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Triaid Tracker Special Needs Tricycle

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Triaid Tracker Special Needs Tricycle
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The Triaid Tracker Special Needs Tricycle has 20" or 24" wheels, alloy 'V' brakes with a parking brake mechanism and is fitted with a frame folding mechanism which allows for easy transportation and storage. For added comfort and stability, a large tractor style seat is provided. The Triaid Tracker Special Needs Tricycle is available in two sizes. The Tracker 20" is designed for smaller tennagers and adults, while the 24" Tracker is more generous in size. The new T5 Trackers feature a front disc brake with additional V-style brake with parking option for ultimate stopping power. NOTE: Photo of Tracker has the Tractor Style Seat there is an upcharge for this seat as it does not come standard. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks' lead time.
Choose an item from each section marked "Required Choice", then click "Add to Cart":
Choose Size of Tracker: (Required Choice)
$1,121.00 - Tracker 20 inch Tricycle - TRI-TG1 Add Freight $80.00
$1,220.40 - Tracker 20 inch T5 Tricycle - TRI-TG1/SG Add Freight $80.00
$1,268.00 - Tracker 24 inch Tricycle - TRI-TT1 Add Freight $80.00
$1,359.00 - Tracker 24 inch T5 Tricycle - TRI-TT1/SG Add Freight $80.00
Choose Color of Triaid Tracker : (Required Choice)
$0.00 - Red Tracker Special Needs Tricycle - TRI-TG1 Red
$0.00 - Royal Blue Tracker Special Needs Tricycle - TRI-TG1 Royal Blue
$0.00 - Black Tracker Special Needs Tricycle - TRI-TG1 Black
$0.00 - Green Tracker Special Needs Tricycle - TRI-TG1 Green
$0.00 - Orange Tracker Special Needs Tricycle - TRI-TG1 Orange
$0.00 - Pink Tracker Special Needs Tricycle - TRI-TG1 Pink
$15.00 - Purple Tracker Special Needs Tricycle - TRI-TG1 Purple
$20.00 - Metallic Red Tracker Special Needs Tricycle - TRI-TG1 Metallic Red
$20.00 - Metallic Silver Tracker Special Needs Tricycle - TRI-TG1 Metallic Silver
$20.00 - Metallic Blue Tracker Special Needs Tricycle - TRI-TG1 Metallic Blue
Optional Foot Sandals and Calipers: (Optional)
None / Skip
$57.34 - Self Balance Pedals with Toe Clips - TRI-A8
$87.00 - Foot Sandals - TRI-TXA2
$96.48 - Foot Sandals with pulley system - TRI-TXA2P
$204.85 - Leg Calipers and Foot Sandals - TRI-TTA10-TXA2
Optional Handlebars: (Optional)
None / Skip
$0.00 - Reverse Handlebars (NO CHARGE) - TRI-OPT1
$0.00 - Loop Handlebar (NO CHARGE) - TRI-TTA7
$69.94 - Handlebar Mitts (LARGE)- left - TRI-TRA14L LARGE
$69.94 - Handlebar Mitts (LARGE) - right - TRI-TRA14R LARGE
$81.00 - Comfi Grip Handlebars - TRI-TRA9
$128.08 - Large Handlebar Mitts - pair (left and right) - TRI-TRA-14L-14R PAIRLARGE
Optional Rear Steering: (Optional)
None / Skip
$69.94 - Control pole - front & rear mounting - TRI-TRA13
$82.26 - Control Pole - front & rear mounting with height adjustable pole - TRI-TRA19
$209.50 - Rear Steering - TRI-TTA11
Optional Multi-Axle Head Support: (Optional)
None / Skip
$243.20 - Multi-Axle Head Support includes Bracket - TRI-HSK10
Optional Gears: (Optional)
None / Skip
$0.00 - Standard Gear - 18T on Tracker - TRI-G18T
$0.00 - Very Low Gear - no charge - TRI-G14T
$0.00 - Low Gear - no charge - TRI-G16T
$0.00 - Very High Gear - no charge - TRI-G24T
$126.50 - Option Drive (Fixed and Freewheel gearing) - TRI-TFF24
$0.00 - Single Speed Freewheel Gearing instead of Standard or Option Drive - TRI-MOD-1
Optional Seat: (Optional)
None / Skip
$0.00 - Saddle in Forward Position - no charge - TRI-OPT2
$55.19 - Comfort Saddle - TRI-A5
$147.50 - Contour Saddle - TRI-A10
$134.40 - Tractor Style Seat - TRI-A4
Optional Brake Levers: (Optional)
None / Skip
$0.00 - Right Hand Brake Lever (standard) - TRI-OPT3
$0.00 - Left Hand Brake Lever - TRI-OPT4
Optional Puncture Proof Tires: (Optional)
None / Skip
$85.74 - Puncture Proof Tires (pair) - TRI-TTA5
Optional Rear Carrier Basket: (Optional)
None / Skip
$54.20 - Rear Carrier Basket - Can't be used if ordering Rear Steering - TRI-TRA7
Optional Trunk Support: (Optional)
None / Skip
$28.40 - Pelvic Strap - TRI-TXA5
$65.05 - Padded Dual Pull Pelvic Strap - TRI-TRA5P
Optional Back Trunk Support with Padding: (Optional)
None / Skip
$126.50 - Back Trunk Support with Padding - TRI-TTA1
Optional Swivel Seat Mechanism: (Optional)
None / Skip
$134.40 - Swivel Seat Mechanism - TRI-TSM1
Optional Lateral Supports: (Optional)
None / Skip
$163.00 - Lateral Supports - TRI-A6
Optional In Line Trunk Support: (Optional)
None / Skip
$213.07 - In Line Trunk Support - TRI-TXA6
Options / Accessories / Add Ons Available for Triaid Tracker Special Needs Tricycle
TRI-TG1 Triaid Back and Trunk Support
($128.08) TRI-TTA1
TRI-TG1 Pelvic Strap for Triaid Special Needs Tricycle
($28.40) TRI-TRA5
TRI-TG1 Push Pull Bar for Triaid Special Needs Tricycle
($69.94) TRI-TRA 13
TRI-TG1 Comfi Grip Handlebars for Triaid Terrier or Tracker Tricycle
($81.00) TRI-TRA 9
TRI-TG1 Handlebar Mitts for Triaid Special Needs Tricycles
($69.94) TRT-TRA 14
TRI-TG1 Leg Calipers for Triaid Tracker Special Needs Tricycle
($129.66) TRI-TTA 10
TRI-TG1 Tractor Style Seat for Tracker Special Needs Tricycles
($134.40) TRI-A4
TRI-TG1 Triaid Multi-Axle Head Support
($243.20) TRI-HSK10
TRI-TG1 Padded Dual Pull Pelvic Strap for Triaid Special Needs Tricycles
($65.05) TRI-TRA5P
TRI-TG1 Triaid Foot Sandals
($87.00) TRI-TIA2
TRI-TG1 In-Line Back Trunk Support for Triaid Tracker Special Needs Tricycle
($213.07) TRI-TXA6
TRI-TG1 Rear Carrier Basket for Triaid Special Needs Tricycles
($54.20) TRI-TRA 7
TRI-TG1 Triaid Puncture Proof Tires
($32.90) TRI-TIA9

More Information on the Triaid Tracker Special Needs Tricycle:

There are benefits to be gained from riding tricycles. Not only are they fun, but they are also therapeutic providing muscle stimulation and cardiovascular exercise. The secure feeling provided by the broad wheelbase and well-balanced handling coupled with the extensive range of positional accessories ensures they can accommodate most physically challanged riders. Comfort and support is provided by the extra wide padded saddle which is an essential component therapists recommend for a stable seating position. This is complemented by the adjustable high-low handlebars and seat adjustments which combine to ensure the rider is in the optimum position to pedal and control the tricycle in a confident manner.

**If Rear Steering is desired, it MUST be specified at time of order as it cannot be retro-fitted at a later date.**

Loop Handlebars are available at no charge as a replacement for traditional handlebars.

Adjustable back/trunk support:
-A broad wrap-around back support with waist strap which has vertical and horizontal adjustments. The broad upholstered support gives extra stability to younger children.
-A pelvic strap can be added for more pelvic control.
In-line trunk support:
The ultimate trunk control system. This unit provides trunk and pelvic stability and can be adjusted horizontally and vertically. It has a padded back pad, two curved lateral supports, waist strap and pelvic strap. The lateral supports can be independently adjusted in height and width and can swing-away for ease of transfer.
Footsandals C/W pulley system: Positions and retains the foot on the pedal by means of webbing straps and durable jam lever buckles. The pulley system acts to ensure that the pedals remain in the optimum position to pedal.
Leg Calipers: Locates into a footsandal bracket and can be used individually or in pairs. It helps to prevent abduction and abduction by supporting the riders leg below the knee in a padded cuff.
Wrist supports: Enables riders who are unable to hold onto the handlebars to steer the tricycle. The support controls the hand position which in turn helps to provide the rider with better trunk stability and head control.
Push/Pull Control Pole: A guidance pole which can be located at the rear of the tricycle or at the front to enable steering.
Comfort Saddle: The comfort saddle cannot be used with other options that have trunk support (adjustable back trunk support items.)

NOTE: If you are ordering a trunk support item, do not order a comfort saddle and vice-versa.

Please note that the tractor style seat already comes included on this model. The Comfort Saddle with Back Support or Contour Saddle are both optional.

Tracker Tricycle 20" and 24" Features
  • 20 " or 24" wheels
  • Alloy 'V' brakes with a parking brake mechanism
  • Folding Frame for transportation and storage
  • A large tractor style seat (see below)
  • Reverse Handlebars
  • Saddle Forward Position
  • 5" Crank Arm
  • Weight Capacity 170 lbs
Tracker T5 Tricycle 20" or 24" Features
  • 20" or 24" wheels
  • Carefully engineered frame for strength and style
  • Folding Frame for transportation and storage
  • Front suspension fork for performance and handling
  • Front disc brake with additional V-style brake with parking option for ultimate stopping power
  • Low step-through frame for easy access
  • 2 Gearing options, fixed or free-wheel; The option drive offers both
  • Adjustable steering stop to assist stability
  • Many optional accessories which allow the tailoring of the tricycle to suit every rider's needs
  • A large tractor style seat (see below)
  • Reverse Handlebars
  • Saddle Forward Position
  • 5" Crank Arm
  • Weight Capacity 170 lbs
Tractor Style Seat:  This is the largest saddle available. It's broad seating surface makes transfer easier. It has a small raised back support to prevent the rider sliding backwards off the saddle. It is particularly useful for bigger and heavier riders.
Contour Style Seat: TriAid has recognized the need to provide a wider variety of seating types to assist riders achieve a comfortable and stable riding position. The Contour saddle is a wide and shaped saddle which helps control the pelvis in the optimum position for pedaling. The raised medial section of the saddle helps to abduct the legs to help keep knees separated and in the correct position. This saddle has a super-soft foam which is extremely beneficial for riders where there is a possibility of pressure sores. Available on our TMX & Tracker Tricycle models ONLY.
Comfort Saddle:
The comfort saddle is ideal for riders who require less trunk/back support.  This particular seat has a broad seating area together with a lower back support. It is intended for riders with a higher seating function.

Note, this type of saddle cannot be used in conjunction with our Back/Trunk Support or our In-Line Back Support.

Can only be fitted on Terrier, TMX, TMX T5, Tracker, & Tracker T5 tricycles

Tractor Seat shown below:


Looking good and feeling comfortable is important. Modern styling, the use of quality cycle components and choice of six frame colours mean that we have something for everyone.

Duel Axle Drive System
A dual axle drive system has been developed to resistance when pedaling. This feature ensures that our trikes are the easiest to pedal. If used in conjunction with a low gearing option, riders with very low muscle tone can enjoy the freedom of cycling independently.
Frame Geometry
Designed to make pedaling easy, the frame geometry enables the rider to have a smooth even pedaling motion while maintaining a comfortable position.
All models are designed with a low center of gravity and broad wheel base. An adjustable steering stop is fitted to control the turning circle of the tricycle.
Gearing Options
All models are fitted with a low ratio 1:1 fixed gear (1 revolution of the pedals :1 revolution of the wheels). This enables riders to get going easily, allows the tructcle to be reversed, and helps to slow down the speeders. There are options to increase or decrease the gear ratio depending upon the riders ability. A derailleur option is available on the Tracker model.

Optional Accessories
A range of interchangeable accessories enable customization to suit a riders personal and support requirements.




*5 speed Shimano is not currently available
Derived from Theraplay's popular range of foot-propelled tricycles, the T5 Tricycle is designed for the more adventurous cyclist. Created with a robust frame that can absorb the bumps and hollows of our streets and pathways, the T5 gives the rider the ability to explore wider horizons with greater confidence.

Theraplay's design team have given special attention to the styling of the T5 Tricycle. Care has been taken to select components that will give maximum performance and enhance the appearance of the tricycle. Designed to suit the needs of teenage to adult riders, the T5 model incorporates a comfortable seating position that adjusts for growth, variable height handlebars and two forms of positive easy to use brakes.

T5 Tricycles are available with a choice of two types of gearing.  A single speed free-wheel gear is for riders who wish to cycle without the pedals constantly turning. This option will allow riders to navigate cycle paths and parks with ease. A fixed-gear provides the maximum therapeutic benefit for the rider and gives increased maneuverability. The foot pedals turn as the wheels turn, meaning both legs are given a thorough workout. This type of gearing enables the rider to control the speed of the tricycle with the foot pedals and to reverse if caught in a tight corner.

Option Drive
The Option Drive combines the features from both a Fixed and Free Wheel Gearing system. 

The gear can be locked into fixed drive mode with a locking plunger. This item has become very popular with younger riders who may become tired when pedaling constantly with a fixed drive gear.



Take the Tracker Tricycle up a cool notch with the T5. This rugged tricycle is designed to accommodate a teenager, or adult, but it has more to offer. The Tracker T5 has 24" wheels, alloy caliper brake with a parking brake mechanism and has a frame folding feature as standard equipment, which allows the frame to be folded for transportation and storage. 

Look closer though, this one is loaded.
 It has a suspension front fork and a disc brake. The rider of this trike will be the envy of the neighborhood!!

Above images show the contour seat instead of the tractor style seat.


Special Features


IMP 39 1/2"
25 1/2"
12 1/2"
15 1/2"
14 1/2"
70 lbs
16 1/2"
21 1/2"
100 lbs
TMX 59"
130 lbs
TRACKER 20" 65"
170 lbs
TRACKER 24" 69"
170 lbs




Basic saddle with the trunk support option on a tracker 20" tricycle

What is the age range of your tricycles?
Our tricycles cater for ages from 2 1/2 years through to adult. Our sizing chart will guide you to the most suitable size of tricycle.

How can I transport/store your larger tricycles?

Apart form our IMP tricycle all our other tricycle models have an option to be supplied with a frame folding mechanism. This will split the tricycle in two but has to be specified at time of order.

Will the tricycle grow with my child?

All tricycles are fully adjustable for future growth. Our tricycle specification chart provides information on growth possibilities. 

Can I get spares?

Yes, although many of the parts we use are regular cycle parts some components are specifically made for our tricycles. We carry a full range of spares or contact your local cycle shop who will also be able to assist you.

Can I get gears on my trike?

All our tricycles are built as single speed as standard with a fixed wheel. This allows the rider to also pedal backwards and is beneficial for a great many children. 
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