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[Choose frame height for chain length]

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The JennSwing is designed to help meet the American Disabilities Act guidelines for playground equipment accessibility and safety. Harness, chain, H-shackles and S-hooks are included. Frame sold separately.
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Choose JennSwing Color: (Required Choice)
$486.34 - Jensen Swing Yellow - JSP-Jenswing-Y Add Freight $80.00
$486.34 - Jensen Swing Blue - JSP-Jenswing-B Add Freight $80.00
$486.34 - Jensen Swing Green - JSP-Jenswing-G Add Freight $80.00
$486.34 - Jensen Swing Black - JSP-Jenswing-Bl Add Freight $80.00
$486.34 - Jensen Swing Red - JSP-Jenswing-R Add Freight $80.00
Choose Chain Length (Height of Swing Set Frame): (Required Choice)
$0.00 - None - JSP-NONE
$0.00 - Chain for 8 Foot Frame - JSP-JENSWING-8
$0.00 - Chain for 9 Foot Frame - JSP-JENSWING-9
$0.00 - Chain for 10 Foot Frame - JSP-JENSWING-10
$0.00 - Chain for 12 Foot Frame - JSP-JENSWING-12
$0.00 - Chain - Custom Size (Contact Rehabmart for specifics) - JSP-JENSWING-CUSTOM
Options / Accessories / Add Ons Available for JennSwing
JSP-JENSWING Indoor Outdoor Light Swing Set Frame
($557.55) JSP-LT USE FRAME
JSP-JENSWING Replacement Safety Harness
($54.86) JSP-HARNESS
JSP-JENSWING Residential Rope Ladder
($70.14) JSP-LADDER
JSP-JENSWING Commercial Polished Aluminum Ring or Triangle
($17.00) JSP-A170
JSP-JENSWING Commercial 6 in. Plastisol Ring
($20.78) JSP-A172B
JSP-JENSWING Commercial Plastisol Coated Tri-angle
($21.36) JPS- A185B
JSP-JENSWING Commercial Trapeze Bar Combo
($49.88) JSP-A195
JSP-JENSWING Residential Soft Grip Chain 5 Ft.
($26.76) JSP-C128
JSP-JENSWING Residential Swing Set Accessories
($23.16) JSP-DISK
JSP-JENSWING Commerical Grade Swing Set Accessories
($24.51) JSP-A170

More Information on the JennSwing:

Although this swing can be used by all children, from babies who are just beginning to sit up on their own to school-aged children weighing up to 125 pounds(52kg), it truly has been designed for children with disabilities movement-limiting handicaps. With its patented, lightweight plastic design, JennSwing offers children with special needs the chance to experience the exhilaration of swinging. JennSwing, designed to help meet the American Disabilities Act guidelines for playground equipment in public recreation.

The seat is 14" wide and 11"deep.
The back of the seat is 24" high.
The knee to foot length is 14" long.
The overall length is 45".
Product Wt. 40 lbs - weight limit 125 lbs.

Jenswing comes with a specific length of swing set chain. Choose size according to the height of your swing set. If your swing set is shorter or taller then 8 feet to 12 feet please contact us for a custom cut piece of chain. Chain is not modifiable once it has been delivered.

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