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Standing Frames

The human body was not designed to sit for long periods of time and still remain healthy. But what choice do you have when you're disabled or have physical challenges and have to live most of your life from a wheelchair? Standing Frames! A standing frame, also known as a standing aid or stander, is specifically designed for wheelchair users. This alternative positioning device helps to support all kinds of physically challenged individuals with mild to severe disabilities, including paraplegia and quadriplegia. This act of 'passive' standing helps these individuals to reap the physical, emotional and mental health benefits that this movement provides and to reduce the health risks and dangers often associated with prolonged sitting. Rehabmart offers a comprehensive selection of innovative standing frames and standing aids from such reputable manufacturers as Prime Engineering, Clinton Industries, Altimate Medical, Bailey Manufacturing Company and Hausmann Industries.

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KidWalk Dynamic Mobility System

The KidWalk Dynamic Mobility System lets children with limited mobility move around without help, promoting independent peer interaction and exploration and encouraging early childhood development. The large mid-wheel configuration encourages upper body rotation over the pelvis while still allowing freedom for the upper extremities. The KidWalk Dynamic Mobility System's dynamic action also allows lateral weight shift, simulating a natural gait pattern. Please allow a 2-3 week lead time from the manufacturer.


From $2,322.26

EasyStand Evolv Stander

EasyStand Evolv Stander

Choose Medium, Large Stander (Formerly Youth and Adult) or NEW EVOLV XT Extra Large

Designed for precise positioning, the optimal standing position has been perfected in the EasyStand Evolv® standing frame.
***For more information, images and specs on the Options, see links below***Some assembly required.***Estimated shipping lead time is 10-15 business days.***

Item ID: AM-PNG50162
Altimate Medical

From $2,343.56

EasyStand Evolv E3 Standing Frame

Designed for precise positioning, the optimal standing position has been perfected in the EasyStand Evolv E3® standing frame. The EasyStand Evolv E3 Sit to Stand Stander provides a safe and supportive transition to standing. Evolv E3 allows the user to stand in three easy steps - adjust, transfer and pump up. **Estimated lead time 10 - 15 business days.**

Item ID: AM-PNG50410

From $1,885.52

EasyStand Bantam Stander - Extra Small and Small

The EasyStand Bantam™ is a new type of stander for kids! It is the only standing frame to combine sit-to-stand transition with the added function of a supine stander. By alternating a variety of positions, your child can tolerate standing for a longer period of time. Plus, when it is safer and easier for a caregiver to transfer and stand a child, the child will stand more often, increasing standing compliance. The image shown at left shows the optional Supine features with tray accessory. For a list of included standard features please see below descriptions. Estimated shipping lead time is 8 - 10 business days.

Item ID: AM-PT50001, AM-PT50002
Altimate Medical

From $1,800.62

Symmetry Stander or Symmetry Youth Stander

Symmetry Stander or Symmetry Youth Stander

Choose Size, Color, and Pump Handle

The Symmetry Stander or Symmetry Youth Stander is a solid seat standing system with a padded seat and an optional low or high back for extra support and comfort. The Symmetry Stander or Symmetry Youth Stander is easy to transfer into and helps provide proper posture and support while the user is standing or sitting, or during transition. The seat slides to eliminate shearing. The open frame allows better access to the frame during transfers, even when a lifting device is needed. Choose from youth or adult designs.

Item ID: PE-Symm

From $2,367.80

Up-Rite Stander

Up-Rite Stander

Choose Model

The Up-Rite Stander was designed to supply good midline positioning for children up to five feet tall, when corrective or therapeutic positioning is not required. It allows for proper weight bearing and activities involving the upper extremities, and helps serve as a maintenance device. Three models are available, each of which suits children of different heights (up to 36 in., up to 48 in., and up to 60 in. respectively). The knee blocks can be adjusted without the use of tools, and the soft denim straps hold the child in the Up-Rite Stander safely and comfortably. Up-Rite shown with caster base (optional and sold separately).

Item ID: PE-Up-Rite I

From $849.77

EasyStand StrapStand

The EasyStand StrapStand™ is a strap-style stander for adults from 5' to 6'5'' (152-196 cm) and up to 350 lbs (159 kg). The StrapStand™ can accommodate many unique needs of wheelchair users, from those with low-level spinal cord injuries to multi-user settings.**Estimated shipping lead time is 10-15 business days.**Options ordered Off-Unit may be priced higher than options ordered with Unit**

Item ID: AM-P2100
Altimate Medical

From $1,972.75

EasyStand Bantam Stander Medium

The brand new EasyStand Bantam Medium is an entirely new size of pediatric stander in the Bantam line! With features from both the Bantam and Evolv series, the Medium is sized for the larger and more involved child. Compliance in standing programs is improved due to the easier transfers from a seated or supine position, or any position in between.

Item ID: AM-PY5500

From $1,885.52

Granstand III MSS Hydraulic Assisted Standing Frame

The Granstand III MSS Hydraulic Assisted Standing Frame is a standing frame that can be adjusted to accommodate different users, as well as user growth. It is completely modular. No transfers are necessary on or off the Granstand III Modular Standing System Hydraulic Assisted Standing Frame, since it can also be used as a sit-to-stand patient lift. Using the Granstand III MSS Hydraulic Assisted Standing Frame can save money by eliminating the need to use a standing lift. Allow 7-10 business days to ship, some assembly required.


From $2,450.60

EasyStand Glider

EasyStand Glider

Medium and Large Sizes

The EasyStand Glider™ Youth and Adult Stander provides the user with state-of-the-art Active Standing technology that can be found in no other standing frame. The Glider™ stander is available in both Youth and Adult sizes (sorry, the Glider™ stander is not available with the Evolv® XT model).**All options ordered on-unit are in place of similar standard items.**Options ordered Off-Unit may be priced higher than options ordered with Unit**

Item ID: AM-PN50378/PNG50187
Altimate Medical

From $5,127.46

Hausmann Hi-Lo Econo-Line Stand-In Table with Electric Patient Lift

Motorized patient lift can elevate a 300 lb. patient from sitting to standing postition. Includes lift support harness.***Some assembly may be required.******This product is delivered by a Freight Trucking Company.***5 Day lead time.***

Item ID: HAU-6175

From $3,794.06

Standing Boxes

The individual Standing Box are basic cut out tables for the beginner while working in a standing position. With a rubber covered adjustable foot platform, safety is assured through a spring lock and anti-tip base. Door swings out 180 degrees.

Item ID: BMC-310

From $447.92

Clinton Stand-In Table

Clinton Stand-In Table

Choose Youth or Adult Size

The Clinton Stand-In Table has an adjustable standing platform inside with safety treads as well as a padded knee rest whose height can be adjusted as well. It is constructed from all natural hardwood, with tee moulding or edge banding on all edges for safety. This product typically ships 5-7 days from order date.

Item ID: CLI-9344

From $513.19

Hausmann  Economy Stand-In Table

Hausmann Economy Stand-In Table

with Adjustable Platform

Basic adult model is designed to promote vertical weight bearing activities. ***Some assembly may be required.******This product is delivered by a Freight Trucking Company.***

Item ID: HAU-6125

From $644.26

Standing Tables

Standing Tables

Child-Size and Adult-Size

Standing tables are designed to support all weight bearing parts of the body while offering an adjustable with surface to play, study and other activities. Most standing tables require additional padding and support in order to stand the patient, but our fully adjustable standing table does not because the padded knee support and buttocks support are adjustable in height. Also, the unit offers three body thickness adjustments and two body width adjustments at the hips. Velcro® ankle straps are mounted on the adjustable foot alignment rail. The table top adjusts to various depths.

Item ID: BMC-314

From $714.41

Hausmann Hi-Lo Stand-In Table with Electric Patient Lift

Basic adult model is designed to promote vertical weight bearing activities. Electric unit with 110V, 60 Hz and 3.5 Amps. ***Some assembly may be required.******This product is delivered by a Freight Trucking Company.***

Item ID: HAU-6180

From $4,606.23

ValueLine Standing Table

The ValueLine Standing Table is a basic standing table suitable for adults and pediatric users. which comfortably supports weight-bearing parts of the body. Please allow a 29-day lead time on the ValueLine Standing Table from the factory.

Item ID: SP-4513D


Hausmann 500 lb. Capacity Electric Stand-in Table

Unit can Power Lift 500 Lb. patient from sitting to standing position.***Some assembly may be required.******This product is delivered by a Freight Trucking Company.***

Item ID: HAU-6185

From $5,440.86

Hausmann Hydraulic Stand-In Table

Front-mounted hand activated hydraulic lift adjusts height from 41" to 58". Padded back and knee support holds patient in standing position.***Some assembly may be required.******This product is delivered by a Freight Trucking Company.***

Item ID: HAU-6100

From $2,453.01


Why is Standing so Important?
The act of standing is crucial not only for our physical health, but for our emotional and mental health as well. Sitting too much can cause a plethora of health issues, for both able-bodied and disabled individuals. Health complications often arise from the prolonged use of a wheelchair and can include the loss of bone density, lower extremity contractures, spasticity, decreased range of motion, decreased circulation, decreased bowel function, decreased respiratory function, and an increased risk for pressure ulcers and urinary tract infections.

Incorporating a standing frame or standing aid benefits the wheelchair user in many different ways:

Medical Benefits of Using a Standing Frame
Researched and demonstrated to prevent, reverse or improve the numerous adverse effects of prolonged sitting and immobilization, passive standing engendered by using various standing frames include:

Improvement of range of motion in spine, hips, knees and ankles
Prevention or reversal of osteoporosis and resulting hypercalciuria
Maintain or re-gain bone density
Improvement of hip integrity
Prevention of contractures in hips, knees and ankles
Reduction of spasticity
Normalization of respiratory function
Prevention of pressure ulcers
Improvement of renal function and urinary tract drainage
Improvement in digestive-intestinal function
Improvement of circulation, especially related to orthostatic hypo-tension
Improvement of motor skills
Improvement of upper body strength and balance
Development of standing tolerance and endurance, facilitation of symmetrical standing posture
Alleviation of pain often caused by prolonged sitting, or inappropriate positioning

Psychological Benefits of Using a Standing Frame
The wonderful effects passive standing can offer include mental and emotional benefits, especially for children. These positive perks include:

Increase sense of independence and improve self-image, self-esteem
Facilitate the participation in activities that are supposed to be done while standing
Increase activity levels in daily living
Increase cognition, alertness, clarity
Enhance vocal skills, responsiveness
Encourage inclusion in school, college and the workplace
Increase activeness and mobility while standing
Decrease fatigue from inactivity
Enhance eye-to-eye interactions with peers, social development
Stimulate play
Prevent depression, anxiety, mood disorders

What Type of Stander, Standing Aid or Standing Frame is Right for Me?
Standing aids are available in an assortment of styles, sizes and configurations to more fully adapt to each individual user and his or her own unique requirements. Be sure to consult with your professional healthcare team to determine the right selection for your particular needs. Here are some common types and their specific functions to help you make a more informed choice:

Active Stander
Enabling reciprocal movement of the arms and legs while standing , an active stander assists in strengthening upper extremities while it promotes an active range of motion for the ankles, knees and hips.

Passive Stander
This kind of standing aid helps an individual to stand and remain in one place. If they include casters, a caregiver can assist the individual, but the device cannot be self-propelled.

Mobile/Dynamic Stander
Dynamic standing aids can be self-propelled by users who have enough strength to push a manual wheelchair, while some models come equipped with powered mobility.

Prone Stander
Requiring decent head strength and a fair amount of trunk strength, prone standing aids are generally used as therapy equipment to engender weight bearing through the legs and sometimes through the arms. Angled in a gravity dependent position, this special needs equipment works best if users have a mostly symmetrical spine and full hip extension.

Supine Stander
Used to promote weight bearing through the feet in a standing position, supine standing aids fix the support on the user's back for full length support. This type is generally recommended for users who require help supporting their heads and/or trunks, especially against gravity during therapy sessions.

Vertical/Upright Stander
If a potential user has pretty good balance and trunk control, but does not have adequate balance abilities to stand independently, a vertical standing aid might be the best choice. This type helps the individual to achieve vertical alignment while standing through the support of the lower body.

Sit to Stand Stander
This unique style not only offers support in standing and seated positions, but also helps the user transfer from sitting to standing and from standing to sitting. Sit-to-stand standing aids benefit users by allowing for less lifting transfers, making standing more frequently another therapy benefit.

Multi-Positioning Stander
Perfect for individuals who have never developed adequate balance, postural or weight shift control abilities, multi-positional standing aids enable 360-degrees of movement within a secure base of support, keeping users safely and comfortably aligned in a healthy standing position.

Standing Wheelchair
Also known as a standing chair, standing wheelchairs are very similar to standing frames and other standing aids, but don't require a separate assistive device. Built-in technology allows the individual in the wheelchair to raise from a seated position to a standing position. Special straps and harnesses are often included for enhanced security.

Where are Standing Frames Used?
Standing frames can be used wherever the user might roam, such as in early intervention centers and day cares, schools, colleges and workplaces. They are often employed quite frequently in hospitals, therapy centers, rehab facilities, hospitals, clinics, extended care units, nursing homes, group homes, assisted living facilities and veterans' hospitals.

Carol Koenigsknecht,
Medical Consumer Editor,
Content & Social Media Services
Hulet Smith, OT
Rehabmart Team Leader & CEO

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