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Pediatric Wheeled Walkers

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Wenzelite Nimbo Lightweight Posterior Safety Walker

Use of the Wenzelite Nimbo Lightweight Posterior Safety Walker is recommended for children with cerebral palsy and other neurological, orthopedic and developmental disorders. The rubber wheels adhere to any surface; the rear wheels are unidirectional, with an aluminum ratchet and pin mechanism, but can be overridden if necessary to allow reverse mobility as well as forward. The attractive, brightly colored aluminum frames can be adjusted for height.

Item ID: DRV-KA 1200N
Drive Medical

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Kaye PostureRest Walkers with Seats

Kaye PostureRest Walkers with Seats

Choose Size and Style

The KAYE Posture Control Walkers with seats, called KAYE PostureRest Walkers, are designed around the same principles as the KAYE Posture Control Walkers without seats: providing mobility while promoting improved posture and gait.

Item ID: KP-W1/2BH
Kaye Products

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Wheeled Walker with Basket

Wheeled Walker with Basket

Supports up to 250 Pounds

The Wheeled Walker with Basket can be adjusted to accommodate users of different heights, and has a steel frame with a sturdy seat and a basket for carrying personal items, as well as a removable tray. The Wheeled Walker with Basket can be folded for easy transport and storage.

Item ID: MAB-501-1013-0100


Kaye Posture Control Walker

Kaye Posture Control 'C' Frame Series Walkers are designed for large teenagers and adults who need the support and alignment provided by the posture control design. The walker can accommodate users up to 250 lbs. and over 6'2" tall. The walkers fold easily for transport and can be modified with a variety of accessories.

Item ID: KP-W5C

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Kaye Suspension Walkers

The Kaye Suspension Wheeled Walkers supports the user fully weight-bearing or in partial weight-bearing posture for walking. The amount of body weight support that is provided to the client is easily adjusted with a manual winch. Clients can be moved from sitting to standing positions with varying amounts of support. Available in two sizes, fitting toddlers through adults. **Image shows SW1 Suspension Walker with Harness (harness sold separately)**

Item ID: KP-SW1
Kaye Products

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Pediatric Anterior Safety Roller

The Pediatric Anterior Safety Roller is available in four sizes to accommodate children from early childhood through young adulthood. Scroll down page for sizing measurements. Product shown is DRV-PE TYKE with optional basket.

Drive Medical

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Kaye Wide Posture Control Walkers

The Kaye Wide Posture Control Pediatric Walkers are the wider/deeper version "R" frame series that is available in the three largest sizes. Designed for users who wear leg braces and, as a result, need more room inside the walker. **Image shows the Wide Posture Control Walker, model R3BR.

Item ID: KP-R2B
Kaye Products

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6 Wheeled Double Button Folding Walker

6 Wheeled Double Button Folding Walker

Extra Wide Dualie, Tall Youth to Tall Adult

The Grand Line Extra Wide Universal Dualie 6 Wheeled Tall Youth to Tall Adult Double folding Walker has a
weight capacity of 600 lbs. (272.1 kg).

Item ID: TFI-2151B/1
TFI Healthcare


Junior Rollator

The Junior Rollator is lightweight, with ergonomic hand brakes that lock the rear wheels, and the ability to be easily folded. The foam-padded, straight backrest is easy to remove, and a basket is included for the transportation of personal items. Each Junior Rollator is green, and has a padded seat.

Item ID: IN-65350GR


Atila Posture Walker

The Atila Posture Walker is a friendly bright yellow that children will love. The handbrakes can be adjusted to suit the ability of different children, to better provide safety and control according to the needs of the user. Each Atila Posture Walker has double caster wheels in front and smooth rear wheels that roll smoothly and ensure that there is no need to lift the rollator.

Item ID: SP-926863


FCI Pommel Walker

FCI Pommel Walker

Choose Model

The FCI Pommel Walker can be used for either anterior or posterior gait training. It is hands-free, and using the FCI Pommel Walker can encourage upright mobility and promote independence no matter how it is used. In the upright position the user will have a slight forward lean, which is beneficial in stimulating forward stepping. Please allow 1-2 weeks' lead time from the manufacturer on this product.

Item ID: THA-PW-100

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Kaye Anterior Support Walkers without Arm Supports

Kaye Anterior Support Wheeled Walkers were designed for children and adults who can support their weight on their legs and take steps, but who lack sufficient balance or upper body and shoulder control to maintain their alignment. The walkers have a wide, stable base and may be appropriate for users with neuromuscular impairments associated with severe spasticity, athetosis or ataxia. Available in 3 sizes. **Image shows Anterior Support Walker, model Y2S.

Item ID: KP-Y1S

From $414.22

Kaye Wheeled Walker Wagons

Kaye Wheeled Walker Wagons

Choose Size and Color

The Kaye Wheeled Walker Wagons are designed to provide support for children under 4 years old who are just learning to walk and need a balancing aid as they begin to develop walking skills. Wagons are available in Small or Large; Red (shown) or Natural.

Item ID: KP-WW1

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Adult Nimbo Lightweight Posterior Posture Walker

This Adult Nimbo Lightweight Posterior Posture Walker has soft rubber wheels, an adjustable height aluminum frame, and unidirectional 5 in. rear wheels; front wheels swivel for easier turning. The optional seat can be folded up for standing or walking, or put back down for seating anywhere.

Item ID: DRV-KA 5200N

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Ring Support Walker with Clear Tray

The Ring Support Walker with Clear Tray can be used by those who need minimal to moderate support during gait training activities in order to improve weight bearing and mobility. The tilt-in-space feature can alter the user's pelvic position to reduce or eliminate walking on the toes. The Ring Support Walker with Clear Tray's height and angle are both adjustable to accommodate clients with different needs.

Item ID: THA-RSW-100

From $2,099.53

Prone Support Walker

Prone Support Walker

Choose Model

The Prone Support Walker provides more upper torso support than a similar, standard walker or gait trainer would. The handlebar, chest piece, and 1 inch thick gel-padded saddle seat can all be adjusted for height, depth, and angle, which means that the Prone Support Walker can accommodate growing children or a range of different users. This product can be used to promote dynamic weight bearing through upper and lower extremities. Some assembly may be required. Please allow 1-2 weeks' lead time from the factory.

Item ID: THA-PSW-100

From $1,415.19

Pediatric Walker

Pediatric Walker

Choose Color

Pediatric Walker. Designed for people under 4'10".

Item ID: IPU-PDW77

From $364.92

Trekker Gait Trainers

The Wenzelite Trekker is a walker and gait trainer for use in either the anterior or posterior position. Sizing ranges from tyke to youth up to 200 pounds. Junior and youth sizes both fold easily, for transport and storage. Colors are size specific, please see the table below with size chart.

Item ID: DRV-TK 1000

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