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Aquatic Head Float

With or without Stabilizing Bar

Aquatic Head Float
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Item #: DMP-8725
Mfr: Danmar

Individuals with reflex domination will find aquatic therapy made easier from no need to support the head manually and hands free. The Aquatic Head Float freely supports the head, with or without the optional stabilizing bar. The Aquatic Head Float is latex free foam, while the Head Float with Stabilizer bar does contain latex.
Choose Aquatic Head Float:
Aquatic Head Float without Stabilizer Bar, SmallDMP-8725S$112.28
Aquatic Head Float without Stabilizer Bar, MediumDMP-8725M$136.65
Aquatic Head Float without Stabilizer Bar, LargeDMP-8725L$156.80
Head Float with Mini Stabilizer Bar, MediumDMP-8735M$218.80
Head Float with Mini Stabilizer Bar, LargeDMP-8735L$234.30

Options / Accessories / Add Ons Available for Aquatic Head Float
DMP-8725 Stabilizer Bar
($135.10) DMP-8729-MINI
DMP-8725 Replacement Straps with Clips for Aquatic Head Float
($41.20) DMP-7738
DMP-8725 Replacement Straps for the Stabilizer Bar
($24.80) DMP-8729-Mini
DMP-8725 Sectional Raft
($253.49) DMP-8723
DMP-8725 Delta Swim System
($132.82) DMP-8720-S
DMP-8725 Danmar Dolphin Crotch Strap
($74.36) DMP-7734-Small
DMP-8725 Tri Swim Swimming Aid
($94.90) DMP-8728-S
DMP-8725 Pad Plus for the Delta Swim System
($58.53) DMP-8721-S
DMP-8725 Aquatic Head Float
($112.28) DMP-8725
DMP-8725 Dolphin Float System
($197.10) DMP-8727-Small
DMP-8725 Stabilizer Bar
($135.10) DMP-8729-MINI
DMP-8725 Comfort Mat
($178.50) DMP-8730
DMP-8725 Water Ear Muffs
($73.20) DMP-8732

More Information on the Aquatic Head Float:

The body is kept from tipping backwards or sideways with the Head Float and stabilizer bar, when legs are in a horizontal position. Encouraging neutral position, the superb cushioning design keeps pressure off the spinal column.

Always seek the advice of a medical professional when using for the first time with your special needs client.

Our swimming and floatation equipment by Danmar is designed to accommodate different levels of ability in the water. Constructed from Ensolite® Marine Floatation Foam, they do not sink or absorb water, even if cut or punctured. Each piece is triple coated with our durable vinyl finish, in bright yellow, making them highly visible in the water. Rainbow polypropylene webbing and super tough nylon buckles (on certain products) resist chlorine and salt water corrosion. They are easily cleaned by hand, using mild detergent. Avoid any harsh chemical cleaners.

One real plus for swimmers is the insulating properties of Ensolite® foam which help retain body heat. Most of our Danmar swimgear is designed for custom use by the addition/removal of floatation to gently compensate for changing physical conditions.

In order to help decide on the type of equipment and the appropriate size for the individual, here are a few basic considerations:
- Individuals medical condition, considering the type and severity of the disability.
- Amount of trunk and head control that the individual exhibits.
- Amount of spasticity/rigidity exhibited.
- Age, weight and amount of body fat that contributes to natural buoyancy.
- Teaching goals which are desired i.e. maximum or minimum floatation for full range of motion in the extremities.
- Versatility of equipment: our swim aids by Danmar are designed for all age groups and may be adapted to changing levels of proficiency.




Additional Images:



(DMP-8725) Aquatic Head Float

   Aquatic Head Float  
Size  Dimensions  Patient Weight
 Small 16" L x 12" W x 1 1/2" T  20-30 lbs.
 Medium 20" L x 13" W x 2" T  40-50 lbs.
 Large 22" L x 14" W x 3" T  60-175 lbs.



(DMP-8735) Combination Head Float and Mini Stabilizer Bar


   Head Float with 3 Ft. Stabilizer Bar  
 Size  Dimensions  Patient Weight
 Medium 20"L x 13"W x 2"T
with 3 Ft. Stabilizer Bar
 40-50 lbs.
 Large 22"L x 14"W x 3"T
with 3 Ft. Stabilizer Bar)
 60-175 lbs.





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