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Smart Crutch

Better than standard crutches!

Smart Crutch
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Item #: SCI-C11-001

The Smart Crutch is a unique alternative to traditional axillary or forearm crutches. Its padded forearm cuff and ergonomically designed grip help distribute the user's weight evenly through the hands, wrists, and forearms, while keeping the elbow and wrist at a comfortable, natural angle. This reduces stress on the hands and armpits, and the risk of pinched or damaged nerves. The user's hands will still remain free for carrying objects. The length of the Smart Crutch's forearm cuff and the height of the crutch itself are also adjustable to suit the needs of individual users.
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Choose Single Smart Crutch, Black Only, Left or Right: (Required Choice)
$89.99 - Single Smart Crutch, Black, Left - SCI-C11-001-L
$89.99 - Single Smart Crutch, Black, Right - SCI-C11-001-R
Choose Color for Pair of Smart Crutches: (Required Choice)
$119.95 - Pair of Smart Crutches, Black, Adult 5 ft. 5ft. 7 in. - SCI-C11-001S
$119.95 - Pair of Smart Crutches, Blue, Adult 5 ft. 5ft. 7 in. - SCI-C11-002S
$119.95 - Pair of Smart Crutches, Red, Adult 5 ft. 5ft. 7 in. - SCI-C11-003S
$119.95 - Pair of Smart Crutches, Pink, Adult 5 ft. 5ft. 7 in. - SCI-C11-007S
$119.95 - Pair of Smart Crutches, Black, Adult 5ft. 7 in. to 6 ft. 4 in. - SCI-C11-001
$119.95 - Pair of Smart Crutches, Blue, Adult 5ft. 7 in. to 6 ft. 4 in. - SCI-C11-002
$119.95 - Pair of Smart Crutches, Red, Adult 5ft. 7 in. to 6 ft. 4 in. - SCI-C11-003
Options / Accessories / Add Ons Available for Smart Crutch
SCI-C11-001 Smart Crutch Platform Crutch
($129.95) SCI-PC31-008-L
SCI-C11-001 Smart Crutch Tips
($20.10) SCI-PCT-12

More Information on the Smart Crutch:

The Smart Crutch's forearm platform can be set at an angle ranging from 15 degrees to 90 degrees, and is held in place by a secure locking spline. Hourglass-shaped crutch tips help the users maintain balance even on uneven or slippery surfaces, or on stairs.

Each crutch has a push-pin height adjustment mechanism that can be set in nine different positions to suit users ranging in height between five feet and six feet three inches tall.

Forearm Adjustment Range: 10.6 in. - 14.2 in. L
Height Range: 31.5 in. to 47.3 in. H (1.18 in. increments)
Shaft Diameter: .875 in.
Weight Capacity: 260 lbs.
Unit Weight: 1.76 lbs. (single), 3.52 lbs. (pair)
Package Size: 33 in. L x 11 in. W x 7 in. H WT. 7 lbs.

One year warranty for manufacturer defects.




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Customer Reviews of Smart Crutch
3 Review(s) Average Customer Rating: 2.3

1 Stars Dont even try to purchase one. The site doesnt work.    7/31/2014 2:33:15 AM
Posted By: JDBH from KC
Reviewer's Background: Other or N/A
Comments: I need only one "Smart Crutch." However, the site makes me pick something from both the single crutch section and the pair section. Since I dont need 3 crutches, I am going somewhere else to make the purchase. I may pay a little bit more, but it will save me the time and hassle of contacting customer service to try to get the problem resolved.

1 Stars Wish I Could Buy It    7/28/2014 3:07:24 PM
Posted By: Why Doesnt Your Site Work?
Reviewer's Background: Other or N/A
Comments: Wanted to buy this product but your site will not allow me to purchase a pair. Instead I must choose a single crutch and a pair which totals to over $200. Your site will not let me edit it. Oh well. I guess Ill be purchasing from one of your competitors.

great product    11/26/2013 2:08:29 AM
Posted By: cesar
Reviewer's Background: I am the Person using the Product
Comments: I got a pair and loved them,but the right grabbing handle broke and is so hard to find and buy only the complete crutch,I did buy it less than year ago but after a few fell the plastic gave out. But I need it no other option.

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