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Transfer Boards

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Hardwood Transfer Board

Sturdy board features tapered ends to ease transfers.

Item ID: NC-94203

From $46.07

Swivel Cushion

Cushion allows for easy movement in any lateral direction.

Help prevent back and hip strain with this polyfoam-padded cushion that is mounted on a plywood base. Swivels 360 degrees for easy movement in any direction while seated.

Item ID: NC-29001

From $35.84

Transfer Boards

Transfer Boards

Choose Model

Tapered hardwood boards for those with lower extremity disabilities. These board are 1" thick in the middle and taper to less than 1/4" at the ends.

Item ID: FEI-50-3007

From $52.55

Commode Transfer Board

The Commode Transfer Board is uniquely shaped with strategically placed cut-outs; this board does not need to be removed during an individual's toileting routine after he/she transfers to the commode.**For health reasons we are unable to accept returns or exchanges of hygiene products.**

Item ID: SP-926809

From $122.55

SafetySure Transfer Pivot Disk

The pivot disk is designed for use by individuals who are able to stand, but can't readily move their legs. Aids in transfers between the wheelchair and the bed or toilet.

Weight capacity (all sizes): 250 lbs

Item ID: IND-RI5081

From $77.98

The Original Beasy Transfer System

The Original Beasy Transfer System 40 inch model is excellent for automobile transfers. The extended length lends itself to transfers in wide areas. The Original Beasy Transfer System has been proven effective in boosting or turning patients in bed, and is protected with Microban®.

Item ID: BTS-1100

From $241.73

Wooden Transfer Boards

Wooden Transfer Boards

Eight Sizes to Choose From

Sturdy hardwood, natural finish Wooden Transfer Boards are ideal for relying on day in and day out for your transfers. Transfer from wheelchair to bed, commode or chair with these varying size boards, all pictured below.

Item ID: BMC-765

From $66.51

Etac 3B Transfer Board

The Etac® 3B Transfer Board is a stable and simple transfer board with a traditional curved shape. The board can be placed either curve forward or curve backward depending on the transfer situation and surrounding obstacles, eg: the wheel of the wheelchair. The Etac® 3B Transfer Board's length allows transfer across wider gaps. Color: White.

Item ID: SS-IM403


Economy Heavy Duty Transfer Board

Economy Heavy Duty Transfer Board

Stress Tested up to 400lbs

Economy Heavy Duty Transfer Board for managing heavier patients.

Item ID: NC-94214

From $52.81

HealthCraft Bath Board

HealthCraft Bath Board

Choose Quantity

HealthCraft's Bath Board provides a plastic seating surface to make washing safe and easy. Helps when transferring in and out of bathtub.

Item ID: HC-B-1
Health Craft

From $71.57

Textured Transfer Board

Textured Transfer Board

Supports 400 lbs

Notches in the transfer board allow better positioning around wheelchair tires. Durable plastic board has a textured surface on one side for reduced slippage and a smooth surface on the other for easier sliding.

Item ID: NC-94218

From $73.13

SafetySure Patient Shifter

SafetySure Patient Shifter

Choose Size and Color

The SafetySure' Patient Shifter makes transfers over uneven surfaces a safe and simple procedure. Available in white (#5010) or aqua (#5011). Measures 72" x 22".

Item ID: MT-5010

From $129.66

Offset Transfer Board

This 3/8" (9.5mm) thick plywood board fits around a wheelchair wheel when the armrest is removed.

Item ID: NC-94206


500 lb. Capacity Bariatric Wood Transfer Board

The 500 lb. Capacity Bariatric Wood Transfer Board is constructed from birch plywood, with a tapered end to allow for easier transfers from a patient's wheelchair to a bed, chair, or toilet. Two perpendicular hand slots make the 500 lb. Capacity Bariatric Wood Transfer Board easier to carry.

Item ID: HAU-5085


BeasyGlyder Transfer System

The BeasyGlyder Transfer System 32 inch model works well in difficult circumstances such as when the wheelchair arm cannot be removed or the wheel is an obstruction. The BeasyGlyder Transfer System is crescent shaped to easily coordinate with a natural transfer motion.

Item ID: BTS-1300

From $234.38

HI-D Transfer Board

HI-Dâ„¢ Transfer Board is made of durable, high-density polyethylene plastic. Transfer board has striated surfaces, making it ideal for bare skin transfers.

Item ID: SP-6111

From $104.85

Transfer Boards

Transfer Boards

Choose Size

Transfer Boards are user-friendly transfer boards made from high-density, easy-to-clean polyethylene. Use them for quick and easy patient transfers. Transfer Boards are only available in white. Four sizes are available. This product may require a lead time of up to 5-6 days from the manufacturer.

Item ID: MJM-600-H

From $119.72

Patient Transfer Boards

Patient Transfer Boards

Models PTB62, PTB63

Patient Transfer Boards facilitate quick and efficient patient transfers. Each board is constructed of high-density polyethylene, is latex-free and radiolucent, and is easy to clean.

Item ID: IPU-PTB62
Innovative Products

From $191.06

Transfer Board with Notches

The Transfer Board with Notches is a natural hardwood transfer board with notches on both sides secures the board to non-removable wheelchair arms for use from either the right or left side.

Item ID: SP-6112


Bariatric Transfer Board

This Bariatric Transfer Board is made of heavy-duty Baltic birch, which can support up to 600 lbs, and is designed for patient transfers in and out of wheelchairs. Rounded corners run no risk of patient injury. Case of 2

Item ID: DRV-RTL7048

From $72.46

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Plastic Transfer Board

Plastic Transfer Board

Single Board

The Plastic Transfer Board is constructed from a high impact, heavy-duty plastic material that makes it lighter and easier to use than the standard wooden transfer boards of the same size. This board has the strength to hold patients up to 250 pounds with ease and makes transferring people to and from a wheelchair much easier.

Item ID: DRV-RTL6046


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Wheelchair Bag for Beasy Transfer Systems

The Wheelchair Bag for Beasy Transfer Systems is 600D and made of black polyester. The Wheelchair Bag for Beasy Transfer Systems features adjustable loops for varying size wheelchair handles.

Item ID: BTS-1420


Standing-Sitting Turntable

The Standing-Sitting Turntable is a rotating pivot disk that assists both the patient and caregiver in making patient transfers easier and safer. The Standing-Sitting Turntable makes it easy and comfortable for the user to turn on a bed or a chair. Those having difficulty getting in and out of automobiles will find the turntable incredibly helpful.

Item ID: MDK-H704071500


Beasy II Transfer System

The Beasy II Transfer System 27.5 inch model is perfect for transfers in tight spaces, especially bathroom transfers. If the attending professional affirms, the Beasy II Transfer System may be used for independent transfers. Many facilities and caregivers use this system for levitating patients in bed.

Item ID: BTS-1200

From $238.95

Deluxe Transfer Board

This 1/2" (13mm) thick birch board tapers at both ends.

Item ID: NC-94205


Hardwood Transfer Boards

Tapered ends for easy use. Facilitates patient transfer from wheelchair to bed, chair, toilet, etc. Made of solid, smooth-finish 5/8" maple hardwood.

Item ID: HAU-5087

From $78.16

Basic Transfer Board

The Basic Transfer Board is bright orange and very suitable for bariatric patients. The Basic Transfer Board has a smooth surface and allows the patient to slide easily on and off the board.

Item ID: BTS-2000


Dolphin Toilet Transfer Board

The Dolphin Toilet Transfer Board can be used to bridge short gaps during seated transfers onto and off toilets. The low-friction upper surface helps the user transfer independently or with assistance. Each Dolphin Toilet Transfer Board has cutouts to allow for easier positioning against a wheelchair's wheels, and non-slip pads on the underside to keep it in place. The large cutout allows the user to stay on the board while on the toilet. White only.

Item ID: SS-IM409


SafetySure Butterfly Transfer Board

The SafetySure Butterfly Transfer Board (SSBT Board) bridges is lightweight and flexible. Available in 23" and 30" lengths. Weight capacity 400 lbs.

Item ID: MT-5031

From $70.71

Etac E-Board Transfer Board

The Etac E-Board Transfer Board is designed to help bridge short gaps during seated transfers. The low-friction upper surface makes it easier for a user to make transfers to and from a bed, wheelchair, shower chair, toilet chair, or car, either independently or with assistance from a caregiver. Each Etac E-Board Transfer Board is thin and flexible, and comes in two parts, with wings along the sides that can be bent up or down depending on the needs of the user. Choose from two sizes. Black only.

Item ID: SS-IM410

From $98.06

Notched Transfer Board

The Notched Transfer Board is bright green and features wheel chair notches for better maneuverability and control.

Item ID: BTS-2500


Bathroom Transfer Board

The Bathroom Transfer Board is bright yellow, and the puzzle piece-shaped design is great for wheelchair to commode transfers. The surface of this Bathroom Transfer Board is frictionless and allows the patient to glide easily.

Item ID: BTS-2100


Easy Grasp Transfer Board

The Easy Grasp Transfer Board is a brilliant orange and highly effective for bariatric patients. The surface of the Easy Grasp Transfer Board is smooth and allows the patient to coast easily.

Item ID: BTS-2200


The Basic Plus 32 Transfer Board

The Basic Plus 32 Transfer Board is bright orange and ideal for bariatric patients. The surface of the Basic Plus 32 Transfer Board is smooth and makes patient transfers fluid and easy.

Item ID: BTS-2300


Curved Transfer Board

The Curved Transfer Board is bright green and is Beasy's standard high-quality board.

Item ID: BTS-2600


Butterfly Transfer Board

Butterfly Transfer Board

With Glidesheet

The Butterfly Transfer Board is a high-quality fibreglass transfer board useful during seated transfers. The upper surface is low friction, and the glidewings to go with it serve as transfer sheets to make movement easier. Cutouts in the sides allow for positioning against the wheels of a wheelchair, and non-slip pads on the underside prevent the Butterfly Transfer Board from sliding out of place. White with green glidesheets only.

Item ID: SS-IM401

From $247.61

Etac Transfer Board

Etac Transfer Board

Choose Size

The Etac Transfer Board can be used to bridge short gaps during seated transfers, such as transfers from a bed to a wheelchair, toilet, or shower chair, or into and out of a car. Choose from standard or extra large sizes. The back of the Etac Transfer Board can be flipped up for extra support. Black only.

Item ID: SS-IM103060

From $114.65

Basic Plus 28 Transfer Board

The Basic Plus 28 Transfer Board is bright green, and the surface of the Basic Plus 28 Transfer Board has a refined, polished feel and allows the patient to slide easily.

Item ID: BTS-2400


Q1 Transfer Board

Q1 Transfer Board

Choose Model

The Q1 Transfer Board is a lightweight, compact transfer board ideal for use in tight spaces or with smaller clients. The board is made from compact, dense polypropylene, with an integrated ergonomic handle. Choose from Q1 Transfer Boards in curved (shown) or straight (ET) models. Natural only.

Item ID: POL-Q2CS01

From $155.25

2Move Transfer Board

2Move Transfer Board

Choose Size: Cover Included

The 2Move Transfer Board can be used to bridge short gaps and cover height differences between two horizontal positions during seated transfers. Choose from two sizes of board and cover sets; extra boards and covers are available separately. The large board can be folded for easier transport and storage, and is recommended for transfer operations with large gaps that have to be negotiated. 2Move Transfer Boards should never be used without a cover.

Item ID: SS-IM4308

From $189.35

Q2 Mobility Transfer Board

Q2 Mobility Transfer Board

Choose Features

The Q2 Mobility Transfer Board is a lightweight, compact, curved transfer board manufactured from durable polypropylene that incorporates QGard, a silver-based antimicrobial agent that helps prevent harmful organisms such as MRSA from growing on the surface. Each Q2 Mobility Transfer Board is easy to clean. Tapered entry and exit points allow for more comfortable patient transfers, and there is an inset anti-slip pad at the end.

Item ID: POL-Q2Board-Q2G

From $206.40

Mole X-Ray Glideboard

The Mole X-Ray Glideboard was developed to make it easier to place an X-ray cassette underneath a patient in bed, making X-raying an easier process for both patients and caregivers. The product is constructed from two separate boards held together at the front end, which allows the X-ray cassette to be placed inside the board. The Mole X-Ray Glideboard can be purchased with or without an optional nylon glide bag to hold X-ray cassettes.

Item ID: SS-IM407

From $218.80

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