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Triaid Imp Special Needs Tricycle

Triaid Imp Special Needs Tricycle
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The Triaid Imp Special Needs Tricycle is designed for children from 2½ to 5 years of age, and supports up to 70 pounds (32kg). The low gear ratio and dual axle makefor easy pedaling. The Triaid Imp Special Needs Tricycle has 12 1/2 in. wheels, and smaller handlebars for smaller fingers and hands. Picture shows the Triaid Imp Special Needs Tricycle with Back Trunk Support & Foot Sandals which are sold separately. Please allow a 3-6 week lead time on this product.
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Options / Accessories / Add Ons Available for Triaid Imp Special Needs Tricycle
TRI-TI 1 Imp Handlebar Mitts for Triaid Special Needs Tricycles
($69.94) TRT-TRA 14
TRI-TI 1 Imp Triaid Padded Back and Trunk Support for Imp Bike
($134.40) TRI-TIA1
TRI-TI 1 Imp In-Line Trunk Support for Triaid Imp Special Needs Tricycle
($213.07) TRI-TIA 6
TRI-TI 1 Imp Pelvic Strap for Triaid Special Needs Tricycle
($28.40) TRI-TRA5
TRI-TI 1 Imp Comfi Grip Handlebars for Triaid Imp Special Needs Tricycle
($81.00) TRI-TIA 7
TRI-TI 1 Imp Triaid Foot Sandals
($87.00) TRI-TIA2
TRI-TI 1 Imp Push Pull Bar for Triaid Special Needs Tricycle
($69.94) TRI-TRA 13
TRI-TI 1 Imp Triaid Puncture Proof Tires
($32.90) TRI-TIA9
TRI-TI 1 Imp Padded Dual Pull Pelvic Strap for Triaid Special Needs Tricycles
($65.05) TRI-TRA5P
TRI-TI 1 Imp Leg Calipers for Triaid Imp Special Needs Tricycle
($126.50) TRI-TIA 10
TRI-TI 1 Imp Triaid Multi-Axle Head Support
($243.20) TRI-HSK10
TRI-TI 1 Imp Rear Carrier Basket for Triaid Special Needs Tricycles
($54.20) TRI-TRA 7

More Information on the Triaid Imp Special Needs Tricycle:

The are benefits to be gained from riding tricycles. Not only are is it fun, but also the therapeutic benefits it provides through muscle stimulation and cartiovascular exercise are very important.

Comfort and support is provided by the extra wide padded saddle, an essential component therapists recommend for a stable seating position. This is complemented by the adjustable high-low handlebars and seat adjustments which combine to ensure the rider is in the optimum position to pedal and control the tricycle in a confident manner.

**If Rear Steering is desired, it MUST be specified at time of order as it cannot be retro-fitted at a later date. See Optional Accessories for Reer Steering.**

Best of all, easy adjustments can be made for a child's growth in size as well as growth in riding ability. To determine if the Imp pediatric adaptive tricycle will appropriately fit your child, simply compare the inseam measurement to the Imp's target range. The inseam range for a child using the Imp is 12in.-15in. (32-39.5 cm).

The dual axle drive system helps to reduce resistance when pedaling, making it easy for a child with low muscle tone and decreased strength to ride the tricycle. This dual-axle special needs tricycle is outfitted with a low ratio 1:1 fixed gear, which means that for one revolution of the pedals there is one revolution of the wheels. The fixed gear design enables the child with special needs to start moving the tricycle easily, put the tricycle in reverse, and slow down if going too fast!

The Imp special needs tricycle combines a modern style design with comfort and safety features that are sure to enhance a child's strength, self-esteem and FUN!!! The Imp's stability is built into the frame with a low center of gravity and a broad wheelbase, helping to prevent tipping. An adjustable steering stop is another stability feature the Imp offers to help control the turning circle of the special needs tricycle.



 Triaid Color Samples

Red, Blue, Black, Green, or Pink paints are no additional cost. Yellow has been discontinued.

Metallics: Red, Blue, and Silver have an additional charge of 20.00

Purple paint has an additional charge of 15.00.



Rear Steering
(optional accessory, please indicate at time of ordering)



Option Drive
The Option Drive combines the features from both a Fixed and Free Wheel Gearing system. 

The gear can be locked into fixed drive mode with a locking plunger. This item has become very popular with younger riders who may become tired when pedaling constantly with a fixed drive gear. 

The Handlebar Mits are constructed from a neoprene type material, these supports fix the hands onto the handlebars. The support fits around the wrist and then fits over the handlebar. The mits are available in two sizes (small and medium) and in either left or right hand sides. 
What is the age range of your tricycles?
Our tricycles cater for ages from 2 1/2 years through to adult. Our sizing chart will guide you to the most suitable size of tricycle.

How can I transport/store your larger tricycles?
Apart form our IMP tricycle all our other tricycle models have an option to be supplied with a frame folding mechanism. This will split the tricycle in two but has to be specified at time of order.

Will the tricycle grow with my child?
All tricycles are fully adjustable for future growth. Our tricycle specification chart provides information on growth possibilities. 

Can I get spares?
Yes, although many of the parts we use are regular cycle parts some components are specifically made for our tricycles. We carry a full range of spares or contact your local cycle shop who will also be able to assist you.

Can I get gears on my trike?
All our tricycles are built as single speed as standard with a fixed wheel. This allows the rider to also pedal backwards and is beneficial for a great many children. On our TMX and Tracker models we can offer the option of Shimano 5 speed index gearing for the more able riders. This option cannot be retro fitted and has to be specified at time of ordering.

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