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Molift Active Raiser

Molift Active Raiser
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The Molift Active Raiser is a sit to stand transfer platform designed to provide active, safe transfers for users and caregivers alike. The ergonomic design helps caregivers raise a patient comfortably. The Molift Active Raiser's leg support is easy to adjust with only one hand, and the foot brakes can be locked on either the left or right side- doing so locks both sides at once.
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$1,295.00 - Molift Active Raiser - SS-16090201
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$31.90 - Soft Handle for Raiser - SS-82511
$39.87 - Attachment Raiser Strap - SS-82510
$47.60 - Raiser Strap Small/ Medium - SS-82508
$49.58 - Raiser Strap Lare/ Extra Large - SS-82509
$68.64 - Raiser Strap Small/ Medium with Sliding Sleeve - SS-82528
$72.55 - Raiser Strap Large/ Extra Large with Sliding Sleeve - SS-82529

More Information on the Molift Active Raiser:

The Molift Active Raiser's platform design allows it to be rolled in close to the user's feet, and the footplate has a fine-grained surface with anti-slip capability.

Leg support with one-hand
height regulation

The soft padded leg support provides
comfortable support for the user. It is
simple and convenient to adjust the
height with one-hand operation.
One foot locks both wheels
The foot brake locks both sides
whether you choose the left or right
one. This ensures a smooth and safer
use of the product.
Handle with many grip possibilities
The handle provides many grip
possibilities for both caregivers
and users.
Low boarding
The low step-on height makes it
easier for users to place their feet
on the platform.

A soft extended handle provides better grip for persons with reduced mobility. A safety strap can provide support around the back when standing up. The Raiser Strap+ allows one or two carers to assist users up to a standing

Soft handles
If the user has difficulty grasping the
handle and cannot reach all the way
forward, the soft handle can be used
to further help the user. Supplied in
Safety strap – Raiser Strap
If the user feels unsafe during a
transfer, a safety strap can provide
support around their back when
standing up.
Safety strap with sliding function
– Raiser Strap+

When users need help to be lifted, one
or two caregivers can assist using the
Raiser Strap+.
Bracket for safety strap
The bracket for the safety strap consists
of two buttons with screws that
are retrofitted to the handle frame.
This accessory is required when using
the Raiser strap and the Rasier+.
Safe Working Load
150 kg / 330 lbs
Total Weight
14.2 kg / 31.3 lbs
Steel, plastic, aluminium, TPR
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