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Kitchen Gadgets

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T-handle Rocker Knife

Easy cutting for people with a weak grasp. This easy-to-use knife utilizes rocking motion to cut food.

Item ID: NC-28237


Waterproof Cutting Board

Cut and prepare food on the polyethylene Waterproof Cutting Board.

Item ID: NC-28216

From $42.60

Swedish Cutting Board

This adaptable cutting board can be used to slice and grate food or hold mixing and salad bowls. Vise holds food for one-handed cutting.

Item ID: NC-28502


Pan Holder

Stirring with one hand is easy with the Pan Holder. Keeps pots in place for stirring.

Item ID: NC-28221


Zim Jar Opener

Open or close screw, pry-up, friction, vacuum or crown-top lids with the versatile Zim(tm) Jar Opener.

Item ID: NC-28211

From $24.41

Deluxe Suction Bottle Brush

Need some help when only using one hand and washing dishes? This suction base keeps the brushes stationary when washing glasses and bottles.

Item ID: NC-28222


Talking Cooking Thermometer

Using the Talking Cooking Thermometer allows you to make sure that food, especially meat, has been cooked properly. It speaks the temperature when asked, down to .1 F increments. Each Talking Cooking Thermometer uses one button battery (included).

Item ID: LSS-421092


Dycem Openers

Dycem Openers

Small Bottle or Jar Opener

Nonslip Dycem® provides a soft, sure grip on jars and lids.

Item ID: NC-28202

From $17.76

Digital Meat Thermometer

The Digital Meat Thermometer has a large digital display on an adjustable head, which can be easily read by low-vision users. A protective sleeve is included. The Digital Meat Thermometer's probe has a thin stem tip to make only a small punction in food.

Item ID: LSS-421137


One-Handed Kitchen Helper Kit

These specially selected products help anyone who functions with the use of only one hand.***For health reasons we are unable to accept returns or exchanges of hygiene products.***

Item ID: SP-557152


Bag Opener with Magnet

Bag Opener with Magnet

Quantity of 3

This handy, easy-to-use device has a sharp point that punctures and slits open plastic bags. Just squeeze and slide to use.

Item ID: NC-28282


Palm Peelers

Palm Peelers

Set of 3

Palm Peelers allow the user to slide a middle finger through the finger grip, and use a stroking motion with the whole hand to easily peel vegetables. Each pack contains three Palm Peelers. Colors may vary.

Item ID: LSS-421107


Easy-Touch Can Opener

The Easy-Touch Can Opener allows cans to be easily opened with the touch of a button, a godsend for users with arthritis or limited dexterity. It cuts the can from the side, ensuring the user does not risk coming into contact with dangerous, sharp edges. The Easy-Touch Can Opener is only available in white.

Item ID: LSS-421130

From $31.19

White Measuring Spoons

White Measuring Spoons are recommended for low-vision users who still want to continue to cook. The wide white handles are marked with high-contrast blue labels with white lettering that clearly state how much the spoon can measure. White Measuring Spoons are sold in packages containing ten sets of six spoons.

Item ID: LSS-412129

From $36.55

Zipper Bag Sealer

Close zipper-lock bags the easy way. The Zipper Bag Sealer seals the bag every time. Ideal for one-handed use.

Item ID: NC-28304


Flexible Cutting Boards

Using Flexible Cutting Boards allows a cook with low vision to select whichever color board allows for the greatest contrast while chopping food (blue for a carrot, yellow for an eggplant, and so forth). Flex the board to carry and drop items directly into pots or pans. Flexible Cutting Boards are also useful for preventing cross-contamination or mixing of food types.

Item ID: LSS-826024


Universal Turning Handle

Specially designed to make tasks easier, such as turning on taps, opening/locking doors, turning stove knobs, dishwasher or washing machine dials. Designed with an ergonomic handle that allows the user to grip with both hands if leverage is needed on hard-to-turn knobs.

Item ID: NC-28243


10-Key Digital Timer

The 10-Key Digital Timer has large keys for easy data entry and a large LCD display. The oversized screen also makes the time remaining easy to see. It can be set to display the time in minutes and seconds, up to 99 minutes. All the 10-Key Digital Timer's keys are white with high-contrast black print.

Item ID: LSS-421050

From $21.37

Good Grips Jar Opener

The patented Good Grips® handle on this jar opener provides a flexible, nonslip grip when removing twist-off lids from jars and bottles. Comfortable, built-up handle helps open stubborn lids easily.

Item ID: NC-28199


Open-It Kitchen Gadget

The Open-It Kitchen Gadget can be used to open a wide variety of containers by pulling pull tabs, poking holes in juice boxes, or slicing open boxes. Each Open-It Kitchen Gadget has a protected blade, a poke, a handle, and a hook that can be used to assist people who have difficulty opening packages.

Item ID: END-9100


Splatter Guard

Splatter Guard

Choose Size, Set of Two

A Splatter Guard can be used to prevent grease from spraying out of a pan during pan-frying or sauteing. It can be especially helpful for low-vision users who may not be able to see the grease. The Splatter Guard has a metallic finish and black plastic handles.

Item ID: LSS-421063

From $19.96

Low Vision Jumbo Kitchen Timer

The Low Vision Jumbo Kitchen Timer has a large display and large keys, to make it easy to see and use. It can count up or down, with a display limit of 99 minutes, 59 seconds. It can stand up, or be hung with a magnet. The Low Vision Jumbo Kitchen Timer is recommended for low-vision users who still enjoy cooking.

Item ID: LSS-421139


Bright Handled Measuring Cups

Bright Handled Measuring Cups are ideal for low-vision users who still enjoy cooking. Each stainless-steel measuring cup has a differently-colored handle that makes them easy to tell apart. Bright Handled Measuring Cups are solid and sturdy, and will last. Set of four.

Item ID: LSS-4839


Etac Uni Turner

Etac® Uni Turner specially designed to make it easier to turn on the water, open or lock the door or switch on the oven, dishwasher or washing machine.

Item ID: SP-6303


Double-Sided Cutting Board

The Double-Sided Cutting Board is black on one side and white on the other, allowing low-vision users or users with poor color discernment to find the side that presents the best contrast for the task at hand. Cut dark vegetables like eggplants on the white side, and onions and potatoes on the black side. Each Double-Sided Cutting Board combines two cutting boards into one, saving storage space for the user.

Item ID: LSS-421096


Deluxe Maple Cutting Board

Made of solid maple with a smooth finish. Features stainless steel nails to hold vegetables and wooden food guards that keep food from falling off the board.

Item ID: NC-28503


POURfect Measuring Spoons

POURfect Measuring Spoons are easy-to-use spillproof measuring spoons made from red polypropylene, which resist stains, and contain graduations with English and Metric notation inside the bowl as well as Braille markings for low-vision users. The comfort grip has a thumb impression for a steadier grip, and the shape of the POURfect Measuring Spoons helps prevent spills. Red only.

Item ID: LSS-421115


POURfect Measuring Bowls

POURfect Measuring Bowls are high-quality, spillproof measuring bowls recommended for users who want to continue to cook, but have low vision or limited dexterity. Each set includes a 1-cup, 2-cup, and 4-cup POURfect Measuring Bowl, in bright red. Bowls are microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe, and are made from stain-resistant polypropylene.

Item ID: LSS-421101



JarPop opens tight, vacuum-sealed jars with little to no effort. No more twisting and straining to open jars, no more hand cramps or friction burned skin trying to twist and wrench on tightly sealed top.

Item ID: NC-26781


Boil Alert

Boil Alert

Set of 5

Boil Alert is a solid disk marker that is lifted by boiling water to rattle against the sides of the pot, alerting the user to the fact that the water is ready. The Boil Alert takes the guesswork out of cooking and helps improve kitchen safety.

Item ID: LSS-5739


Bowl Holder with Bowl

Bowl Holder with Bowl for the individual with use of only one hand. Plated metal frame holds a stainless-steel bowl while mixing.**For health reasons we are unable to accept returns or exchanges of hygiene products.**

Item ID: SP-3009


Good Grips Knives

The Good Grips' Utility and Slicer Knives have the unique Good Grips' handle for comfortable and safe cutting.

Item ID: NC-65609

From $21.78

Hands Free Bag Holder

The Hands Free Bag Holder distributes the weight of heavy bags across the back and shoulder. Helps eliminate tendon strain from carrying bags with a sustained hook grasp.

Item ID: NC-28229


White Measuring Cups

White Measuring Cups are recommended for low-vision users, thanks to their high-contrast measurement markings. Small markings are on the handles, and large ones are in the bottom of the cup. The blue print on the bottom of the White Measuring Cups stands out. Three sets of four measuring cups are in each package.

Item ID: LSS-421121


Hi-D  Paring Board

Hi-D Paring Board easily cleaned, durable, high-density polyethylene paring board.***For health reasons we are unable to accept returns or exchanges of hygiene products.***

Item ID: SP-A7041

From $86.76

K.D. Hand Trolley

The K.D. Hand Trolley is a great adjustable-height utility cart that comes with two removable trays; the bottom tray is set forward, reducing the chance that the user will collide with it.

Item ID: DRV-KST001

From $88.56

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Easy Glide Bag Opener Kitchen Gadget

Use the Easy Glide Bag Opener Kitchen Gadget to open plastic bags of all sorts, from chip bags to mailer bags. The Easy Glide Bag Opener Kitchen Gadget is much safer than scissors or knives, and does away with tugging or tearing at the bag. This product is dishwasher safe; to use it, simply squeeze gently and pull across.

Item ID: END-9103


Milk Carton Opener

This device is especially useful for people with decreased hand strength or dexterity.

Item ID: NC-28299


Dycem Non-slip Self-Adhesive Material

Non-slip Comfort self-adhesive material permanently secures the Dycem(R) piece in place.

Item ID: FEI-50-1540

From $48.43

Escali Cesto Portable Nutritional Tracker

The Escali Cesto Portable Nutritional Tracker finds out the nutritional values of the foods you weigh--even liquids. This ultra slim scale calculates weight and nutritional value. The Escali Cesto Portable Nutritional Tracker has an automatic turnoff function, saving battery life.

Item ID: ESC-115NB

From $79.95

Good Grips Peeler

Good Grips® handles provide a secure hold when peeling vegetables. Cushioned, built-up grips won't slip in your hands, even when wet.

Item ID: NC-65602

From $20.03

Cut-Resistant Gloves

Cut-Resistant Gloves

Choose Size

Cut-Resistant Gloves are woven from stainless steel, wrapped in high-tech polyester and vinyl, and are both flexible and highly protective. Use them to protect the hands from knife blades while cooking; recommended for users with limited dexterity. Each pair of Cut-Resistant Gloves is comfortable to wear and washable.

Item ID: LSS-421100

From $25.20

Escali Primo Digital Kitchen Scale

The Escali Primo Digital Kitchen Scale was rated best value by a leading independent consumer magazine. The Primo line is available in 12 eye-catching colors. The Escali Primo Digital Kitchen Scale is economically priced, and the two-button operation is easy to use.

Item ID: ESC-P115PO

From $39.95

Roommates Insulated Pitcher Carafe with Straw

The Roommates Insulated Pitcher Carafe with Straw can be used to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold in patients' rooms. Each pitcher has a molded handle with a thumb grip and a textured grain finish to help keep it from slipping from the user's hands. The lid snaps into place securely and has a straw hole and a recessed spout. The Roommates Insulated Pitcher Carafe with Straw is available in several colors.

Item ID: MCK-28102900

From $178.00

Maddagrip Opener

Maddagrip Opener

Quantity 2

The Maddagrip Opener's flexible shape adapts to almost any size cap, allowing the user to easily open anything from small containers and bottles to large jars. The Maddagrip Opener has a long shape and ridged surface to provide a better grip for weak hands.

Item ID: MDK-F753581000

From $33.99

Bright Handled Measuring Spoons

Bright Handled Measuring Spoons have differently-colored grips, which make it easier to tell which spoon is which. The entire set is sturdy and will last. Bright Handled Measuring Spoons are sold in packages containing three sets of four spoons.

Item ID: LSS-6138


One Hand Apple Peeler, Corer and Slicer

This One Hand Apple Peeler, Corer and Slicer can be used to help make pies, tarts, pastries, pancakes, jellies and more with fresh apples, or just enjoy the apple itself without having to pare it by hand. This product is especially useful for anyone with limited mobility of the hands or arms, and is safe to use for everyone.

Item ID: MA-22240


Tabla Ultra Thin Digital Kitchen Scale

The Tabla Ultra Thin Digital Kitchen Scale is a compact, full-featured scale. The scale's digital readout displays in pounds, ounces, fluid ounces or milliliters. The Tabla Ultra Thin Digital Kitchen Scale's sleek design make it easy to store.

Item ID: ESC-T115S


Escali Pana Digital Volume Measurement Scale

The Escali Pana Digital Volume Measurement Scale is the ultimate baker's scale. Measuring cups can yield different results depending on the density of the ingredient and how the cook packs it. The Escali Pana Digital Volume Measurement Scale solves this problem with accurate volume measurements in cups and tablespoons.

Item ID: ESC-V136


Twixit Bag Clips

Twixit Bag Clips

Quantity of 12

These clips help retain the freshness of chips, bread or anything in a cellophane, plastic or paper bag.

Item ID: NC-28263


POURfect Measuring Cups

POURfect Measuring Cups are high-quality, spillproof measuring cups ideal for users with low vision or limited dexterity who still want to cook. The set includes nine pieces, in red stain-proof polypropylene. POURfect Measuring Cups' sizes range from 1/8 cup to 2 cups.

Item ID: LSS-421102


Good Grips Cheese Plane

These Good Grips® Knives and Utensils have the unique Good Grips® handle for comfortable and safe cutting.

Item ID: NC-65611


Quake-n-Wake Three Alert Timer

The Quake-n-Wake Three Alert Timer will flash, beep, and ring when time is up. It can be set to perform all three functions or any combination of the three, and can be used as an hours/minutes or minutes/seconds timer (not a clock). The Quake-n-Wake Three Alert Timer's automatic memory recalls the last timer setting. Use the included built-in stand, the belt clip, or the hanging magnet to position it where it's needed.



Graduated Pitchers

Graduated Pitchers

Choose Size

The Graduated Pitchers are long-lasting and practically indestructible. The Graduated Pitchers have well-constructed pouring spouts and large, convenient handles. The pitchers are equally useful with both wet and dry ingredients. Metric graduations are easy to see on the outside wall of the pitcher.

Item ID: MDK-F796320000

From $28.57

Ultrak T5 Vibrating Timer

The Ultrak T5 Vibrating Timer can be set to beep or vibrate when time (up to 100 hours, counting up or down) is up. The protective cover slides open and closed to reveal buttons and settings, or prevent accidental stoppage. A memory function is included. The Ultrak T5 Vibrating Timer has a clip on the back to attach it to a variety of things. No clock function. Alarm sounds for 1 minute before automatically turning itself off.

Item ID: HAR-HC-T5


One-Handed Swedish Cutting Board

The multi-functional Swedish Cutting Board for One-handed use can make any kitchen task simpler and safer. The vise aides in gripping food to be peeled or sliced, or even a large mixing bowl can be held in place securely. Large rubber suction feet keep the board firmly atop your counters.

Item ID: SS-80501004

From $57.88

Escali Aqua Digital Kitchen Scale

The Escali Aqua Digital Kitchen Scale weighs in ounces and grams. You can also measure recipe ingredients in fluid ounces and milliliters. The Escali Aqua Digital Kitchen Scale has a capacity of 11 lbs. or 5000 grams

Item ID: ESC-A115B

From $59.95

Motif WellnessMats

Motif WellnessMats

Choose Size, Design, and Color

Motif WellnessMats are just as good for relieving fatigue, leg pain, foot pain, and back pain in users standing for long periods as the Original WellnessMats, but the elegant designs make them better for decorating homes and small businesses. The mats are incredibly supportive while still remaining soft and comfortable. Choose size, color, and design below. Motif WellnessMat in Entwine in brown shown. Use in the kitchen, around the house, or at work.


From $141.64

Mini GRIP Opener

Mini GRIP Opener

by GRIP Solutions™

Get a GRIP! The Mini GRIP Opener by GRIP Solutions™ is a convenient and effective daily living aid in opening jars, prescription vials, drink bottles, doorknobs, icy car door handles, that desk drawer that sticks and more. The Mini GRIP Opener is made from a non-sticky, non-slip textured friction material, with a hand strap to aid users who have trouble grasping. Carry the Mini GRIP Opener with you, or keep it in the kitchen for easy use. Put one in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, car, desk, purse and wallet. Sold in sets of 5.

Item ID: GRP-20140


Escali Pennon Digital Kitchen Scale

The Escali Pennon Digital Kitchen Scale has the style to match its exceptional functionality. The removable plate makes it easy to clean. Its large display screen is perfect for those with low vision. The Escali Pennon Digital Kitchen Scale is made of high quality materials and has a stylish European design.

Item ID: ESC-115P


Escali Penduline Digital Kitchen Scale

Escali Penduline Digital Kitchen Scale

Wall-Mounted with Timer and Clock

The Escali Penduline Digital Kitchen Scale is like having a personal assistant in your kitchen. The wall-mounted, digital scale is there at your beck and call and folds away easily when you don't need it. The Escali Penduline Digital Kitchen Scale also has a kitchen timer and a clock.

Item ID: ESC-63W


Surface Mountable Digital Kitchen Scale

The Surface Mountable Digital Kitchen Scale, with its oversized stainless steel platform, will be a convenient tool for the kitchen pro. The scale is easily removable for cleanup and maintenance. It measures both liquid and dry ingredients, and the display holds the weight calculation on the screen when weighing large items.

Item ID: ESC-115B


Escali Alimento Digital Kitchen Scale

The Escali Alimento Digital Kitchen Scale is equipped with highly accurate and durable sensors. This scale is perfect for kitchen, office and laboratory use. The scale features a removable stainless steel platform, a big display and easy touch buttons. The Escali Alimento Digital Kitchen Scale is a professional scale for the no-nonsense professional.

Item ID: ESC-136DK


Original WellnessMats

Original WellnessMats

Choose Size and Color

Original WellnessMats are high-quality anti-fatigue mats that relieve back, leg, and foot pain in users who stand for long periods. They are of the very highest quality advanced polyurethane materials, which are guaranteed to never curl up or delaminate. Original WellnessMats are easy to clean and are available in a variety of sizes and colors. Use them in home or commercial kitchens, at work, or around the house. Several sizes and colors are available. Brown shown.


From $141.64

Roommates Disposable Pitcher with Hinged Lid and Cover

The Roommates Disposable Pitcher with Hinged Lid and Cover can be poured using only one hand, and can be stacked for storage. The straw port in the lid allows the lid to be sealed to prevent contamination, while the user is still able to drink. A frosted window on the outside of the Roommates Disposable Pitcher with Hinged Lid and Cover provides a place to write patient information. Case of 100. Mauve only.

Item ID: MCK-22212900

From $147.50

Pouring Cups Kitchen Gadget

The Pouring Cups Kitchen Gadget can be used to easily pour liquids, sand, flour, or other ingredients into whichever container you wish, and is excellent for use in sandbox play or in cooking. The Pouring Cups Kitchen Gadget is available on a stand or on a flexible gooseneck mount that can be easily attached to flat surfaces.

Item ID: END-20

From $213.92

Zipper Lock Bags

Zipper Lock Bags

Case of 1000

Zipper Lock Bags are clear, with a single track seal at the top that can be closed and reclosed as necessary. Use them for items that need to be kept fresh or repackaged. Each case contains 1000 bags. Use Zipper Lock Bags to store, display and protect all sorts of products, such as office supplies, dressings and tapes, swabs, and personal belongings.

Item ID: IND-EKF40912


WellnessMats Corner Mats

WellnessMats Corner Mats

Choose Size and Color

WellnessMats Corner Mats are uniquely shaped mats ideal for fitting around the corners of furniture. Like all WellnessMats products, the mats are incredibly supportive, relieving stress and strain on bones and joints and greatly increasing user comfort during long days standing. It reduces fatigue, relieves back, knee, and foot pain, and improves circulation and posture. WellnessMats Corner Mats are available in two sizes and four colors, with the original smooth WellnessMats finish.


From $237.64

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