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Hand Exerciser

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Slo-Foam Hand Exercisers

Slo-Foam Hand Exercisers

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Excellent for water exercises. Useful for low-resistance exercises. Ideal for finger flexion exercises in contrast baths. (hot/cold baths) Latex Free.

Item ID: NC-59551

From $13.75

Cando Digi-Flex Hand/Finger Exerciser

Cando(R) Digi-Flex(R) Hand/Finger Exerciser develops isolated finger strength, flexibility and coordination as it builds hand and forearm strength. Comes with Illustrated Manual.

Item ID: FEI-10-0740

From $26.68

Cando Gel Hand Exercise Ball

The Cando Gel Hand Exercise Ball is designed to give your hands and fingers a workout. The Cando Gel Hand Exercise Ball will improve grip strength, dexterity, mobility as well as fine and gross motor skills. The Cando Gel Hand Exercise Ball may be lightly heated or chilled to recommended hot and cold therapies

Item ID: FEI-10-1490

From $13.10

Power Flexor

Adjustable tension makes this a great choice for graded exercise programs. Ideal for flexion and extension exercises. Helps strengthen grip and forearm musculature. ** Latex Free **

Item ID: NC-52009


Cando Rubber Band Hand Exerciser

Ideal for finger flexion exercises.

Item ID: FEI-10-0800

From $14.38

Foam Ball Exerciser

Foam Ball Exerciser

Choose Size

The Foam Ball Exerciser is a soft foam ball that is perfect for the early stages of hand rehabilitation.

Item ID: FEI-10-0821

From $11.06

Cando Digi-Extend Finger Exerciser

Cando Digi-Extend Finger Exerciser

Choose Size and Color

The Digi-Extend(R) is a unique therapy device that can isolate the extension of all five fingers and each of the individual finger joints.

Item ID: FEI-10-0775


Exerball Exerciser

Exerball Exerciser

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Hand exercise ball has ring to fit around finger.

Item ID: FEI-10-0796

From $15.65

Handmaster Plus

Handmaster Plus

Choose resistance level

Strengthens hand, wrist and forearm muscles. Ideal for building strength of the muscles that open the hand and spread the fingers.

Item ID: NC-52142-1

From $31.84

6 Spring Hand Grip

6 Spring Hand Grip

Choose Size

Grip is shaped for sure handling.

Item ID: FEI-10-0801



Ideal for a progressive thumb strengthening program. Excursion of the thumb flexors can be varied by adjusting the black rubber stop. ** Has Latex **

Item ID: SP-5325


Thera-Band Hand Exercisers

Graded resistance training for hands, fingers and forearms.

Item ID: NC-52130

From $19.96

Cando Extension/Flexion Web

Flexion, extension, opposition and supination exercises can be performed using the Cando(R) exercise web.

Item ID: FEI-10-0850

From $32.90

Deluxe Padded Hand Grip

The Deluxe Padded Hand Grip offers grip training for a variety of sports, including golf, rock climbing, martial arts, tennis, and more. A constant tension is provided by the smooth resistance mechanism. Non-slip handles ensure that the Deluxe Padded Hand Grip will stay in your grasp.

Item ID: JFT-20-3436


Hand Grips

Hand Grips

Choose resistance level

Build maximum grip strength.

Item ID: NC-52021

From $18.01

Fixed Resistance Grip

Fixed Resistance Grip

Choose Model

Sold in pairs for hand therapy from beginning to end stages.

Item ID: FEI-10-1804

From $14.38

Elasto-Gel Hand Exerciser

Exercise the hand while providing either hot or cold therapy. Strengthens hand muscles while providing soothing heat therapy. ** Has Latex **

Item ID: NC-29180

From $25.20

Thera-Band Progressive Hand Trainer

Functional tool for strength training and
ROM exercises.

Item ID: FEI-10-1276

From $73.17

Squeeze Ball Hand Exerciser

The Squeeze Ball Hand Exerciser is a great tool for working off everyday stress, too.

Item ID: SP-5302

From $22.30

Action Hand Exerciser

Action Hand Exerciser

Choose resistance

Elastic memory provides resistance with each repetition.

Item ID: NC-52026

From $25.20

Hand Gym Exercise Unit

People with arthritis, partial paralysis, Multiple Sclerosis, CVA, spinal cord injuries or people recovering from hand surgery may use the Hand Gym Exercise Unit to build up hand strength, dexterity and range of motion. In order to provide more comfort for patients who experience pain while stretching the hand, the hand gym exercise unit may be operated while submerged in warm water.

Item ID: MDK-H709000000


Bed Buddy Iso-Ball

Bed Buddy Iso-Ball

Hot or Cold Therapy for the Hands!

The Bed Buddy® Iso-Ball is a unique product designed to help patients living with arthritis by providing moist heat therapy along with isometric exercise. The Iso-Ball is designed to fit in the palm of the hand, and provide gentle warmth while you exercise your hand. A natural alternative or compliment to over the counter drug treatments. Filled with 100% natural grains.

Item ID: CHB-BBF1501-24

From $18.57

Animal Squeezers

Animal Squeezers

Check out the animals

Animal Squeezers are fun-to-squeeze animals can be used for hand exercise

Item ID: SP-550824

From $20.28

Shoulder Finger Ladders

Shoulder and Finger Ladder is wall mounted for use by patients seated or standing. Fingers climb up and down the vertical steps for progressive mobility of arm at shoulder, elbow or wrist.

Item ID: BMC-760


Thera-Band Progressive Hand Trainer Kit

The Thera-Band® Progressive Hand Trainer assists patients recovering from hand or wrist surgery and helps improve hand, finger and thumb strength and mobility during hand rehabilitation. It provides the lightest resistance sequences available for immediate post-surgical rehabilitation, in six levels of resistance. Contains latex.

Item ID: NC-75039

From $60.63

Soft Touch Hand Exerciser

Soft Touch Hand Exerciser

Choose Resistance

Three resistances for all recovery needs. Made of polyurethane foam for a comfortable hold. ** Latex Free **

Item ID: NC-52067

From $39.31

Range-of-Reach Exercise Device

The Range-of-Reach Exercise Device improves range of reach by having client place eight 17-3/4"-long wooden dowels into the 6" x 20" Formica® base.

Item ID: SP-5274


Skil-Care Gel Grips

Skil-Care Gel Grips

Case of 12

The Skil Care™ Gel Grip is designed to impede involuntary hand closure while encouraging light hand exercise. The Skil Care™ Gel Grip has a water-based gel insert that provides tactile stimulation and may be warmed to sooth arthritic hands. The new cozy cloth cover reduces friction and may be removed for easy laundering. The Skil Care™ Gel Grips elastic band assists in control and circumvents being dropped. This product is sold in quantities of twelve, with two size options.

Item ID: SKC-201170

From $86.68

Hand Renewal Kit

The Hand Renewal Kit contains three squeeze balls of different firmness levels (red being the easiest to squeeze, blue the hardest) and an instruction chart for using them in physical therapy. Using the squeeze balls in the Hand Renewal Kit regularly can relieve joint pain and prevent stiffness in the fingers, wrists, and forearms. Case of 6.

Item ID: PV5-RHW3


PVC Pipe Tree

PVC Pipe Tree is used in rehab to hone fine motor skills. Includes wood base, 34-piece PVC pipe and 18 illustrated diagrams.

Item ID: SP-5296


Hand Squeezer

The Hand Squeezer is a set of three squeezable rings that provide different levels of resistance. Squeezing the rings in various ways improves grip strength and fine motor skills, and the nubs on the rings massage the hand. Available in a carton of 60 sets (180 rings total).

Item ID: WBM-KT3002


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