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Wheelchair Tray

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Wheelchair Trays

Wheelchair Trays

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Raised rim, cut-out design, attaches with velcro straps. **Wood finish may be darker than shown.**

Item ID: FEI-50-1300

From $23.12

Electric Wheelchair Lap Tray

The Electric Wheelchair Lap Tray is a clear polycarbonate tray that can be used interchangeably with a left or right toggle switch, and fits standard and desk arm wheelchairs. The toggle cutout allows a switch to be installed easily. Each Electric Wheelchair Lap Tray comes on its own; wheelchairs are sold separately.

Item ID: SP-552806


Laptop Wheelchair Desk

The Laptop Wheelchair Desk converts a wheelchair into a mobile workstation. Underneath the Laptop Wheelchair Desk's lid is a spacious storage compartment for laptops, files and personal items. The lid is adjustable and leans forward for reading and writing or may be closed to become a laptop platform.

Item ID: MDK-H706010000


Economy Lap Tray

An economical choice with high quality features. Lap Tray features two hook and loop straps secured to the armrests that keep the lap tray in place. Foam padding prevents the tray from sliding.

Item ID: NC-94103


Lap Top Tray

Lap Top Tray

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The Lap Top Tray is a high-quality flat tray that can be used as a work surface as well as preventing a sitter from leaning forward. It acts as an upper torso support and provides a place to rest the elbows. Choose from clear or padded Lap Top Trays; both fit on full-arm wheelchairs and can be secured with included hook and loop straps. This product is restricted, by federal law, to sale either by or on the order of a physician, and a prescription is required to complete the purchase. This product may only be shipped to a licensed healthcare facility.

Item ID: PO-8221

From $95.61

Nursing Home Lap Tray

Quickly and easily attaches to most any chair. Tray has an easy fastener that secures the sturdy nylon safety belt. Adjustable belt fits around a chair back or wheelchair.

Item ID: NC-94106


Flip Up Half Lap Tray

Flip Up Half Lap Tray

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The Comfort Company Flip Up Half Lap wheelchair tray is the solution for those users who need a non contoured tray that can be easily moved. The unique design allows the tray to be flipped up allowing for quick transfers. This easy-to-clean, comfortable lap tray is compatible with any wheelchair.

Item ID: CFC-761FR

From $104.00

Full and Half Wheelchair Trays

Full and Half Wheelchair Trays

Choose Size and Model

Full and Half Wheelchair Trays can be used for upper extremity support and positioning with a wide variety of wheelchairs. Use the half tray to support a single limb or upper extremity when a full tray is not required or cannot be used. Choose from sturdy Enduroline or clear Viewline Full and Half Wheelchair Trays. Half wheelchair trays are also available in Woodline. Please allow 2-3 weeks' lead time on this product.

Item ID: THA-TF-100E

From $182.38

Deluxe Laptray for Electric Wheelchairs

The Deluxe Laptray for Electric Wheelchairs can be easily attached to an electric wheelchair thanks to its adjustable clamping system. The Deluxe Laptray for Electric Wheelchairs has a rim around the edges to help keep items in place. Each tray is made from thick polycarbonate. Choose from models for the left or right side. 15" - 18" Wide

Item ID: SP-552804

From $275.08

EconaSoft Lap Tray

The Comfort Company Econasoft Lap wheelchair tray is the combination of a rigid insert, high resiliency foam, and a nylon cover that gives patients a lightweight yet durable tray. **IMAGE shows EconaSoft Lap Tray on wheelchair; wheelchair not included**

Item ID: CFC-757W


Wide or Narrow Flip Away Armrest

The Wide or Narrow Flip Away Armrest is a padded wheelchair armrest that can be flipped up to make it easier to get in or out of the wheelchair when not in use. Thick padding adds to patient comfort, and an incorporated beverage holder is convenient. Choose from Wide or Narrow Flip Away Armrest models.

Item ID: NC-94138

From $192.40

Acrylic Wheelchair Tray

The Acrylic Wheelchair Tray can be attached easily to most standard wheelchairs, with Velcro® straps that hold it securely in place. The tray is smooth and flat, with a raised area at the top that prevents items from falling off; a semicircular cutout adds comfort. Use the Acrylic Wheelchair Tray to eat, read, or write more easily.

Item ID: MAB-505-5000-5500


DuraSoft Lap Tray

DuraSoft Lap Tray

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The Comfort Company has created the DuraSoft Lap Wheelchair Tray for those users who require a more comfortable surface out of their lap tray. Easily and quickly attached to full or desk length wheelchairs, the DuraSoft Lap Tray is encapsulated on top, bottom, and sides with a layer of high resiliency foam and an easily washable vinyl cover. **IMAGE shows DuraSoft Lap Tray Slide Mount with Cup Holder; wheelchair not included**

Item ID: CFC-75W

From $113.60

Expandable Wheelchair Tray

Expandable Wheelchair Tray

Two Cut Out Styles Available

Designed to provide wheelchair users with a larger surface area to allow them the freedom to do a variety of activities, the Expandable Wheelchair Tray is suitable for manual or power chairs, and can also be used on standing positioners. This tray will also fold down easily to allow the user the ability to fit through doorways or tight spaces without the need to disassemble the tray. Please see the diagrams below to determine your style and sizing needs

Item ID: DBI-ET-02-WO

From $178.65

EZ Wheelchair Tray

The EZ Wheelchair Tray can be attached to wheelchairs or walkers to provide extra carrying space or a stable working surface. In addition to the tray itself, a cupholder and utility hook are incorporated as well, for holding bags or drinks; other attachments can be added or removed as needed. The EZ Wheelchair Tray is easy to assemble, disassemble, and transfer between different walkers or wheelchairs when needed. Height is adjustable.

Item ID: CFC-763-CM-RTL


Clear Flip Away Tray

The Clear Flip Away Tray is a wheelchair tray made from sturdy, transparent polycarbonate that allows a clear line of sight to the sitters legs and lap. It can be flipped up and out of the way to allow easy entry and exit from the chair. The Clear Flip Away Tray is unbreakable and scratch-resistant.

Item ID: NC-31310

From $169.14

Premium Transparent Tray

The Premium Transparent Tray can be used with most wheelchairs with standard arms. Each tray is made from break-resistant polycarbonate, with a PVC rim, and is sized for adults. Each Premium Transparent Tray come swith pre-installed EZ Lock Quick-Fit Clamps for standard arm wheelchairs, which can fit armrests/pads up to 1.5 in. (3.8 cm) thick.

Item ID: NC-95152


Lap Tray Heavy Duty

The Lexan® in this tray is virtually unbreakable and provides a clear line of sight to lap and legs.

Item ID: NC-94118


Drive Wheelchair Tray

The Drive Wheelchair Tray fits all wheelchairs with a seat width measuring from 16 to 20 inches, and is easy to clean. The tray comes with a nylon storage bag.

Item ID: DRV-STDS5050
Drive Medical


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Softop Wheelchair Tray

Vinyl-covered, cushioned surface is easy on sensitive arms and elbows.

Item ID: SP-6056

From $141.80

Wheelchair Trays for Adult and Child

Wheelchair Trays for Adult and Child

Two Sizes to Choose From

Wheelchair Trays feature a universal armrest velcro strap mount for manual wheelchairs. The top has a mar-resistant wood grain laminate finish with half inch rim. Adult measures 23.5 inches wide by 21.5 inches deep with a 14.5 inch x 8.75 inch cutout.

Item ID: BMC-766

From $81.57

Birch Reversible Flip Away Tray

Convenient and easy to adjust with a simple flip. This tray pivots upwards for easy entry and exit from the wheelchair.

Item ID: NC-31328


Top Drop Easel

The Top Drop Easel is an accessory for the Premium Transparent Wheelchair Tray, and is made of transparent polycarbonate with a PVC rim. The Top Drop Easel can be attached and removed quickly.

Item ID: NC-95155


See-Thru Work Tray

Transparent tray is ideal for clients with visual perception problems. Attaches to all types of wheelchairs and is made of strong, clear polycarbonate for a clear line of sight to lap and legs.

Item ID: NC-94102


Flip Up Padded Wheelchair Tray

The Flip Up Padded Wheelchair Tray can be flipped out of the way to make getting into and out of a wheelchair easier, while still providing a flat, comfortable work surface. The tray may remain attached to the wheelchair at all times. Each Flip Up Padded Wheelchair Tray is padded with 1 in. (2.5 cm) thick foam over a sturdy wood base, and a height-adjustable bracket is pre-installed so the tray can better fit users and chairs of different heights.

Item ID: NC-31321-R

From $231.38

Wheelchair Econo Tray

Wheelchair Econo Tray

Fits 16in. - 18in. Wheelchair

This economy model of our popular Wheelchair Tray is easily removed by way of a belt, for extra stability while in use. The tray surface is convenient for eating, writing, reading or playing games. The two non-restrictive straps attach to the arm rests of the wheelchair. Fits both full and half arm wheelchairs. Designed for 16 inch or 18 inch width wheelchairs.

Item ID: SKC-705010


Wheelchair Lap Trays

Wheelchair Lap Trays

Nylon or Vinyl Covers

Wheelchair Lap Trays provide arm and elbow support, assisting in communication and positioning while sitting in your wheelchair. The balance and alignment can increase comfort and safety. The around-the-chair strap can prevent the person using the chair from slumping or sliding forward, however should not be used as a restraint. Available with nylon or vinyl cover.

Item ID: SKC-705019

From $87.47

SofTop Lift-Away Wheelchair Tray

The SofTop Lift-Away Wheelchair Tray is designed to provide a nonrestrictive, comfortable surface for arms and elbows. The padded tray surface is easy to clean with durable vinyl. Simply wipe clean. Attach to wheelchair with hook and loop straps easily! Padding is included for mounting to wheelchair armrests as shown in the image below.

Item ID: SKC-705015

From $102.80

Wheelchair Flip Tray

Wheelchair Flip Tray

Choose Left or Right Arm side

The Wheelchair Flip Tray flips out of the way for easy exit of your wheelchair. The tray mounts to the arm (choose left or right) and flips down when not in use (see below image). The armrest is padded when the tray is in this flipped down position. While in use (see image above), the tray gives users the ability to use the two cup holders provided for beverages. The scratch-resistant plastic tray is firm and stable.

Item ID: SKC-705031

From $111.02

Laptop Tray with Mounting Arm

The Laptop Tray with Mounting Arm can be mounted on a bed, a table, or a wheelchair, and can be adjusted to any angle the user or caregiver desires. Use it to hold laptops, books, communicators, or assistive learning devices. In the image the Laptop Tray with Mounting Arm is shown with a Buddha Board (sold separately).

Item ID: END-1575


Soft Arm Lap Tray

Soft Arm Lap Tray

Choose Model

These Comfort Company Soft Arm Lap Wheelchair Trays are clear 3/8" polycarbonate and are the answer for users who need a firm unbreakable surface in a lap tray. Its built-in padded elbow rests provide users a comfortable resting area for their arms. Available in 3 models. **IMAGE shows Soft Arm Lap Tray - Webbing Mount**

Item ID: CFC-755W

From $271.20

Scotty Kristen Wheelchair Tray

Scotty Kristen Wheelchair Trays have a slide in base that fits under wheelchair cushions for portable mounting of communication devices, reading materials or computers to your wheelchair. The straight pedestal and flat top give side access and freedom from mounting to the armrests. Choose from pedestals that are angle adjustable at either one or both ends. The trays are available in flat or bookshelf styles shown below. Watch the educational video below!


From $315.82

Scotty Alex Wheelchair Tray System

The Scotty Alex Wheelchair Tray System provides a platform for mounting many types of communication devices, reading materials or computers to your wheelchair. The Alex is a side-mounted tray with swing-away arm that mounts to the arm of a manual wheelchair. The arm can be adjustable at either one or both ends. The mount easily disconnects quickly for storage. Watch the educational video below!


From $324.64

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