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Hensinger Head Support

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Hensinger Head Support
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Item #: DMP-6810-XS-UM
Mfr: Danmar

This soft, foam, wrap around collar is designed to brace the head by using support areas at the base of the occiput and jaw line. After the rest of the body is positioned, this Hensinger Head Support can help maintain mid-line head positioning. Proper head positioning should result in improved breathing, swallowing and simplified feeding. It also aids in social interaction and awareness during classroom activities. This product is contraindicated for use with a tracheotomy. Custom color covers are non-returnable. Black and custom color covers will delay shipping.
This product is non-returnable.
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$121.76 - X-Small-Unmounted - DMP-6810-XS(UM)
$131.24 - Small-Unmounted - DMP-6810-S(UM)
$136.65 - Medium-Unmounted - DMP-6810-M(UM)
$145.95 - Large-Unmounted - DMP-6810-L(UM)
$144.40 - X-Small-Mounted - DMP-6810-XS
$152.15 - Small-Mounted - DMP-6810-S
$159.90 - Medium-Mounted - DMP-6810-M
$176.95 - Large-Mounted - DMP-6810-L
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$5.00 - Blue Cover - Blue Cover
$5.00 - Black Cover - Black Cover
$5.00 - Hot Pink Cover, Lycra custom color, Non-returnable - Hot Pink Cover, Lycra
$5.00 - Razzleberry Cover, Lycra custom color, Non-returnable - Razzleberry Cover, Lycra
$5.00 - Red Cover, Lycra custom color, Non-returnable - Red Cover, Lycra
$5.00 - Purple Cover, Lycra custom color, Non-returnable - Purple Cover, Lycra
$5.00 - Teal Cover, Lycra custom color, Non-returnable - Teal Cover, Lycra
$5.00 - Yellow Cover, Lycra custom color, Non-returnable - Yellow Cover, Lycra
$5.00 - Camo Cover, Lycra custom color, Non-returnable - Camo Cover, Lycra
$5.00 - Black Cover, Lycra custom color, Non-returnable - Black Cover, Lycra
$5.00 - Blue Cover, Lycra custom color, Non-returnable - Blue Cover, Lycra
Options / Accessories / Add Ons Available for Hensinger Head Support
DMP-6810-XS-UM Hensinger Replacement Straps
($18.08) DMP-7902
DMP-6810-XS-UM Hensinger Replacement Covers
($74.36) DMP-7901-XS
DMP-6810-XS-UM Hardwear Only, Two Step Head Support With Hensinger and Otto Bock Mount-Option C
($217.25) DMP-6818-C-3
DMP-6810-XS-UM Lycra Covers for Danmar Head Supports
($73.20) DMP-7923-XS
DMP-6810-XS-UM Hensinger Head Support Mounting Hardware Option D
($94.90) DMP-6818-D-3
DMP-6810-XS-UM Hensinger Quick Release Mount Plate
($65.05) DMP-7903
DMP-6810-XS-UM Hensinger Positioning Straps-One Size
($60.16) DMP-7917
DMP-6810-XS-UM Chest Supports
($150.60) DMP-6610-INF
DMP-6810-XS-UM Hensinger Head Support Size Reducer
($52.55) DMP-6821-N
DMP-6810-XS-UM Modular Headrest with Mount Plate
($102.80) DMP-6812

Additional Documentation on This Product:

More Information on the Hensinger Head Support:

The Hensinger is built with a strong yet pliable reinforcement material around the outside of the support. A simple Quick release buckle allows easy on/off. The Hensinger Head Support may be used in conjunction with a chest support. Soft covers are included.
Hensinger will be sent unmounted with blue covers unless other options are checked.


UNMOUNTED - For cases where specialists want to incorporate unit within their own individualized mounting systems.

MOUNTED - Mounted on Aluminum Bar. Formed to fit feeder seats. This model must always be used in conjunction with trunk support.

HCPC: E0955 or L0180

**See Head Support Considerations Below**

Covers include:
Blue or Black (non-Lycra)
Custom Lycra colors: Hot Pink, Razzleberry, Red, Purple, Blue, Teal, Yellow, Black and Camo






Our products are designed to enrich the lives of their users by permitting realization of the individual's full potential in educational, social and recreational settings.  They can be used during classroom activities, while eating and when used properly, in transportation.  Proper selection of a head support requires that an on site professional evaluation take place, including the following factors:

A.  Breathing should be improved or maintained at the present level.

B.  Swallowing/drainage should be improved or maintained at present level.

C. Field of vision/eye contact should be improved or maintained at present level.

D.  Head contact areas. Head supports maintain the head in a mid-line position.  A portion of the head/neck area that contacts the support is considered the "base area."  Determining the base area helps provide support and maximum comfort.  Improper base area selection can impeded breathing, swallowing, and blood flow; and possibly cause jaw discomfort.

E.  Body Positioning.  Head support must only be used in conjunction with proper trunk support.

F. Head control
should be evaluated from little or no head control to forward, rear or side thrusting, and/or random movements.


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