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Fall Prevention
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Lap Buddy for Full Arm Wheelchairs
Soft laptop cushion fits snugly between person and wheelchair frame to facilitate upper body positioning.  Provides comfortable elbow rests and prevents leaning forward. 4" thick, durable foam; covered in blue vinyl and notched to fit any wheelchair with full length armrests that are 16" - 20" apart.  If the wheelchair armrests are set back to allow up close sitting to tables, etc.  these cushions will not fit.
2" Thickness 27"W
3" Thickness 27"W
4" Thickness 27"W

Soft Wheelchair Belt
Additional security and padding. This belt crisscrosses in back of the wheelchair and loops around the tilt levers, providing extra security.  Consists of soft, comfortable foam attached to a wide, heavy-duty nylon strap.  Measures 4.5" x 22".  slide the buckles on the straps to adjust length.  Straps measure 40" long.  Fits comfortably around hips.  Machine wash and dry.  Light blue with dark blue trim.

Slipper Socks by Care-Steps
A terrycloth upper combines with an innovative sole design adds safety in the shower to prevent slips and falls. They can also be worn around the house for warmth. Available in two sizes.
Adult (sizes 5-9)
Large Adult (sizes 10-13)

Posey Wheelchair Slippers Medium/Large Posey Wheelchair Slippers
Ideal for patients needing lower extremity support. Slippers attach to the wheel chair footrest to help prevent feet from sliding off footrests and forward sliding. Available in two sizes. Small/Medium fits 5-10 women's shoe sizes and 5-8 men's shoe sizes. Medium/Large fits 10+ women's shoe sizes and 8-10 men's shoe sizes. Sold in pairs.

Fall Prevention Alert
Alerts caregivers to falls with a 95db alarm. Unit attaches easily to walker, bed, or chair with stainless steel clip. Nylon cord 18"-32" adjusts and holds firmly at length needed. Small clip affixes cord to clothing. When magnetic disk is pulled from unit the alarm sounds. Magnetic disk switch is virtually unbreakable. Alarm unit is 3 ¾”H x 2 ½ “W x 2 ¾”D and is encased in a rugged polypropylene case which stands up to even extreme environments. Requires 9V battery (included). Weighs 8oz. One year warranty. 

Pommel Cushion By Posey
Posey Foam Wedge Pommel Cushions gently rotate the hips back to help prevent forward sliding.  Wedge shape is also an aid to "foot propellers" and an effective restraint alternative against the hazards of unassisted wheelchair exit.  Pommel promotes hip abduction and proper hip and knee alignment.  Choose flat bottom cushions for wheelchairs equipped with a Posey semi-rigid foundation, drop seat or other general uses.  Convex bottom cushions are ideal for use in standard sling seat wheelchairs.  Zippered outer covers remove for washing. 18"W x 16"L x 3.5"H (front) - 1.5"H (back)  $99.00 
Flat Bottom
Convex Bottom

Uplift Commode Assist Uplift Commode Assist
The Uplift Commode Assist™ relieves stress and strain on joints while if offers the user a mechanism that allows them to gently sit and rise. When fully depressed, the seat locks in place for safe usage. To get up, simply depress the lever, and begin to stand. The user receives a gentle lift for up to 80 per cent of their body weight (for weight ranges 80-300 lbs). 

Bedside Commode may be covered by Medicare or Insurance. 

• Helps keep people active and independent.
• Relieves stress and strain on joints.
• Lifts only as needed, allowing users to maintain muscular strength.
• Benefits those who have lost sufficient upper or lower body strength to get up unassisted.

For more information and dimensions go the following link:

Uplift Commode Assist

Economy Transfer Handle 
*For those weighing less than 150 lbs
One of the most useful products ever invented! The transfer handle helps prevent falls and injuries, improves in-bed mobility and assists with standing and balancing.  Sturdy steel handle mounts easily without tools, and fits any size or style home bed.  Perfect for anyone with back pain, and will help to prevent you from falling out of bed. Height above bed with 8" mattress - 10" - 12".  People at assisted living communities have been known to buy two (for both sides of their tiny twin beds!)  Makes a great gift! 

Standard Transfer Handle
*For those weighing over 150 lbs
Just like the product above, but engineered for people that weigh more than 150 lbs!  The standard transfer handle is made from the same quality materials, and assembles without tools in a matter of seconds. Height above 8" mattress is 12" - 15".  For 250+ lbs, see Heavy Duty Bed Handle  

Heavy-Duty Transfer Handle. Transfer Handle for Automatic Beds
The standard transfer handle is made from quality materials, and assembles without tools in a matter of seconds. Looks just like the Standard Transfer Handle but the board which is inserted between mattress and box springs is manufactured with hinges in the center to allow you movement of automatic beds. This provides security no matter what position you are in. By the push of a pin the handle can be removed or lowered to provide nursing access. Height above bed with 8" mattress - 12" - 14".    $199.95

30" Security Rail for Home Beds
Sleep Without Worry with security rails made specifically for home beds.
Model 5085 has rails on both sides of the bed. 5075 will fit any size bed while 5085 will fit twin thru full size beds. Both models adjust up and down. There is metal tubing that connects the sides together. Rails can be raised and lowered for easy access to patient but the half rail also allows patient the freedom of being able to get out of bed by themselves. The rails are made of steel and powder coated and can be lowered or removed by nurse for patient care. Cross bars fit between mattress and box springs.  For a Queen size bed you would need (2) Single Rails. 

Smart Rail HomePage Smart Rail HomePage Smart-Rail
Smart Rail easily fits between any mattress and box spring to
provide bed positioning and transfer support.  

Lift gently to unlock and swing outward from the bed allowing the support rail to be placed in the ideal position for support and standing.

Support moves with you similar to using a walker.

Simple Installation - Simply slide the support frame between a standard box spring and mattress, secure with safety straps, and set the rail height.  Normal rail height is 30", width is 16".  Optional Leg Extenders allow on ground rail height to adjust from 31-35".

The Smart-Rail also fits Invacare Hospital Beds 5410, 5310, 5411, 5311, and 5307.    


The BedCane with Organizer Bed Cane
Free Organizer included-4 pocket organizer prevents entrapment and provides storage of handy items. No assembly Required–Pops out of the box ready to be placed on any bed. Quality Steel and Wood Construction–Heavy duty steel with powder coat finish provides long lasting quality.
Portable–Handle folds down for storage and portability. Safe & Secure –Safety strap secures base to bed frame and mattress.
Comfortable Handle–Foam grip handle. Sanitary–Closed Cell foam is easy to sanitize. Reversible and Adjustable–Fits on either side of bed and adjusts in height to fit your mattress.

Rail Height: Adjustable 19” - 22”, Rail Width: 15”, Base Dimensions: 23” x 19”, 
Package Dimensions: 25” x 19” x 2”, ProductWeight:12lbs, Weight Capacity: 250 lbs, Made for Bed Type: Attaches to any home or hospital bed with included Safety Strap. Assembly: Installs in minutes with 3 bolts and safety pin 

Door Alarm
Provides Piece of Mind for caregivers.  Attach alarm unit to door frame and place the signal unit in the door jam.  Alarm is activated when the door is opened. Loud enough to be heard anywhere in the home.  Requires 9V battery (not included).