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Abdominal Binder

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Abdominal Binder
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Item #: CPI-ABD-6009

The Abdominal Binder gives needed support and stability to the rib cage of active men and women. Using it can help relieve many types of aches or strains to ligaments and joints; the binder can function as an ab binder, a back support, a rib belt, or a post-operative belt. Available in Single or Case of 6, in sizes from Small to 3XL.
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Choose Size for 9 inch Binder, Single:
Small, SingleCPI-ABD-6009$25.03
Medium, SingleCPI-ABD-6009$25.03
Large, SingleCPI-ABD-6009$25.03
X Large, SingleCPI-ABD-6009$25.03
2X Large, SingleCPI-ABD-6009-2X$29.38
X Large, SingleCPI-ABD-6009-3X$33.76
Choose Size for 9 inch Binder Case of 6:
Small, Case of 6CPI-ABD-6009(6)$115.26
Medium, Case of 6CPI-ABD-6009(6)$115.26
Large, Case of 6CPI-ABD-6009(6)$115.26
X Large, Case of 6CPI-ABD-6009(6)$115.26
2X Large, Case of 6CPI-ABD-6009-2X(6)$140.10
3X Large, Case of 6CPI-ABD-6009-3X(6)$162.34
Choose Size for 12 inch Binder, Single:
Small, SingleCPI-ABD-6012$29.81
Medium, SingleCPI-ABD-6012$29.81
Large, SingleCPI-ABD-6012$29.81
X Large, SingleCPI-ABD-6012$29.81
2X Large, SingleCPI-ABD-6012-2X$34.18
3X Large, SingleCPI-ABD-6012-3X$38.54
Choose Size for 12 inch Binder Case of 6:
Small, Case of 6CPI-ABD-6012(6)$142.57
Medium, Case of 6CPI-ABD-6012(6)$142.57
Large, Case of 6CPI-ABD-6012(6)$142.57
X Large, Case of 6CPI-ABD-6012(6)$142.57
2X Large, Case of 6CPI-ABD-6012-2X(6)$164.66
3X Large, Case of 6CPI-ABD-6012-3X(6)$189.12

More Information on the Abdominal Binder:

The comfortable, multi-tiered plush elastic contours easily and helps prevent rolling. And anyone recovering from surgery in the upper torso will appreciate how the ab binder reduces strains.

The binder features a CorEdge® finish for comfort. For a proper fit, measure around the widest part of your torso.

Small - 28" - 32"
Medium - 33"- 37"
Large - 38" - 42"
XL - 43" - 47"
2XL - 48" - 52"
3XL - 53" - 57"

Sold in models 9 in. wide and 12 in. wide.

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