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Hand Therapy Products

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Slo-Foam Hand Exercisers

Slo-Foam Hand Exercisers

Choose Quantity and Strength

Excellent for water exercises. Useful for low-resistance exercises. Ideal for finger flexion exercises in contrast baths. (hot/cold baths) Latex Free.

Item ID: NC-59551

From $13.75

Cando Digi-Flex Hand/Finger Exerciser

Cando(R) Digi-Flex(R) Hand/Finger Exerciser develops isolated finger strength, flexibility and coordination as it builds hand and forearm strength. Comes with Illustrated Manual.

Item ID: FEI-10-0740

From $26.68

Cando Gel Hand Exercise Ball

The Cando Gel Hand Exercise Ball is designed to give your hands and fingers a workout. The Cando Gel Hand Exercise Ball will improve grip strength, dexterity, mobility as well as fine and gross motor skills. The Cando Gel Hand Exercise Ball may be lightly heated or chilled to recommended hot and cold therapies

Item ID: FEI-10-1490

From $13.10

Power Flexor

Adjustable tension makes this a great choice for graded exercise programs. Ideal for flexion and extension exercises. Helps strengthen grip and forearm musculature. ** Latex Free **

Item ID: NC-52009


Economy Stacking Cones

Impact-resistant Stacking Cones are ideal for upper extremity activities, reaching and grasping, eye-hand coordination, color identification and perceptual training. The plastic cones have a slightly textured surface for improved grip.

Item ID: NC-29119


Hand Therapy Balls

These Hand Therapy Balls are used to exercise the fingers, hands, and forearms, as well as to provide stress relief.

Item ID: SP-927620

From $18.38

Cando Rubber Band Hand Exerciser

Ideal for finger flexion exercises.

Item ID: FEI-10-0800

From $14.38

Cando Twist-n-Bend Bar

The Cando(R) flexible hand bar exerciser is a lightweight, portable exerciser designed to strengthen muscles in the hand, wrist and shoulder.

Item ID: FEI-10-1510

From $20.60

Foam Ball Exerciser

Foam Ball Exerciser

Choose Size

The Foam Ball Exerciser is a soft foam ball that is perfect for the early stages of hand rehabilitation.

Item ID: FEI-10-0821

From $11.06

Cando Digi-Extend Finger Exerciser

Cando Digi-Extend Finger Exerciser

Choose Size and Color

The Digi-Extend(R) is a unique therapy device that can isolate the extension of all five fingers and each of the individual finger joints.

Item ID: FEI-10-0775


Exerball Exerciser

Exerball Exerciser

Choose Size

Hand exercise ball has ring to fit around finger.

Item ID: FEI-10-0796

From $15.65

Finger Blocking Tree

Unique design is comfortable to hold while performing blocking exercises. Constructed of dense, firm foam. ** Latex Free **

Item ID: NC-70090


Handmaster Plus

Handmaster Plus

Choose resistance level

Strengthens hand, wrist and forearm muscles. Ideal for building strength of the muscles that open the hand and spread the fingers.

Item ID: NC-52142-1

From $31.84

Cando Hand Weight Balls

Cando Hand Weight Balls

Choose Weight

The color coded hand therapy weighted balls are small enough and flexible enough to grasp with one hand, yet big enough to hold with two hands.

Item ID: FEI-10-3160

From $17.66

6 Spring Hand Grip

6 Spring Hand Grip

Choose Size

Grip is shaped for sure handling.

Item ID: FEI-10-0801



Ideal for a progressive thumb strengthening program. Excursion of the thumb flexors can be varied by adjusting the black rubber stop. ** Has Latex **

Item ID: SP-5325


Thera-Band Hand Exercisers

Graded resistance training for hands, fingers and forearms.

Item ID: NC-52130

From $19.96

Cando Extension/Flexion Web

Flexion, extension, opposition and supination exercises can be performed using the Cando(R) exercise web.

Item ID: FEI-10-0850

From $32.90

Deluxe Padded Hand Grip

The Deluxe Padded Hand Grip offers grip training for a variety of sports, including golf, rock climbing, martial arts, tennis, and more. A constant tension is provided by the smooth resistance mechanism. Non-slip handles ensure that the Deluxe Padded Hand Grip will stay in your grasp.

Item ID: JFT-20-3436


Hand Grips

Hand Grips

Choose resistance level

Build maximum grip strength.

Item ID: NC-52021

From $18.01

Fixed Resistance Grip

Fixed Resistance Grip

Choose Model

Sold in pairs for hand therapy from beginning to end stages.

Item ID: FEI-10-1804

From $14.38

Plastic Stacking Cones

The Plastic Stacking Textured cones provide a non-slip grip and tactile stimulation. Great for eye-hand coordination and depth perception.

Item ID: SP-5153

From $49.25

Elasto-Gel Hand Exerciser

Exercise the hand while providing either hot or cold therapy. Strengthens hand muscles while providing soothing heat therapy. ** Has Latex **

Item ID: NC-29180

From $25.20

The Hand Therapist Therapy Boards

Two Hand Therapy boards, designed for the patient and therapist. Self supported, two sided A-Frame, Folds. **BE SURE TO READ Therapist written Article in Additional Documentation**


From $316.70

Playvisions Light Up Molecule Ball

Playvisions Light-Up Molecule Ball filled with small transparent balls, and a color-changing light module, light transmits through the mini balls inside as you squeeze.

Item ID: SP-558112



Used for indications like stroke, traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy, or hemiparesis, the SaeboGlide is a practical home or clinic device that exercises the upper extremity in gravity-assisted, gravity eliminated, and against gravity positions. Both pediatric and adult models available.

Item ID: SP-927318

From $107.26

Thera-Band Progressive Hand Trainer

Functional tool for strength training and
ROM exercises.

Item ID: FEI-10-1276

From $73.17

Arm Skate

Used to practice controlled movements on an exercise board, table or floor.

Item ID: SP-5266


Squeeze Ball Hand Exerciser

The Squeeze Ball Hand Exerciser is a great tool for working off everyday stress, too.

Item ID: SP-5302

From $22.30

Jux-A-Cisor Arm Exerciser

Jux-A-Cisor Arm Exerciser ideal for improving wrist ROM, tracking, sequencing, and coordination. Exercise can be timed, forearm weights added and other variations for maximum benefit.

Item ID: SP-5288


Cando Glitter Theraputty

Cando Glitter Theraputty

Choose Size and Color

Glitter Theraputty sparkles! Hand therapy becomes not only therapeutic, but visually stimulating with this putty. Yellow is x-light, red is light.

Item ID: FEI-10-2764

From $14.04

Exercise Skates

Exercise Skates

can be used with powder boards

Exercise Skates are designed to increase a patient's range of motion, and can be used on an exercise board, a table, or the floor. They are constructed from padded foam and covered with a vinyl upholstery. Ball casters provide the movement, and velcro straps keep the skates in place. Powder board not included. Please choose your size below.

Item ID: BMC-768

From $66.51

Action Hand Exerciser

Action Hand Exerciser

Choose resistance

Elastic memory provides resistance with each repetition.

Item ID: NC-52026

From $25.20

Psytech Exerciser

Psytech' Exerciser: Wrist flexion and extension exerciser strengthens grip and forearm. Resistance can be varied from virtually zero up to 20-foot pounds.

Item ID: FEI-10-0819


Clinton Exercise Skates

Clinton Exercise Skates are usable in hand therapy and in increasing range of motion. The top is made from padded, stain-resistant knitbacked dove grey vinyl, and is mounted on four casters for easy movement. The hand is secured to the Clinton Exercise Skates by Velcro® straps. This product typically ships 8-12 days from order date.

Item ID: CLI-7206

From $55.65

Hand Gym Exercise Unit

People with arthritis, partial paralysis, Multiple Sclerosis, CVA, spinal cord injuries or people recovering from hand surgery may use the Hand Gym Exercise Unit to build up hand strength, dexterity and range of motion. In order to provide more comfort for patients who experience pain while stretching the hand, the hand gym exercise unit may be operated while submerged in warm water.

Item ID: MDK-H709000000


Hand Therapy Manipulation Board

The Hand Therapy Manipulation Board helps clients undergoing hand therapy to exercise fine motor skills and gain strength in performing common tasks. The Hand Therapy Manipulation Board is shown in the picture with optional holder, but is also pre-drilled to be mounted on a wall (mounting hardware not included). Latex-free.

Item ID: SP-5312

From $230.16

Graded Pinch Exerciser

Graded Pinch Exerciser

Choose Weight

Improve pinch strength and coordination with a graded pinch exerciser. The exerciser includes 5 sets of color-coded graded resistance pinch pins, three horizontal rods, and a vertical rod for shoulder ROM exercise. Additional pinch-pins also available.

Item ID: FEI-10-0840

From $272.60

E-Z Exerboard

The E-Z Exerboard can be used to improve dexterity, including finger flexion, extension and lateral prehension, forearm supination and pronation, and wrist flexion and extension. The suction-cup base keeps the E-Z Exerboard stable during exercises.

Item ID: SP-A7251


Bed Buddy Iso-Ball

Bed Buddy Iso-Ball

Hot or Cold Therapy for the Hands!

The Bed Buddy® Iso-Ball is a unique product designed to help patients living with arthritis by providing moist heat therapy along with isometric exercise. The Iso-Ball is designed to fit in the palm of the hand, and provide gentle warmth while you exercise your hand. A natural alternative or compliment to over the counter drug treatments. Filled with 100% natural grains.

Item ID: CHB-BBF1501-24

From $18.57

Extend-Your-Reach Exerciser

Extend-Your-Reach Exerciser is easy-to-use exerciser develops upper extremity coordination. Ideal for clinic or home use.

Item ID: SP-5293


Incline Board

The Incline Board can be positioned at varying angles and used unilaterally or bilaterally to improve coordination and arm strength. Weights may be added to the Incline Board's box. Latex-free.

Item ID: SP-5234


Animal Squeezers

Animal Squeezers

Check out the animals

Animal Squeezers are fun-to-squeeze animals can be used for hand exercise

Item ID: SP-550824

From $20.28

Cushion Hand Grip

Cushion Hand Grip

Pack of 6

The Cushion Hand Grip provides mild hand exercise, helping rehabilitate stroke patients whose hands close involuntarily, as well as preventing the user's fingernails from digging into the palm. Each Cushion Hand Grip is cloth-covered, tapered to fit an average hand, and filled with resilient polyester. An elastic band secures it in the user's hand. Pack of 6. Blue only.

Item ID: MCK-20003000


Resistive Pinch Exerciser

The Resistive Pinch Exerciser provides graded resistive exercise for increasing both pinch strength and coordination. The Resistive Pinch Exerciser comes with 35 pins, seven each of five resistance levels.

Item ID: SP-5277


Shoulder Finger Ladders

Shoulder and Finger Ladder is wall mounted for use by patients seated or standing. Fingers climb up and down the vertical steps for progressive mobility of arm at shoulder, elbow or wrist.

Item ID: BMC-760


Hand Assembly Device

This table top device is composed of 102 parts designed to include activities using bolts, washers, and nuts that require either hand tightening and/or a wrench.

Item ID: FEI-55-1053


Figure-8 Board System

The Figure-8 Board System contains a resistance system, a hand skate, and a figure-8 shoulder exercise board. The special surface reduces the noise made by the skate, which also has quiet ball casters and a molded hand piece with a fastening strap. A steel reinforcing rim makes the Figure-8 Board System rigid without adding too much weight, and hooks at four points permit adding the weight system, which can be fastened to provide resistance in any direction and in the specific amount needed. Latex-free.

Item ID: SP-5267


Med4orce Strength Grip

Med4orce Strength Grip

Choose Strength

The Med4orce Strength Grip is used to improve hand strength and manual dexterity during rehabilitation and physical therapy, and is often just the physical activity needed for users with arthritic hands. The grips come in four resistance levels (ultra-soft, soft (shown), medium, and stiff), and are color-coded for convenience. Before using the Med4orce Strength Grip, please consult your doctor, rehabilitation therapist, or hand therapist.

Item ID: MD4-Ultra-Soft

From $24.72

Thera-Band Progressive Hand Trainer Kit

The Thera-Band® Progressive Hand Trainer assists patients recovering from hand or wrist surgery and helps improve hand, finger and thumb strength and mobility during hand rehabilitation. It provides the lightest resistance sequences available for immediate post-surgical rehabilitation, in six levels of resistance. Contains latex.

Item ID: NC-75039

From $60.63



For Hand Therapy

The SMART-Mirror™ is a low-tech yet effective hand therapy tool for use in mirror therapy or the final stage of graded motor imagery, to help treat pain and limited motion in the upper extremities, resulting from phantom limb syndrome, hemiparesis, arthritis, or regional pain syndrome, or following hand surgery. SMART-Mirror™ can be angled to best suit the needs of the patient, and three ventilation windows on the non-mirrored side allow therapists to better observe arm movements. Each SMART-Mirror™ is portable and latex-free.

Item ID: NC-95110

From $121.70

Rolyan Pipe Tree

The Rolyan Pipe Tree can be used to improve problem solving skills and bilateral coordination. It is made from 25 pieces of .5 in. diameter white PVC pipe. Four suction cups secure the Rolyan Pipe Tree to the work surface, and a box is included to store all the pieces conveniently.

Item ID: SP-A4143


Rolyan Semi-Circular Peg Board

The Rolyan Semi-Circular Peg Board can be used to extend upper extremity range of motion, strength, coordination and endurance of the upper extremities, as well as gross motor and fine motor skills. Each Rolyan Semi-Circular Peg Board is blue, with red and white pegs; all parts are made from durable, washable plastic.

Item ID: SP-A4057


Soft Touch Hand Exerciser

Soft Touch Hand Exerciser

Choose Resistance

Three resistances for all recovery needs. Made of polyurethane foam for a comfortable hold. ** Latex Free **

Item ID: NC-52067

From $39.31

Range-of-Reach Exercise Device

The Range-of-Reach Exercise Device improves range of reach by having client place eight 17-3/4"-long wooden dowels into the 6" x 20" Formica® base.

Item ID: SP-5274


Finger Prehension Task

The Finger Prehension Task twisting motion increases finger strength and dexterity.

Item ID: SP-5287


Hand Renewal Kit

The Hand Renewal Kit contains three squeeze balls of different firmness levels (red being the easiest to squeeze, blue the hardest) and an instruction chart for using them in physical therapy. Using the squeeze balls in the Hand Renewal Kit regularly can relieve joint pain and prevent stiffness in the fingers, wrists, and forearms. Case of 6.

Item ID: PV5-RHW3


Wrist and Arm Recovery Bar

Wrist and Arm Recovery Bar

Choose Type: Case of 6

The Wrist and Arm Recovery Bar is a bendable, flexible bar designed for use in physical therapy for hands, wrists, and forearms. A user bends and twists the bar to build strength and flexibility, alleviate soreness, and prevent stiffness. Three types are available with different levels of resistance; red is the easiest to twist, blue the hardest. A case contains six Wrist and Arm Recovery Bars.

Item ID: PV5-RWAR1

From $93.32

Ring Trees

Ring Trees

Choose Model

The Ring Trees are designed as a hand therapy aid for people with neurological disorders associated with burns and other orthopedic issues. With three ring sizes, the Ring Tree provides you with the ability for gradable coordination tasks, cognitive and perceptual motor skills. The user may sit or stand while using the Ring Trees to increase range of motion, eye-hand coordination, manipulation, endurance and sequencing.

Item ID: FEI-10-1156

From $311.19

Rehabilitation of the Hand Sixth Edition

The Rehabilitation of the Hand Sixth Edition is the most comprehensive text available on treatment of the injured hand, written by the foremost surgeons and therapists in the field. The book has 143 chapters and is in two volumes. Rehabilitation of the Hand Sixth Edition should be used as a basic text for all practicing or aspiring hand therapists.

Item ID: NC-74510


PVC Pipe Tree

PVC Pipe Tree is used in rehab to hone fine motor skills. Includes wood base, 34-piece PVC pipe and 18 illustrated diagrams.

Item ID: SP-5296


Graded ROM Arc

The Graded ROM Arc ideal treatment for any upper extremity deficit that impairs ROM.

Item ID: SP-5291


Hand Therapy Table and Desk

The Hand Therapy Table and Desk combines the benefits of a storage desk with a hand therapy table. The narrow width and extra cutouts allow both the patient and the therapist easy access, and the large therapy area measures 24 inches x 30 inches. It is available in your choice of two finishes.

Item ID: BMC-378

From $801.55

Weighted Handwriting Glove

Weighted Handwriting Glove

Increase Fine Motor Control

The versatile Weighted Handwriting Glove provides proprioceptive input and compression during fine motor or self help activities for either the left or right hand. The uniquely designed glove is made of soft cotton spandex with a weighted pouch that rests on the back of the hand. It is held in place by elastic thumb and finger loops and a hook and loop wrist strap, leaving the palm of the hand completely open.The fingerless design allows for maximum finger flexibility and wrist mobility.

Item ID: END-3974

From $60.08

Skil-Care Cone Grip - Pack of 18 or 36

The Skil-Care™ Cone Grip is a cone-shaped anti-contracture device that adapts to the natural taper of the hand. The firm surface of the Skil-Care™ Cone Grip keeps hands open without stimulating finger flexion. The Skil-Care™ Cone Grips is designed with a perspiration absorbing outer cover that removes easily for laundering. An adjustable elastic band accommodates all hand sizes and prevents the cone grip from being dropped. This product is sold in case quantities of eighteen or thirty-six.

Item ID: SKC-201060

From $109.91

Skil-Care Cushion Grips

Skil-Care™ Cushion Grips are tapered to the natural contour of the hand and prevent children from digging their nails into their palm. Equipped with an elastic band to prevent being dropped, the Skil-Care™ Cushion Grip provides a mild form of hand exercise. Sold in cases of eighteen (18), the Skil-Care™ Cushion Grip is offered with the option of being filled with either a highly resilient polyester pile or water-based gel that may be warmed for therapeutic purposes.

Item ID: SKC-201020

From $116.81

Hand Squeezer

The Hand Squeezer is a set of three squeezable rings that provide different levels of resistance. Squeezing the rings in various ways improves grip strength and fine motor skills, and the nubs on the rings massage the hand. Available in a carton of 60 sets (180 rings total).

Item ID: WBM-KT3002


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