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OxyHealth Respiro 270 Home Hyperbaric Chamber

Portable Hyperbaric Chambers

OxyHealth Respiro 270 Home Hyperbaric Chamber
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The OxyHealth Respiro 270 Hyperbaric Chamber fits in any room, but is spacious enough to allow the user to stretch out freely. The OxyHealth Respiro 270 Hyperbaric Chamber offers users freedom of movement for a pleasant and comfortable treatment. Strategically placed ports and valves offer not only ergonomics but safety. Frame, mattress and sheets sold separately below.
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$11,900.00 - OxyHealth Respiro 270 Home Hyperbaric Chamber - OXY-Respiro270
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$300.00 - Chamber Frame for Hyperbaric Chamber - OXY-FRAME
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$300.00 - Contoured Mattress for Solace 210 or Respiro 270 - OXY-MATTRESS
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OXY-Respiro270 Extended Warranty for OxyHealth Hyperbaric Chambers
($500.00) OXY-Solace210Warranty
OXY-Respiro270 Hyberbaric Sheets
($65.05) OXY-SHEETS
OXY-Respiro270 OxyHealth Bolster Replacement
OXY-Respiro270 Hyperbaric Blankets
($250.37) ML2-MDTFB4C20HYW
OXY-Respiro270 Contoured Mattress for Hyperbaric Chamber
($300.00) OXY-MATTRESS
OXY-Respiro270 Chamber Frame for Hyperbaric Chamber
($300.00) OXY-FRAME
OXY-Respiro270 Extended Warranty for OxyHealth Hyperbaric Chambers
($500.00) OXY-Solace210Warranty
OXY-Respiro270 Hyperbaric Sheets and Pillowcases
($414.75) ML-MDTFS4C15HY

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More Information on the OxyHealth Respiro 270 Home Hyperbaric Chamber:

• 4 PSI portable mild hyperbaric chamber; 44 oz urethane
• Rigid frame maintains form when deflated
• Tamper-proof redundant pressure regulators
• Medical pass-through facilitates external device hookup
• Clean air compressor offers double head, oil-less, dual intake filters
• High efficiency inline filtration system filters to 0.01 microns
• Maximum operating pressure 4 PSI
• Bolster set cradles and stabilizes chamber when inflated
• Custom mattress contoured to fit inside the chamber
• Includes chamber carry bag
• Length: 90”
• Inflated Diameter: 27”
• Inflated circumference: 85”





The revolutionary design of the Mild Hyperbaric Chamber offers a safe and effective means of providing mild hyperbaria. The chamber was designed to combat the symptoms of High Altitude Sickness also known as AMS. Its unique design allows the mild hyperbaric chamber to easily fit the office, the clinic, and even at home. Physicians, clinics and wellness centers may now offer economical and efficient Mild Hyperbaric Therapy in-house without the need to outsource the treatment.

Internationally patented, this chamber design is simple and effective. Using urethane-coated nylon bonded with proprietary steel-weld technology and a dual-zipper seal, OxyHealth engineers have   produced… a unique chamber that is safe and effective. The Mild Hyperbaric Chamber line is completely portable and can even fit into two carry bags. Setup is quick and simple. In as little as 15 minutes, the chamber can be unpacked, tested and ready for treatment.

Low operating pressures of the Mild Hyperbaric Chamber make it a safe and feasible treatment modality. Over 8500 chambers are in service today with a flawless safety record. The chamber is a Class II Medical Device that is FDA cleared for use in the home, sub-acute care, and in clinics.

All About Hyperbaric Therapy or Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

Hyperbaric chambers, used in hyperbaric therapy (HBOT), are any number of enclosures, which can be pressurized to allow a person inside to experience higher atmospheric pressures than the normal environmental pressures.  For example, a treatment at an elevation of 12,000 feet above sea level using a 4 psi (1.27 ATA) can simulate a decent of ~5,843 feet to 6,157 feet above sea level.

At higher elevations, the barometric pressure is lower.  This decrease of pressure also decreases the oxygenation of blood, and is known as anoxia-½"where molecules of oxygen exert less pressure on the walls of the alveoli (Dalton's Law). Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) follows this law.

How does hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) work?

Hyperbaria - Increased atmospheric pressure as a means of increasing
oxygen uptake without an enriched oxygen source
Hyperoxia - Increased total oxygen content

Hyperbaria is based on the concept of the relationship of gas pressure and uptake in liquids (blood, plasma and tissues).  Henry's Law states that “a gas is dissolved by a liquid in direct proportion to its partial pressure.”  For example, at sea level, atmospheric pressure is 760 mm Hg, the oxygen concentration is 21% and the body's oxygen content or partial pressure, pO2, in blood and plasma is ~ 40 mm Hg.

Red blood cells have a limitation as to how much oxygen can bind with hemoglobin.  The plasma portion of the blood typically has about a 3% oxygen concentration.

By placing someone in a 3 psi pressure hyperbaric environment, the increase in atmospheric pressure at sea level goes from 760 mm Hg to 915 mm Hg.  This increase in gas pressure, increases the partial pressure of the oxygen gas and thus forces more oxygen to be dissolved in the plasma.  This saturation of oxygen in the blood, due to the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy or HBOT, allows the extra oxygen to be diffused or transported to the surrounding body tissues.  Thus, oxygen transport by plasma is significantly increased under hyperbaric therapy (HBOT).  At three atmospheres pressure, enough oxygen can be dissolved in the plasma to support the oxygen demands of the body at rest in the absence of hemoglobin!

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is designed to boost the supply of oxygen to ischemic tissue or to diseased tissues that respond to increased oxygen levels.  Increasing the volume of oxygen dissolved in the blood plasma, that is brought about by hyperbaric therapy (HBOT), produces five basic effects:

  • Reduction of volume of gas bubbles in the blood
  • Vasoconstriction, which reduces edema and secondary hypoxia
  • Restoration of aerobic metabolism to ischemic tissue
  • Detoxification of poisoned tissues
  • Enhanced phagocytosis

Henry's Law- Henry's law states that for a gas-liquid interface the amount of the gas that dissolves in the liquid is proportional to its partial pressure.  So Henry's law helps to predict how much gas will be dissolved in the liquid.  The actual amount also depends on the solubility of the gas as well as its partial pressure.

Dalton's Law-John Dalton observed that the total pressure of a gas mixture was the sum of the pressures of each of the gases if they were to exist on their own.

Shipping Dimensions:
Chamber/Compressor: 33L x 20W x 16H - 67lbs.
Bolster: 43L x 18W x 13H - 12lbs
Frame Round/Matt: 28L x 28W x 19H - 24lbs.
Straights: 52L x 17W x 4H - 9lbs.
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