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Sewing Aids

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Battery Operated Scissors with Switch Jack

Battery Operated Pediatric Scissors are easy to use, pre adapted scissors for art projects and other classroom cutting activities. Built-in switch jack eliminates need for a battery device adapter. Requires two AA batteries. ***SWITCH NOT INCLUDED***

Item ID: ABN-300BOS


Crocheting and Embroidering Holder

The Crocheting and Embroidering Holder is an extra arm to help crochet or embroider. The Crocheting and Embroidering Holder attaches to a tabletop or wheelchair frame - up to 1in (2.5 cm) thick for one-handed crocheting or embroidering.

Item ID: MDK-H754381000


Battery Operated Scissors

Battery Operated Scissors can be used to help children who use capability switches (sold separately) to join in arts and crafts. Activate the switch to make the scissors cut. For users without a switch, the Battery Operated Scissors can easily be removed from the special mounting.

Item ID: END-9080


Adjustable Top Stitch & Seam Guide

The Adjustable Top Stitch & Seam Guide is used to help guide stitching, for neat seams, top stitching and quilt blocks. It fits on any sewing machine with a standard screw hole attachment, and is nonmagnetic, making it ideal for use with computerized machines. Use the Adjustable Top Stitch and Seam Guide to save time and make sewing easy.

Item ID: MA-5032258


INFILA Automatic Needle Threader

The INFILA Automatic Needle Threader operates simply; simply push a button. Use the INFILA Automatic Needle Threader for single or double threading, and to thread large or thin needles without having to futilely poke thread at the tiny eyes.

Item ID: LSS-421033


Precision Needle Threader

Precision Needle Threader

25 Extra Hooks

The Precision Needle Threader is recommended for low-vision users, and is especially useful when threading sewing machine needles. Each of the high-quality hooks included in the set is expertly machined, and the Precision Needle Threader is easy to use.

Item ID: MA-84441


One-Second Needle Threader

The One-Second Needle Threader can be used to make threading a needle far easier than poking the end of a thread at a tiny eye would be. Simply loop the thread through the threader and slide it along the needle until the thread catches in the eye. The One-Second Needle Threader is recommended for low-vision users or users with limited dexterity.

Item ID: LSS-461053


Electric Iron Guide

This Electric Iron Guide is designed to enable the visually impaired to iron with optimum safety. It incorporates a safety guard made out of dual polyethylene rods that surround the edge of the iron, acting as a guide for the free hand and protecting it from burns.

Item ID: MA-19106


Fiberglass Measuring Tape with Tactile Indicators

Fiberglass Measuring Tape with Tactile Indicators is useful for helping low-vision users measure things around the house or when doing craft projects. Each 5-foot length of tape has large-print markings, as well as tactile holes at intervals. Each set contains 2 lengths of Fiberglass Measuring Tape with Tactile Indicators.

Item ID: MA-14155


Pre-Threaded Sewing Needles

Pre-Threaded Sewing Needles eliminate the need to futilely poke a thread at a needle's tiny eye, or for needle threaders. Each set of needles includes ten different colors, to suit different articles of clothing. Pre-Threaded Sewing Needles are recommended for low vision users.

Item ID: LSS-421079



The Cordminder keeps an electric iron's cord out of the user's way while ironing, keeping the cord from becoming tangled as well as preventing accidents. Attach the clamp to a standard ironing board and slip the cord through the Cordminder's loop to prevent a user from tripping on the cord or burning it with the iron.

Item ID: MA- 87*90505


Easy-Thread Needles

Easy-Thread Needles

6 per Pack, 10 Packs per Case

The Easy-Thread Needles make sewing far easier for users with low vision or with limited dexterity. The small slit in the top of each needle allows them to be threaded easily simply by pressing down on the top. Easy-Thread Needles are recommended for seniors and anyone who may not be able to see the needle eye.

Item ID: LSS-CB11448


Braille Steel Tape Measure

A Braille Steel Tape Measure is recommended for blind or low-vision users who like to fix things. The flexible steel ruler has Braille marking every foot, and a single raised tactile dot on the lower edge every six inches. Pushing a button retracts, or locks, the tape measure. A white plastic extension with tactile markings helps stabilize the ruler while longer measurements are taken.

Item ID: MA-132*20


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