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Pediatric Head Supports

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Hensinger Head Support

Hensinger Head Support

Choose Size, Mounted or Unmounted

This soft, foam, wrap around collar is designed to brace the head by using support areas at the base of the occiput and jaw line. After the rest of the body is positioned, this Hensinger Head Support can help maintain mid-line head positioning. Proper head positioning should result in improved breathing, swallowing and simplified feeding. It also aids in social interaction and awareness during classroom activities. This product is contraindicated for use with a tracheotomy. Custom color covers are non-returnable. Black and custom color covers will delay shipping.

Item ID: DMP-6810-XS-UM

From $121.76

Sleepy Time Headrest - Infant or Toddler

The Sleepy Time Headrest is a safe and comfortable device to help children with special needs maintain an upright and supported position for the head, neck, and upper torso. It works in conjunction with all brands of car seats, booster seats with backs, infant carriers, strollers, infant swings, wheelchairs and feeder seats. Now available in Infant or Toddler Size! Please note there may be a 2-3 week lead time on this item.

Item ID: SLT-STH-17827

From $36.22

Hensinger Head Support with High Back

Hensinger Head Support with High Back

Choose Size, Mounted or Unmounted

Hensinger Head Support with more occipital support due to a different back design than other models. Soft covers are included! Choose from mounted or unmounted. The mounted version features a quick-release Velcro plate that can attach to a wheelchair with a break-away safety feature. Custom color covers are non-returnable. Black and custom color covers will delay shipping.

Item ID: DMP-6809-XS-UM

From $126.50

Head/Neck Support

Head/Neck Support

Choose Size and Model

Wrap-around hinged collar supports jaw line and occipital region for improved neck flexion, head control and mid-line positioning. This unit has a neck circumference of 14 inches. Fits a child 38 - 48 inches tall.

Item ID: FEI-30-1395

From $71.57

Side Opening Head Support

The Side Opening Head Support offers a comfortable and secure alternative for children or adults with lessened head control. With a side opening, the solid front is able to support the jaw line fully and cradle the head.

Item ID: DMP-6828-XS-UM

From $142.85

Hensinger Head Support with Mount Bar

By comfortably positioning the head with a Hensinger Head Support and Mount Bar when using with a feeder seat, social interactions and learning skills may be greatly aided. Note that no seat is included with this product.

Item ID: DMP-6815-S

From $152.15

Half Mask

Half Mask

Choose Size

For seated users with the tendency to thrust forward, the Half Mask by Danmar head support holds the head comfortably within the headrest. Offered in Casa Tan color.

Item ID: DMP-6650-S

From $129.66

Lateral Head Support with Mount Bar

Lateral Head Support with Mount Bar

Choose Size and Color

Gently fitting at either side of the head, the Lateral Head Support with Mount Bar offers a softer foam padding with adjustable positioning.

Item ID: DMP-6814-S

From $135.10

Ear Coverings for Hard Shell Helmet

Ear Coverings for Hard Shell Helmet

For Danmar Hard Shell Helmet Only

Ear Coverings for Hard Shell Helmet by Danmar are sold in pairs only. Please choose the SIZE OF THE HELMET when you order your Ear Coverings. Helmets sold separately.

Item ID: DMP-3459

From $55.85

C-Collar Neck Support

This C-Collar Neck Support is contoured to support the lateral and posterior neck areas to prevent neck hyperextension. Available in black or tan.

Item ID: DMP-6630-BLK

From $49.25

Two Step Head Support With Hensinger and Otto Bock-Option A

Using a special adapter plate, the Hensinger Head Support is mounted to standard Otto Bock hardware. Additionally, a "second step" head rest is added above the Hensinger for increased occipital support. --OPTION A--

Item ID: DMP-6818-A-XS

From $359.33

Skil-Care Standard Headrest

Available in three depths, the Skil-Care™ Standard Headrest can be used to position and cushion patient heads comfortably. The Skil-Care™ Standard Headrest is a foam support that is excellent for wheelchairs, geri-chairs, recliners and many other chairs to ensure proper positioning. Sold in pairs, the comfortable polyester cover of the Skil-Care™ Standard Headrest is easily removed for laundering for antibacterial protection.

Item ID: SKC-703115

From $86.68

Skil-Care Gel Adjustable Head Positioner

The Skil-Care™ Gel Adjustable Head Positioner prevents hyperextension of the neck by gently supporting the head. The water based gel inserts of the Skil-Care™ Gel Adjustable Head Positioner relieve pressure on vulnerable ears and may also be warmed or cooled in water for additional relief. Sold in pairs, the Skil-Care™ Gel Adjustable Head Positioner has a wipe clean Low-Shear II outer cover and can be used for all high-back chairs.

Item ID: SKC-914364


Sweep Headrest

Sweep Headrest

with or without Mounting Hardware

With dual wings forming the sides and angled at sixty degrees off the center back pad, the Sweep Headrest is an excellent soft foam wrap around headrest from Danmar.

Item ID: DMP-6830-S

From $201.75

Head Support Evaluation and Sizing Kit

Head Support Evaluation/Sizing Kit for therapy professionals to utilize during travel or at the home office for client fittings.

Item ID: DMP-7935


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