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Oval 8 Finger Splint

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Oval 8 Finger Splint
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Stabilize and align finger IP joints to enhance hand function. Oval-8 Finger Splint can be used to correct Swan Neck, Boutonniere and Mallet deformities, reduce Lateral Deviation and rest Trigger Finger. (Pack of 5)
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Size 3 (Qty. 5)NC-58752-03$51.49
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Size 5 (Qty. 5)NC-58752-05$51.49
Size 6 (Qty. 5)NC-58752-06$51.49
Size 7 (Qty. 5)NC-58752-07$51.49
Size 8 (Qty. 5)NC-58752-08$51.49
Size 9 (Qty. 5)NC-58752-09$51.49
Size 10 (Qty. 5)NC-58752-10$51.49
Size 11 (Qty. 5)NC-58752-11$51.49
Size 12 (Qty. 5)NC-58752-12$51.49
Size 13 (Qty. 5)NC-58752-13$51.49
Size 14 (Qty. 5)NC-58752-14$51.49

More Information on the Oval 8 Finger Splint:

Made of 1/16in (16mm), high-temperature polypropylene, Can be adjusted with a heat gun for a small angle alteration. With a simple turn of the splint, each Oval-8 Finger Splint can be used to correct Swan Neck, Boutonniere and Mallet deformities, reduce Lateral Deviation and rest Trigger Finger. Feature a wide, flat band for comfortable pressure distribution and control. Available in 12 sizes, each Oval-8 Finger Splint fits both a full and a half ring size. Sizes correspond to jeweler's ring sizes (but are not an exact match to U.S. jewelers ring sizes), though correlation may vary due to swelling or joint changes.
The economical Oval-8 Kit sold separately includes 42 splints in sizes 3 through 14, carrying case, ring gauge, pen light and instructions. Packaged with most splints in the more commonly used mid-range sizes.
The Oval-8 Sizing Set sold separately includes one each of sizes 3 through 14 and the ring gauge. Refills of each size are available in packs of five. U.S. Patent 610136. Pack of 5.
Suggested HCPCS : L3948

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Customer Reviews of Oval 8 Finger Splint
2 Review(s) Average Customer Rating: 5.0

Great for lateral deviations!    2/12/2010 12:04:27 AM
Posted By: Sue from Seattle, WA
Experience w/product: I own it and use it
Reviewer's Background: Nurse
Comments: I am able to have full thumb strength, flexion, no pain w/this splint. I suggest buying a back-up as I have lost them 2/year since my thumb swells, then reduces in a day. I never have to remove it, even when bathing. It is flat, does not interfere with holding a pen unlike the sterling silver customized rings (waste of money).

w.o.w. away with shots!!    5/23/2009 6:54:47 PM
Posted By: cara lee from san francisco ca
Experience w/product: I own it and use it, I have used it
Reviewer's Background: I am the Person using the Product
Comments: much improvement in the 36 hrs of use to immobilelize a trigger finger. i have since lost the oval-8 splint. i only wish that they were available in assorted sizes. i have had excess of 8 accurrances mostly to my ring fingers and twice to my long finger. they are different sizes.

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