to add strength training to your clients' therapy programs. Shipping fees listed are for continental US only.

Item ID: SPW-259200

From $36.14

Cando Core-Training Vestibular Dome With Resistance Cords

Use as either a vestibular board or ball.

Item ID: FEI-30-1902


Weplay Massage Ball

Weplay Massage Ball

5 Balls per Carton

The Weplay Massage Ball can be used to stimulate the sense of touch during different games, rehabilitation, gymnastics, or massages. The Weplay Massage Ball is sold in cartons of five balls. Color may vary.

Item ID: WBM-KB0306


Economy Ball Sets

Economy Ball Sets

Choose Size

Economy ball set comes with ball, 6in inflator pump, and chart in a box. Used for exercise.

Item ID: FEI-30-1845

From $25.43

Jumping Exercise Ball

Jumping Exercise Ball

Choose Size and Quantity

The Jumping Exercise Ball is designed to encourage movement and execise. Promoting hand-eye coordination and control of physical movement, Jumping Exercise Balls also strengthen leg muscles and lead to lots of giggles. Choose set of 15 large balls or set of 25 small balls.

Item ID: WBM-KB1301-C

From $305.68

Anti-Burst Therapy Ball

Anti-Burst Therapy Ball

10 Balls per Carton

The Anti-Burst Therapy Ball can be used to improve pediatric balance and stimulate vestibular awareness. If punctured by a sharp object, the Weplay Anti-Burst Therapy Ball will deflate slowly instead of bursting. No color choice; sold in cases of 10.

Item ID: WBM-KB1309-C


Body-Solid Slam Balls

Body-Solid Slam Balls bring cardio to strength training with no bounce and no roll! The easy-grip texture of these slam balls is a thick rubber coating designed to last and last for many workouts to come. Ideal for overhead slams, wood chops and overhead throws as well as using as regular medicine balls and wall balls.


From $41.20

Swiss Ball Applications for Orthopedic and Sports Medicine

Swiss Ball Applications for Orthopedic and Sports Medicine is a comprehensive guide for home exercise programs that incorporate swiss exercise balls.

Item ID: SP-8504


Hopper Ball

Guaranteed to bring out the giggles, the Hopper Ball is designed for children ages 6 to 13. Made of durable latex-free vinyl, the Hopper Ball helps children improve balance and coordination. They will never notice what a workout they get because they are having so much fun!

Item ID: END-9068


Healthy Abs and Back Kit

The Healthy Abs and Back Kit can be used in a full exercise routine (included) that improves posture and balance and develops strength in all the core muscle areas (abdominals, obliques, back, pelvis). Regular workouts with this kit alleviate back pain and improve the user's mood and energy. Green only; Healthy Abs and Back Kits are sold in cases of 6. Mat sold separately.



Transparent Activity Ball

The Transparent Activity Ball will provide hours of exercise and entertainment. Contained within are multiple, brightly colored balls that move when ball is rolled, tossed or bounced. The Transparent Activity Ball offers a large diameter of 20 inches. This is a great tool to improve gross motor skills and coordination while simultaneously developing spatial perception.

Item ID: END-9066


Peanut Ball

The Peanut Ball provides hours of entertainment and exercise for children. Teachers and therapists love the Peanut Ball because it provides support while encouraging a sense of balance to the child's core. The Peanut Ball provides feedback and fun. Designed for forward and back rotation with assistance from able adult. Supports up to 200 pounds.

Item ID: END-9069


Stability Balls

Stability Balls

Choose Size; Case of 3

Stability Balls are burst-resistant, weighted exercise balls used to improve strength, balance, and flexibility. The ball is comfortable, supportive, and stationary, and can be used to exercise and stretch the entire body, engaging often-unused stabilizer muscles. Three color-coded sizes are available. Stability Balls are also stable themselves; weighted filler keeps them from rolling. Sold in cases of 3.

Item ID: PV5-RCSS55

From $121.76

To and Fro Ball

To and Fro Ball

50 Balls per Carton

The To and Fro Ball is attached to a rope that can be tied around the user's waist in order to make runaway balls easier to retrieve during exercises. Each carton contains 50 To and Fro Balls. Colors may vary. This product is recommended for children age 4 and older.

Item ID: WBM-KB2301-C


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