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Wedges And Rolls

Rehabmart offers an ample selection of therapy wedges, bolsters and rolls for a wide range of therapeutic, comfort and medical applications. Also known as blocks, wedge pillows, positioning pillows, body pillows and adaptive cushions, these soft and durable wedges and rolls can be used in a variety of ways, dependent upon the individual user's special needs, goals and requirements. Some therapeutic examples include spinal remodeling, abduction/adduction and reverse posture adjusting, while medical applications such as pressure relief to prevent pressure ulcers/bedsores and varying support capabilities to relieve stress and pain help to enhance the user's comfort and health. Rehabmart highlights exceptional quality therapy wedges, bolsters and rolls from respected manufacturers that include, but are not limited to, Invacare, Core Products International, Posey, Sammons Preston, J/Fit, Contour and Mabis.

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Bed Wedge

Bed Wedge

Choose Size

Bed Wedge with cover offers gentle support when necessary to elevate the upper body or legs, or to use as a trunk stabilizer for side-lying position. Available in a variety of sizes.

Item ID: IND-HRMFW4050

From $31.36

Ortho Bed Wedge

Ortho Bed Wedge

Choose Size

The Ortho Bed Wedge is a foam wedge that can be used to elevate the legs or feet. Its unique design allows it to help improve circulation while allowing the spinal cord to relax, which eases back pain. Each Ortho Bed Wedge comes with a removable, zippered machine-washable blue poly/cotton cover. Three sizes are available.

Item ID: MAB-555-8071-0122

From $44.13

Cando Foam Rollers

Cando Foam Rollers

Choose Size and Model

Perfect for positioning, balance, postural and muscle re-education, spinal stabilization, body awareness and coordination, and ranging and strengthening activities.

Item ID: FEI-30-2117

From $11.31

Armedica Bolster Wedges and Rolls

Armedica Bolster Wedges and Rolls are designed to use with Armedica Tables. They provide support under the legs, arms, feet and other areas of the body during treatment. Available in various colors, shapes and sizes. Armedica Bolster Wedges and Rolls requires a 2-week lead time from the manufacturer.

Item ID: ARM-AM-820

From $52.55

No-Slip Wedges

No-Slip Wedges

Choose Style, Length and Quantity

The No-Slip Wedge™ completes the ITI Positioner Line by adding a highly reliable turning solution. The No-Slip Wedge™ is manufactured of Pressure Reducing, 1.85 pound density foam that is soft and comfortable, yet supportive enough to hold the torso in a turned position. Available in both covered Reusable and bare foam Disposable in either a standard or extra-long version; Single or Case of 4. (IMAGE shows No-Slip Wedge, Disposable, Standard Length)

Intensive Therapeutics Inc.

From $32.90

Posey Lateral Wedge

Posey Lateral Wedge

Choose Size

Posey Lateral Wedges are recommended for patients who need additional positioning and support in a bed or chair. They are easier to shape and position than regular foam pillows, with a polystyrene bead filling, breathable fabric shell, and outer layer of vinyl mesh that allow air to circulate through the wedge. The Posey Lateral Wedge can be used to keep bedridden patients repositioned, eliminating pressure points over bony prominences and reducing the risk of pressure ulcers. As they are the wedges give soft support; for firm support more bead filling must be purchased.

Item ID: PO-6309S

From $31.94

Cando Economy Rolls and Wedges

Cando Economy Rolls and Wedges

Choose Size and Model

Positioning and vestibular shapes are covered with heavy-duty vinyl-coated nylon and filled with high compression urethane foam.Royal Blue rolls and wedges are stocked, other colors are custom made-to-order, non-returnable and can take an additional 2 weeks before shipping to you.

Item ID: FEI-31-2010S

From $61.79

Tumble Forms II Rolls

Tumble Forms 2® Rolls brightly colored rolls are adaptive shapes for rolling and rocking movements, and for positioning and neurodevelopmental training.

Item ID: SP-2794A

From $130.39

EVA High Density Foam Rollers

The versatile EVA High Density Foam Rollers are a great way to improve balance, body awareness, muscle re-education, flexibility, myofacial release and strength. They range in size from 12 to 36 inches in length, and are 6 inches in diameter.

Item ID: JFT-20-0617

From $23.96

Sammons Preston Rolyan Foam Therapy Rolls

Lightweight cylindrical rollers enhance balance, body awareness, muscle re-education, motor planning,neural and muscular flexibility, and dynamic strengthening.

Item ID: SP-509102

From $25.15

Elevating Leg Rest

The Elevating Leg Rest can be used to improve circulation in the legs, reduce pressure, and relieve pain associated with phlebitis, varicose veins, or swelling. It also can better align the user's spine, relieving lower back pain. Each Elevating Leg Rest comes with a white poly/cotton zippered cover and is made from polyurethane foam.

Item ID: MCK-40013000


Skillbuilders Wedges

Skillbuilders Wedges

Choose Size

Skillbuilders Wedges are ideal positioning shapes for exercise therapy and have an easy- cleaning, lasting waterproof coating.

Item ID: FEI-30-1010

From $198.65

Kneez Up Wedge

Kneez Up Wedge

Elevate Your Knees

The Kneez Up Wedge allows users to sleep with knees slightly elevated to improve circulation in the legs. The Kneez Up Wedge also helps to reduce back strain and soothe tired, achy knees. It is especially useful when recovering from knee surgery or DVT. Cushion non-returnable if removed from packaging.

Item ID: CON-29-500-DS-880

From $47.65

Positioning Pillows

Positioning Pillows

Choose Style

These Positioning Pillows are made of firm high-density urethane foam, with vinyl sewn covering.***This product is shipped via UPS.***

Item ID: HAU-30

From $83.30

Angular Therapy Bolster and 45 Degree Therapy Wedge

Angular Therapy Bolster and 45 Degree Therapy Wedge polyurethane foam covered in heavy-gauge vinyl cleans easily with damp cloth.

Item ID: SP-6190

From $100.71

Posey Elevation Wedges

Posey Elevation Wedges are recommended for patients requiring head or chest elevation, or elevation of the legs or arm. Each wedge has an outer layer of vinyl mesh, a breathable fabric inner layer, and a polystyrene bead filling that allows air to flow through the wedge, eliminating heat buildup often associated with foam products and helping keep the patient cool. The Posey Elevation Wedges are easier to shape and position than regular foam pillows.

Item ID: PO-6311A

From $44.91

Bariatric No-Slip Wedge 650

Bariatric No-Slip Wedge 650

Choose Version and Quantity

The Bariatric No-Slip Wedge™ 650 consistently and reliably supports a comfortable side lying position for patients weighing between 300 and 650 pounds. The patented design utilizes an extra-firm core that supports heavier weights and an extra-plush memory foam topper that optimizes pressure redistribution. Available in covered reusable and bare foam disposable versions. Disposable version also available in case of 4. (IMAGE shows Bariatric No-Slip Wedge™ 650, Reusable)


From $73.20

Covered Positioning Wedge

The Covered Positioning Wedge supports the entire length of the torso or legs to alleviate pain, improve circulation and provide optimal comfort. Made in the USA from eco-friendly plant materials. Sold in bulk quantities only.

Item ID: CFT-CA1007CW

From $717.40

Half Round Foam Roller - Red

Enhance balance, improve body awareness, and help muscle re-education with the Half Round Foam Roller. The 6 inch diameter foam also improves flexibility, dynamic strength, and myofacial release.

Item ID: JFT-20-2612

From $14.38

Positioning Wedge System

Eliminates the need for makeshift rolls to safely maintain the individual in proper position.

Item ID: SP-829803

From $49.25

Adult Pelvic Sacral Blocks

Adult Pelvic Sacral Blocks

Choose Unit Quantity (sold in pairs)

The Adult Pelvic Sacral Blocks are a positioning tool useful for a variety of treatment techniques. The closed cell foam is moisture-resistant and features Scoot-Gard™ to prevent slipping. Available as a single pair, or a case of 12 pairs.

Item ID: CPI-PRO-930
Core Products

From $48.24

Skillbuilders Half Rolls

Skillbuilders Half Rolls combine the stability of a wedge with the positioning versatility of a roll. Half rolls are ideal for supine exercises such as knee flexion and extension. Patients can use the velcro hook on the flat bottom to anchor the roll for additional security. **4 week lead time for this non-stock item.**

Item ID: FEI-30-1230

From $79.10

Deluxe Knee Wedge

Deluxe Knee Wedge

Choose Unit Quantity

The Deluxe Knee Wedge takes pressure off your sore knees and reduces numbness and tingling, allowing you to keep your legs comfortable while lying down. Blue Only. Available in Single or Case of 2.

Item ID: CPI-LTC-5406

From $51.16

Airex Balance Wedge

Airex Balance Wedge

Special Order

The balance wedge is used for balance training, coordination and reaction training, motor-skill training to maintain balance, and posture stability training. 19" x 14-1/2" Special Order Item - 2-4 weeks. Case of 2

Item ID: NC-64674


Skillbuilders Rolls

Skillbuilders Rolls

Choose Size

Skillbuilders Rolls, like wedges, are used to foster exercise therapy and general positioning. Skillbuilders Rolls have an adaptive shape for various movements and positioning. Each roll, except the 4-inch, has a solid core to prevent flattening under heavy weight or pressure.

Item ID: FEI-30-1000

From $126.50

Dual Position Comfort Wedge

Dual Position Comfort Wedge is a uniquely designed pillow that supports and cradles back, neck, shoulders and head.

Item ID: IND-HFMJ1795


Anti-Slip Positioning Bolsters

Bolsters have "anti-slip" bottom surface that stays in place on mats or tables. Firm High-Density urethane foam with Medium Blue vinyl cover.

Item ID: HAU-41

From $75.38

Bed Wedge

Foam positioning bed wedge can be beneficial for positioning patients who have difficulty breathing when laying flat. Elevates and supports the upper body in an elevated position.

Item ID: SP-796101

From $69.87

Backmax Positioning Wedge

Backmax Positioning Wedge

3-Piece System, Sold in Two Styles

The Backmax Positioning Wedge allows anyone to enjoy comfort and support 8 different ways! The Backmax Positioning Wedge is a three piece multi-functional positioning system relieving low back pressure, reducing swelling and improving blood flow to the lower legs. It provides complete back support and features the zero gravity position, placing your body at a 120-degree angle, the most relaxed position for your heart, body and nervous system. Cushion non-returnable if removed from packaging.

Item ID: CON-30-100-DS-436

From $170.75

Cando Incline Mats

Let the good times roll with wedge shaped mats that can be used to faciitate gross motor activities like rolling, tumbling and crawling.**Product FEI-31-2024 7ft x 5ft is a truck item oversized - link for purchase of shipping cost will be emailed to you - also allow 3-5 weeks for delivery. Smaller incline mats take approximately 2 weeks to manufacture and ship.

Item ID: FEI-31-2023

From $237.32

Arm Elevation Wedge

Arm Elevation Wedge

Choose Model and Size

Use of this Arm Elevation Wedge is recommended for treatment of burns on the arms, and can also be used in abduction to help reduce scarring on the joints.. The elbow cutout helps eliminate skin irritation and breakdown, while the wedge's use to keep an arm elevated can control edema.

Item ID: BNC-08140951

From $14.21

Bed Wedge

Bed Wedge

Choose Size and Unit Quantity

Constructed from precision cut, high quality foam and covered in a white sateen fabric with subtle striping, the Bed Wedge is an excellent tool that can be used to either elevate the upper body or to elevate the legs in an effort to alleviate pain and numbness cause by lying flat on your back while also increasing blood flow to aid in the relief of swelling caused by poor circulation. The elevation provided helps to relieve the symptoms of acid reflux disorders, hiatal hernias, and many other ailments. Available as a single unit or in a case of 2, these bed wedges provide a gentle incline to remove pressure from the lower back, shoulder, neck area and place the lumbar spine in mild flexion.

Item ID: CPI-LTC-5507

From $60.45

Bed Wedge

Bed Wedge

Choose Size

The Comfort Company Bed Wedge is a full length positioning pillow device used for therapy or in a user's bed. The Bed Wedge is made out of firm foam covered with durable vinyl fabric that will hold up throughout numerous uses. Lead time 5 business days.

Item ID: CFC-88D
Comfort Company

From $114.71

Skillbuilders Rolls

Adaptive shape for rolling and rocking movements, coordination and vestibular training and positioning.
4 week lead time on non-stock item.

Item ID: FEI-30-1000

From $126.50

Half Round Bolster

Half Round Bolster

Choose Size, Color, and Unit Quantity

The Half Round Bolster is made from high-quality foam encased in an easy-clean vinyl cover. A heavy-duty positioning strap makes it easy to put in place. Available as a single unit, a case of 4 or a case of 8.

Item ID: CPI-PRO-903

From $55.83

Dutchman Roll Positioning Bolster

Dutchman Roll Positioning Bolster

Choose Size, Color, and Unit Quantity

For home or clinical treatment, the Dutchman Roll Positioning Bolster is a durable aid, providing support under the legs, arms, feet and other areas of the body. Available as a single unit, a case of 2, or a case of 4.

Item ID: CPI-PRO-900
Core Products

From $52.88

DeRoyal Knee Wedge

The DeRoyal™ Knee Wedge has a breathable, high-density foam construction with polyester cover.

Item ID: DR-M60-049


Positioning Wedge System

Versatile wedge system for positioning of children or adolescents. Wedges assemble as a cube, or in a variety of configurations.

Item ID: HAU-3004


Somatron Vibroacoustic Wedge

Each Somatron® Vibroacoustic Wedge is a lightweight contoured foam cushion incorporating two full range body speakers for use in vibroacoustic therapy. Its ergonomic design, including soft side supports, a slightly raised head area, and a built-in neck support, allows for maximum comfort, and the speakers cover the entire body for complete massage and relaxation. The Somatron® Vibroacoustic Wedge is portable. Made to order; please allow up to 4 weeks' lead time. Stereo needed for sound functions sold separately; wedge hooks up to a stereo or TV/VCR with an output of 10-100 watts.

Item ID: STC-1200

From $967.00

Textured EVA Foam Roller

The Textured EVA Foam Roller is a great tool for pilates training, rehabilitation and muscle regeneration. A comfortable foam material ensures that the Textured EVA Foam Roller maintains consistent structure, and the hex-angular textured design offers additional comfort.

Item ID: JFT-20-0638


Tumble Forms II Slotted Wedges

Tumble Forms 2 Slotted Wedges leg troughs offer a natural comfortable support to lower extremities. **Normal lead time from factory 40 days - may ship earlier if available**

Item ID: SP-55815301

From $174.11

Cando Vestibular Wedge

Cando Vestibular Wedge

Choose Model

Inflatable wedge requires active participation from user to assume correct sitting posture.

Item ID: FEI-30-1926

From $40.83

Torso Elevation Wedge

Unlike a pillow, this bead filled wedge conforms to support upright posture.

Item ID: NC-80019

From $96.42

Full Leg Abduction Wedge

The Full Leg Abduction Wedge is a valuable component to recovery from hip replacement surgery. Built for proper positioning and immobilization, the Full Leg Abduction Wedge provides comfort and support while healing. Available in two sizes.

Item ID: NC-81001

From $66.61

Massaging Back Wedge

Cloaked in a soft fleece cover that is smoothly comforting against your skin, the Massaging Back Wedge provides a relaxed, low stress position whether it be sitting straight up or laying down. The Massaging Back Wedge massage feature is conveniently built into the side of the wedge which matches the natural curve of your spine to ensure the utmost in stress free comfort. Cushion non-returnable if removed from packaging.

Item ID: CON-30-104-DS-767

From $101.48

Skillbuilders Knee Support Wedge

The Skillbuilders Knee Support Wedge is ideal for clinical use. The wedge supports knees and lower legs when user is in supine position. (There is a 4 - 8 week lead time on this non-stock item.)

Item ID: FEI-30-1250

From $133.55

Skillbuilders Bi-Height Wedge

The Skillbuilders Bi-Height Wedge's adaptive positioning provides stability and support for individuals lacking some degree of body control. The Skillbuilders Bi-Height Wedge is a prerequisite for achieving greater gross and fine motor skills.

Item ID: FEI-30-1240

From $281.42

Positioning Wedge with Cloth Cover

Positioning Wedge with Cloth Cover is designed to promote proper hip-spinal alignment. Quantity of 2.

Item ID: MCK-40104300


Posey Bedfellow Positioning Roll

The Posey Bedfellow Positioning Roll can be used to improve hospital bed safety, or in a chair. Either way, it provides full-body support in lateral or dorsal positioning; place it around the patient in a chair to correct side leaning. The Posey Bedfellow Positioning Roll has a center pillow which can be rolled out to provide lumbar or head and neck support, secured to the back of a geri chair using the attached nylon ties, or zipped completely off the positioning roll. Choose from models with a machine washable brushed polyester cover or a vinyl cover that can be wiped clean with liquid disinfectant.

Item ID: PO-6306

From $183.99

Skillbuilders Deluxe Strap Wedge

The Skillbuilders Deluxe Strap Wedge's adaptive positioning provides stability and support for individuals lacking some degree of body control. Deluxe Strap Wedges promote motor skills and perform well for prone and supine activities.

Item ID: FEI-30-1020

From $263.78

Skillbuilders Abductor Wedge

The Skillbuilders Abductor Wedge can be used with any Skillbuilders® or Tumbleforms® wedge or other positioning products for patient development and treatment. The Skillbuilders Abductor Wedge supports patient needs in both medical rehabilitation settings and in the home for personal use.

Item ID: FEI-30-1018


Foam Roller Carry Strap

Take your foam roller wherever you go with the convenient Foam Roller Carry Strap.

Item ID: JFT-30-3200


Special Tomato Soft-Touch Therapy Rolls

Soft-Touch™ Therapy Rolls from Special Tomato® can withstand the wear and tear of even the busiest clinic. Over the years, you can trust the durability of these positioners. Coated with latex-free, anti-microbial, peel and tear resistant, Soft-Touch™. Solid inner core provides firm yet comfortable platform for optimal performance. Sales allowed in the continental U.S., Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Alaska only. Additional shipping will apply for orders going to Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Alaska.

Item ID: BER-75000104

From $78.01

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Bed Wedge

Bed Wedge

Case of 4, Choose Size

Bed Wedges with Cloth Cover from Mason Medical elevates the head and provides additional pillow support. Case of four, choose size.

Item ID: DRV-3825

From $44.88

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Postioning Foam Slanted Wedge

The Postioning Foam Slanted Wedge is usable in a variety of positions to provide support where needed; behind the back, under the legs, or with the wide end supporting the head and neck. This product is useful for those with varicose veins or other kinds of leg and foot pain, or for relieving the symptoms of respiratory problems or back pain. Each Postioning Foam Slanted Wedge comes with a white poly/cotton cover and is made from polyurethane foam.

Item ID: MCK-40073000


Skillbuilders Adjustable Wedge

Adaptive positioning provides stability and support for individuals lacking some degree of body control. Orthopedically and neurologically involved children can freely move arms and hands while lying on this adjustable wedge. Both the front and rear legs can be adjusted to the proper height with single button locks. 22in wide x 36in long. Front legs adjust from 2-15in high, rear legs adjust from 2-7in high. Removable padded abductor adjusts from 4-8in. Side rail for carrying and securing positioning straps. Wedge folds flat for storage and transportation. Vinyl covered foam padded top for firm, yet comfortable support.

Item ID: FEI-31-1050


Skil-Care 30-Degree Positioning Wedge

Skil-Care™ 30-Degree Positioning Wedge provides the most advantageous positioning of patients that is possible for providing pressure relief from the hipbone and coccyx. Constructed of a high-density foam, the Skil-Care™ 30-Degree Positioning Wedge is sold in pairs and comes with a low-shear II wipe-clean cover with anti-slip bottom that promotes safety, in two different wedge sizes, having the additional option of being purchased with or without a convoluted surface. Sizes available include 7”H x 12”D x 24”L or 7”H x 12”D x 34”L.

Complies with Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) positioning guidelines

Item ID: SKC-554025

From $91.92

Etac Positioning Wedges

Etac Positioning Wedges can be used to help position patients after turning, when resting, or during cleaning, dressing changes, or wound care. Use them by themselves, or along with another positioning tool, such as the 4Way Glide system (sold separately). Etac Positioning Wedges can be used instead of having another caregiver take a static holding position, saving time. Two sizes are available.

Item ID: SS-IM53NS

From $93.32

Muscle Therapy Roller

The Muscle Therapy Roller provides a pulsating massage when rolled across knots in muscles, relieving tension and pain and improving circulation. Using this after exercise can also disperse the effects of lactic acid. Regular massage with this product can help prevent injury by increasing muscle flexibility. Green only; case of 4.



Skil-Care Roll Control Bolsters

Skil-Care™ Roll-Control Bolsters are designed to protect patients against falls and help caregivers safely position patients. Covered in a durable wipe-clean fabric and foam padded for comfort, the Skil-Care™ Roll-Control Bolsters are not designed as a restraint for all patients as some are able to move around them. These bolsters provide secure positioning for side-lying patients and in turn eliminate entrapment hazard of the metal rails. Sold as a single-unit or a double-unit, the Skil-Care™ Roll-Control Bolsters provide caregivers assistance in positioning patients in a lateral position.

Item ID: SKC-556010

From $132.90

Skil-Care 30 Degree Bed Support Bolster System

The Skil-Care™ 30 Degree Bed Support Bolster System is an integrated bed positioning system that provides the optimum angle of incline for relieving pressure on the hipbone and coccyx. Skil-Care™ 30 Degree Bed Support Bolster Systems are two continuously attached wedges with a reinforced nylon fabric measuring 6” x 34” x 32” and can be purchased with or without the optional 19” x 32” pad for the bed system. The washable absorbent pad has a non-skid bottom that may be used and purchased alone as a bed overlay for added comfort and incontinence protection.

Item ID: SKC-556020

From $155.18

Special Tomato Therapy Wedges

Special Tomato® Therapy Wedges feature the Soft-Touch™ latex-free material they are famous for worldwide. These wedges were designed to outlast all others, even with long periods of use by several children or adults. Anti-microbial protection is built in! Sales allowed in the continental U.S., Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Alaska only. Additional shipping will apply for orders going to Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Alaska.

Item ID: BER-76000205

From $213.33

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Multi-Function Twin Wedge Set

Wedges can also be used separately for head, leg or knee support.***This product is shipped via UPS.***

Item ID: HAU-3003


Kid Wedge

Kid Wedge

Case of 5

The Kid Wedge is a non-allergenic, non-toxic, recyclable pediatric wedge cushion which has bumps on the surface for tactile stimulation. Sitting on the wedge can help to correct posture. Available in carton of 5.

Item ID: WBM-KT4306


Skil-Care Ultra-Soft Bolsters

Comfortable, versatile, and sanitary, Skil-Care™ Ultra-Soft Bolsters provide positioning and roll control while reducing pressure by elevating the legs and knees. Available in two different sizes and filled with fluffy spun fiber, Skil-Care™ Ultra-Soft Bolsters are very versatile and aid in positioning, provide pressure relief and ensure added comfort for nearly every part of the body. Sold in pairs, you may choose between an 8” diameter with a 24” length and a 6” diameter with an 18” length.

Item ID: SKC-554110

From $119.07

Skil-Care In-Bed Resident Positioning System

The Skil-Care™ In-Bed Resident Positioning System is designed to aid in the stabilization and positioning of bed ridden residents. With the use of the TLC pad, care givers have a much easier time turning and repositioning patients which reduces back injury. Once the patient is in the correct comfortable position, the wedges are placed on each side to maintain position. Sold as a set, this positioning system includes a Skil-Care™ TLC Pad measuring 40” x 48” with a pair of 34” Skil-Care™ Wedges. In the event you would like to put together your own positioning system, options are provided with links the TLC Pad as well as the Replacement Wedges.

Item ID: SKC-555036


Skil-Care Anti-Reflux Wedge

The Skil-Care™ Anti-Reflux Wedge is recommended by doctors to elevate the upper body and provide relief of night time reflux and heartburn also known as GERD. Specially designed to allow users to sleep on their back or side, the Skil-Care™ Anti-Reflux Wedge has a non-slip bottom to keep it in place. The Low-Shear II wipe-clean outer cover reduces skin damaging friction to allow patients a more comfortable nights rest. Sold in pairs, the Skil-Care™ Anti-Reflux Wedge is 24” x 24” with an adjustable height of 5” or 7” by added a 2” foam insert.

Item ID: SKC-555055

From $56.02

Geo-Matt 30 Degree Wedge

Geo-Matt 30 Degree Wedge

Choose Quantity

The Geo-Matt® 30 Degree Wedge is used for support to relieve pressure on the hipbone or coccyx with high-density foam. Supports the trunk at a thirty degree angle. Highly recommended angle for post-surgical procedures. The triangular wedge can provide incline when placed behind the user. AHRQ guidelines recommend a 30-degree angle of incline as optimal for relieving pressure.

Item ID: SPN-50960-301

From $71.37

Lateral Positioning Wedge

Lateral Positioning Wedge

Choose Quantity

The Lateral Positioning Wedge reduces pressure while also maintaining positioning and stability. Hip and spinal alignment are promoted, while preventing or managing sacral pressure sores. For individuals suffering from respiratory problems, or leg/ankle/foot discomfort. Get the comfort and relaxation that you need to sleep with the Lateral Positioning Wedge.

Item ID: SPN-SP265-000

From $72.15

Positioning Roll

The Positioning Roll is designed to facilitate prone or sidehead placement. Supports not only the patient's face, but provides clearance for endotracheal tube. Stabilizes neck for surgical, x-ray procedures, elevation or other areas where pressure reduction is needed.

Item ID: SPN-SP266-000

From $72.94

Skil-Care Elevating Bed Wedge

Available in three different degrees of elevation for standard or bariatric patients, the Skil-Care™ Elevating Bed Wedge is designed to comfortably elevate patients' heads or feet. Covered in Cozy Cloth fabric for reduced friction and shear, the Skil-Care™ Elevating Bed Wedge is an excellent choice for bed positioning pillow. Sold in pairs.

Choose between an Elevating Bed Wedge at a 15 degree angle, a 20 degree angle, or a 25 degree angle for standard or Bariatric patients.

Item ID: SKC-553010

From $102.11

Skil-Care Positioning Wedge

The Skil-Care™ Positioning Wedge is designed to promote proper hip-spine alignment, reduce sacral pressure to prevent decubitus ulcers from forming and the formation of pressure sores, while also aiding in the healing process of existing sores. Soft and secure, the Skil-Care™ Positioning Wedge provides more stability than just a standard pillow. The Skil-Care™ Positioning Wedge is 8” x 8” x 17”L with a 45 degree angle and comes with the option of being purchased with or without the Low-Shear II cover. The LSII cloth-covered wedges now have anti-slip mats sewn to the bottom for added safety. Sold as a case of 2 pairs w/LSII cover, and a case of 3 pairs without cover.

Item ID: SKC-554010

From $109.28

Progression Massage Rollers

Progression Massage Rollers

Choose Size and Quantity

Progression Massage Rollers can be used in massage therapy or by athletes to relieve soreness and tension and improve muscle flexibility and range of motion. The pipe core provides support and keeps the roller from deforming during use, while the progressively sized foam surfaces exert variable pressure on muscle groups. The Progression Massage Rollers' larger surfaces can be used for general massage, with the smaller surfaces providing targeted massage, or the roller can be rolled from larger areas to smaller areas for a comfortable, penetrating deep massage. Sold in cases. Green only.

Item ID: PV5-RPR23

From $121.76

Skil-Care Body Aligner

The Skil-Care™ Body Aligner is an economical foam body positioner with a 45 degree angle of inclination which helps take pressure off the hipbone and coccyx. Sold as a case of six, the Skil-Care™ Body Aligner is 20”L x 7”H x 12”D.

Item ID: SKC-911184


Skil-Care Foam Leg/Thigh Elevator

The Skil-Care™ Foam Leg/Thigh Elevator helps promote an added level of comfort and prevent the formation of pressure sores by off-loading heels. The Skil-Care™ Foam Leg/Thigh Elevator aligns the legs while simultaneously relaxing the spine. For added versatility, this elevator can be used in any position along the legs by being placed under the thighs, knees or ankles to guarantee patient comfort and circulation with the added security of a non-slip bottom. Sold in pairs, the Skil-Care™ Foam Leg/Thigh Elevator comes with scoop cutouts in a small/medium size of 17”L x 7”H and a medium/large size of 20”L x 7”H.

Item ID: SKC-555040

From $133.40

Professional Foam Massage Rollers

Professional Foam Massage Rollers

Choose Size and Quantity

Professional Foam Massage Rollers are used by massage therapists and athletes to help improve blood flow to the muscles, relieve soreness, and increase flexibility. Two lengths are available. Professional Foam Massage Rollers can also be used in range of motion therapy; more flexible muscles can move further without risk of injury. Sold by the case. Black only.

Item ID: PV5-RPFR36

From $140.00

Skil-Care EZ Slide Transfer System

The Skil-Care™ EZ Slide Transfer System provides a secure positioning surface for side lying residents which is an important feature when it is necessary to off-load pressure from the coccyx area. As an added bonus, when one or both of the bed rails are lowered, the Skil-Care™ EZ Slide Transfer System helps prevent the resident from rolling off the bed. While a standard wedge tends to move or migrate as the resident applies a side lying force, the Skil-Care™ EZ Slide Transfer System utilizes an inter-locking Velcro® system when the transfer pad is placed over the wedge it remains in place as pressure is applied.

Item ID: SKC-556036

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Who Can Benefit From Using Therapy Wedges, Rolls and Bolsters?
Both children and adults who need to improve head control and proximal stability can find some help with a wedge, while anyone who requires an increased tolerance to a prone position may also benefit. Additionally, any individual who has to spend a lot of time in bed will find great support from these wedges and bolsters for more comfortable positional changes.

Therapists often use wedges and rolls for a variety of applications with different patients. They help to facilitate easier manipulation and procedures and can be used for chiropractic, massage, physical therapy, gross and fine motor activities, muscle re-education and rehab, to enhance balance and flexibility, myofascial release and exercise/fitness.

What Type of Therapy Wedge, Roll or Bolster is Right for Me?
Therapy wedges, bolsters, rolls and blocks come in a varied assortment of sizes, shapes and styles to accommodate unique and special requirements. The right choice will be determined by your own individual goals for this specialized equipment. Discerning therapy goals along with comfort and support goals will result in finding the perfect wedge or roll for your health and well-being, or for the health and well-being of your patients.

For patients who require extra positioning and support in a bed, sofa or chair, lateral wedges are a great choice. Easier to position and shape than regular pillows, soft lateral positioning wedges can help prevent bedsores and pain caused by bony prominence pressure points.

Sacral blocks are commonly utilized for various chiropractic techniques and generally feature nonskid materials that prevent the blocks from slipping out of place.

Offering versatility for the widest range of therapy and comfort applications, foam rolls are the perfect tool for pediatric, adult and geriatric patients. Ideal for assisting with posture, balance, ranging, strengthening and coordination activities, foam rolls can be used for muscle re-education, body awareness and spinal stabilization.

Leg, knee, thigh, torso, and arm wedges and pillows help to provide specialized support for individual parts of the body to facilitate comfortable and perfect positioning for every unique and special need.

Support pillows give great support for an assortment of positioning requirements, easing stiffness, aches and tension. Support pillows are generally smaller and can be more easily used while traveling for extra support behind the neck, back or knees.

Written by Hulet Smith, OT and Carol Koenigsknecht

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