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Fort Delaware Playground Set

Choose 3ft or 5ft Deck

Fort Delaware Playground Set
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Item #: FPI-FP-0612A-3

The Fort Delaware Playground Set is a popular, high-quality piece of playground equipment available in several different color schemes. Choose from models with a 5 ft. or 3 ft. tall deck, depending on the height of the children that will be using it. Shipping on the Fort Delaware Playground Set may vary. Please call for a quote. Residential models come with two free belt swings.
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$4,092.73 - Fort Delaware Playground Set 3 Ft. Deck - FPI-FP-0612A-3
$4,092.73 - Fort Delaware Playground Set 5 Ft. Deck - FPI-FP-0612A-5
Choose Fort Delaware Playground Set Support System: (Required Choice)
$0.00 - Fort Delaware Playground Set- Standard Surface Support System - FPI-FP-SS
$0.00 - Fort Delaware Playground Set- In-Ground Support System - FPI-FP-IG
Choose Commerical or Residential Item: (Required Choice)
$0.00 - Residential-Periscope Panel - FPI-RPP
$0.00 - Commerical-Steering Wheel Panel - FPI-CSW
Choose Color Scheme: (Required Choice)
$0.00 - Tropical Sensations (See PDF for Color Info.) - FPI-TSN
$0.00 - Tropical Rainforest (See PDF for Color Info.) - FPI-TR
$0.00 - Tropical Sunrise (See PDF for Color Info.) - FPI-TS
$0.00 - Ponderosa (See PDF for Color Info.) - FPI-P
$0.00 - Sherwood Forest (See PDF for Color Info.) - FPI-SF

Additional Documentation on This Product:

More Information on the Fort Delaware Playground Set:

The Fort Delaware Playground Set can also come with in-ground supports that replace the standard surface support systems. The recommended depth for support stakes is 18 inches; it is also recommended that the stakes be secured with cement for optimal support.

With the in-ground supports, the fort is less portable, but more stable.

The fort can be adjusted in height to suit growing children. A taller slide is the only extra thing needed.

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- 6-Crayon Tower (1)
- Pyramid Roof (1)
- 3' Play Deck (1)
- 5' Play Deck (1)
- Molded Steps to 3' Deck (1)
- Short Vertical Climber from 3' deck to 5' deck (1)
- Crayon Loop Climber (1)
- Fireman's Pole (1)
- Periscope Panel (1) residential application/ Steering Wheel Panel (1) commercial application
- 10' Slide (1)
- Mouse Hole (1)
- Slotted Panel (1)
- Hand-Over-Hand Bars [Monkey Bars] (1)
- Outside Climber (1)
- Outside Climber Support* (2)
*Note: Optional, In-ground supports are available at no extra charge. They replace the standard surface support system. Please specify this change when ordering.

Residential applications also include:
- Belt Swings (2) installed below Hand-Over-Hand Bars
*Note: Commercial applications should have swings as a separate unit.
**Important: All play systems should be installed on a resilient surface. Please follow CPSC safety guidelines. In addition, all non-residential applications need to meet the guidelines for minimum play area surrounding any playground equipment by allowing a minimum 6 foot clearance on all sides, and a minimum of 12 foot clearance for swingsets. 




**3 Photos of Playgrounds based on the Standard Model**




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