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The CindyLift Transfer System

The CindyLift Transfer System
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The CindyLift Transfer System is a standing lift designed to help caregivers and patients with transferring. Described as a "human hand truck", it is simple and effective for patients of just about any diagnosis. The CindyLift Transfer System is compact and can fit through narrow doorways. The unique lifting style helps eliminate the need for repositioning after transfers.
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CindyLift with Small Seat Sling (13 in W x 6 in D)PE-CindyLift-Small$1,659.03
CindyLift with Large Seat Sling (19 in W x 6 in D)PE-CindyLift-Large$1,659.03
Select Your Optional Accessories Below:
Single Back StrapPE-CindyLift-SBS-Small$71.57
Padded Back StrapPE-CindyLift-PBS-Small$101.85
Sheepskin Headrest CoverPE-CindyLift-SHC$69.94
Sheepskin Sling CoverPE-CindyLift-SSC$155.87
Sheepskin Back Strap CoverPE-CindyLift-SBSC$155.87
Two Inch Footrest Riser BlockPE-CindyLift-FRB$146.57

More Information on the The CindyLift Transfer System:

The CindyLift Transfer System comes with the following standard features: folding leg assembly with a kneeling feature, adjustable height and depth chest support, headrest and depth-adjustable knee supports, wheel locks, and a folding frame design.


Base: 21 in. W x 37.5 in. D x 45 in. H
Weight capacity: 250 lbs.
Client height range: 4 ft. - 6 ft. 4 in.
Seat slings: 13 in. W x 6 in. D (small), 19 in W x 6 in. D (large)
Back straps: 13.5 in. W x 5 in. H (small), 15.5 in. W x 10 in. H

The CindyLift Transfer System uses correct ergonomics, leverage, and body mechanics to properly and comfortably transfer the patient from a variety of surfaces. 90-degree positioning allows safe and comfortable transfers for patients with contractures or other special positioning needs.


CindyLift was designed by a father for his daughter Cindy. Cindy has MS and lived with her parents in a small mobile home and as her condition deteriorated to a point where she was no longer able to transfer, her father came up with this amazing product The Cindy lift is affectionately refer to as a “human hand truck” this unique transfer device is only 21 inches wide and is especially helpful to people with small doorways and tight access areas in the home, It is simple and effective for almost any diagnosis and caregivers can easily be trained to operate the unit safely. Contact us to try it out for yourself, Our network of independent manufacturers reps and you local equipment supplier can help you decide if Cindy Lift is right for you.

CindyLift Features

  • Compact: Minimal 21" overall width allows for easy entry through narrow doorways and into other previously inaccessible areas. Bathrooms, mobile homes, small apartments, hotels and other areas that have limited access are easily handled by the compact design of this unit.

  • Ergonomic Design: This easy-to-use, compact device uses correct ergonomics, leverage and body mechanics to properly and comfortably transfer clients from multiple surfaces without the bulk and size of other lifting devices.

  • Posture: Unique lifting style eliminates the need for repositioning after transfers as with bulky overhead units. This innovative design omits the hammocking effect experienced on other sling transfer devices.

  • Positioning: 90 degree positioning allows safe and comfortable transfers for clients with contractures or other special positioning needs. Clients with contractures are easily moved and transferred without stress or discomfort due to their positioning.

  • Multi-Positional Frame: The CindyLift has a quick release folding leg allowing the unit to be placed in a kneeling position while in use, for client care, a resting position or positional change.

  • Slings: Easy-to-use slings require no lifting of the client and seat them in a natural position without having to reposition them after a transfer.

  • Finish: Attractive, durable powder coat finish supplies long life and low maintenance.

  • Portability: The design of this innovative device allows it to fold down for easy transport and minimal storage requirements

Standard Base Dimensions: 21" wide X 37 1/2" deep X 45" tall
Client Weight: capacity 250 lbs.
Client Height: from 4' - 6' 4"
Seat Slings: Small - 13” wide x 6" deep
Large - 19” wide x 6" deep
Back Straps: Small - 13 1/2" wide x 5" tall 
Large - 15 1/2" wide x 10" tall
Sling/Strap Options:
Seat Sling (small or large)
Single Back Strap
Padded Back Strap (small or large)
Misc Options:
Sheepskin Headrest Cover
Sheepskin Sling Cover
Sheepskin Back Strap Cover
Footrest Riser Block 2"



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