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Test of Gross Motor Development

Test of Gross Motor Development
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Test of Gross Motor Development (TGMD-2) assists you in identifying children ages 0-3 through 10-11 who ar significantly behind their peers in gross motor skill development.
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More Information on the Test of Gross Motor Development:

Made up of 12-skills (six for each subtest):
1. Locomotor: run, gallop, hop, leap, horizontal jump and slide
2. Object Control: striking a stationary ball, stationary dribble, kick, catch, overhand throw and underhand roll

Detailed descriptions and illustrations of the gross motor skills and a simplified scoring system allow quick and easy administration of the test (in only 15 to 20 minutes). You can use the results of this assessment in develop instructional programs, monitor progress, evaluate treatment, and conduct further research in gross motor development.

The TGMD-2 includes several updates to the first edition:

All new normative information is keyed to the projected 2000 census.
Normative information is now stratified by age relative to geography, gender, race, and residence.
Age norms have been divided into half-year increments for both subtests for ages 3-0 through 7-11.
New reliability and validity studies, including exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses that empirically support the skills chosen for each subtest.
Evidence related to content sampling and test-retest time sampling reliability is provided. Reliability coefficients for the Locomotor subtest average .85, the Object Control subtest average .88, and the Gross Motor composite average .91. Standard Error of Measurement (SEM) is 1 at every age interval for both subtests and 4 or 5 for the composite score at each age interval. Coefficient alpha for selected subgroups are all above .90 for the subtest and the composite. Time sampling reliability coefficients range from .84 to .96. Content-description, criterion-prediction, and construct-identification validity that further support the use of the TGMD-2 in identifying children who are significantly behind their peers in gross motor development are also provided.

Using the TGMD-2, you will obtain standard scores, percentile scores, and age equivalents. The test also provides you with a Gross Motor Quotient if both subtests are completed.

Complete TGMD-2 Kit includes: Examiner's Manual and 50 Profile/Examiner Record Booklets in a sturdy storage box. (2000)

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