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Nesting Stools

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Nestable Foot Stools with Safety Grip

Simple Nesting Footstools with Safety Strips. Nestable, Convenient Storage. Available individually or save money with a set of 4. **Please allow 10-14 day lead time, as products are made to order!**

Item ID: IDP-13.100

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Therapy Steps, Four Nestable Stools

MTS Therapy Steps are ideal for patients that need balance retraining.

Item ID: MT-7298


Nesting Stools

Nesting Stools

Set of Four

Multiple size stools nest for convenient storage. These wooden Nesting Stools are great for improving body mechanics and posture while standing. Nonslip tread for security on all stools. Set of four. The estimated lead time for Nesting Stools is 5-7 business days.

Item ID: CLI-7320


Nesting Platform Stools

Nesting Platform Stools are designed for persons with physical disabilities. They can be positioned to form various elevation patterns, and nest together for neat, space-saving storage. The Nesting Platform Stools are covered with corrugated rubber tread for safety. 300 pound weight capacity.

Item ID: BMC-712


Nesting Therapy Step Stools

These Nesting Therapy Step Stools nest for convenient storage.

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Stacking Interlocking Step Stools

Stacking Interlocking Step Stools

Set of Three Stools

Set of three stools in natural hardwood features a total stack height of 18 inches with an easy carry handle recess. These are ideal for step-ups or as mini-stairs with a weight capacity of up to 500 pounds!

Item ID: BMC-725

From $295.53

Wheelchair Training Stools

Wheelchair Training Stools

Create stairs up to 20 inches high

Wheelchair Training Stools, also known as training stairs or climbing stairs, teach patients to get in and out of a wheelchair without assistance. These natural wood steps securely hook together and can be adjusted to any sequence. As the user becomes more skilled, the Wheelchair Training Stools can gradually be removed. 300 pound weight capacity. Ships from factory within 7 business days.

Item ID: BMC-710


Nested Footstools

The Nested Footstools consist of 4 steps which "nest" together for easy space-saving storage. These stools are extremely useful for stepping, crawling or climbing activities, as well as providing you with additional height to get those items of a shelf or out of a cabinet that are just out of reach.

Item ID: HAU-2410


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WorkFit Nesting Stools

The WorkFit Nesting Stools can be used for body mechanics and posture training when standing, or at a desk or during seated mat activities. The WorkFit Nesting Stools nest for easy storage. Friction tape on top prevents the user from slipping. Each set contains three or four WorkFit Nesting Stools (set of four shown).

Item ID: SP-9563

From $299.91

Plyometric Stacking Step Stools

Plyometric Stacking Step Stools

Set of 3, 500 pound capacity

Bariatric rated, Plyometric Stacking Step Stools can be stacked to a total height of 30 inches tall with a 500 pound weight capacity. The natural hardwood construction and finish will last for years. With an easy carry handle recess, these are ideal for use in clinics, rehab centers, and for use as step-ups or mini stairs.

Item ID: BMC-725P


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