New for 2022: In Home Assembly Services

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We have always offered the kind of healthcare products that are “Tools for the Job of Living,” but now we’ve taken our mission one step further by offering in-home assembly for healthcare beds, patient lifts, scooters, and more. By using our online catalog to make your purchase, you are eligible to receive professional in-home or in-clinic assembly for the items you are buying, whether they are shipped directly to you or across the country to someone you care for.

As an industry leader in medical supplies, we are constantly thinking of better ways to serve our customers and improve health outcomes. That is why we have added this “last mile” service to pair with a number of products in our online catalog. Our in-home assembly service ensures that once you purchase your home care product, you, your patient, or your loved one can start using it safely.

Ninety percent of seniors intend to age in their home over the next five to ten years. This leaves a large population of people needing to creatively and safely care for themselves and/or their loved ones at home. Rehabmart makes it possible to age in place by providing affordable home access and mobility products shipped to your door and assembled by professional, certified technicians.

Email to request a quote to set up your in-home or in-clinic assembly. Or shop from the variety of products below that already have flat rate assembly options for purchase on the page.

Rehabmart associates provide a high touch concierge service to coordinate our five step, five-star quote-to-assembly process. This service ensures you get the product you want shipped across the country to you and assembled safely in your home or loved one’s home at a time that is convenient.​ ​Our technicians are certified, bonded, and insured to give you peace of mind knowing that your product will be assembled by a professional.

Requesting a Quote

Requesting a Quote for Installation

If you find a product that you would like to have professionally installed within your home or clinic, but you don't see an option to purchase assembly, please simply contact our assembly team at ​​. Most of our products are eligible for on-site assembly. Please be aware that it normally takes anywhere between one to two business days to generate a custom quote. This allows us to secure a certified technician within your area.

Site Evaluations

Site Evaluations

Site Evaluations are often required for products that require any wall, floor, or ceiling mounting, as well as for any product that requires a foundation or have construction to complete. Completing a site evaluation allows our technicians to comply with insurance laws. During a site evaluation your structure and installation site will be evaluated for the minimum requirements and specifications of a product installation.

NOTE​: Projects that require a site evaluation will not receive a product quote until the evaluation has been completed. Without the evaluation, there are too many unknown variables to accurately generate a quote. Receiving a site evaluation does not guarantee that we can or will install the product you are evaluating.

Purchasing Installation

Purchasing Installation

After you have received a quote for installation, or if you are purchasing the service directly from our online catalog, be sure to review the terms of assembly and installation before you check out. Once you have checked out, your product, delivery, and service orders will be processed within 24 business hours. Assembly is non-refundable after 24 hours of purchase due to the complex process and number of teams involved in coordinating the product shipment and assembly.

In rare instances, if we cannot procure a technician in your area in a reasonable amount of time, you will receive an email from a Rehabmart associate to discuss alternative options.

Shipping and Delivery

Shipping and Delivery

After the item has been shipped and arrives in your area you will be contacted by the truck driver to schedule a time for which you can receive the item. Please be aware of the delivery option that you have chosen upon check out. Once the item ships the delivery option will ​NOT ​be able to be changed.



This option is mainly for a business that has a receiving dock that the Freight Driver will be able to back up into and move the product from the bed of the truck to the building. It requires no lift from the truck driver and they will leave the item inside the receiving area of the warehouse or place of business


Curb-side Delivery

This option is perfect for those who are able to bring the item inside their home or clinic from outside. The item will be left outside of the home for the recipient to bring in on their own.

Inside Delivery

Inside Delivery

When it is available, this option is perfect for those who will have issues bringing the product inside on their own. The truck driver will bring the item over the threshold of your home’s entryway. ​

Ship-To Technician*

Ship-To Technician

This option allows you to ship your product directly to one of our technicians. The technician will verify that all of the pieces of your product have arrived, and they will bring your product to your location and assemble it at your earliest convenience. ​*This is a premium service that is only available on select items.*

NOTE​: The truck driver is ​NOT ​your assembly technician. They are just delivering the product. Truck drivers work for third party carriers and are not employees of or insured by Rehabmart or their partners.


Receiving Your Shipment:

Once the product has arrived please examine the package(s) to ensure that nothing looks damaged and that all parts have been accounted for; this is done by examining the purchase order and comparing the SKU’s on the packages to the order form as well as inspecting the contents of the packaging. It is your right to ask the driver to open any crates if you cannot do it, so that you may inspect the contents. Do not sign for products where the items or the packaging is damaged, as you will then be liable for any damages you find later.

​NOTE: When you have received your product you have ​seven ​business days to schedule your appointment. If you have not scheduled your appointment after the seven days installation will be automatically canceled. Failed installation purchases are non- refundable.

Scheduling Assembly​

Scheduling Assembly​:

Once all necessary parts have been verified you may then schedule your assembly. To schedule, please contact our friendly Rehabmart associates at 1-800-827-8283, and they will direct you to our service department to schedule your appointment.

Please note these important policies that are based on fees that Rehabmart incurs once your order is processed:

  • Delivery and Installation ​cannot ​be scheduled on the same day.
  • Once your order has been processed, assembly ​cannot ​be refunded.
  • Scheduled appointments can be rescheduled within 48hrs of the appointment time at no charge.
  • After 48hrs, if an appointment needs to be rescheduled, you are subject to a $175 charge which would place your appointment on hold until paid.
Charges and Fees

Charges and Fees

While we attempt to make sure that the installation quote that we have given you is accurate, installation is billable based on actual time and materials. The following fees can apply:

Distance Fees​

Distance Fees​:This charge is applied when the site is outside of our coverage area. It covers the costs associated with sending out a technician to the site to complete the job. While it is not common, some remote rural areas may incur additional hours for a technician to travel to your area.

Hardware and Material Charges

Hardware and Material Charges*: ​If the technician arrives on-site and there is hardware or other materials that are required for assembly, and the technician has to go out and purchase said items you will be charged for the price of those items plus 15 percent of the cost. *To avoid this charge please ensure that all of the pieces required for assembly are present upon the technicians’ arrival.

Debris Removal Charge

Debris Removal Charge*: ​If the technician arrives on-site and you request to have existing debris or old products removed from the site, a quoted charge will be assigned to your account. *Packaging removal from the purchased product is included in your assembly price.

Staircase Charge

Staircase Charge*: ​​If a technician arrives on-site and the chosen room that the product is needed is either up more than a single flight of stairs, a spiral staircase or a staircase that changes direction, which will require the technician to either disassemble part of the product to make it up the flight of stairs or require an additional technician this charge will be applied. *Entryway steps or a single, straight flight of stairs is included in most installations.

Failed Visit Policy

Failed Visit Policy:​ It is important that you ensure your scheduled assembly can happen at the appointment time, otherwise you can incur a $175 charge in addition to your non-refundable assembly fee. Here are a few ways that a failed visit charge may be incurred:

  • The designated contact is unable to be reached: If our technicians call the designated contact upon their arrival but are unable to reach them, they will assume you are not available to receive the installation.
  • The designated contact is not present at the site: The assigned contact person must be present at the site when the technician arrives. If the technicians are unable to enter the site at the scheduled time, a failed visit charge will be incurred.
  • The product is not present upon the technician’s arrival: If the technician arrives and the product is not there to assemble or if a required piece for assembly has not yet arrived, this will incur a failed visit charge.
  • The designated contact or resident delays the technician resulting in wait time or an additional visit: If for any reason the site is not ready or the person on-site is delaying the technician and the technician has to return for an additional visit, a charge will be incurred.
  • If for any reason the technician arrives and is unable to complete the job due to any unforeseen or untold circumstances that requires the technician to reschedule while on site, the charge will be incurred.
Cancellations and Returns

Cancellations and Returns

If for any reason you need to cancel the installation service this must take place before the order has been processed. If for any reason you wish to return the item that you had received installation on please be aware that installation is ​non-refundable​, as the service has been performed and Rehabmart has incurred associated fees that are unretrievable.

Frequently Asked Questions


My Product was assembled but it seems not to be working properly. What do I do now?

If your product was assembled by our install team, this means that it was assembled per the manufacturer's directions. If it is still not working after assembly, this could mean that a part could be defective and the manufacturer will have to make repairs accordingly. Please call your friendly Rehabmart team to alert us of the issue, and we will talk to the manufacturer about getting the part replaced, or for you to receive a new product. Manufacturer defects are outside of Rehabmart's domain, therefore, reassembly due to manufacturer defect could incur an additional fee.


I received my product. How do I schedule assembly?

After confirming that all the pieces of your product are accounted for and that the product looks to have been received in good condition please call your friendly Rehabmart team member at 1-800-827-8283 and they will direct you to the service department for scheduling.


Where is my product?

If you still have yet to receive your product please refer to the tracking number that should have been emailed to you once it was received from the manufacturer. If there is no tracking number provided please call 1-800-827-8283 and we will attempt to find out the tracking information for you.


I have incurred a failed visit fee, what do I do now?

After incurring a failed visit fee you have two options to proceed, you can either pay the fee and reschedule your appointment, or you can ask to cancel your installation. In most cases, assembly is non-refundable based on the amount of effort and fees incurred by our various teams and partners who make national in-home assembly possible.


I want assembly services on a product where there is no option to purchase the service, can I still get this service?

Of course! Please send us a quote request at with your name, the product, city, and state and we will provide you with a quote for the installation of the product. Or you can call 1-800-827-8283 and they will also help you in generating a quote for the product. Please be aware it does take 1-2 days to generate a custom quote.

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