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Lightweight Economy Reacher

Made from durable lightweight aluminum. 2.5" jaw opening has rubber saw tooth block for secure grip. Magnetic tip and post for pulling items are included.

Item ID: ADL-HA 1103

From $20.89

Lightweight Reachers

Lightweight Reachers

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Reachers are high-quality, durable aluminum which is extremely lightweight. Designed for picking up objects, the reachers's serrated high visible yellow jaw and flexible foam rubber tip conform to the contours of any object, working together to ensure a firm, secure grip. Hands remain comfortable on the ergonomically designed trigger-action handle. Available in your choice of sizes and colors.

Item ID: SP-4109

From $28.35

Easireach II Reacher

The Easireach II Reacher(R) is a lightweight aluminum reacher with a comfortable ergonomic handle, designed for people with limited reach or strength.

Item ID: SP-557569

From $30.36

Lightweight  Reacher

Lightweight Reacher

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The highly visible Grip-Cert jaw provides secure slip resistant grip. Bulky handle fits comfortably in hand (shown with clip (not included)for attaching to walkers and wheel chairs)

Item ID: ADL-HA 1102

From $24.25

Pick-Up Reacher

Pick-Up Reacher

Short-13 3/8in Long (34cm)

The Pick-Up(R) Reacher is a lightweight reacher that has a comfortable trigger handle, large enough to accommodate all fingers.

Item ID: SP-AA8070

From $35.56

North Coast FeatherLite  Reacher

The North Coast FeatherLite™ Reacher is a lightweight reacher that requires only 7 oz. (176g) of pressure to close the jaws.

Item ID: NC-28521
North Coast Medical

From $17.21

E-Z Reachers

Suction cup-ended reacher. Ideal for either one or two-handed use, E-Z Reachers have round rubber cups that grasp items with a powerful, steady hold.

Item ID: NC-28561-1

From $27.37

Classic Folding Reacher

Classic Folding Reacher

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The Helping Hand Classic Folding Reacher is a space saving folding reacher with pull apart and fold action. Complete with "Grip-cert" jaw, magnet and walking stick clip. The number one selling reacher. No bending or twisting when getting dressed. (Shown folded)

Item ID: ADL-HA 6700

From $28.37

Raptor Reacher

The Raptor™ is an inexpensive, sturdy, lightweight, plastic reacher with a modern design dissimilar to other reachers. The jaw opens a full 2 1/2" (6.3 cm) and provides a strong grip on even the tiniest items, such as paper clips or more substantial items like magazines, shirts and cans. A hook-resembling extension on the front may be used to help put on garments.

Item ID: MDK-F769450000


Basic Reacher

Basic Reacher

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Basic Reacher is made of durable, lightweight aluminum with plastic serrated gripper that opens to 3in wide.

Item ID: IND-ISG11720000

From $19.31

GripCert Reachers

This lightweight reacher has a serrated jaw and a flexible rubber tip that work together to ensure a firm, secure grip.

Item ID: NC-23640

From $30.03

DeRoyal Reacher

The DeRoyal™ Reacher has a magnetic tip for picking up small metal objects.

Item ID: DR-AD3026-00

From $23.49

Full Handgrip Reacher

Full Handgrip Reacher

31 Inch, Blue, Lifts up to 5lbs., Choose Quantity

Specially designed reacher with a full handgrip allowing the use of all four fingers for greater grip strength. 31 inch reacher. Lifts up to 5lbs. Choose quantity.

Item ID: ML-MDS86031RCEH

From $29.18

Pediatric Reacher

The Pediatric Reacher is designed small for children with little or weak hands. Children with short limbs will find the Pediatric Reacher's length and trigger design perfectly suited for their needs.

Item ID: MDK-H769470000


Reaching Aids

Reaching Aids

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The Reaching Aids maintain a firm grip on even the smallest items. The Reaching Aids are great for picking up tiny flat items such as dimes or larger items such as newspapers, clothing or cans. A magnet on the tip attracts small metal parts, and a short post at the end may be used as a dressing aid. The handle may be operated by a variety of hand sizes.

Item ID: MDK-F769501027

From $31.47

Rainbow Reachers

Pick up small items securely with minimal finger flexion. This reacher offers the security of suction cups for a strong hold on objects.

Item ID: NC-28480

From $24.41

North Coast Reachers

The combination of an easy-to-squeeze grip and a large, rubber-lined jaw holds items securely are features of the North Coast Reacher.

Item ID: NC-23621

From $34.48

Omnigrip Reachers

Omnigrip Reachers

Choose Size

Omnigrip Reachers feature a sensitive trigger that may be activated with very little hand strength. Omnigrip Reachers also have a reliable locking mechanism that tightly holds onto an item without maintaining pressure on the trigger. For maximum comfort, the jaw may be adjusted to four different positions whether sitting, standing or lying down. The reachers have a convenient magnet to pick up tiny metal objects. Removable wrist support offers balance and stability.

Item ID: MDK-H769600110

From $93.10

Pik Stik Pro Reacher

Pik Stik Pro Reacher

Choose Quantity

The Pik Stik Pro Reacher helps reduce strain on the back and arms by providing an extra 32 in. of reach. The rotating 5.5 in. jaws have a locking mechanism, and the shaft is made from anodized dual-channel aluminum. The Pik Stik Pro Reacher's handle and trigger are ergonomic.

Item ID: IND-PKSP321

From $39.19

E-Z Grabber Reaching Aid

The Carex 26" E-Z Grabber Reaching Aid provides easy-to-use help for you to grasp items from hard-to-reach places. The reacher grabber provides a 90-degree rotating arm that makes grasping objects easy from both above or below. There is a lock tab on the grabber that can hold the item in place for those that need a bit more strength while gripping items. The easy-to-pull lever provides a way to grab onto the items that are needed. There is a wrist support on the grabber to provide additional strength.

Item ID: CHB-FGP60500 0000

From $30.68

Magnetic Tip Metal Reacher

Magnetic Tip Metal Reacher

27 inch or 32 inch

These Carex® Metal Reachers help users with weakened strength to grasp items from hard to reach places. They have magnetic tips to aid lifting small metal objects. Choose from two sizes.

Item ID: CHB-FGP602C0 0000

From $24.70

MULTI-Pik Reacher

High or low, you can reach it! No more bending, stooping or stretching with the MULTI-Pik Reacher!



Vee-Zee C5 Reacher

The Vee-Zee C5 Reacher is designed for people with severe arthritis, spinal injuries, wrist deformities or any condition rendering the person highly immobile. The reacher does not require finger function. The user may operate the Vee-Zee Reacher's T-shaped toggle lever with the mouth. The arm support reduces stress on the radial side of the wrist; while the wrist support keeps the wrist steady in a comfortable position.

Item ID: MDK-H769660000


Aktiv Reachers

Aktiv Reachers

Choose Style and Length

Aktiv reachers facilitates reaching and gripping for people with impaired arm and hand function, thanks to the light weight and the ergonomically designed handles. The jaws can both open wide as well as lift the smallest item. They are available in three models to suit various requirements: Reacher, Reacher with power grip and hook, and Reacher with hook. Available in five lengths.

Item ID: SS-E80505004

From $24.80

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