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Talking Clocks

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Reizen Large Display Talking Alarm Clock

The Reizen Large Display Talking Alarm Clock has a large button that can be pressed to have the clock announce the time in a pleasant female voice. A Lock/Set button can be used to prevent accidental reprogramming of the clock, eliminating frustration. The Reizen Large Display Talking Alarm Clock has a choice of three alarm sounds (rooster, cuckoo, or steady beeping), a 10-minute snooze function, volume adjustment, and an option that ensures time will be automatically announced hourly. Silver only.

Item ID: MA-700802


CURVE Talking Alarm Clock

The CURVE Talking Alarm Clock is a smoothly designed alarm clock with a large LCD display and a large, high-contrast speak button. It announces the time hourly (unless this function is turned off while the user needs to sleep). All functions, including the alarm and volume, are easy to set. The CURVE Talking Alarm Clock only speaks; no rooster crow alarm is available.

Item ID: LSS-6695


Talking Key Chain Clock

The Talking Key Chain Clock will announce the time every hour in a pleasant female voice. This square white keychain also has an alarm function and will also display the time on an LCD display.

Item ID: MA-99*6685W


Atomic Talking Clock with Temperature Sensor

The Atomic Talking Clock with Temperature Sensor displays the time as well as the current temperature indoors and outdoors, and will deliver the information in a clear female voice at the touch of a button. The clock is synchronized with the US Atomic Clock, receiving information through a wireless remote sensor, which means it changes from Standard Time to Daylight Savings Time automatically, and is highly accurate.

Item ID: LSS-101034


3-in-1 Talking Super Cube

3-in-1 Talking Super Cube

Time, Date, and Timer Functions

The 3-in-1 Talking Super Cube is recommended for use by blind or visually impaired users. It makes telling time easy, as all a user needs to do is press the buttons on the top surface to have the time or date announced in a clear male voice. A LED display is on the bottom, along with the programming buttons, to prevent users from accidentally reprogramming the clock. Along with the calendar function, the 3-in-1 Talking Super Cube can also serve as a timer.

Item ID: MA-7025631


Talking Pyramid Alarm Clock

The Talking Pyramid Alarm Clock is an alarm clock recommended for low-vision or hearing-impaired users; when the top button is pressed, it announces the time in a loud, clear voice. The alarm function lets the Talking Pyramid Alarm Clock ring with a loud, clear tone or with a rooster's crow.

Item ID: LSS-ST-10


Talking Atomic Alarm Clock

The REIZEN Talking Atomic Alarm Clock receives signals from the US Atomic Clock in Colorado, which keep the displayed time as accurate as possible (within the continental United States; the signals will not reach to Alaska or Hawaii) and automatically adjust the time for daylight savings. The clock will announce the time on the hour every hour from 8 AM to 10 PM. The display of the REIZEN Talking Atomic Alarm Clock shows the time down to the second, the date, the day of the week, and the alarm time. The alarm lasts for an extra-long, extra-loud five minutes.

Item ID: LSS-101021


Big Talking Analog Clock

The Big Talking Analog Clock is a fun, high-contrast talking clock with a bright face, red second hand, and easy to read, large black numebers. It announces the time every hour, and at the time of the alarm, in a pleasant female voice. The alarm is easy to set, and will beep three times before the spoken announcement of the time. The Big Talking Analog Clock has a black case and black hour and minute hands. Durable quartz movement ensures long life.

Item ID: MA-706682


Cube Talking LCD Alarm Clock

The Reizen Talking LCD Alarm Cube Clock is a stylish silver-and-black cube-shaped talking clock that can announce the time every hour. Set it to high or low volume, and set the alarm to one of three sounds (a rooster crow, a cuckoo, or steady beeping). Each Reizen Talking LCD Alarm Cube Clock has large buttons that control the snooze, light, and talking functions, and the display is backlit in green with large numbers.

Item ID: LSS-101014


Talking 4-Alarm Clock with EL-Backlight

The Talking 4-Alarm Clock with EL-Backlight has a blue, back-lit LCD display with large numerals, allowing even visually-impaired users to see the time easily in the dark. 4 different talking alarms can be set to go off at different times, and the clock can also be used as a talking 24-hour stopwatch. The Talking 4-Alarm Clock with EL-Backlight also has a super-snooze function.

Item ID: MA-709946


Talking Travel Clock

The Talking Travel Clock is a compact talking clock that can be closed for travel, protecting the buttons from damage and the settings from accidental change. When in use, the cover folds back to form a stand. There are only four buttons to make setting the clock easy and convenient. Each Talking Travel Clock is just the right size and shape for packing in a bag.

Item ID: LSS-101074


Orange Talking Desk Clock

The Orange Talking Desk Clock has a bright orange border and yellow keys that make it easier for low-vision users to locate; the large LCD display is also easy to read. It speaks the time every hour, and can be set to one of multiple alarm sounds. A snooze function allows the user of the Orange Talking Desk Clock to sleep in a few more minutes.

Item ID: LSS-101075


Talking Penguin Clock

The Talking Penguin Clock is a cheerful, whimsical talking clock ideal for children, for classroom use, or for anyone who appreciates cute clock designs. The display in the center shows large, bold numbers, and the clock clearly speaks the time every hour. The Talking Penguin Clock's alarm has multiple sound settings.

Item ID: LSS-101073

From $23.24

Talking Clock with LED Flashlight

The Talking Clock with LED Flashlight is both a portable clock and, in case of emergency, a bright LED flashlight. Press it to hear it speak the current time and temperature; the Talking Clock with LED Flashlight also has an alarm function. The LED display showing the current time is .5 in. high. Recommended for use as a travel alarm clock.

Item ID: MA-705345


Recordable Talking Alarm Clock

The Recordable Talking Alarm Clock can be used as an alarm clock or as a pill reminder; the alarm can be set up to go off up to six times a day. The large LCD display shows the time, the date, and the number of active alarms. Individually recorded messages can be played at each alarm, which can be helpful in reminding the user of the Recordable Talking Alarm Clock of correct dosage.

Item ID: LSS-101068

From $63.35

Talking Calendar Alarm Clock

The Talking Calendar Alarm Clock is easy to set, and will announce the date or time when a button is pressed. Four function controls can be used to program the clock; a protective plastic cover is included that prevents accidental reprogramming of the clock but leaves the buttons to announce the date and time uncovered. The Talking Calendar Alarm Clock has 11 possible alarm sounds and a 10-minute snooze time. The clock's voice is male, with a British accent.

Item ID: MA-7039541


Talking Clock

Talking Clock

Choose Language

The Talking Clock is a simple, easy-to-use, easy-to-hear clock that speaks the time when the large speak button on the top of the unit is pressed. Large, bold numbers are easy for low-vision users to see. Choose from models that speak English or Spanish.

Item ID: LSS-101033-ENG

From $23.24

Talking Keychain Alarm Clock with Temperature

The Talking Keychain Alarm Clock with Temperature is a tiny, portable alarm clock that can be attached to a belt, a bag, or a purse with its chain and clip. It can be used to report the time and temperature to the user every hour on the hour, either by voice or by beeping or chirping. The Talking Keychain Alarm Clock with Temperature has a snooze feature, and can display the time in either a 12- or 24-hour format. Green only.

Item ID: MA-7014331


Ivee Digit Voice-Activated Clock

The Ivee Digit Voice-Activated Clock can tell the user the date, time, and temperature when asked, as well as perform other functions, since it understands 35 different voice commands. Simply tell the Ivee Digit Voice-Activated Clock "Hello, Ivee" to get it started. The clock has fully-adjustable LCD lighting and three sleep sounds scientifically developed to relax the listener.

Item ID: LSS-101087


Talking Atomic Desk Clock

The Talking Atomic Desk Clock is a compact, accurate clock with a high-contrast analog face with large numerals. It can speak the time as well as the day in a male voice. The atomic connection automatically sets the clock for Daylight Savings Time. The Talking Atomic Desk Clock has buttons on the front for easy setup and access.

Item ID: LSS-101055


Talking Teardrop Alarm Clock

The Talking Teardrop Alarm Clock is an unusually shaped talking clock with high-contrast black numerals on a white face, which low-vision users will be better able to see. It announces the time, loudly, every hour or whenever the button on top of the clock is pressed. The Talking Teardrop Alarm Clock's casing is available in black only.

Item ID: LSS-6682B

From $21.79

Talking Travel Alarm Clock

The Talking Travel Alarm Clock is a portable, colorful alarm clock with a sound switch that allows any of three different alarm types (rooster, cuckoo, or steady beeping) to be selected. If desired a voice can announce the time automatically every hour. The Talking Travel Alarm Clock is easy to set.

Item ID: MA-233*31


Travel Talking Alarm Clock

The Travel Talking Alarm Clock is small and compact enough for travel, and has buttons that can be locked after being set so that they will not accidentally change settings during transit. The clock speaks the time, date, and day, and also guides the user verbally through setup. The Travel Talking Alarm Clock never needs to be reset again, thanks to its connection to the US Atomic Clock.

Item ID: LSS-101077


Talking Cube Clock

The Talking Cube Clock has a large push button that makes it speak the time in a clear male voice with an English accent. The buttons can be covered when not in use, and the loudspeaker in the front projects the voice so it is sure to be heard.

Item ID: LSS-101076


Ivee Flex Voice-Activated Clock

The Ivee Flex Voice-Activated Clock is an excellent choice for blind or low-vision users; it requires no button pressing to set, and is completely hands-free. Simply tell the clock which time or alarm time you want set. The Ivee Flex Voice-Activated Clock is only available in black.

Item ID: LSS-101094


LCD Talking Alarm Clock

The LCD Talking Alarm Clock is a battery-operated clock that announces the time in a clear female voice. The atomic clock feature ensures accurate time, and resets the clock on its own for Daylight Savings Time changes, so once set, resetting it will never be an issue. The large LCD display with blue back lighting makes the LCD Talking Alarm Clock helpful for low-vision users.

Item ID: LSS-101043


Talking Atomic Clock with Radio

The Talking Atomic Clock with Radio features accurate time and sets itself during Daylight Savings Time changes. It incorporates a radio with 20 memory settings, and a snooze function that allows a few minutes of extra sleep in the morning, as well as a loud alarm.

Item ID: LSS-101042


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