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SPIO Shirt Compression Garments, Choose Size

SPIO Shirt Compression Garments, Choose Size
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Item #: SWS-S41
Mfr: Spio Works

This SPIO Shirt style provides single-layer compression to the arms, trunk, and legs.
SPIO Shirt Compression Garments, Choose Size:
SPIO Shirt, Chest Circumference 41cmSWS-S41$161.45
SPIO Shirt, Chest Circumference 44cmSWS-S44$161.45
SPIO Shirt, Chest Circumference 47cmSWS-S47$161.45
SPIO Shirt, Chest Circumference 51cmSWS-S51$161.45
SPIO Shirt, Chest Circumference 54cmSWS-S54$161.45
SPIO Shirt, Chest Circumference 57cmSWS-S57$161.45
SPIO Shirt, Chest Circumference 60cmSWS-S60$161.45
SPIO Shirt, Chest Circumference 64cmSWS-S64$161.45
SPIO Shirt, Chest Circumference 67cmSWS-S67$161.45

Options / Accessories / Add Ons Available for SPIO Shirt Compression Garments, Choose Size
SWS-S41 SPIO Pants Compression Garments
($161.45) SWS-P45
SWS-S41 SPIO Glove Compression Garments
($57.50) SWS-G4.0
SWS-S41 SPIO Vest Compression Garments
($271.13) SWS-V41

Additional Documentation on This Product:

More Information on the SPIO Shirt Compression Garments, Choose Size:

The SPIO Shirt is best suited for children with primary sensory awareness deficits. Based on individual need, the orthosis can cover to the wrist or be trimmed to the elbow or forearm length for improved fine motor control.

' Assists with primary awareness deficits in upper extremity and trunk
' Positive impact on shoulder/arm stability and function
' Can be combined with pants or unitard to provide double layer compression tothe shoulder, trunk, hips, and pelvis while providing single layer compression to the arms and legs.


' Single Layer
' 3.5" long Hook and loop back neck closure (optional full back hook and loop closure)
' Comes standard with long sleeves to provide complete coverage of arms to wrist
' Designed to fit snug over hips

SPIO' is made of a patented Lycra-like blend of fabric. It has a unique multi-directional stretch which provides an enhanced rebound and "spring back" effect. SPIO' does not contain Latex components. Other features of SPIO' are:

Easy to use. SPIO' is easy to put on and adjustments are quick and minimal.

Affordable. Parents find it helpful to have two sets of systems for laundering. Because insurance will not typically cover two sets, we adjusted our prices to make them out-of-pocket friendly.

Can be worn under clothes. SPIO' is not bulky and can be worn discretely under clothing or fashionably by itself.

Comfortable. The lightweight and breathable fabric blend feels soft and cool against the skin while providing an intimate fit that moves with the child.

No break-in period. From the moment you receive your SPIO', your child can begin wearing it all day. They may not want to take it off!

Allows for growth. SPIO' systems allow a 25% growth. If properly taken care of your SPIO will last for years.

The use of any compression-type orthotic system such as SPIO' should be discussed with your clinician prior to using.

At this time we only offer standard systems in the color black.


PANTS L2999, L0621, L1690, L0623
VEST L1499, L3999, L0450, L0454
GLOVES L3807, L3923

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 How To Measure for SPIO Compression Garments Here are some additional guidelines to help you:


  • Measurements are taken with patient lying down
  • Measurements are taken in centimeters
  • If measurement is between sizes, round up in size for growth
  • High tone children may need smaller size






 Chest Circumference (Measure at Nipple Line)

Top of Shoulder to Hip

 S 41 

 Chest Circumference = 41cm
          Shoulder to trochanter = 26cm


 S 44

  Chest Circumference = 44cm
          Shoulder to trochanter = 30cm


 S 47

 Chest Circumference = 47cm
          Shoulder to trochanter = 34cm


 S 51

  Chest Circumference = 51cm
          Shoulder to trochanter = 38cm


 S 54

 Chest Circumference = 54cm
          Shoulder to trochanter = 42cm


 S 57

 Chest Circumference = 57cm
          Shoulder to trochanter = 46cm


 S 60

 Chest Circumference = 60cm
          Shoulder to trochanter = 48cm


 S 64 

 Chest Circumference = 64cm
          Shoulder to trochanter = 50cm


 S 67

 Chest Circumference = 67cm
          Shoulder to trochanter = 54cm



HCPCS CODES: It is solely the care provider's responsibility to determine if a given diagnosis properly corresponds to a given billing code, Rehabmart is simply providing this information as a starting point for possible billing code applicability.  This information is based upon anecdotal accounts of acceptable billing codes for diagnoses in which the identified product has been used in the past. Rehabmart does not participate in the billing process and it is solely the caregiver's responsibility to determine if the billing code actually applies to the treatment provided.


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