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Hoyer Lift Accessories

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Hoyer Hydraulic Replacement Jack

New Jack, chrome, Hoyer lifter with knob release for Hydraulic Hoyers only - C-HLA, C-HLA-2, C-HLA2T, HML400 etc.
Comes with a 90 day warranty.



Rechargeable Battery Pack for Hoyer Lifts

24 Volt Battery. Ships within 48 hours of order.

Item ID: JHI-400-3003


Web Straps for Hoyer Lift Slings

Web Straps for Hoyer Lift Slings

for 2 or 6 Point Cradles

Web Straps for Hoyer Lift Slings; slings not included. Works with Hoyer lift systems that have either 6-point or 2-point lift cradles. Recommended for use with lift slings by Joerns.



Hoyer Lift Digital Scale

Hoyer Lift Digital Scale

600 Pound Weight Capacity

The Hoyer Lift Digital Scale offers push button operation for quick and accurate measurement. The digital screen is easy-to-read, and only requires a single 9 volt battery which will provide approximately 3,000 readings. This Hoyer Lift Digital Scale is designed to work with lift models HML400, HML403, HPL400, HPL403 and C-HLA-2 only. Weighs just six pounds. Includes one year limited warranty. Hoyer set the gold standard for lifts decades ago. Used in homes and institutions around the world, lifts with the Hoyer name can be trusted. Why would you use any other lift scale?

Item ID: JHI-59011A


Hoyer Replacement Battery or Power Cord

The power version of the Advanced Hoyer Lift has a nice coiled cord to the hand control and uses a rechargeable battery. The Advance Electric Hoyer Lift comes with one battery and the charger is built-in. Over time and extended use, these items get worn out and need replaced. This gives you the ability to continue to use your lift without worry, just plug it in anytime to recharge. Battery and power cord only, Lift sold separately.

Item ID: JHI-400-3003

From $224.98


Replacement Handset for the following Hoyer Lift List: HPL402, HPL400, P-C-HL-2.

Item ID: JHI-400-3006


Hoyer Retro-Fit Boom and Cradle Kit

Hoyer Retro-Fit Boom and Cradle Kit converts the classic C-HLA Hoyer patient lift models to 4-point (allowing for use with 4 harness slings) and giving the patient the option to use more sling varieties with the lift.

Item ID: JHI-222-6605


Hoyer Power Conversion Kit

The Hoyer Power Conversion Kit is the retro-fit power kit that can convert Hoyer all-purpose hydraulic patient lifters to a battery powered patient lifter. The kit includes the power actuator, charger, detachable battery pack, mounting bracket and hand control. The Hoyer Power Conversion Kit will work on most Hoyer Patient Lifters to make lifting and transferring an easy task.



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