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Standing Lifts

As a helpful patient lifting and transfer device, standing lifts are specifically designed to secure patients during transfers from a seated position to a standing position, enabling quicker, easier and safer patient lifting and transfer for both the patient and the caregiver. Also known as a sit-to-stand lift, a stand aid, a stand up lift and a stand assist lift, these innovative medical devices provide increased mobility and the positive health effects of standing for the patient, while they also enable increased safety and security for both the patient and the caregiver during lifts and transfers. The usual risks that are inherent with manual patient transfers and lifts are greatly minimized with the use of these unique standing aids that can be utilized in hospitals and other care facilities as well as at home. Rehabmart offers a complete line of superior quality standing lifts from established and esteemed manufacturers that include Invacare, Prism Medical, Romedic, Snug Seat, Drive Medical, Prime Engineering, Polaris Medical, Rifton and Joerns.

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Rifton SoloLift Mobile Transfer Device

The Rifton SoloLift is a groundbreaking mobile transfer device that creates unprecedented possibilities for adults with disabilities, their caregivers and the facilities that serve them. Pacer Gait Trainer + SoloLift = the perfect combination. Now, by pairing any Pacer with the SoloLift, even your heaviest clients have the opportunity to get up and walk. **Because each Rifton product is made-to-order, please expect a two-week lead time on all Rifton products. Basic SoloLift includes two Leg Straps, two batteries, and two battery chargers.*****FREE SHIPPING within the Continental United States***

Item ID: RFT-R711
Rifton Equipment

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Reliant Stand-Up Patient Lift

The Reliant Stand-Up Patient Lift is recommended for weight-bearing or fully dependent patients, as well as those needing rehabilitative support. The ergonomic styling and easy maneuverability make it ideal for everyday use. 350 pound weight capacity. The Reliant Stand-Up Patient Lift is not sold with slings; lift slings are sold separately.

Item ID: IN-RPS350-1


Get-U-Up Hydraulic Stand-Up Lift

Overview: The Invacare Get-U-Up Hydraulic Stand-Up Lift is unique in that it is a partial weight bearing patient lift which enables patients to bear some of their own weight (partial weight bearing) during an assisted standing transfer. However, this lift also works with patients who are require maximum assistance for stand-pivot transfers. Unique Features / Therapist Recommendations: As a therapist, I like the retractable foot plate platform which allows the caregiver to both rotate and move the patient to the desired location. Additionally, the sling attaches quickly and simply and has a protected attachment mechanism to prevent against accidental disengagement. The Invacare Get-U-Up Hydraulic Stand-Up Lift provides excellent access for clothing removal, positioning over a toilet seat, and a wide push-handle for easy mobility. What I like: This lift is often used to transfer patients from the bed to a raised toilet, chair, recliner, or therapy mat table. It has soft, durable, height adjustable knee pads that accommodate adult patients of any width or height, and it offers a patient weight capacity of up to 350 lbs. The 4.5" underbed clearance allows for accessibility under most homecare beds. This lift is an excellent choice for both homecare and inpatient rehabilitation environments. - Hulet Smith, OTR/L

Item ID: IN-GHS350


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Hoyer Journey Stand Aid

Hoyer Journey Stand Aid

Supports up to 400 lbs.

The Hoyer® Journey Stand Aid is an ultra compact, portable folding stand aid patient transfer device with best-in-class functionality. The Hoyer® Journey Stand Aid has a weight capacity of 340 pounds. The Stand Aid supports a range of patient heights and sizes the ideal portable patient stand aid transfer device.



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Hausmann Hi-Lo Econo-Line Stand-In Table with Electric Patient Lift

Motorized patient lift can elevate a 300 lb. patient from sitting to standing postition. Includes lift support harness.***Some assembly may be required.******This product is delivered by a Freight Trucking Company.***5 Day lead time.***

Item ID: HAU-6175

From $3,794.06

SA-400 Sit-to-Stand Patient Lift

The SA-400 Sit-to-Stand Patient Lift allows patients who only require limited assistance to stand quickly and easily, while reducing strain on the caregiver. Use this product during patient transfer, especially seat to seat transfers. The SA-400 Sit-to-Stand Patient Lift is constructed of lightweight, sturdy steel, with a padded split seat, ergonomically designed handles, and shin pads. This product typically ships 5-7 business days from order date.

Item ID: PSM-280031


Romedic MiniLift 125 Patient Lift

The Romedic MiniLift 125 Patient Lift is a lift designed to help users stand. It can be used to raise a user from a seated to a standing position. The MiniLift provides a natural and active sit-to-stand procedure where the user exercises both leg muscles and balance. The Romedic MiniLift 125 Patient Lift may require some installation; setup and training by a professional is recommended. Watch the educational video below!

Item ID: ROM-400641434


Invacare Roze Lift

Invacare Roze Lift

Anti-Entrapment motor safety device

The Invacare Roze Lift is a standing lift for use during transfers, usable with patients who can bear some of their own weight. Use it to lower the amount of work the caregiver must do while improving the patient's dignity; the lift is the only thing that needs to make an effort. Please allow a lead time of up to 4 weeks on the Invacare Roze Lift.



Alliance Stand-Assist Lift

The Alliance Stand-Assist Lift is an ergonomically designed lift meant to assist patients who have difficulty standing on their own. The lift is robustly constructed, with large easy-grip handles to allow it to be easily moved. The foot pedal base opening makes it easier to use over wheelchairs or commodes, and the base is low enough to go under low beds. The Alliance Stand-Assist Lift makes transfers easier for both patients and caregivers, and lowers the risk of back injury.

Item ID: CHT-1906


Romedic QuickMove Patient Lift

Romedic QuickMove Patient Lift

374 lbs. Lift Capacity

The Romedic QuickMove Patient Lift is a fully manual sit-to-stand device that serves a number of functions. The Romedic QuickMove Patient Lift helps the user stand and provides support during transfers to and from chair, bed or toilet. It also functions as a in-room mobile therapy station for strength building exercises. Alternately, you may remove the lift-off footplate and fold away the seat cushions to use the QuickMove as a walker! Designed for users who have some strength in the arms and legs, the Romedic QuickMove Patient Lift is primarily for users who need a little more help or have balance issues. Legs open and close with a simple step. Wheels lock in place when needed. Shin plate is adjustable in both depth and height to accommodate a variety of patient sizes. NOTE: Some minor assembly required.

Item ID: ROM-400801334

From $1,965.49

Hausmann Hi-Lo Stand-In Table with Electric Patient Lift

Basic adult model is designed to promote vertical weight bearing activities. Electric unit with 110V, 60 Hz and 3.5 Amps. ***Some assembly may be required.******This product is delivered by a Freight Trucking Company.***

Item ID: HAU-6180

From $4,606.23

Alliance Stand Aid

Alliance Stand Aid

Choose Model

The Alliance Stand Aid is a transport-assist lift designed for users who have the strength and ability to support themselves, with minimal caregiver assistance. Users simply grab the middle bar to pull themselves up. The padded split seat can be parted for loading or unloading, then swings back to form a secure seat for transport. The Alliance Stand Aid may be used instead of a wheelchair or a sling lift for toileting. Choose standard model or base opening model (provides easier access for wide chairs or commodes).

Item ID: CHT-1914

From $1,263.72

Quick Raiser 1 Sit to Stand Patient Lift

Quick Raiser 1 Sit to Stand Patient Lift

Complete Lift Includes Lifter, Sling, Battery, Charger and Hand Control

The Quick Raiser 1 Sit to Stand Patient Lift allows the patient to rise easily and naturally from a seated to a standing position, while receiving plenty of support. It was designed following observation of actual real life patient handling techniques, with an inclined column that helps the patient follow a natural curved path on the way up. The Quick Raiser 1 Sit to Stand Patient Lift comes in two varieties with two different types of patient arms (V-shape and U-shape). Weight capacity is 352 pounds. Sling is now included!

Item ID: SS-04100

From $3,730.50

S-440 Sit-to-Stand Patient Lift

The S-440 Sit-to-Stand Patient Lift is recommended for patients who can still support their own weight, but have reduced mobility or strength, making it hard for them to stand. Using this lift helps the patient get up while still retaining dignity, and also reduces strain on the caregiver. Each S-440 Sit-to-Stand Patient Lift is made from heavy-gauge aluminum, with a pivoting shinpad and removable footplate, and has fixed rear legs and movable front legs. A padded harness and a lift belt are included with each S-400 Sit-to-Stand Patient Lift. This product typically ships 5-7 days from order date.

Item ID: PSM-280550


Reliant 350 Stand-Up Lift with Power Base

The Reliant 350 Stand-Up Lift with Power Base is designed to help in everyday patient transfers. Recommended for weight-bearing or fully dependent patients, or patients needing rehabilitative support. A hand control is included for operating the boom and the powered base. The Reliant 350 Stand-Up Lift with Power Base can be adjusted to fit patients of all shapes and sizes.

Item ID: IN-RPS350-2


Quick Raiser 2 Patient Lift

Quick Raiser 2 Patient Lift

Sit to Stand Lifter includes Sling

The Quick Raiser 2 Patient Lift has an inclined straight column that helps lift a patient in a natural curved path from a seated to a standing position. The Quick Raiser 2 Patient Lift has an electrically spreadable leg base to more easily fit under or around tables, beds, and chairs, and two arm styles are available (V-shape to suit most users, U-shape to have a further distance between sling points). Each Quick Raiser 2 Patient Lift comes with a lifter, battery, charger, and hand control. Patient sling is also included. Safe working load is 352 pounds.

Item ID: SS-04200

From $4,522.50

Hoyer Ascend Patient Lift

Hoyer Ascend Patient Lift


The Hoyer® Ascend Professional Patient Lift, Sit to Stand, comes in an Electric Base - 375 lb. capacity. **FREE SHIPPING within the Continental US on this product, plus a small handling fee**



The Lift Transfer System

The Lift Transfer System is a sit-to-stand transfer system with independently adjustable height and depth in the chest area. It does not kneel and has been described as a human hand truck. The compact design of the frame allows it to fit through small doorways, making it ideal for use in older homes. It can be used by patients of almost any diagnosis, and caregivers can easily be trained to operate it safely.

Item ID: PE-TheLift

From $1,410.63

Stand-Assist Lift

This Drive Stand-Assist Lift provides stable assistance in helping patients stand, patient transfers, or easier toilet use. Four sling attachment points allow many types of stand-up slings to be used with this standing lift, and the lift has an extra-wide non-skid footplate in order to provide a stable standing surface.

Item ID: DRV-13246


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Polaris Count 440 Patient Lift

The Polaris Count 440 Patient Lift is designed primarily to help patients or residents with mobility impairments to stand safely. Having one of these in a facility will greatly improve patient mobility. Each Polaris Count 440 Patient Lift comes with a standard medium-sized stand-aid sling. Additional slings are sold separately.

Item ID: POL-2003C-200-2


Molift Active Raiser

The Molift Active Raiser is a sit to stand transfer platform designed to provide active, safe transfers for users and caregivers alike. The ergonomic design helps caregivers raise a patient comfortably. The Molift Active Raiser's leg support is easy to adjust with only one hand, and the foot brakes can be locked on either the left or right side- doing so locks both sides at once.

Item ID: SS-16090201

From $1,295.00

The CindyLift Transfer System

The CindyLift Transfer System is a standing lift designed to help caregivers and patients with transferring. Described as a "human hand truck", it is simple and effective for patients of just about any diagnosis. The CindyLift Transfer System is compact and can fit through narrow doorways. The unique lifting style helps eliminate the need for repositioning after transfers.

Item ID: PE-CindyLift


StandUp Patient Lift

The StandUp Patient Lift was designed for use in homecare, nursing homes, and in other institutions, but is also useful in hospitals. Using it can help a patient who has fallen or is seated on the floor to stand up. No assembly is required, no batteries are needed, and user instructions are conveniently written on the StandUp Patient Lift. This product is safe and easy to use, and can prevent work-related injuries to nurses and caregivers.

Item ID: ROM-60800001


Prism Bariatric Mobile Lift

Prism Bariatric Mobile Lift

Supports up to 700 Pounds

The Prism Bariatric Mobile Lift offers adjustable support for larger patients to lift, transport, walk and gait train. Supporting up to 700 pounds, the Prism Bariatric Mobile Lift is perfect for therapy sessions to encourage patients and help them get back on their feet...and on their way to independence once again. Durably constructed with double support bars, this standing lift offers positioning and strength at higher weight capacities. A quick release carry bar is designed for easy removal. The low profile base fits easily under furniture to ensure full support for your patient. Capable of lifting patient from floor, chair, bed or bath.

Item ID: PSM-280400


Molift Quick Raiser 2 Plus Patient Lift

The Molift Quick Raiser 2 Plus Patient Lift is a small, lightweight, durable sit to stand patient lift with an inclined column that raises the patient in a natural, curving path from a seated to a standing position. The low base fits under most beds and chairs, while the wheel position and weight distribution at the base make maneuverability easy and provide a narrow turning radius. Each Molift Quick Raiser 2 Plus Patient Lift has electrically spreadable legs and runs on environmentally friendly batteries. Safe working load is 440 pounds. Patient lift sling is now included!

Item ID: SS-04450

From $5,427.00


Who Can Use a Standing Lift?
Stand up lifts are perfect for patients who can bear some of their own weight, have decent head and neck control, with abilities to sit with or without assistance and bend ankles, knees and hips. Some degree of leg mobility is generally required, as is being able to put some degree of pressure on the legs while standing. Many models do depend upon the patient having the ability to sit on the edge of the bed, with or without assistance. Unlike Hoyer lifts that are used for patients who are basically immobilized, a standing lift or sit-to-stand lift does require some modicum of mobility on the part of the patient. Stand up lifts often employ slings and straps to keep the patient firmly and securely in proper position for the most comfortable and risk-free lifts and transfers.

It is important to keep in mind that while standing lifts can be of great benefit to the vast majority of patients with mobility issues, there are certain physiological issues in some individuals that would not make this device the best choice for those patients. Always be sure to consult with your healthcare professional before choosing a standing lift for any potential user.

What are the Benefits of Using a Standing Lift?
These special standing aids offer a wide range of benefits for both the patient and the caregiver. One of the greatest assets they offer is the reduction of injuries. Because caregivers use the strength of the standing device to actually lift the patient, the high risk of injuries often incurred with manual patient lifts and transfers is greatly reduced. The secure design of the stand up lift also reduces the risk of patient injuries that frequently happen with manual lifting. Specially designed lift slings and straps additionally help reduce risks of skin abrasions and tears.

Standing lift devices also help promote some independence, and can be used in various applications to help strengthen and rehabilitate certain individuals. For appropriate patients, just the act of standing more times a day can greatly enhance health and well-being, and can help some individuals to regain strength, weight-bearing abilities, control and balance again. Some standing lift models additionally offer supported walking, helping some individuals to not only interact more efficiently with the world around them, but also to offer rehabilitation support for those who may be able to learn to walk again.

The simplicity of the stand up lift design also helps to reduce the chances of injury by eliminating the need for multiple transfers, using different pieces of equipment. Instead of manually transferring patients from bed to wheelchair, wheelchair to commode and then repeating those steps in reverse, a standing aid can simply and safely move the patient from bed directly to the commode. They are intended to be used to quickly lift and transfer a patient between two seated surfaces, all with just one device.

How do Standing Lifts Work?
Quite a bit different from conventional floor power or manual patient lifts, stand up lifts and sit-to-stand lifts typically have a much smaller base and can be more easily maneuvered inside tight spaces and under low beds. Highly stable and durable, they generally feature locking wheels on the base and don't require much force to push or pull for the caregiver, even with bariatric patients.

Unlike Hoyer lifts and other conventional floor lifts that use slings to lift and maintain the entirety of the patient's weight, standing lifts use a sling and/or straps to support the upper body of the patient, while their weight is transmitted through their legs to a platform on the lift. The patient's feet are then placed securely on the platform, while their knees are prevented from bending by positioning them against a knee block.

Standing lifts are typically either battery or hydraulic powered, with fail-safes built in to ensure easy, secured and efficient transfers whenever they are needed, even in times of power outages. The innovative technology employed by battery powered devices often will alert the user if there is not enough power left to complete a transfer, and will not lift the patient until that power is fully restored, confirming that the patient will not be stuck inside the lift.

What Type of Sling Should Be Used with Standing Lifts?
Generally constructed of a wide, adjustable, padded belt that comfortably wraps around the patient's chest, sling designs for stand up lifts are pretty simple to use. Straps may be included that attach to the lift's arms, helping to pull the user to a standing position once the lift is being raised. Rehabmart offers a wide selection of slings intended for use with standing lifts. To find the right choice, please go to Patient Lift Slings. Alternatively, you can also click on individual product descriptions within the Standing Lift category and choose the appropriate sling recommended with that particular product.

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