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ToniCross Accessories

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ToniCross Accessories
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These ToniCross Accessories are meant to be enhancements for the Kaye ToniCross™ Special Needs Tricycle. Options offered include a Back Support, Leg Abductor and Foot Support. Back support is shown.
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Back Support for Small TricycleKP-JM1-B$294.97
Back Support for Medium TricycleKP-JM2-B$294.97
Back Support for Large TricycleKP-JM3-B$294.97
Leg Brace for Small Tricycle (1 Pair)KP-JM1-L$309.50
Leg Brace for Medium Tricycle (1 Pair)KP-JM2-L$309.50
Leg Brace for Large Tricycle (1 Pair)KP-JM3-L$309.50
Foot Plate for Small Tricycle (1 Pair)KP-JM1-F$357.21
Foot Plate for Medium Tricycle (1 Pair)KP-JM2-F$357.21
Foot Plate for Large Tricycle (1 Pair)KP-JM3-F$357.21

More Information on the ToniCross Accessories:

The various ToniCross Accessories are described below.


The BACK SUPPORT can be placed low around the pelvis or high around the trunk to provide the needed postural control. If needed, two units can be used on the same upright to provide trunk and pelvic support. 

The LEG ABDUCTORS are generally used in combination with the foot supports to align the leg from the hip to the ankle. The abductor controls adduction and internal rotation of the hip. 

The FOOT SUPPORTS with ankle and toe straps keep the feet on the pedals so that the reciprocal movements that the child makes in pedaling are directed toward moving the trike forward. 


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