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Hearing Impaired Telephone Accessories

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Portable Telephone Amplifier

This Portable Telephone Amplifier has a rubber belt that holds it securely to the telephone handset. Adjust volume up to 30dB by turning the dial to increase volume on most standard phones, ideal for conversations in noisy locations or for an individual with a hearing loss.



Serene Portable Phone Amplifier

The Serene Portable Phone Amplifier is an accessory that can save users from having to buy a whole new amplified hearing impaired telephone. It can be strapped to a home telephone, an office phone, or even a pay phone, and is great to use while traveling. 30+ dB of amplification (which can be up to 40 times normal call volume) is combined with digital speech enhancement, meaning voices come through both loudly and clearly. A carrying case is included with each Serene Portable Phone Amplifier.

Item ID: HAR-HC-UA30


Clarity Amplified Telephone Handset

This Clarity Amplified Telephone Handset provides increased volume to incoming sound (up to 26dB of gain) for a variety of conditions (from weak connections to hearing impairment). Exclusive features include a conveniently located rotary volume control thumb wheel and a distortion-free amplifier. It is compatible with most phone systems using carbon or electret microphones, and with most Nortel, Lucent, and Panasonic PBX systems.


From $66.60

Octagonal Pad Telephone Accessory

This Octagonal Pad Telephone Accessory can make a big difference for hearing aid users by helping to eliminate feedback from the hearing aid and providing cushioning. The pad has a peel-off backing that sticks easily to the handset, and the pad surface is easy to clean. Available in white only.



Clarity HA-40 Telephone Amplifier

The Clarity HA-40 Telephone Amplifier bills itself as the world's loudest telephone amplifier! No wiring is required; a 9V battery is included. Do not use with cordless telephones.



Serene Universal Telephone Amplifier

The Serene Universal Telephone Amplifier is one of many hearing impaired telephone accessories that converts virtually any phone into an amplified telephone. It increases the volume on incoming voices up to 170 times (45+dB), so that the hard of hearing can enjoy more comfortable phone conversations.

Item ID: HAR-HC-UA45


Cell-U-Hear Pad Telephone Accessory

Place the Cell-U-Hear Pad Telephone Accessory over your cellphone for increased comfort when using your cellphone. The pad directs sound into a user's hearing aid microphone to increase the volume without feedback. It is great for both hearing aid and non-hearing aid cellphone users.

Item ID: HAR-HC-C1

From $12.34


The WhistleStop is a useful accessory for hearing-impaired telephones; it reduces feedback and background noise in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aid users experience during phone calls. Using the WhistleStop is a simple way to improve telephone call quality; simply snap it on over a square earpiece.

Item ID: HM-973560


Clarity W10 Inline Phone Amplifier

This Clarity W10 Inline Phone Amplifier is an accessory compatible with multi- or single-line standard or electronic phones, this telephone amplifier increases incoming the telephone volume more than 3 times above normal (approx. 2dB to +19dB) with variable volume control. Includes an AC power cord with automatic bypass allowing the user to hear in case of power failure. Available in pearl, black, ivory, or ash brown.

Item ID: HAR-WE-W10-00

From $46.53

Serene Telephone Amplifier AC Adapter

This Serene Telephone Amplifier AC Adapter works with both the business and universal telephone amplifiers by Serene Innovations.



Clarity Phone Ringer

The Clarity Phone Ringer can be adjusted to ring at up to 95 dB, and comes with a flasher to further alert the user to incoming phone calls. It is compatible with all analog phone systems, and requires no special jacks, no batteries, and no AC. Each Clarity Phone Ringer has built-in surge protection.

Item ID: LSS-HI-WR-100


Inline Telephone Amplifier - Multiplies Sound Up To 35X

No more impossible to hear phone calls!!! No more impossible to hear phone calls, no more missing words. The Telephone Amplifier converts your telephone into an amplified telephone.

Item ID: MA-66202


Reizen Portable Telephone Amplifier

Amazing Sound Quality up to 30dB.

Item ID: MA-908530


LightOn Mobile Phone Signaller

The LightOn Mobile Phone Signaller was designed for deaf or hearing-impaired users with mobile phones; simply put a mobile phone or device in the stand, and lights will flash when a call or message comes through. Choose LightOn Mobile Phone Signallers in black (shown; phone not included) or white (below). Mobile video phones can be used in conjunction with LightOn for easy sign language video calling.


From $57.42

Serene Business Telephone Amplifier

Serene Business Telephone Amplifier

*For Loud, Clear Calls on Business Phones*

The Serene Business Telephone Amplifier gives virtually any business phone or headset an amplification boost, increasing the volume on incoming voices up to 170 times (45+dB). Now the hard of hearing (or any telephone user) can enjoy louder, clearer calls and more comfortable phone conversations with this hearing impaired telephone set. Available with a variety of headsets.

Item ID: HAR-HC-UA50

From $90.08

ClearSounds Quattro Bluetooth Neckloop Personal Listening System

The ClearSounds Quattro Bluetooth® Neckloop Personal Listening System is an assistive listening device that provides two-way communication through cellphones, home or office phones, and even music and TV listening for virtually everyone, even people with t-coil hearing aids. Can amplify incoming sound by up to 30 dB.


From $199.95

Tech-Care Square Ear Coupler

The Tech-Care Square Ear Coupler can be attached to the earpiece of a standard phone handset to help eliminate feedback and block background noise from intruding on the user's call. Each pad is made from black PVC foam, with light adhesive backing. Ten Tech-Care Square Ear Couplers are in a package.

Item ID: HAR-HC-AUD148

From $22.28

ClearSounds UltraClear Portable Phone Amplifier Accessory

The ClearSounds UltraClear Portable Phone Amplifier Accessory allows you to make amplified telephone calls anytime, no matter where you are. Compact, lightweight, and compatible with over 99% of corded phones, as well as hearing aids. Use the ClearSounds UltraClear Portable Phone Amplifier Accessory in the office, at home, or while traveling.



Bellman Amplified Telephone Ringer

The Bellman Amplified Telephone Ringer is a telephone ring amplifier that can increase the ring of your phone by up to 95 dB; choose from 16 ring patterns. It helps you to observe and distinguish your telephone ring at home or at work. It is activated by incoming telephone signals and also gives a light indication when the telephone rings.



BlueHook Bluetooth Cellular Telephone Headset

These BlueHook Bluetooth Cellular Telephone Headsets are compatible with t-coil hearing aids, allowing the user to have interference-free conversations. Available for single or dual t-coil hearing aids. Usable with most cell phones. COMPATIBLE WITH THE APPLE iPHONE.


From $60.89

Digital Amplified Answering Machine

This Digital Amplified Answering Machine by ClearSounds plays back your messages up to 30dB amplification with clarity and speed control, and 30 minutes of recording time. Accessible remotely.

Item ID: HAR-HC-ANS3000


AB900 Amplified Answering Machine for the Hearing Impaired

The AB900 Amplified Answering Machine for the Hearing Impaired amplifies the volume of stored messages by up to 40 dB, making them easier for users to hear. It can also be used to control tone and playback speed. The AB900 Amplified Answering Machine for the Hearing Impaired is meant to be used with analog phone systems. Operates in six languages.

Item ID: HAR-HC-AB900


Squeal Stopper

The Squeal Stopper is a telephone earpiece adapter designed to reduce background noise and feedback while ITE (in-the-ear) hearing aid users are using the telephone. Strap it onto the receiver earpiece to use it. The Squeal Stopper is only available in white.

Item ID: HM-973561


Plantronics MHA100 Cellphone Amplifier

The Plantronics MHA100™ Cellphone Amplifier mobile headset amplifier, featuring Clarity® Power™ technology,features voice/sound activated operations, volume control, and will automatically turn on/off when the phone is not is use. It includes a belt clip and uses three AC675 type standard hearing aid batteries (included). The accessory provides 24 decibels of amplification and easily connects between a mobile phone and a headset to provide mobile communications for those with a mild-to-moderate hearing loss.

Item ID: HAR-WE-MHA100


Amplicall 10 Telephone Ringer and Flasher

The Amplicall 10 Telephone Ringer and Flasher has been designed to alert you to the ring of your telephone with an extra loud adjustable ringer and extremely bright LED camera flash strobe light. You can also purchase the optional bed shaker so you don't miss those important telephone calls when you are sleeping or if you need a silent signal that the phone is ringing. Place the bed shaker under your mattress or pillow and when the telephone rings the shaker vibrates to wake up even the deepest sleeper.



Serene Innovations Ringmaster

The Serene Innovations Ringmaster is a super-loud phone ringer (choose from models designed for land-line or cell phones) that will go off and emit a flashing signal to alert the user of incoming phone calls. It has selectable ring patterns and tones, to best suit the user's needs. The Serene Innovations Ringmaster is only available in white.

Item ID: LSS-721058

From $66.61

T-Link Hands-Free Silhouette Headset

The T-Link Hands-Free Silhouette Headset is a simple and discreet headset that gives hearing aid users interference-free use of cellular and cordless phones. The T-Link is comfortable to wear with BTE hearing aids and eyeglasses. Available in monaural or binaural (shown) versions.


From $66.68

tLOOP Powered Neckloop with Microphone

The tLOOP Powered Neckloop with Microphone connects directly to a cellphone or audio player, providing high-quality amplified sound without feedback. Bluetooth is not required; the user simply slips the tLOOP Powered Neckloop with Microphone overhead and listens using his or her hearing aids. An external amplification control dial allows the volume to be easily adjusted. Compatible with the Apple iPod and iPhone.



VM Inline Voice Magnifier Accessory

Used with a telephone, the VM Inline Voice Magnifier Accessory can add up to 25 decibels of volume to the user's voice. It works well for those who can only whisper or have a very soft voice. Is connected between the base and receiver of any corded telephone.



NoiZfree Beetle Bluetooth Cellphone Headsets

These lightweight NoiZfree Beetle Bluetooth Cellphone Headsets transmits speech directly from a user's Bluetooth® cellphone to their hearing aid or cochlear implant via a special NoiZfree t-coil. The design virtually eliminates the buzzing or interference often experienced when the user's hearing instrument is used with a cellphone.


From $138.20

Responsable Personal Alert System

The Responsable Personal Alert System works with your existing phone line, allowing you to program up to four phone numbers to call on a single push of a button. It's like having a cordless speakerphone wherever you go! Responsable is great for making people feel comfortable that help is always available, even if it is not a "911 emergency". ***Please note: Availability - North America Only (all 50 US states and Canada)***

Item ID: ABN-10003800

From $377.12

PowerTel PTV100 Bed Shaker Accessory

The PowerTel PTV100 Bed Shaker Accessory for Amplicom PowerTel telephones vibrates when the phone rings. Phone not included.

Item ID: HAR-HC-PTV100


Serene Innovations Bed Shaker Accessory

The Serene Innovations Bed Shaker Accessory connects to any Serene Innovations hearing-impaired telephone or alert system that has a 3.5 mm jack.



Serene Innovations Portable Telephone Amplifier

The Serene Innovations Portable Telephone Amplifier can be strapped onto any standard telephone handset (corded, cordless, or payphone) to amplify the volume of an incoming call by up to 20 times. In addition to helping users with hearing loss, it can help people hear in noisy environments such as stadiums, convention halls, or noisy workplaces. The Serene Innovations Portable Telephone Amplifier comes with 2 AAA batteries and a soft carry case. White only.

Item ID: HAR-HC-UA30


Clarity Portable Amplifier - 28dB

Take 28dB of Extra Listening Power Anywhere You Go.

Item ID: MA-9070225


Amplicom Induction Neckloop for Personal Listening Systems

The Amplicom Induction Neckloop for Personal Listening Systems can be used with cellular, cordless, or corded telephones to amplify sound and send it directly into the wearer's t-coil hearing aid. The Amplicom Induction Neckloop for Personal Listening Systems has an integrated microphone and adjustable volume control.

Item ID: HAR-HC-NL100


ClearSounds ClearLink Personal Listening System Headsets

The ClearSounds ClearLink Personal Listening System Headsets silhouette works with a variety of cellular, cordless and corded telephones equipped with a standard 2.5 mm telephone headset jack. It reduces the background noise or feedback between your handset and hearing aid or cochlear implant processor. Plug the ClearSounds ClearLink Personal Listening System Headsets into your phone, then set your hearing aid to the T or MT position.

Item ID: HAR-HC-CL001

From $47.52

Super Phone Ringer with Visual Indicator

This Super Phone Ringer with Visual Indicator not only packs an extra-loud ring, a yellow light at the top of the ringer will flash to alert a hearing-impaired user when a call is received. Has four selectable ringing patterns.



Sonic Ring Jr Phone Signaler by Sonic Alert

Sonic Ring Jr. is great for one-room notification. You will receive the alert for the phone in the same room this device is hooked up in. Just plug the phone and lamp into this phone signaler and you're all set. Great for studio apartments, dorms or any single room you need to be notified in. Includes indicator light (to turn lamp on reminder). 5-year manufacturer's warranty. U.L. Listed. For apartment or house-wide notification, please see our Sonic Ring, TR55.

Item ID: MA-TR50

From $62.65

PowerTel 601 Wrist Shaker Accessory

The PowerTel 601 Wrist Shaker Accessory can be linked up with an Amplicom PowerTel telephone in the place of an expansion handset; each phone base can have any combination of up to four PowerTel 601 Wrist Shaker Accessories or handsets. A vibrating alert on the wrist of a user cuts down on extraneous noise and helps ensure the wearer doesn't miss calls.

Item ID: HAR-HC-PT601


Sonic Ringer Audible Phone Signaler

Don't miss your phone call again!

Item ID: MA-TR100


Reizen RE-5200 Automatic Handset Lifter

Item ID: MA-908520


ClearSounds CLA7v2 Amplified Powered Neckloop for Hearing Impaired Telephones

The ClearSounds CLA7v2 Amplified Powered Neckloop for Hearing Impaired Telephones is an amplified powered neckloop that reduces or eliminates interference between cellular and t-coil hearing aids or cochlear processors. It provides hands-free calls with great sound quality and up to 30dB amplification for corded, cordless and cellular phones. Now users do not need to have multiple headsets or switch headsets for different activities.



Remote Telephone Handset Lifter

The Remote Telephone Handset Lifter is an accessory for telephones that allows a user to answer telephone calls from a wireless headset (required; sold separately) instead of having to lift or replace a handset. The elegant, compact design won't get in the way of the user, and is easy to operate and install, thanks to one-button operation. Since the Remote Telephone Handset Lifter uses magnetic sensor technology to detect the magnetic field generated when the phone rings, the user will never miss a call or generate a false signal.

Item ID: HAR-GN-GN0369


Reizen RE-970 Amplifier Base with Headset Stand

Amplifies Incoming and Outgoing Voices.

Item ID: MA-9085970


Geemarc t-Loop Amplified Neckloop - 30dB for the Hearing Impaired

Clear Phone Calls for Hearing Aid Wearers.

Item ID: MA-9040142


Reizen RE-980L Phone Amplifier with Headset Stand and AutoLift Jack

Amplifies Incoming and Outgoing Voices.

Item ID: MA-9085980


Vista M22 Universal Telephone Amplifier

The Vista™ M22 Universal Telephone Amplifier is designed for telephone professionals using either traditional or VoIP phone systems. The Vista™ M22 Universal Telephone Amplifier delivers precise levels of listening comfort, sophisticated hearing protection and superior audio performance. Also comes in a model with an adapter that will fit any phone with a 2.5 mm jack.

Item ID: HAR-HC-M22

From $131.24

S12 Telephone Headset System with Amplification

Use of the S12 Telephone Headset System with Amplification is recommended for use by the hearing-impaired, or simply by anyone in a small office or home office who wants to hear telephone conversations more clearly. Headset can be worn two ways; system connects to most single-line or multi-line phones.

Item ID: HAR-SKC-S12


SR-2 Selective Ring Processor

SR-2 Selective Ring Processor

Accessory for Phones and Fax Machines

The SR-2 Selective Ring Processor protects phone conversations or fax transmissions from being interrupted. When the phone line is in use by one connected device, equipment connected to the other port can't use the same line, leaving the user to finish a call or transmission in peace. The SR-2 Selective Ring Processor is only available in black.

Item ID: HM-SR-2


Vibrating Telephone Ring Extender

The Vibrating Telephone Ring Extender can be used to help people hear and feel signals coming from the telephone or doorbell, and is a great accessory for the hearing-impaired. The Vibrating Telephone Ring Extender transmitter has adjustable noise sensitivity and makes the receiver vibrate whenever it detects a noise.

Item ID: END-8002


Speech Adjust-a-Tone Amplification System

This Speech Adjust-a-Tone Amplification System is an amplifier that can be used with a phone, TV, radio or tape recorder. System includes a control unit and a telephone cable. Options and accessories are below. TV, radio, or stereo cable sold separately. Do not use the Speech Adjust-a-Tone Amplification System with telephones that already have an amplified receiver.

Item ID: HAR-HC-1693


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