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Romedic ReTurn 7500 Patient Turner

Romedic ReTurn 7500 Patient Turner
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The Romedic ReTurn 7500 Patient Turner can be used to help sitting patients stand, or in patient transfers. It spares the caregiver heavy lifting, while helping strengthen the user's muscles and functional ability, which makes it ideal for use in rehab facilities. The Romedic ReTurn 7500 Patient Turner has a stable base and a standard-height ladder, which makes it ideal for standard-height users. Watch the educational video below!
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Options / Accessories / Add Ons Available for Romedic ReTurn 7500 Patient Turner
ROM-7500 Romedic Padding for ReTurn Leg Support
($90.10) ROM-7215
ROM-7500 Replacement Frame for Romedic ReTurn 7500
($447.98) ROM-7501

Additional Documentation on This Product:

More Information on the Romedic ReTurn 7500 Patient Turner:

The Romedic ReTurn 7500 Patient Turner can support patients weighing up to 330 pounds to provide a secure and active transfer method when the user has to stand up and be moved to a bed, wheelchair or toilet. For the carer, it is an easy procedure which eliminates all heavy lifting procedures. ReTurn rolls easily even with a heavy user. It makes it possible to place the wheelchair at a comfortable distance from the bed to provide the carer more space to work safely. ReTurn 7500 has a standard height ladder-type frame that suits most adults. The spacing of the gripping bars provides multiple hand placement options for the user.

Romedic ReTurn7500 Patient Turner Features and Benefits:
• Rolls, turns and pivots smoothly and easily on all surfaces, even in confined spaces
• Very easy to understand and use, both for the patient and the caregiver
• Many different application areas
• Always close at hand
• Can be easily adapted for different patients
• Activates the patient and eliminates heavy lifting for the caregiver
• Stable and secure base plate
• Easy to roll and directionally stable
• Moving ReTurn7500 requires minimal exertion, even with a larger and heavier patient
• The base plate has a low step-in height and clear markings for the patient's feet
• The base plate's narrower rear profile enables it to be moved in under a wheelchair, so that ReTurn7500 can be positioned very close to the patient
• A recess, for the toilet, makes it possible for the patient to get close enough to achieve a good seated position
• The incline of the rising ladder creates conditions for a natural pattern of movement
• The design allows plenty of work space also for the caregiver, who can remain very close and help to support the patient from different directions
• The rising ladder allows many possibilities for grasping the ladder, including a central 'power grip', it also enables 'climbing'
• The patient is also supported by the ladder during standing training and transfer
• The new version of ReTurn7500 features a rising ladder (patent pending**) with an opening for quick and easy hooking of ReTurnBelt
• The height, width and angle of the lower-leg supports can easily be adjusted to fit different patients
• The lower-leg supports on the new version of ReTurn7500 are equipped with extra padding as standard
• Lockable wheels
• Neat and attractive design that simplifies hygiene
• Low weight
• Easy to assemble and disassemble for transport and storage
• A specially designed bag, which is available as an accessory, protects ReTurn7500 during transport and storage
• ReTurn7500 and ReTurn7400 have the same stable base plate, which makes it possible to change between standard-height and low rising ladders, and thereby cover a broader range of needs and get the best use out of the product

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