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Overbed Tables

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Overbed Table

Overbed Table

Auto-Touch - Non-tilt-tabletop

The Overbed Table has a stable H-base design and an attractive imitation walnut wood-grain laminate top. The frame is made from tubular, chrome-plated, welded steel, with 1.5 in. caters. The 1.5 in. casters ensure smooth mobility in any direction, and a light upward touch on a patented, spring-loaded locking handle allows the Overbed Table to elevate freely.

Item ID: IND-INV6417


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Non-Tilt Overbed Table

Non-Tilt Overbed Table

Choose Model

The Non-Tilt Overbed Table has chrome-plated steel "H" base that provides security and stability. The base and mast are available in chrome or silver vein finishes to go with the attractive walnut laminate top.

Item ID: DRV-13067
Drive Medical

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Tilt Top Table

The Tilt Top Table is an overbed table that can be elevated freely with a light upward touch, while a downward touch locks it into position for comfort when reading, writing, or eating. It can be adjusted into three different angled positions in either direction thanks to its tilt-release lever. The Tilt Top Table has an attractive wood-grained walnut laminate top.

Item ID: IND-INV6418


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Mobile Table

The Mobile Table can be used to provide a flat work surface over a chair or bed, for working, reading, writing, or eating. It can also hold a laptop computer or a TV, and can be easily positioned thanks to smoothly-rolling casters. The Mobile Table has a melamine-laminate tabletop with a raised molded plastic edge that keeps items from sliding off.

Item ID: NC-29510


Tilt Top Bedside Table

The Tilt Top Bedside Table is designed for quick assembly and easy use. When tilted in either direction, a small section will remain flat, which can be used for holding cups, glasses, remote controls, or other items that need to be kept close at hand. The Tilt Top Bedside Table's top is made from walnut wood-grain laminate.

Item ID: IND-UNV09396


Pivot and Tilt Hospital Bed Table

The Pivot and Tilt Hospital Bed Table can be put in multiple positions, to best suit patients in a bed or wheelchair, and can be easily folded for storage. The top of the table tilts with the angle of the mast so that the table surface is flat, regardless of the mast's angle, and the mast itself pivots and can be locked in one of three positions, from flat on the floor to 90 degrees.

Item ID: DRV-13000


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Epoxy-Painted Over Bed Tables (C-Base)

Table height adjusts for comfort while reading, writing, or eating. Each table features T-mold edging and rounded corners for safety and durability. ***This product is a custom order with a 4-6 week lead-time normally.

Item ID: ICC-IH5125

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Deluxe Tilt-Top Overbed Table

The Deluxe Tilt-Top Overbed Table is constructed with a chrome-plated steel frame and a walnut wood-grain low-pressure laminate top. The H-shaped base helps provide security and stability. The tabletop can be raised or lowered in infinite settings, or tilted up to 33 degrees in either direction. When the height-adjustment handle is released, the tabletop locks securely.

Item ID: DRV-13008


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Low Bed Overbed Table

This Low Bed Overbed Table is easy to move, with swivel casters, and is built to last with a steel frame and walnut wood-grain melamine top. It was designed to be used with low beds with a 3.25 in. frame-to-floor clearance. The Low Bed Overbed Table's top can be raised with very slight pressures.

Item ID: DRV-13081


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Carex Overbed Table

Carex Overbed Table

Non Tilt, Height Adjustable

The Carex® Overbed Table works for left or right hand use and height variation. With a C-style base for easy access from a wheelchair as well as a standard chair. The flat surface provides a stable area to eat, write or work while seated or laying in bed.

Item ID: CHB-FGP56700 0000

From $153.30

Home Overbed Table

Carex® Home Overbed Table is stylishly built to seamlessly blend in with traditional home furniture rather than evoke a clinical hospital design. This new Home Overbed Table is conveniently adjustable (24”h-34”h) and features a tilting tray for versatile use. Reversible for left or right hand use!

Item ID: CHB-FGP56800 0000

From $103.80

Tilt Top H-Base Overbed Tables

Tilt Top H-Base Overbed Tables

Walnut, 15 x 30 inches

Tilt Top H-Base Overbed Tables are height adjustable from 28" to 45" (71 to 114 cm). Separate tilt and raise/lower handles allow for safe and independent operation of table functions.

Item ID: ML-MDS104950


Standard Automatic Overbed Table

The Standard Automatic Overbed Table can be used in a variety of environments. It fits easily over a standard hospital bed, and the U-shaped base allows the wheelchair to fit easily under the table as well. The height of the Standard Automatic Overbed Table can be adjusted with the pressure of a single fingertip. Downward pressure locks it in place, while upward pressure allows it to float free for maximum ease and comfort.

Item ID: SP-3248

From $261.87

Flush Edge U-Base Overbed Table

Flush Edge U-Base Overbed Table

Walnut with Chrome Base

Flush Edge U-Base Overbed Table has a chrome-plated column and base. 30" x 15" (76 x 38 cm) top with walnut wood grain melamine laminate with a T-mold edge. Holds up to 50 lbs (23 kgs).

Item ID: ML-MDS104015



Replacement Gas Spring Assembly 65N

For Stryker Tru-Fit Overbed Table

Replacement Gas Spring Assembly for the Stryker Tru-Fit Overbed Table.

Item ID: STR-3150-002-310


Bariatric Overbed Table

In the locked position, the Bariatric Overbed Table can support 500 lbs; in order to increase its strength, the steel welded frame was extended to support the entire top. It's also big, designed to reach the center line of most bariatric beds, and easy to move around on swivel casters. Attractive, with high-pressure laminate top and powder-coated base and column.

Item ID: DRV-13080


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Composite H-Base Overbed Tables

The Composite H-Base Overbed Table is easy to keep clean and impervious to moisture. It will not crack or peel like wood tables.

Item ID: ML2-MDS107015


Pivot and Tilt Overbed Table

The sturdy and flexible Pivot and Tilt Overbed Table is designed to meet the needs of many different users in many different areas. The adjustable pivot and tilt arm allows the Pivot and Tilt Overbed Table to be height, angle and tilt adjusted providing a versatile table with the ability to be used in many different applications. The table top is easy to clean, features a stylish grey finish and raised outer lining to prevent items from sliding off. The mast of the table pivots, and it can lock flat on the floor or at 90 degrees ensuring a flat table surface no matter the mast's positions. Four 2" casters allow for easy transference, with two of the casters locking safely into place for security and stability.

Item ID: DRV-13000


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Brewer Overbed Tables

Brewer Overbed Tables

Choose Model

Brewer Overbed Tables are versatile, convenient overbed tables that come in a variety of wood finishes. Each table is easy to adjust with one hand. Please allow a lead time of 14 business days on all Brewer Overbed Tables.

Item ID: BRW-11640
Brewer Company

From $131.24

Overbed Table With Casters

The Overbed Table With Casters is an overbed table that can be used as a work surface, for eating, or to hold a smartphone or other personal items. The frame is made from healthcare-grade PVC, with casters, and the top is flat. Some assembly may be required; use a cordless drill or manual screwdriver. The Overbed Table With Casters is shipped by UPS and may require 5-6 days' lead time.

Item ID: MJM-699-F3


Lift Chair Table

Lift Chair Table

Seat not included

The Lift Chair Table works alongside lift chairs, standard recliners or couches for eating, reading, writing, crafts or working on a computer. The tabletop swivels smoothly to the side, when getting into or out of the chair. Similar to an overbed table, the Lift Chair Table can be used as an end table or a lap tray when properly positioned. Choose from a left or right configuration below.

Item ID: DRV-13085RN

From $237.41

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