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TheraTogs ULTRA Wunzi Infant System

TheraTogs for Early Intervention

TheraTogs ULTRA Wunzi Infant System
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The TheraTogs ULTRA Wunzi Infant System is designed as a comfortable, foam-lined wearable therapy system that feels like a body hug for young infants. Addressing such indications as Hypotonia, Diplegic or Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy, Torticollis, Athetosis, Cerebellar Ataxia, BPI, and Developmental Delay with the Wunzi Infant System should be accompanied by the direction of a therapist. Like all TheraTogs systems, the Wunzi is a Velcro®-sensitive garment and strapping system that grips the skin. The patented composite fabric is elasticized with a stretch bias that favors good postural alignment - just the thing for a growing baby. The Wunzi Limb Kit includes grip-lined elastic straps that operate like external muscles and ligaments to improve functioning body and proximal joint alignment in order to optimize motor development. Extra limb cuffs and straps are also included. If ordering a new Wunzi system for the first time, we suggest ordering a limb kit.
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More Information on the TheraTogs ULTRA Wunzi Infant System:

For even more information, please see the downloadable/printable PDF's above "Wunzi FAQ" and "Sizing Charts".

Wunzi Key Features & Benefits-
With garment-embedded closure tabs, the "onesie" styled over-the-diaper Wunzi goes on quickly and easily. Simpler than 2 piece 'Togs, the Wunzi still utilizes the same core-strengthening straps and Goldtone fabric of the PTA System in a more manageable 1 piece set. Familiar Design means Improved Compliance!

Now with even longer Velcro tabs attached to the ends of the straps for a stronger anchor point- no more straps popping loose- and makes it easier to dress those wiggling babies!

The Wunzi system now includes limb cuffs and basic strapping to address a broader range of infant posture and alignment issues. The Limb Kit (described below) can still be purchased as a separate item for infants of any size who need significant abdominal support, lateral rotation, or iliopsoas muscle assistance beyond what the base system now provides. For clients wearing the larger sizes, you may need the Limb Kit for spinal or upper trunk extension to stabilize scapulae, or to support hip extension with abduction and lateral rotation.

Add the Wunzi Limb Kit to address any of the indications previously supported by TheraTogs' Upper or Lower Extremity strapping applications. The Wunzi combines the functions of three TheraTogs systems into one targeted solution. Use the Wunzi for infants and very young children to address any of the indications supported by TheraTogs garment and strapping applications for:
Posture & Torso alignment, balance, and strengthening
Lower Extremity alignment and function
Upper Extremity alignment and function

With the TheraTogs ULTRA Wunzi you can:
-Increase sensory awareness and information
-Train functioning trunk muscles in shorter state to improve postural alignment and control
-Limit excessive trunk motions
-Improve functioning alignment of hips and/or shoulders
-Gently stabilize one or both scapulae
-Improve respiration by reducing flexible kyphosis.

TheraTogs are an FDA-registered Class I medical device, providing gentle and prolonged muscle stretch and alignment that replicates the manual positioning and supervised therapy that the rehab clinician offers in a typical session. Commonly known as wearable therapy devices, the benefits of having thousands of repetitions in the garment to align correctly are readily apparent. These softgoods are not an off-the-shelf tool to be used without professional direction, however they are easy to wear and care for once properly fitted and instructed on how to best utilize them. The complete line of TheraTogs include the new Wunzi for infants, the PTA system, full body, lower extremity, autism/SPD and wrist/thumb. We hope that you will contact us with any questions that you may have before purchasing.

Theratogs Systems purchased through Rehabmart are intended for U.S. residents. Purchasing this item for use outside the U.S. will void all warranties.

The new Wunzi: Easy to apply, simple to use - an essential early intervention modality for infants with sensory and motor development deficits.

Recommended Systems for Specific Clinical Objectives
Clinical Objective Recommended System

Flexion and Hip Lateral Rotation Assist 
Hip Abduction control with lateral rotation Wunzi + Limb Kit
Hip Extension with Hip Abduction and Lateral Rotation (6 to 24 months) Wunzi + Limb Kit
Hip Extension with Hip Abduction and Lateral Rotation (birth to 6 months) Wunzi
Iliopsoas Muscle Assist Wunzi + Limb Kit
Lumbar Extension with Hip Flexion, Abduction & Lateral Rotation Wunzi + Limb Kit
Shorten and Assist Abdominal Muscles: Position and sensory awareness Wunzi
Spinal Extension Assist (birth to 6 months) Wunzi
Spinal Extension Assist w/ abdominal strapping (6 to 24 months) Wunzi + Limb Kit
Spinal Flexion Wunzi
Spinal Flexion with abdominal assist  Wunzi + Limb Kit
Stabilize Scapula w/ Upper trunk extension (6 to 24 months)  Wunzi + Limb Kit
Stabilize Scapula w/ Upper trunk extension (birth to 6 months) Wunzi

You May Need a Limb Kit When:
 -Developmental milestones become more complex
 -Distal fine tuning of limbs is needed (core/trunk milestones are met)
 -Integrative and intensive therapy program is matched with developmental milestones
 -The child sits independently, but additional strapping options are needed to meet position and
control objectives.
You Probably Need a Limb Kit When:
 -Sitting, crawling and rolling milestones are progressing quickly and the therapist requires
different control or positional strap lengths
 -A multifunctional team (PT, OT, SP) is working with the child with separate therapy goals.


Please read this informative PDF for more information on the Wunzi, including frequently asked questions.


TheraTogs are specialized undergarments and straps customized for your patient to create a live-in
system that provides either neuromotor or postural training, or prolonged proprioceptive input.
  For patients with biomechanical or neuromotor issues, TheraTogs work by allowing the
clinician to set the patient’s body in proper functional alignment, and letting them re-train their
body through the ‘practice’ of daily activities.  By applying prolonged, gentle forces during
activity, TheraTogs can actually change the muscle and connective tissue – and for infants and
young children, bone and joint development as well – in favor of better function and better alignment.

 For patients with sensory and sensorimotor issues, TheraTogs work by applying consistent, gentle compression and proprioceptive input across the entire trunk, and by offering stability and support in a dynamic system that moves with the patient.
Using TheraTogs as ‘wearable therapy’, your patient can gain the experience and the benefits of an all-day clinical therapy session. This is what we mean when we tell clinicians they can “send their hands home” with TheraTogs.   Rather than receive only 1 to 3 hours of therapy per week, the typical TheraTogs client receives up to 16 hours of wearable therapy every day.
Today there are five primary TheraTogs models used by occupational therapists:
  • Posture & Torso Alignment Systems - Correct posture, improve respiration, and improve torso alignment in seating and standing.
  • Autism/SPD Systems - Provide full-torso proprioceptive input and postural support for mild hypotonia.
  • (New!) Wunzi Infant Systems - A special infant-only design, similar to the PTA in function and benefits - availability just announced.
  • Full Body Systems - Addresses a full range of torso and upper extremity issues, including shoulder subluxation, scapula winging, and brachial plexus injury.
  • Wrist & Thumb Systems - The most adaptable wrist and thumb support system on the market (pediatric sizes only).
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