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Protective Helmets

Rehabmart offers a wide selection of superior quality protective helmets for children and adults. This special headgear helps to protect individuals from impact or injury to the head and come in a variety of styles and configurations to suit unique and special needs. From baby helmets to seizure helmets, we have got your protective headgear needs covered with selections from well-known manufacturers such as Danmar, Playmaker, North Coast, Toppen, Patterson Medical, and Dawn of Creation.

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Playmaker Soft Protective Helmet

Playmaker Soft Protective Helmet

Sizing from Child X-Small to Adult XX-Large

The Playmaker™ Protective Helmet is durably constructed of 3/8" thick EVR rubber foam dressed in soft Lycra. Designed to protect the head from bumps and falls, the Playmaker™ Protective Helmet absorbs energy and deflects it across the headgear. Head injuries can be far more serious than they look. Even small bumps can lead to serious health consequences. The Playmaker™ Protective Helmet is perfect for sports or special needs children and adults. Protect what matters to you most...every member of your family with our color line of soft protective helmets. You will not have to sacrifice comfort, size or style with Playmaker™. Available in a wide range of sizes and colors for the entire family.


From $69.00

Soft Shell Helmets

Soft Shell Helmets

Pediatric and Adult Sizes

This lightweight Soft Shell Helmet is made from shock absorbent foam that is fully ventilated. It's coated in vinyl, so it's easy to clean using just soap and water. With no hardware in the foam, there's no danger of the face connecting with anything hard or sharp. Comes with an easily adjustable snap closure chinstrap. Standard colors are Casa Tan, Pink, Royal Blue, and Black. Custom colors are available for an additional charge. Averaging only 8 ounces with full ventilation without compromising head coverage in your favorite colors. Sizing information is below. ***Please Note: If a custom color, pattern or modification is chosen the helmet is non-returnable.***

Item ID: DMP-9820

From $120.18

Danmar Cream Hard Shell Helmet

Danmar Cream Hard Shell Helmet

Choose Size and Color

Danmar Cream Hard Shell, Special Needs Protective Children's Helmets are for both comfort and safety! Weighing a mere 17 ounces (overall average), they feel lighter and allow more air to pass through in comparison to other helmets. Checkout the video below for more details on this item. This represents the Cream colored helmet only, if a black helmet is desired instead, please see the Options section for the product link. Please Note: If a custom color or modification is chosen the helmet is non-returnable.

Item ID: DMP-9821-Size

From $150.60

Norco Protective Helmets

Hard Shell Norco™ Protective Helmet provides comfortable protection for persons with head injuries or seizures.

Item ID: NC-95165-1W

From $54.13

Full Coverage Helmet

Full Coverage Helmet

Choose Size and Color

Danmar's Full Coverage Helmet is both protective and lightweight, and offers special temporal/cheek coverage. The additional coverage at the nape of the neck and around ears makes this a winning design in lightweight foam helmets for special needs. Use sizing chart below for proper measurement. Custom colors and patterns available for an additional fee and longer lead time.***Normal colors ship within 4-5 business days.***Please Note: If a custom color or custom modification is chosen the helmet is non-returnable.***

Item ID: DMP-9829-Size

From $142.85

Toppen 77 Helmet

The Toppen 77 Helmet is durable, lightweight, soft, and machine washable. Its good ventilation makes it cooler to wear than other helmets, and it will not flake or tear. The outside of the Toppen 77 Helmet is made from blue nylon, and the inside is red cotton. Choose from sizes ranging from infants to adults. Do not use this product for contact sports.

Item ID: PRI-106046

From $167.03

Thumper Bumpers

Thumper Bumpers

Child or Adult Sizes

Thumper Bumpers are ideal protective head gear for infants, toddlers and adults with sensory and motor development delays. Available in two sizes, this protective hat provides the perfect introduction to helmet use for those who will require longer-term head protection.


From $37.88

Danmar Hard Shell Helmet with Face Guard

Danmar Hard Shell Helmet with Face Guard

Choose Size and Liner Color

The Danmar Hard Shell Helmet with Face Guard combines the best features that will protect the face and remain comfortable as well as safe. Cut-out openings for the eyes and mouth keep the face guard well ventilated. Please Note: If a custom liner color or modification is chosen the helmet is non-returnable. All helmet shells are offered in cream.

Item ID: DMP-9822-Size

From $240.50

Protective Helmet

The Protective Helmet protects the front and back of the head while giving unobstructed vision through its open-face design.

Item ID: SP-920230

From $89.81

Danmar Hard Shell Helmet with Face Bar

When you need facial coverage this model offers the best features. A clear, polycarbonate face bar is attached to a lightweight helmet, which is made from shock absorbent foam inside a hard, ventilated, plastic shell. The foam is coated in vinyl, so it's easy to clean using just soap and water. We feature a wide range of custom options, which we are happy to discuss with you so your individual needs are met. Comes with an easily adjustable snap closure chinstrap. Standard liner colors are Casa Tan, Pink, Royal Blue, and Black. Please Note: If a custom color or modification is chosen the helmet is non-returnable.

Item ID: DMP-9824

From $192.45

Soft Top Comfy Cap, Protective Helmet

Danmar's Soft Top Comfy Cap is made of compression molded lightweight foam for the ultimate in style and ease of wear. Weighs only three ounces!

Item ID: DMP-9708

From $94.90

Halo Helmet

Halo Helmet

Choose Helmet Size

Our Halo Helmet gets its name from the halo-like way that it encircles the head, with an open top for maximum ventilation. Comfort and safety are the top concerns when choosing a special needs helmet, and the Halo Helmet can offer both.

Item ID: DMP-9817-Size

From $164.55

Hard Comfy Cap Protective Helmet

The Hard Comfy Cap Protective Helmet features a compression molded inner foam liner that is covered by a hard plastic exterior for protection. The liner is silver gray with a cream colored hard shell and chin strap.

Item ID: DMP-9709

From $126.50

Lightweight Helmet

The Lightweight Helmet is a ultra-lightweight, One-Piece molded polyethylene helmet with thick inner foam padding. ***Caution: This product contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions.***

Item ID: SP-8091



The ProtectaCap® is made from material specifically engineered to absorb energy from falls or head trauma; it can provide a snug, virtually weightless fit without having to be custom-molded. Recommended for individuals with weak neck muscles, cerebral palsy, balance disorders, and autism, or in aquatic therapy. The ProtectaCap® provides full head coverage, but expands around the ears for optimal hearing. Color may vary.

Item ID: SP-8407

From $275.79

Clear Post-Op Helmet

Clear Post-Op Helmets are designed to protect a patient after surgery while allowing the surgical site to be protected and monitored easily. Padding is offered to elevate the helmet shell away from the affected area.

Item ID: DMP-9830

From $203.30

Deluxe Hard Shell Helmet with Visor

Don't let the sporty look of this Danmar Deluxe Hard Shell Helmet fool you, it is comfortable enough to wear every day for a wide variety of activities other than sports!
The included rubber chin cup is a soft cradle that adds to the sportiness. ***Normal colors ship within 4-5 business days.***Please Note: If a custom color or custom modification is chosen the helmet is non-returnable.***

Item ID: DMP-9825-Size

From $159.90

Danmar Black Hard Shell Helmet

Danmar Black Hard Shell, Special Needs Protective Children's Helmets are for both comfort and safety! Weighing a mere 17 ounces (overall average), they feel lighter and allow more air to pass through in comparison to other helmets. This model is available in black with your choice of colored liner. If a cream shell is desired please see the optional helmets shown below.

Item ID: DMP-9821-Size

From $150.60

ProtectaCap Plus

The ProtectaCap+Plus® is made with a dual core that helps absorb shock from falls or head trauma. The top-anchored chin straps and distinctive design help protect the back of the wearer's head, the temples, and the forehead, while remaining usable with hearing aids or personal stereos. The ProtectaCap+Plus® is enclosed in comfortable, replaceable cotton covers called +PlusPockets.

Item ID: SP-920920

From $354.85

Soft Shell Helmet Evaluation Kit

Seven sizes of model 9820 by Danmar helmets are included in the Soft Shell Helmet Evaluation Kit. Included also are crown pads, liner cushions and a headgear measuring tape. Helmets will come with a clear vinyl coating for protection.

Item ID: DMP-7670


A-Flex Protective Headgear

A-Flex Protective Headgear conforms readily to the head due to a flexible plastic shell that is easy-to-fit on demand. Low impact forces, distributed across the shell will not crack or penetrate. Chin straps are included for noncompliant or active users. The posterior strap keeps the device below the mastoids and accommodates size differences. Lateral straps are used for easy donning and doffing. Ventilation holes reduce trapped heat in the headgear. A-Flex can be trimmed without the need for complex equipment and tools. Choose from three colors and several sizes shown in the sizing chart below.

Item ID: ORT-783.01

From $134.71

Reviews of our Protective Helmets: 4 stars based on 10 reviews

Who Needs a Protective Helmet?
Protective headgear is available for infants, children, teens and adults. A protective helmet can substantially reduce the risk of head injuries, and can also be used to protect the head after surgery. Individuals prone to seizures, or children and adults who display 'head banging' behaviors often successfully use a protective helmet to reduce the risk of injuries. Children of all abilities could certainly benefit from wearing protective headgear in those rough and tumble younger years, and special needs children and adults who may be prone to falls or balance issues can find wearing helmets advantageous as well. Protective headgear helps shield children experiencing sensory and/or motor development delays from head and skull injuries.

It is highly recommended to consult a healthcare professional when making a decision to purchase a protective helmet, either for yourself, or for a loved one. Using your own input about the potential user's unique requirements combined with professional and medical expertise will guarantee the right choice for the particular individual's protective headgear needs.

How do I Choose the Right Helmet for Me or My Child?
With the wide variety of protective helmets available, it is important to determine the correct type for your own needs, or for those of your child. Some points to consider include the degree of the potential user's physical activity, the length of time the helmet will need to be worn, the frequency and severity of spasticity or seizures, the degree of the user's self abusive behaviors, and the environment that the user comes in contact with, and how many potential striking surfaces like floors, walls and furniture there are in the user's vicinity.

The basic types of protective helmets include hard shell, soft shell and dual core/foam/fabric. Both hard and soft shell helmets provide great protection against traumatic brain injury, and help to secure and shield the head from other injuries. Some of our protective headgear also includes options for face guards, visors or bars which offer additional safeguarding for individuals who tend to fall forward. Every protective helmet should have an adjustable chin-strap of some type, to ensure that the helmet remains secured to the head at all times.

While all of the protective helmets are designed to be as lightweight as possible, the dual core/foam/fabric tend to be the most lightweight, and can be especially indicated for individuals with weak neck muscles, balance disorders, autism and cerebral palsy. These types of helmets can also work well for extra head protection in aquatic therapies and activities.

One of the most important aspects in choosing the correct helmet is proper fit. Generally, it is advised to measure the circumference of the head at the level of the eyebrows, with occipital measurement determined from the eyebrows to the back of the head, where the helmet is to end, and then over the top of the head to the top of the ears. Because finding the correct size is so important, it is highly recommended that this be determined with the help of a healthcare professional. If the protective headgear does not fit right, it may not offer the same level of safety, nor will the user comply with wearing it if it is not comfortable.

Helmet Features and Options
Our protective headgear selections offer a vast array of features and special options to fulfill unique, individual requirements. Here are just a few helmet highlights:

  • Antibacterial properties (Danmar Soft Shell Helmets)
  • Ventilation, air circulation and/or air vents (Norco Protective Helmet, Danmar Black Hard Shell Helmet)
  • Pads for individualized sizing adjustments (Danmar Clear Post-op Helmet, Danmar Deluxe Hard Shell Helmet with Visor)
  • Adjustable crossing straps to stabilize top of helmet (Danmar Halo)
  • Long-term wearing comfort (Thumper Bumpers)
  • Great for sports (Playmaker)
  • Face guard and/or Chin guard (Danmar Full Coverage Helmet, Danmar Hard Shell Helmet with Face Bar)
  • Machine-washable (Toppen 77, Thumper Bumpers) 

Written by Hulet Smith, OT and Carol Koenigsknecht


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